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TEA NY's Rus Thompson & U Va.'s Kyle Kondik

Jun 15, 2014|

Rus Thompson TEA NY & Kyle Kondik, U of VA.- Cantor's Loss

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We're gonna talk a little bit more about what happened with Eric Cantor this week. The house majority leader defeated in a primary he was basically the number two the John Boehner some said even perhaps. The next speaker of the House of Representatives. And in a primary he gets beaten by a little known. Certainly less financed economics professor. Out of -- Virginia. And a lot of people said part of the reason why all of that happened is because of the insurgents once again of the Tea Party. Let's talk more about that let's bring in a local leader of the Tea Party Rus Thompson is on the line with us for the next little bit here. -- thanks for joining us. We kept out of -- same back catch you sir David -- economics professor backed by the Tea Party in Virginia. Is he in any way unique or do you see this -- one of those that that falls in line and says. This is this is certainly representative of a bigger trend something going on here. And that combination of -- -- -- -- -- -- in an area where where people are actually paying attention to what's going on in politics. And he was able to win win it was a minimum budget really because of the people he had at supporting on the ground troops said he had. You know in order to be able to win you're not only have to have money but most importantly you've got out people on the ground. Apparently gone to Virginia they've got. Very active part equal which is what we need to do basically throughout the country only get pretty area you're going to be able -- Except that like they're -- way you don't find a quick after that where people don't understand. That in order to be able win a race you really need to be out -- you've got they had everybody around either. Or -- helping in any way they possibly can. All right -- stick with us we'll pick this up on the other side of the news straight talk more about Eric Cantor also coming up on the program. We'll bring in Kyle conduct from the university of Virginia's center for politics. A lot more about Eric Cantor and what happened in Virginia earlier this week coming up it's hard -- on his radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line on news radio 930 WVU and this is Dave -- Rus Thompson is here from -- New York. One of the Western Europe Tea Party groups were talking about Eric Cantor is defeat house majority leader Eric Cantor losing a primary to a little known. Professor of economics professor David -- in Virginia. It is the first time in history that it is sitting house majority leader has been ousted in a primary. And Russert -- for still hanging with us here wanna read something for you. From the New York Times not exactly your favorite newspaper I understand now. But -- let let me read this paragraph and get your chances to swat at that. It says in an article incumbents fear -- loss will -- Tea Party sales it says this. Freedom works and other leading Tea Party organizations did not put money and resources behind mr. Brad. Like they have in the case of Christmas Daniel was opposing Mississippi senator Thad Cochran. That has led some critics to suggest that Tea Party groups are taking credit for victory in Virginia that they did not -- All but -- disagree with on so I thought you would that's why. Yeah are immediately it was the Tea Party group that got -- elected to American Evan running for office. Which I know many people that would be on it would -- in my earlier run -- I want you coached and like 101. Kantor spent almost a million dollars. And I believe it brattle we spent about 75000. Approved great spirit that it -- -- troops. And it completed -- of -- people around -- really conduct catapult you into office you know fight at the opportune need to. Pinpoint one person let's -- in New York State who I would want to defeat would be a leader. It would be petered out -- Which I would love would love to have him -- but the problem is money. And money is usually the biggest problem second problem is ground troops in support. And I have been having -- basically people people work for you edit -- dedicated to defeating the leadership and going after leadership really. Really cute -- mean. You could only imagine what behaviors that can rate outlook called -- now. You know they keep on saying that you know we're moving the Republican Party to the -- But nobody ever brings up the fact that some of the groups that are there with a Democrat I'll bring it Democrats wait trouble left. China -- -- going on both sides of the idol. But of course it'll only get comfortable right inside sure structural that they -- -- -- split with the conservative base. If the Republicans with the conservative base it -- the party. So so you you buy into the conventional -- the wisdom that this is. Not just a victory for that Tea Party group but a bigger victory for the -- movement you look at this as a Bellwether. Oh -- absolutely and what it does it's. And you have ever victory like that. This is -- he wanted to biggest victory history. It emboldened. And it -- competence of the people