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6-13 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Jun 13, 2014|

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His name was okay. The bombings show cinema bothered -- said he beach I'm against the calendar Bob Booth doesn't look like December to me why we're using that -- -- flying. But thirteen. Jason's. O Jerry said -- she said Jesus -- -- I was one or right or you're losing that no -- jays then all right. Now I I think we've yet to have a movie which. Uses attacks a lot of they did a summer camp -- Personally from everything I've read about Jesus. Can we get along really well with everybody. But that's just might that is violence are some we should also above those who have made any please listen to the movies -- online any time on and Amanda WB and not right now this into this usually doesn't. Shelves later -- -- It's 117. Through that you know live -- it'll be a journalist and Sunday night at 1108. By the time the next drop of sweat falls off our noses at -- -- that. They do with players -- Turkish bath and here and I have -- Bob -- because we don't allow anyone recommend and that's. Yes but. And then this is theater of the mind I'd just like you guys girls know hits the need to know it was a wash -- -- A washcloth. And there are right how big box office -- A number one because everybody. Wants a feel good movie in the summertime the fall and our stars. Oh my gosh all these attractive teams have terminal cancer movie in 48 million dollars. -- -- Four times its production. In just the first three days. Times the production budget at the kind of math that Hollywood just a horse and 3-D. There's no IMAX weren't sitting there are saying. You know all year and you're gonna wanna see the tumor common match yeah and -- on the big screen now this was just young adult fans of the book and those who did see it. Really really liked it is gone and he rating from cinema score and also know. Another thing that they've got to be delighted by this is exactly the kind of movie. That the guy is on repeat business. Teenage girls -- wanna go to -- again and just cry their eyes out over and over again. So that that will be up top. And should be making money for quite awhile at number two Angelina Jolie getting a -- on in the letter sent. To number 34 million dollars next on 128. Million here 208. Million overseas so far so why. I think Disney is really finding. Any of these situations. Where whether it's The Wizard of -- Or Alice in Wonderland. Or Snow White where you take a familiar storybook character that is known worldwide. And do some kind of kinky -- weird -- background story to it. It it's a pre sold situation as far as -- I would expect to see a lot more of those. At number three. Weekend for Tom Cruise. -- of tomorrow. Opened up to terrific reviews just great great reviews. Only did 29 million dollars which is especially troubling when you have a 180. Million dollar budget. Also troubling is the fact that 73%. Of the audience. It was over the age of 25. Which if you're trying to do action movies and scifi films day you need to Poland that teenage audience which is not happening for Tom Cruise right now. The overseas box office though was strong he did a 140 million dollars in its first week and it's got a lot of big markets to open so. It's it's certainly not gonna lose any money it's got to be hit worldwide. But cruises. Getting into a little bit of a shaky area here in the US. At number four X man days of futures passed to another fifteen million dollars it is now at 190. Million dollars. Here in the United States worldwide. Over 600. Million dollars so far. And it number five a million ways to die in the west. Continues its slow long -- seven million dollars. It is now at thirty million -- -- -- an interesting summer so far we're getting closer to July were -- this summer. Season really kind of starts. The first week of -- they were kind of nearing the midway point. And box office guru terrific site on line that analyzes. The box office take has noted that it. Has -- a a good summer so far. But they're really haven't been any huge. Standout blockbusters like 600 than you well that's. The case worldwide and I'm not here in the US. Another the films that have been released. In many. Have crossed the 200 million dollar mark yet that's the first time this has happened since 2006. And the rest of the summer. So that's a strong contenders and movies that I think are going to do well. I don't know that there is really an 800 pound gorilla that is gonna tower over all the rest of the movies. The LA times even had a piece today that suggested that. The the box office of summer 2014. Some strong. Attention deficit disorder it basically on the first week and says oh my gosh. Look at the shiny new ball this is a fast moving better and then the next week and oh my gosh there's a new showing -- I like that even better which which really showcases the the problem that their leading into where if you don't have a big big opening weekend. You really don't have a chance to recover because the films are going to fade out of the top five. Ready quickly movies like million ways to Diana west. Landed -- all been very weak. They are not going to bounce back quickly. Well if you have a movie that promises a lot of laughs like that ended and you have three laps