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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Stadium & Ownership Questions - Marc Ganis

Bills Stadium & Ownership Questions - Marc Ganis

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The focus this morning and Buffalo's early news. That transition a Buffalo Bills ownership and joining us now on the double B and live line as mark -- -- -- of the president of sports court. Out of the Chicago area market morning. And how early are we on this as far as the timetable of the transition of the -- ownership. Well you know it's it's still the first quarter that put in and out of football are now achieved. Support -- doled out for its -- the first quarter but it's moving along and the and the people who are running the process. At a Detroit primarily a -- salute. They'll they'll decide if it's going to be. Quick process or one that'll -- little longer it goes from their perspective they have nothing. That that have to go back. But if things do move quickly I suspect it well we will. There's a lot of interest here mark to hear about the so called short list. Will we hear about them. Are there won't be anything I wouldn't expect that there will be anything official but what you hear about it probably. Are these things are kind of hard to keep secrets are at least completely secret. But that having been said. This is not a public process it's not that. Did with the government lending your back and things so and it's also not it's something done treatment at least he'd like the stock exchange company. So. That there's no obligation to release any information that the process is going forward and and I and I wouldn't expect too much information to be released. Football fans here in buffalo this is the first time we are experiencing an ownership transition. People here are -- A -- so when this will happen how much patience -- we all the bill mafia need. Well that that let me let me let me suggest something different -- I think that the bills fans -- the -- The people who are most interest in the bills in the whole Western New York -- can do a lot. And don't have to have don't have to be patient and sit on there on their hands. Then bacon is the more they can do in supporting the team now and showing that but that that Western New York. Is a place that could hold the bills for generations sitcom. Even as the NFL continues to evolve into agreed international business. Is it if they can do those kinds of things that's that's the people. The politicians the businesses and support the team think that that actually will go a long way. Towards making people. The prospective buyers understand that the team should remain in buffalo for generations to come. And make. They the Buffalo Bills nation if you will kill. Well a little less anxious than and realize that they actually do have. Some of the destiny in their own hands. -- all of this estimate NFL approval. What is it do you think that the league wants when it comes to the -- In in terms of an owner yes. Well -- the -- don't believe Jack criteria for an owner they're they're they're relatively broad but. If you if fuel look at that F fourteen last fifteen -- taking transactions for example the lead owner -- written it checked himself. You know ourselves so the point there is. Unlike baseball or football or basketball or hockey the NFL does not typically have. Syndicated deals where you have. It would dozen or more owners throwing in a quite a bit of money -- the the lead owner being someone just throws in one piece of that it's typically. The lead -- stick with somebody -- written checked himself whether he does not could have. They look for someone who has has you were few other interest. Would secure their interest if there's a product cross ownership prohibition in the NFL that you can't own sports team in another league. Another Major League debt is in a market that is competitive to the to an NFL team they look for four more focused. But in the final analysis that's not the NFL is not a party that's that's striving to -- It's the it's the Arab Ralph Wilson state -- striking about. And at any groups come to you for advice for the -- to buying an apple team in particular bills. I don't pay people prefer to discuss that. Fair market we have an earlier -- was talking about this that the Jacobs family owner of the U the Bruins in hockey. They. Resident neighbor's -- here and in Western New York they've indicated that there are interested in pursuing the stadium and event not the team ownership. Do you think that'll fly we have an earlier guest who said that's really not the model the NFL wants. -- top model and so -- but as I say that let me tell you the Jacobs family is an exceptional. Family not just in Western New York but in the nation. -- Jeremy Jacobs is just somebody who. As if you can respect. To be involved in any business that that it -- and problem but the inappropriate not. -- 83 party for profit entity owning their only stadiums in which their teams play. There are no examples. Where editor at 32 teams in the NFL where you its site that that is the looks the circumstance under which a team played so. That is not the model but the Jacobs family and Delaware north their company could be. Involved in the development of the stadium in many other ways even if it's not ownership of the stadium. All right. Thank you very much mark my that is mark Afghanistan is the president of sports -- talking about the future of the bills and the ownership transition and the WB -- live line.

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