that are working within the movement Tea Party movement of reform movement whatever you wanna call it. He gives them you know eat in her -- figure -- -- -- what we really can't win and in the -- -- we go join forces. Let's bring in a couple phone calls now 8030930s. The number. Kevin in Pendleton kick it off force you're on with restaurants and high. -- more into a leader and I'm glad you're. If you're you know what rush out and I'd disagree a bigger issue here or Tea Party be involved with appropriate result these retreat in Virginia. I think he's just the average citizens noted Virginia a lot of -- and the answer should it affect our ratio. Guess he cited 2222 cordon and -- to what you know the Republican Party -- -- erupts you know. Who says. Quote a practical cronies -- about Obama. Post your comments are pretty red falcons. Will now I'm I'm I'm convinced though that. Our reports -- Chris Carlin watchable -- people -- because I hate you know no one wants to CD in each word. Abort -- -- -- I'm bitter injustice here that this president is doing right now and and beautiful I I really think that. Chris Colvin -- -- -- is now in all these directors and John beater because. Turned into represent me Chris Collins who supports or is that -- nation that seem to write no on the wall where Giambi Richard appear to support him. So all that bad about it straight opened it up altered so I think he should be impeached -- and you know I'm down unity -- we -- -- what. We peek at church it was New York police feel right now -- -- enough -- -- There's about three or four different issues there let's take a spot of each fund or -- rest. Yellow but the big thing here is that you know the Tea Party is not party it's horrible movement in if you think. That. -- we what we're all about constitutional of that limited government. Getting getting spending under control like you say it's the regular the regular people out there while most people when they know what not are really part of the eve party. Get thinking along the same lines as the Tea Party. So it's you know. I did I agree with you Kevin in but it but it the same time. When you when you put all those factors together of people -- on the same lines are repeat court now the other frustrations is. With everything it's go one -- Obama nobody seems to want to stop that guy he's doing things. If the weight he wants to do it and in congress has basically sitting back at it nobody can stop him. What do you mean nobody can stop -- we have three branches the government and the all -- equal branch of government. It is up to congress to put the brakes on to different things in it. No we don't have much hope. In the senate but we don't want a hole in culture represented because after all they control the purse so it's really the responsibility. Congress this step up and try to get these all the step on the all get but the way I'm looking out at a lot of other people look at -- Is that it is basically a lawless government at this point. That the that the president of the United States can stand up and do what ever you want to go like when he gave a speech. By government. No it's not your government Mr. President it is our -- -- -- -- -- represent -- people -- -- not your interest. But rest went. When Ted Cruz stood up with this filibuster on the floor and threatened to shut down government for the sake of stopping obamacare. Poll after poll after poll. Look to government shut down looked at that speech. And didn't embrace what he was saying. Can you argue. That the Republicans. Half of the people behind them enough to take on the kind of fights that you're suggesting. Because -- -- lit it it looked as if crews tried to do that and he sort of got vilified because of that. Yeah indeed he had any support from the government from the from the GOP establishment. Well. That's why it's not talk about it that the GOP establishment that a working against the people another into what was depleted he forgot all about it district. It's about all about the people as well be represented Virginia and -- -- -- working the war to try to get the votes. To basically -- which huge spending increase is trying to stop that that sequester and epic. -- the immigration were warned that the majority of people in this country and we speak what immigrant sure all what to what -- what are we want on our side the dial. We want the borders secure. Do not talk about any kind of immigration reform -- told reporters sure they haven't even made one step toward debt debt debt at all. Instead what they think they're allowing what 80000 -- got children. Coming into this country and nobody doing anything about it the -- shipping -- all around the country. Shouldn't get the check with congress on any of that stop and all it why it took our understanding not to what the people want and not just the establishment. I'm in buffalo come on an attack Russia I don't mean to cut short the time is wasting honest. Let's bring in a couple more Tom go ahead. -- you -- usually I go against the big guys but so are nobody's actually said that the Tea Party except for a course was responsible for the victory. The Tea Party especially the national groups the one that rust brought into costume party can help side and