and the old film word to report. And it's it's tricky and that's always. Comedy is always a tricky thing because you can think. You have the funniest movie in the world and you never know until you get an option or an audience now you're doing. A stage play. And you see jokes working and that is -- and really enjoy them adjust and re right. About a movie that's kind of locked in place are you surprised that modern movie with him hundreds of millions of dollars doesn't use the old technique The Marx Brothers. You lose by trying out scenes. On the road quietly secretly -- -- plays and one doesn't and rewrite. The tricky thing and all that almost seems like it would be impossible to do that nowadays. Is if The Marx Brothers were were touring with scenes from their new movie today. Everybody be pulling out their cell phones and putting clips up on you all the jokes to be -- -- again. Good point test probably Ekuban give us a shot at Jonah Hill stars in the new comedy twenty to jump street name the rock band. That is managed by his brother Jonah valve steam wedeman -- to a Jonas Brothers and his other brother Larry yes. I named George Tiller does an okay. What are. It's Maroon 5 bucks beat the Foo Fighters out foresee. The red and the blue fan yeah. Gotta say the ramble and -- family band era really did a fantastic job kissed the summer -- that last week. -- lose Miley Cyrus madly what do I just fantastic eye candy nobody -- racket ball exactly like. -- surprise they've only passenger rights as a bitter battle through December 31 one to fourteen point five dollars in dividends and -- -- -- and -- on Miller sport or on transit. No expiration date total value 43 Dollar General content rules applies. And give us a call 6449875. Will be back after that the -- a few questions. Jonah Hill stars in the group nominee twenty to jump street. -- the rock and managed by his brother. Oh is it hey more room five B the Foo Fighters oversee Rambo removed family that Maroon 5. I got that -- mark that down so congratulations to our winner. -- -- these big screen today 22 -- story. This is a rare and unusual situation not twenty you John surgery. Came around to a few years back. This one's called twenty to jump street where reason they had to move across the street -- another building that's so it's twenty to jump street now. Now this is an extra ordinarily. Rare film the first 21 jump street. Very successful and I'm very funny comedy really enjoyable. -- this one. Is getting. Very good reviews in many of her views are saying it mighty indeed better then the original how rare. Is it for a comedy. -- To be as good as the original any good at all I have just a few names to remind you up and if these don't. Chill your blood a little -- the year ago. Miss congeniality. Two. Another. 48 hours -- had -- to the whole ten yards. Analyze that son of the mask. Archer. On the rocks. Airplane to the sequel all. And the worst one of all we're trying to. Little (%expletive) Yeah. Yes comedy sequels traditionally -- larger -- terrible. Now in the last film Channing Tatum and John Mikhail. Had to. Go back to school and pretend to be high school students to try to. Find out about this drug ring that was selling drugs to kids then. Like -- were were trying to enter dangerous drug so why in this one they have to go to college. And one of the things that they they do in this film is they decide to just take on sequels. Gone and basically talk about. How lousy sequels usually are the things that are different or the same in sequels. And the fact that yes people look about ten years too old to be believable as these students I mean I'm. Here here's a few examples of the situation that they have here. The head. The 22 John Street operation. Is explaining. To Tatum and hill before they get started that on. Yeah they've apparently. Doubled our budget for this project for absolutely no reason at all. They they also keep complaining about how similar. This case is true the last one but their boss. Ice cube. Reminds them again and again through. Relax. Just do the same thing as last time. The exact same. -- call one of the reasons this movie I think I did work is because of film lord. And Christopher. Miller. You continue to hear a lot about these two guys -- its usual. -- -- a two man directing team it doesn't happen and you got like the Coen Brothers and his -- Brothers you don't have any cases where you've got more than one person directing. Even if you are cases where. It really works well. These guys started off as writers for me they did the two cloudy with a chance of meatballs movies which did. Over 500 million dollars in box office worldwide. They then. Jumped over to directing live action by doing the first 21 jump street film which did 200 million dollars. And then earlier this spring a the two of them directed another little film called the Lego movie which may. Hundred million dollars worldwide -- these guys have a whole lot of power right now with your views this one is it's getting -- going to continue to be very successful. One of the nice surprises about these films are the true stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum really do have. Adjust terrific report terrific chemistry teacher you expect Jonah Hill. -- to be funny and be able to handle themselves in a comedy lightness. But she didn't hate him. Who does just. In