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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Stadium & Ownership Questions Abound - Dan Kaplan

Bills Stadium & Ownership Questions Abound - Dan Kaplan

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome to the WBM live line down Kaplan NFL writer and finance reports sports business journal has. We discussed the future of the Buffalo Bills stand good morning. Good morning pleasure to be here. Dan the NFL -- you're saying it does not wish its teams to be a traditional tenants and landlords situations especially when the landlord is the Jacobs family tell us why. Well I I don't know particularly these big ticket family but. He looked at this situation -- this situation in Los Angeles where eighty G for years you know the farmer's field project. Tried to -- the NFL and the team. Good to Los Angeles. And you know what they ran against -- could decide the fact that they wanted to let you know a minority share of the team had a sweetheart prices. -- -- those quite uncomfortable but the team itself would not be running the building. And that is that the big issue here. The NFL stronger and a palpable well wealthy enough that they can dictate these kinds of terms that they don't want. -- the traditional there's a landlord of the stadium. And lead the team is just you know one of many commensurate the only tenant -- -- Debt that is it that is that paradigm you know tell -- not comfortable does not prefer anymore. So in the case of the bills then they're likely to go more with and bills owner. That's going to run -- stadium. Well that is that is certainly going to be did the -- preference here that you you have an owner. The donor cut the stadium deal with the with the state you know whether the state itself is practically the landlord. And in between collect most of the revenues or the team put enough money that -- -- landlord status that battered the model that that the NFL -- -- doesn't want. As someone building a stadium. And saying okay c'mon admit it seemed he met commonplace here not your landlord that that is not a model you know bill -- it is comfortable where. It's said that some of the potential owners who will eventually cripple the team are not saying anything at the moment. What surprises could we see once the bids are released. What you usually see names that you never heard of. Come out of the woodwork. What one -- -- one of the interesting dynamics we've seen in professional sports over the last six months to a year. All -- our our odors coming in from out of market you saw that with Milwaukee Bucks. He's humility of the clippers presuming that -- doesn't he go forward with Steve Ballmer. PC owners can still wore native to a market of course with Ralph Wilson apocalyptic used to that. But in most markets you you have you know you mean -- usually preference. A local ownership no that's been talked about a lot in buffalo. But he looked. Given the trend recently it would it would be it would be -- surprise. If someone you've never heard of -- escape from New York City or from from anywhere comes and says. You know I want abide by the Buffalo Bill. To me -- and why some do go public and others don't wife of someone to be under the radar. Well it Percival it but it's far better to be under the radar you're not gonna get picked apart by. By the media the NFL doesn't like it better under the great radar they don't like. Beat -- -- everything aired out there I mean the the last couple of NFL sales -- that occur at the Cleveland balances Jacksonville Jaguars. Basically the deal was announced that the -- came out that day and that was that you'd there was there was some even believe that the team -- for sale apple so. Now I realize the NFL is not running need to show right now which is probably why so many names have have come out but. If you know being electrocuted this is -- out. Did -- are we likely during this process to find out how many bids came in for the bills and and who. Percent of those -- Or not. I will will probably get a number we will be hopeful that this story will probably come out that there's six and -- there. And did it act came in and X number or are considered considered serious. I mean the big you know billion dollar question -- -- fertility dollar question. Is how many of the bidders will commit to keeping the team the ball low and of that question that's pressing where you Arian. I think you know there will be no shortage of the bidders who are. Are wealthy enough to -- -- -- and funded stadium project question is does the state you were -- and how much of you know pay is privileged to -- the bidder who commit to staying and in buffalo. All right Dan Caplan thank you very much for joining us this morning. Thank you that's Stan Kaplan medical writer and finance editor for sports business journal.

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