downtown. Taught at -- Barney Google and now they're taking credit for any nonsense the only -- into one is because what restaurants said he wasn't paying attention at all. -- -- World Cup time. English Premier League soccer that is the best of the best Chelsea -- Manchester United but then the cup in it has nothing to do police building to a division -- Because they are not paying attention and -- -- -- what they don't know Bellwether for anything else. Please send us quick. Find you could -- -- -- -- called are gathering cost two or. Not practical response. All right David Caledonia let's squeeze you in before the break in the watching -- -- And then you have. This Tea Party Tea Party and you -- Tea Party ever on the power -- Or -- -- essentially -- a group amnesty the acute care about. I think human wrestle agree on that on though about rush and trot out your little speech that says no this is not a party percent. Yeah and it it's it's really not a party. Is basically like minded individuals some of which of course and join in together with a little groups who actually sit down and discuss some of the crucial issues. I try to put together some kind of land a plan of action it's fantastic to be able -- go against the establishment we get in New York you can more than. Loaded walk and come to -- new York and Christine New York dot com real -- meetings that we. I think the callers contends it is if it is not an organized party quote unquote. Then how could -- have the kind of clout that you're talking about. Well you know of this voted that -- caller not -- agree. We had a lot of we got a lot of victories where people were not as they keep on talking about all these people that are in congress are the -- party caucus. OK if we don't if we don't have to cut out. Then why we have 20/20 individuals and house are represented as we need more welcome you know we get -- When you've got congress and the Republicans working with the Democrats to try to if the -- Tea Party candidate then of course we have clout. Of course we have organizations that they are great out that this scared out because everybody's trying to bring this country criminal or the typical left. Don't wait for me to trying to constitutional principle which is what they're wearing all the dual. They're out there are supposed to be abiding by the constitution and every single thing that they can't -- to ask. Constitutional Muster in 1000 in -- creates the base. That's where we are that's who we are. All right fair enough and I'm glad you're able to play along this morning -- stuff thanks for joining us here. That's Rus Thompson from -- New York let's talk more now. About Eric Cantor the house majority leader is a defeat in the Republican primary to David -- in economics professor aback by the Tea Party. Outgunned certainly on the ground certainly. Bounds on the finances side. Nonetheless -- lost it was the first time ever that a sitting house majority leader lost in a primary. Kyle -- could hear from the University of Virginia Kyle thanks for joining us. You've pulled together some numbers that yes this is a shocker but no this doesn't necessarily indicate an anti incumbent wave explain. You know I think one important thing remembering Annie get this is why does this came at such a -- this week is bad. -- Yeah you're there have been to learn to play and I aimed -- House races that features an incumbent member running further renomination from his party. 227. Of those cases that it otherwise. The only candidate that would lead -- an adaptable -- Eric -- without. Accomplishment that I attacked that and -- speaking since the end of World War II. And about 90%. Of all of incumbents to run full -- should actually get renominated itself. -- a handful of primary defeat -- here. We haven't really seen that number thought even though. -- kind of feel like it because we we hear so much but the key party and particularly on the Republican side a lot of people were upset with varying comments but it hasn't really translated into actual losses by comments except. That the -- and of course that's entered the -- that was just such that it shocked everybody. You're out on the ground there in Virginia. To what degree did -- have the support or at least that's the ground troops from the Tea Party did that to a form. Lot of people. Really involved in the Republican Party in the Virginia senate district which is. Greater Richmond does extends up to Fredericksburg -- out. I say that he thought Washington DC. It's duke it seems that happened that the last few months that may have salute. That -- doubt that this this potentially be on the horizon along with that. Started to run -- negative attack yet against David glad. To go and he. He's the only rewritten -- me that it is actually naming Dave Pratt in the ads and there's some thought that yeah you -- -- glad. He. Certainly -- profile is that his challenger. -- cup members of congress should have that kind of look at feel about this that. -- that that. Save themselves and their first race or have you been having an IP at their district and they get attacked by the national folks on the other side and it may actually be at the benefit -- that is close look. Strategic choice particularly in