musicals does just fine in action films and drama he is a really. Really funny guy and gets to show it off at this one a lot and who saw the Amanda -- film she's the man. Way back in 2006. Knows from even back then how funny Channing Tatum is on you -- see the nice. Camaraderie that they share they were on Niger and BBC America and really funny talk show. So Graham Norton I wouldn't -- that he has a very -- show is very Lucia immediate -- yes yes. And people get very relaxed I don't know whether Regis it's -- pretty -- backstage but oh my gosh it is a funny show. And he also brings. Everybody on at once so they can RF OK Erica -- group -- that's about two weeks ago he brings out Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. And Julie -- -- hope marijuana Dominic is in her seventies now still looks like -- Anders looks fantastic. And made mention of that to your own John I was gonna sit next Julie Andrews and they've apparently hit an off splendidly backstage. Julie cantor says yes. We're actually engaged. Tell them play off that. Julie Andrews makes. Wonderful dirty jokes throughout the entire hour. About her young lover Jonah Hill and the two of them which of course I guess you don't you know you're not married to Blake Edwards for thirty years you know to. In mr. clarinet but does very very funny. The the film the only thing that. -- People have complained about in the reviews. Is -- one type of gag. That pops up in this movie again and again is the old joke or somebody observing. Two Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. While you guys are really close to which they do the embarrassed low low. We're OK wait wait what are you thinking no no no we're just friends that's kind of beaten to death. And quite frankly. I think it might be about time to retire -- -- big gay panic jokes retire -- not that there's anything wrong with that. They can type of joke they're also a few jokes in here that suffer a bit. Of bad timing. My Angelos name is viewers you as a joke a few times and there's also I guess a joke about Tracy Morgan. -- an issue that takes you out of the -- a little bit although I did see before the show and so on line. Apparently. Tracy Morgan is showing some very good signs recovery wise he is he is having returned better so that's. It looks like this movie is going to be a very big hit the most confusing part for me is I'm not. Sure. Where they go from here what will 23 -- strategy room. Grad school probably regrets possibly oh yeah medical school are pretty interesting or maybe night spoke I don't know of my school or not. An online school if they really wanna cut the budget down could possibly do that. You were talking about them looking a little old for high school we had a story it was a one of the monologues this week. A woman was arrested for portraying a sophomore in high school now some guys will probably around fifteen years old you know old she was she was 34. -- outside a cinema -- I don't know many 34 girls have to pass for fifteen this is true I mean that's very rare this is journal unless you know you can put a lot of gasoline on the lands and stuff the doors than yours yours -- back tomorrow between company under -- -- thirty W via. Take WB and wherever you go with a WDE an -- now. Powered by the final out left the -- -- railings indexed. Ism we shows that I'm above sells an army said he reach big movies hitting the big screen today. -- -- what did you jump -- we don't know about that and now how to train your dragon to. Yes this is. The continuation of the story from. 2010. Now this is not from your picks are campuses from the DreamWorks. Studios and DreamWorks Animation. -- they've had some films that you know had not been quite up to snuff I don't think. Anybody sitting around thinking -- When they can make a sequel to shark tale. But. The Shrek movies Madagascar are Kong fu panda. Really had been extraordinarily successful. And very very good films at the same time they are. They're best picks are his biggest rival. And the original how to train your dragon. Certainly. Where is just what sold well received. Like he the original. On this one is just gorgeous -- Animated animation is just beautiful. In in this picture and this is one of those cases where the 3-D. Glass -- are worth the extra bump in ticket price you have G and you only. Flying sequences with the dragons action sequences over all. Are done not with just a lot of energy. It is PG. It is rated PG. But it does. Take some some big. Issues as far as war. And death and some of the dragon fighting sequences some of the scenes where the younger dragon are imperil. You'll get very frightened if you have very young children. And who gets scared that's scary movies this might be a little tough for them I mean you got some movies like Toy Story history. Terrific film but -- now when that movie got heavy that movie guys happy and this is kind of along that. Line of not skirting away from from some of the darker era that are the stuff this one takes place five years later. And you've got to a bunch of our new dragons that have been found. Toothless the main dragon from the first film is a bit older and a bit bigger and I -- I. I like this character I think he would that design on the characters is very good animation is very charming I still don't understand. Why the character is -- it just makes