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6-13 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well that's our Randi had about via about the right no. The daddy rhino first of all this rhino was artificially inseminated aren't and the data you rhino died fourteen years ago they froze his sperm. And I can just think a lot of great horror movies that make right because all of the things are done electronically. No more writing things down on a piece of paper. And at the fertility clinic the electronic mix up occurred during winter storm in the the power went out and suddenly. The the their various by sales mixed up. And then six months later John and -- are expecting which. Is this -- whenever it great normally yes. That area I'm scared to -- But anyway admiral's Mary's -- I've seen -- picture of the baby rhino it's adorable all baby animals no matter how ugly they are when they grow up. They're beautiful to me they were a governor Arnold rhino. Now I I'd like to have if -- were safe. In -- were allowed I'd like that -- Or any of the big cats you know or gorilla it's it's not -- not to -- but a tiger. I think of -- I think the tigers the most beautiful of all the cats. There and a if it were safe and allowed wooden agonize you can catch a tiger by the tail it's playing the city every Buck Owens right thank you very much box until. I open in threes and as firm a pep I'm a bit -- and Clark is right about let's not -- -- -- when push those rumors. -- whereas before you. Went there there. -- -- -- -- We're talking about what's going on in Iraq. And were asking for you to get -- call it a three -- -- -- -- and his excellence -- 96 930 can also go to our FaceBook page. And Tony giving your previous some of the -- up. Visit the word. Guilty as Jews. As as in the past if there was one situation that we did not answer and true. And bad things happen now we have to carry the guilt of that now we have the carriers of the guilt that we don't help Iraq. And I'm just asking this is one thing to. To be as generous says as we are as a country. But are we required to get involved with every single problem and the world are. It's why we have international bodies allegedly like the United Nations. We have military alliances like NATO. Is now is that what that's about. Why don't we have to get involved and -- and if we don't get involved. I I don't think we should be carrying around a trip we should do what we can -- weekend but we also have to be prudent and and understand that we can't. -- everywhere all the time for everybody. And that's my basic opinion on it. Let's go to a Georgian buffalo George what do you think how much how little or no involvement at all for Iraq. -- Read George. Go ahead George. Tenet when that it does is disconnect and are you still there George. -- -- I can hear you now for some reason when it became disconnected go ahead give us -- Thank you very much particular call the ball I've worked to your career record written contract and to treat. And -- what an Anaconda and a lot when he gets evacuated the American. But in Baghdad we have to -- it impede every inning went well okay. First the law this is an internal problem there. Terrorist group I think it. They saw that and move it really took over. Decree and before that he took over the other -- yet -- -- pick the name module but. Didn't know what should go to Iraq. You know if we can go to Iraq the troops could well we shouldn't change Obama -- Because you know why because they told Obama can not exactly -- country in the evening vacuum. Okay and that's exactly what -- Okay that we would like Vietnam where helicopters and it looked at BC pulling out American doubt we must negotiate with these people up they take -- -- -- I think about it -- just -- we pulled out three years ago. If if this is -- -- heading they're heading road toward some major strategic. Positions. Including Baghdad if if we lose at all in three years effort time we left what -- we fight for in the first place there yeah we got Saddam Hussein but basically. Big country was unstable lower left them there so unstable. Exactly Obama can do it and it impeachable looked at different. They are -- work exactly they're important public title commander in chief. Or -- that's. Not much question about that he is the commander in chief thank you thank you very much. So far he has said a that there will be no -- on the ground which makes me feel good but they have asked for air strikes which is possible. There are considering drone strikes which are possible. A blood even so if there's an American presence there I'm thinking doesn't ever and we have to occupy every country -- time. Or -- of us. You just get tired of it after awhile. And it's of the warring factions with the end. -- within the country or -- or terrorists cells from outside the country. But there's always something and to think that where or where the only ones that are called when they fire alarm bell goes off it is is wearing on him. Where where war weary in this country our supply of blood and treasure will eventually run out and a I don't think we should get involved in any. At any level beyond minimal with -- weapons sales maybe some air strikes but even air strikes I think you have to be given consideration. A lot of consideration fill in -- failure on WB yen. He had it. This is the real -- We invest four billion. Okay what's going on these phones -- -- -- Okay I'm sorry something's going our phones the first one. We -- on the line and it disappeared and came back this was a second call as soon as these as I as I've talked to big big gas. The phone went blank on. And now we have others lined up what is is gonna happen on -- on every line I don't know let's hope investigate this world declare war on this phone. We'll take a break orbit back or more -- company -- newsreader and I'm thirty WB. Iraq and involvement. How much how little or no involvement from the US give me your thoughts on this. My attitude is selling selling arms things like that OK you wanna do some air strikes and give -- -- more thought. Drones but no boots on the ground and as little involvement as possible to try and help. At least minimally. On because otherwise we're going to be tied up for ever in all of these skirmishes and all the reasons insurgencies. I have another serious certainly but we can't be expected result everybody's problem. Including -- phone problem we have with bill but -- back and lets us see how this works out this time -- failure on WBBM. Looking at -- England called what I was gonna pay as you talk about -- about four billion dollars and we believe their thirteen years ago an airing out. Well local 420 million dollar brand New York currently out there and you'll be -- in the Vatican is in -- -- Now the funny thing about it and I it's not funny. But I think we're gonna happen now I think we'll limit any China being in -- with Russia and Iran and China because they're number one buyer. Or help from Iraq at the moment. Now they've already supplied Iran. You know the country next door -- you know the what we call that nuclear technology alone would war Russia. Now that -- can see Nader McKinney autocratic country and -- them well to accurately that the front franchise area in Iraq. Part the only all of a group that Turkey Turkey want that bowl and then we observed. In our actions and that's going to be a problem you