hindsight. And the other thing is that. No we wouldn't. -- -- He. Actually took them just I looked back over -- -- I think. Constituent services operation and you know he's the member of congress. You have some -- probably the -- it's important constituent services operation is not very good. And -- these are things. And just after the general sentiment I think that that. I can't turn become somewhat -- national leader that -- local here first Virginia's seventh district. And that in Portuguese speakers then. The LP and being out represented a local interest and so you could -- -- out -- and you get this really strain through all. So it's it's the all politics is local that the retail campaign. The accessibility even the charisma the soft factors you think. Eric Cantor were not house majority leader he probably would not walk -- I think. We think it's maybe a little bit of backlash from against. And members and outsource senators that are. -- an -- leaders in their respective caucuses and if you think the apple let Tom Daschle Lou the Senate Minority Leader that he -- his reelection in 2004. Are -- Because a majority leader at a very typical rate since he can. And -- the Apollo the Senate Minority Leader from Kentucky is -- typical racist here and of course you dad can't or so that that list. And any interest in particular indicator that McConnell and really have a -- -- laying. We know that there are truly -- -- will -- work oddly the foreign companies I just wonder if that's because. People perceive them as being just sort of more national players than being local players. And we argue with if the polls so that people are rejecting the leadership. That they are rejecting what the leadership stands for is there. Is there an issue based theme here are the Tea Party folk rights saying that you know the the party might not be where we want to beat. Well. I think there are some. She's an interest in this district that. The problem disagreement amongst a little more hard conservative people -- unity party you know we consider that. That DC establishment wanted to immigration which would comment and I'll watch. After cancer watch that can get there and end the leadership I think there's this desire to do some sort immigration reform essentially to. The issue off the table during -- at least sixteen presidential election. But basically most of their rank and file Republican members on the yeah. Don't like immigration reform as a policy anyway and they know that the reporters certainly don't like -- I think a lot of people have interpreted. -- brought to serve and which actually another immigration reform I think that's probably true to a certain extent but that's what all these other factors. Our attention and do. That this is the Tea Party and it's really just kind of can't -- establishment forces in the Republican party. Of course there hasn't leadership because leadership sometimes sad that these things that. I think more conservative outsider folks and -- GOP don't feel is that being ideologically purer. Looks down the road tell me how this changes things if I'm a Republican candidate anywhere on the ballot coming up this fall. Do I look at this and do something differently or or not mention immigration or or at least change something in order to not be the next Eric Cantor. I think that it did -- political -- precision indicate that the parties are sort of moving in in not. The other Democrats a little laughter in the Republican or leave -- movie even more so. 28. And certainly that's the trend something like this would not cause Republican candidate and -- great reaction probably be too. You want conservative belief that a primary thing. Hoping that sort of you know that that's the truth that that the trend bootable the first I think the -- that. So in that regard it has an effect people become Republicans become a little more conservative. On the campaign trail. -- I think that's probably. And I think look I think that it Republicans already. Do you more afraid of primaries and they should've been given a statistic that cited earlier arming incumbent typically don't we use. Think I think that there's a good chance that pollute and not have to. Do think they react to it -- I wonder what that. It that sort of dynamic. Oh we can't are spending very heavily on campaign ads against David Pratt. That was used to refer to that became apparent effect sort of prophecy because he's. -- that it. May have just basically people -- district that -- like Eric Kantor and I didn't realize actually have a choice election. I'm so one more thing quickly thirty seconds or so here if Republicans are moving further right and Democrats are moving further left. Do we have even more opposition in gridlock at the actual governing level. Yeah probably although I don't think bit. He -- -- really changed -- followed the government would functioning at some extremely IR the parent of air can't diluted. All. It's probably pretty bad talent. I don't even didn't necessarily prospects for getting all the better and then in the short term. All right Kyle were out of time thanks for joining us. Thank you that's Kyle conduct of the University of Virginia and their center for politics now off to Washington and Meet the Press.