him so hard to see in some some sequences. But the cast from the first film is back you've got you a Barrichello. As as kick up our our lead. Dragon Tamer dragon -- here -- weird is back on board Craig Ferguson Jonah Hill. -- bland schett is here and forum. Folks who who are fans of dragons in general one of the big guy game throngs. Characters'. Eyes and -- kit Harrington. Who plays John Snow. On game of drones of who his. His -- more his wilding -- more often say you know nothing John Snow. He is in here now do you watch. Game. I'd never miss an episode I think -- I think season and that's about it for now I am excited about it. You usually at -- You've got -- hadn't every -- that you moved god naked ladies and that's even remember. And eight minutes and luckily. You have people lose them it won't diplomats good it did I think does that mean -- -- Mets were and you should -- I would you know. Will attain your dragon -- this is. One of those nice surprises. Part animated films ago where. Yes your kids are going to love it and mom and dad you'll probably a lot of fun -- mix Clive -- in words and -- yes with Julia and coach this. This film. Attempts to capture. That Spencer Tracy. Katharine Hepburn style of romantic comedy but most critics feel it captures more of that. Ernest ward nine hold -- I'm not hype around chemistry here. He is an art instructor. She and she is an art instructor he is an English teacher and the reform made a rivalry. After school. Which eventually it. Leads to a big battle. To decide which is more important -- paid off words there are pictures alone that's important and it's just so. Arm compelling and they don't like each other she thinks he's a mad man he thinks she's an ice queen. And of course today they pretty much eventually after two have to fall in love there another film really it is. Trying to be sold as a romantic comedy. But -- it awkwardly. Shifts between very heavy handed melodrama. And fluffy romantic -- comedy cliche how many times did you -- today Rock Hudson Doris Day movies that that dealt seriously with. Alcoholism. Father and son issues plagiarism. One of the leads suffering from crippling. Rheumatoid arthritis. Writer's block and lots and lots of rehab. -- all and they they pretty much it seems the script wants to want. Present him as basically a good guy who's just going through rough patch but the majority of the reviews seem to feel that. Now now he pretty much comes across as a big jerk. One of the more interesting things about the picture. The Juliet and -- character. Is it is a Peters you know it's very colorful abstract paintings. On she actually in real life did. All of the -- on the ground and very talented painter and you able to show that in which it probably the most interesting thing on display in words in connection. I the next Malia Obama wondering if the theaters showing Minnesota are going to suspend or candy and popcorn sales. It's called fed up. Yes yes and the the poster for it has movies in nationals shown. Represented by 21. And an -- we got to go to Andrea yes yes we won. Thank you and you can't let them Campbell view caught on. I'll explain it to you more narrowly era -- zero Loyola. Our prism that oh well some checks gone -- -- Bob ricks. Finds the meaning of -- lines lead you picture and are not necessary on those red and I had third W via big movies -- mavericks and the reason I -- Bob. Whether the theater showing fed up would be a suspending popcorn and candy sales as a documentary. About obesity. Yes yes. And obesity. But those view aren't aware of it. Is about when your fact no I don't know am researching this you got to handle on this club now I love handle the movie. Has produced and and narrated by that tub of lard Katy Kirk. And actually won the executive producers of -- An inconvenient truth. Also -- -- they originally were gonna call this an inconvenient twinkie but they decided to go against that for the picture this film basically. Is. He's going from the idea. That. The problem with obesity in the United States it is not much caused by. Lack of activity and lack of exercise. As it is by sugar and process food in particular. Sugar pop there's -- one of the problems they're suggesting. Is that there has been this enormous push in the country towards low fat foods and just about every. Low fat food. Really beats up the sugar so that you don't notice that it doesn't have. That it which is where a lot of the flavor is. They talk about how much sugar consumption has doubled. In the last thirty years. It's even change some of the the medical terms in that type two diabetes. 