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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Peaceful End to Amber Alert - Police Captain Frederic Foels

Peaceful End to Amber Alert - Police Captain Frederic Foels

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

City of tunnel on a police captain Frederick falls is with us on the WB and -- to talk about the AMBER Alert that was issued overnight. For a nine year old child captain thank you for the time. What a story behind this. Well basically when the little girl was returned home. To work harder. Like they normally do we would pick up the child. For a few hours on Sunday and then return the child oh win by 1015 the child in return home. You don't mother called us and who was concerned that a you know she wasn't I dropped off as scheduled. And when were these two count. Are they were found at 3:31 this morning. -- in the out of town a lot of the corner of highland. And open and highland necessary. Yeah and is that the father now been arrested. Yes sucked out of I want to -- charge of endangering the welfare of the child. He's in custody of the town it's I don't want to. Our detectives were up here and now. Took part in the interview process of the father a mother and daughter worked for brought to our station. All we interview mother daughter it took statements are now mother and daughter left their home. What have you been able to discern from the interview is with the father. As to why he didn't bring the child home right away. He did not can't I don't wanna quote detectives questioned him he really did not give and he two indications of why he didn't. Bring the child home -- schedules. We're unclear as far as what is mortars were and why he didn't return the child. And and house a little girl doing this morning. Believer not a little girls in pretty good pretty good -- in conditions when she was brought to the patient. We wanna keeper too long. But still we -- ever say -- -- -- where they were what they did. And she was in pretty good shape. Still aren't going to the decision to issue the AMBER Alert. Yeah I AMBER Alert certain two. Something that she routinely use. The criteria are offering AMBER Alert. Is. Pretty strict as far as. You know what the circumstances are but based on what we haven't based on what circumstances stepped up were presented to watch so we felt it was prudent to seven in total area. And had there been any reported trouble between the mother and the father of little girl. That. Is on their own all dolby. The arrangement dead heat air as far as picking the terrible bout that was our mutual agreement between both parties who was on a court ordered. Visitation it was -- this usually agrees. This is Cole was always done I believe that might change now. -- nice some day of the AMBER Alert flashing on the through a message sports this morning. Was it just in western new -- did it go beyond. -- -- -- close statewide if I'm not mistaken it it will it will go all the way to Albany New York City anywhere where there's an AMBER Alert board. That message would of gone up. And be seen by anybody in your state. Were there any tip calls that led you to the father and the daughter. Believe it or not after it aired at 11 o'clock news we have a call from -- -- person that lives in Lincoln Park in the parliament I don't want to. -- thought he saw both of them city not a park bench. Saw earlier in the evening and just. Remembers seeing -- and then he's there on the view so yeah we received one call from citizen in the count I don't want to. Up based on an -- alert make in the 11 o'clock news. Well we're glad that -- everything ended OK captain we appreciate the time this morning thank you very much thank you. -- city of tunnel on a police captain Frederic foale's.

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