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Antoine Thompson- Returns to politics

Jun 15, 2014|

Antoine Thompson - Primary Against Assy. Crystal Peoples-Stokes

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For flipping homes right here in the local area. This is -- -- star of -- -- hit TV show flip this house -- -- and I are looking for a handful of people in the greater buffalo area wanna learn how to make money flipping houses in your spare time using other people's money buffalo is -- -- market for my system and next week I'm holding a free to our educational workshop where you'll learn how to make money flipping homes and how to build long term wealth -- income property. To get two free tickets to fans workshop call 180378507. Well seeding is extremely limited call in the next ten minutes and you'll also reserve a free copy of fans money for deals guide that's 1803785070. That's 1803785070. Hi everyone I'm cardinal Timothy -- Governor Cuomo is assured us that he would fight for an innovative plan to help these students. But when the state budget was done we were left out Governor Cuomo we're glad to hear you say the education tax credit should be past that you get it. But now's the time to get it done please don't forget this governor -- said education tax credits so. Every child can have a great school. We're all count on you. And paid for by coalition for opportunity in education. You PM buffalo WG SS -- to. One -- one voice one station one. -- news radio 9:30 AM. It's partly sunny and 62 degrees now on 11 o'clock in morning literally be in newsroom I'm Alan -- top stories. A national radio icon who once worked near buffalo passes away in California. An American ships heading to Iraq again. The exclusive WB -- AccuWeather forecast calls for a beautiful day today sunshine a few clouds and high of 77. Well it came in just a couple of minutes ago legendary radio host Casey case some has passed away CBS news confirming the death of legendary American top forty host Casey case some. He passed away early this morning meaningless surrounded by eight. His children and scramble. Number it's Stanley spokesman -- to raining I'd Peter King Casey case -- always considered himself a storyteller in this hour at number 32 in the count down a song that's been hit. Four different times in nineteen here he told thousands of stories on American top forty but more than that broadcasters have long said that. The show's success was as much credit case it was upbeat personality. Reflected in his weekly sign off. My velocity is there to do the best I can -- -- -- to achieve my goals but cannot hurt anyone along the way and so I think -- -- your feet on the ground. And keep reaching for the stars and I've been using it -- 1956. At the end of every show have ever done. Peter King CBS news Casey case dead at the age of 82. I'm Jim Taylor now back in the 1950s. Casey had a short stint to WB and why radio fourteen Saturday I'm right here in buffalo. As station today is now WW WS and its right down the hall from us here are gonna come. The US begins making its moves and Iraq the aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush and two other warships are moving into the Persian gulf. Army colonel Steve Warren's -- pentagon spokesperson. Centered offense has moved its aircraft carrier really is a prudent planning measure we know that there's been special arrest in Iraq. Right now and the president is directed the Defense Department to provide him so wide range of options to score possible news are. The American ships carry tomahawk missiles and fighter jets which could reach Iraqi territory. Sam with -- CBS news Washington. The UB student struck back Aaron -- sport highway has died of Marie injuries police say eighteen year old. You -- of Brooklyn suffered a severe head injury Thursday in the meantime though I always say what do we it is talk politics we have some ripples certainly made in the political scene. When Antoine Thompson made an announcement yesterday the former state senator who says he's running again trying to make a little bit of a comeback and he joins us now. On the WB and -- -- good morning sir. The morning good morning thank you for having me happy Father's Day total others. And and and Beckett you -- tell me your running in a primary or at least intend to run a primary. Against assemblywoman crystal peoples stokes. Yes I am I announced my candidacy yesterday. And I'm looking forward to. Talking. To -- well. Buffalo's one partner 41 assembly district. And a distinction there are concerns. As relate to jobs. Community development. Small business development and stayed at -- neighbor -- in the 100 or 41 assembly district. Do you think that there and those are the areas that she's weak on jobs neighborhood. Well. They wanted a 41 assembly district. Has some of the highest levels of poverty. And the state buffalo. Is the fourth port city in America and it -- eSATA popped over the city it would be the port city in America. In addition to that. Small businesses. In the heart of the 141. Assembly district. Are struggling to our surprise we need small business program so that people. I'll put themselves the work provide -- goods services. -- people and the district. And the housing conditions. Throughout much -- -- wanted -- 41 assembly district and desperate need of investment from the State of New York. Several years ago you were defeated in the states and it. In his district that was five to one Democrat by a Republican. Now in a primary you're asking Democrats to vote for you do you think that's an uphill battle. I think it's going to be -- very difficult race. But remember when. I lost that election. I it heated. -- -- -- Pretty extensively in the city of buffalo I loved buffalo without a large margin of of vote. The challenge worth. Losing support in Grand Island. Cataloged in Niagara -- but I did very well in the city of buffalo. So this assembly district being smaller you think you've got a better shot. I I believe that. When people. Look at the current state. Unemployment. Underemployment. Health condition neighborhood conditions schools are closing schools are failing. Kids are on the school. Stated investing. And different parts of the city. But it's not reaching the people on the ground in the 141. Assembly district and it has some evidence. Highest poverty highest unemployment. At some of the worst neighborhood and it's -- an -- is already and I really we just need to make some change. I -- to keep going back to the original campaign but during that campaign. You were accused of using campaign funds for a trip to Jamaica and for publishing a pretty pricey book that touted. Basically that the wonders of Antoine Thompson. -- Let's that's that's that's a -- -- that -- you know right now. About what not permit it. As a result venture. Has established a relationship. With sedition. And Jamaica. I think in -- one on that should never use any government money or that. My opponent has traveled all over the globe -- political campaign money. The difference declined to Q is that the buffalo Niagara medical captives. Some of the position at the Western New York. Our net I have now developed a relationship. Whereas. Our position and and and hospitals. And Jamaica as a result of that sure. So what I'd try to -- back then it bear -- now and everything you -- got so you're that young. If you don't you don't embrace a label you don't think that you were anyway. A disgrace to think a comeback is possible here. Our I believe that. I've never left. Being a public figure I've held a lot of causes. Over the last four years. That I've been out of office. And I love them though -- about Nicole's great. Abraham Lincoln lost. Five or six races than he was president. Barack Obama lost great does mayor brown a lot -- assemblywoman people -- the key races. Itself and wait a year and needs. There have been trying to make change for people. Sometime there are sometimes there are down and it is if you get knocked down -- up to you to stand back up and I instead of backup to help the people. I know you've pulled out of a church service specifically to talk to us when I don't wanna take too much long much longer. But I have to ask you what do you think is the biggest difference between yourself and assemblywoman crystal people stokes. I'm relieved that. Buffalo. Is on the move. New York get on the -- Now we need to make sure that. The 141. The settlement that stirred in the area putting people back to work. Putting people rebuilding of these troubled neighborhoods. -- out throughout most of the 141. Assembly district. Trading more small business opportunities unfairly and hurdle it. Al -- efforts and that those areas are on the move as well and that we make out a strong investment. And those areas so that we all grow as one community. All right mr. Thompson thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you don't think having. You're welcome that Antoine Thompson running against crystal peoples stokes the assembly moment in a primary coming happened in in September.

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