25 years ago. There was no such thing as type two diabetes. It was called adult onset diabetes because kids never got it. All sorts of kits have type two diabetes now. A also say in this film that 95%. Of the country. Is going to be obese within twenty years. Or is it that everyone will be 95% -- and I'm not sure of that is true but in the news isn't. Isn't good. That film. Friday's -- play for things and has big. And as bold fashion as many of Michael Morse documentaries. Donny wants to be outrageous it wants to get a strong reaction like a lot of Michael Moore's films. Many of the facts have been questioned. One of the things that. Several people. Have complained about is the whole idea of trying to paint food companies as as the villains. Here in the game -- Bobby -- somebody of that and nobody's forcing your kids to. Eat this stuff if you buy this stuff and avenue in your house they will eat it all the all I've got to say. I went to school. When I was in elementary school in junior high. IE certainly had no opportunity to go to the pop machine. In the cafeteria and buy a soda or buy a pack of cookies or liquor reassure or whatever there is access to this sort of thing. The film also suggests. He hears his top report on just. Ending bank I don't the film is suggesting that fast food should be regulated. Exactly the same way tobacco is. So there's a minute. As your original article on nanny state there will. Absolutely. You optional foods such an attitude this is that talk show talking calling thank me on this I imagine as crowds will be huge on this through it's I would think a lot more people an amnesty 22 John Street and hugged -- and -- and truly watching this and feeling guilty he goes Eminem -- almost -- -- -- and I. No minorities show something where it's actually entertainment. Try to have the complete first season among what barrels an amendment on. And it is entertaining. But is about as dark and as twisted -- ride as you are ever going to fine. Just remarkable remarkable. HBO. -- series it's just eight eight episodes. But it feels like. A big nine hour movie I mean it is it is dense it is thick it is visually arresting it is just her being. Just fascinating. Dialogue. In the performances between Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are tremendous the film goes back and forth between 1995. And not 2012. Covering a really. Really. Disturbing ritualistic murder. And the impact that that case hands on the people involved in it. Plenty of extras on on the video a lot of behind the scenes stopped. A lot of interviews. With the makers of the film as well as the music director T bone Burnett. Supervised the music for this development that really works towards creating just the creepy. Creepy. I'm beyond that this has. Audio commentaries as well I tell you TV wise this year between true detective and Fargo. Lower on math facts Fargo is gonna wrap up it season not on Monday has been some really good -- TV. All right guys others moving in the theaters and I enjoyed it Emmys in -- -- I think he's great. Nonstop. Yes yes this is basically. One here suspense at 40000 feet type of films here. This is just another one of those movies that shows why -- Neeson is currently. The most bankable. Action star. In the entire world right now. 62. Year old police and -- and Nathan who has no guns. He has no -- he just has a particular set of skills -- is the guy that people rush. -- theaters to see in in an action movie and this one is pretty entertaining you got -- -- Is -- and as well as them -- in the Congo who was just so good in in twelve years disliked and additional -- From. Johnson. She plays the prim and proper merry. So high you get to see her. In modern -- if you watch down -- and thought yes she can Wear that Victoria and down but how does she look. Underneath and -- stewardess is out I've now you can see I've found that way about the queen. Yeah Charlotte's -- a jeweled crown and that fancy suit and a and a handbag in the New York of the parties but what was she looked like in a bikini. -- now -- gonna say Stewart is out pitchers allowed -- -- -- of the queen saying coffee cheer me. About. Jack Ryan ship and go recruit. Chris -- who. And had some success playing captain Kirk Kirk in the recently. Re booted Star Trek films. Attempted to get a second franchise going here with Jack Ryan shadow recruit Kevin Costner Keira Knightley can drama. Are also on hand here campground as the bad guy redirected it as well. This opened up then did. He kind of soared. This is one of those. Movies where I think the folks at Paramount are gonna wait till they can collect all the beans from all over the world. Until they decide whether or not to go ahead with she Walt. And give back Chris -- another shot as Jack -- next is this an adult film it's called adult world. No this is this is one of those unusual pictures here that for some reason. Went directly to video -- Roberts. Talented young actors she plays. A quirky. But naive college graduate. Who. Needs to to get a job so she takes his job and an adult bookstore. And -- -- yes she she decides to pursue a membership. By another one of her coworkers. Who is a reclusive. Crusty and alcoholic poet played by John crews back. Not this has got to be kind of a drag for John Cusack you know your career is slowing down there and you're starting to play the alcohol at -- OK I can play a -- I can play alcoholic I can play were clues of why does he have to be crusty does -- have to be a crusty poet. Timers or -- in young America apart. Now. -- -- getting gray beard and a little bit crusty his -- getting a little bit -- these. -- -- -- A little all let's all it wouldn't hurt and wouldn't hurt also we don't tiger review now red river -- I westerns ever made by John -- is on the shelf so check that out. Thanks -- Obama running out to -- cat chipped it up and wins here a minute ago well bring some chicken with me and dessert. Just -- a box of sugar cubes that. And just pop up I don't like that. What -- back at him Monday at nine under his retirement thirty WB. We'll -- much they never has to needs to be used she.