know so there a multitude of problems here but. But the commented on the left call IT group they have taken over 400 million dollars. So far the -- it captured along the way. Yeah that's what I understand they raided the banks and they have you -- the current. You know they abandoned military equipment. You don't US military equipment guys and they're also our current -- -- that we're -- powerful interview ever in the area. You know we left things a like a tanks -- there or cheaper to -- than it was to transport him back to US applause were there all that time and there's all kinds of arms around. I just think that you know it's one thing. To be a conscientious country but it's another to be a soccer and I'm tired of every time there's a problem -- call us first. While they go to the UN or some other book international. In particular group yeah -- another alleged war you know -- -- You can never there's never -- -- -- get between them even have even if there evenly. Based you that you're there's no winners here for you thank you thank government. You know when you get between religions and -- stuff that. It's a different mindset. But we always feel obliged because Tony or get when he gave me a sample some of via FaceBook the -- -- was involved on things that. Maybe you're expected to do in the past that we didn't go and now we got to carry the guilt -- we have -- to go for anybody. To be honest were you aware generally there when you need is what we can't be replaced all the time. And it doesn't make much sense. Two spend as much as we did in Iraq and do as much as we did. And when we leave go back in a minute and a half later once on the show up I just don't I don't get it's I'm thinking in if I were to vote there would be a very. Minimalist. Amount of involvement. Let's go to events and -- what do you see on this a bit. And they did you get some excellent callers I mean they're very informed. I am it's -- agree with you can't be about that no boots on the ground. And now when it's. The Iraqi. Soldiers. Throwing their guns down. And I guess carrying out further military uniforms I mean now that it's noted that segment. Certainly doesn't want a war -- played outside the head terrorist group that it's taking over. Among the cities that was mentioned before of Mosul on -- the -- it was -- and it or indirect. And this terrorist group is dedicated to bring balance to the United States. And when you're mentioning about and NATO forces. I think it is I think it's required that a member of NATO has to be attacked him. First okay down there are no military forces in the United Nations they have to be asked for volunteers. To make up a military contingent. Last night. The MC BS known as forced our panel. Barry McCaffrey. Who's a military advisor for that the network for. You and him right or -- I'm I'm mentioning forever and -- I know we're very informed. And he's said a military action for the United States. Might be too late already. And that drones and the amnesty Gigi Graham battling. Maybe that could be effective but. Is that one of the things they do is mix and was civilians like they always do and so you're bombing in and suddenly civilians are killed and that's the world headline correct. Yet that the dangers caption and they had them don't have power and the Bay Area. Is going to be severely. Out of balance if these and it looks like these terrorists are trying to take over direct. Now the ones that are that are stalwarts of the Kurds. And they went they've turned out section and they're looking for or reverend also. They will fight and so was you know things caused -- -- Oh and and your point about down now than that as being a peacekeeper all over the world. President Obama recently in the speeches exactly the same thing. He certainly can't take every issue and then it'd take a look as they were gonna get involved. So he had them he framed and some other terms I can't figure exit there words. But then that was them and that was. Hopeful for me also bit and into businesses and food and when you -- about the American people being war weary. That is exactly right permeates the tabulation. And to one and diplomacy. Fails. The next month then captions military and you know on -- -- Welch said that bed and we are war weary. I mean we went down we can't -- that Eric and past lies and so problems and that's where we elected these strippers and it and that's stagnation government -- Gary it's absolutely. Gary -- And every issue now in our country is has a political undertone to -- this as dramatic drugs tremendous political downside. Two Obama getting involved at any significant level with the mid terms are coming up in the presidential elections coming up and sixteenth. They're not gonna wanna do that because it'll clear it will not -- look favorably upon the part of the -- and. Now Obama has said he well mad at me and they had peace keeper of the world. He had indicated this is. Reluctance OK you know a look at issues and then. He has the expertise and Somalia. Experts and looked at sometimes that we get the wrong information. About why do we want to end. Laurent in the first place now. Yeah I think that I -- and I'm battering because these are brilliant people -- a dollar computers. And we never found weapons of mass destruction and people have come to a conclusion there one. Even though the intelligence agencies. Now several nations -- their war and now you operate on the best information you have apparently is faulty hey thanks Vance thank you very much. I'm Tony how about a a FaceBook -- please. Let's go to Debbie who says no we -- there spent our money in our blood in the didn't want us. Now -- -- to the point is all the things that were pointed at us when we went into Iraq to times of bush the first bush the second. Word or and therefore oil certainly didn't help us with the oil. And we spent a lot of treasurer left -- left a lot of blood we got some things done. When we finally -- we can get out of there and now you're on your own you know you're on your own feet we've given you would the support and neither we propped you up. And now it's up to you and what happened three years later we get this. In the we got a little running back. It's it's a -- when you get in some of these disputes. That you can easily extract yourself from. If you don't go -- accused of not caring if you don't -- you're accused of interfering. You know it's a domestic issue or its warring. Our religions. Or it's a it's a neighbor against neighbor kind of deal I I think that we should do the minimalist. That we can't. In good conscience but certainly not any kind of all out effort. The problem is it usually grows watcher and there will be back with more on newsreader -- thirty W via. Your hearing the voice of buffalo. WB EN call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and starting thirtieth in our toll free line is 1806169236. Otherwise it is still today for a while buffalo Burks is a twenty dollar certificate to my eight -- or use say may Tony I say and I'll say mates. Major and Chinese restaurant care more revenue and -- for only ten bucks enjoy affordable meals with a freshest Chinese food in town. When you think Chinese think major and go to WB and are comical Akamai buffalo perks and elbow me hungry for trying I love Chinese. I really really do in recent general sell the I don't I don't get it that often because -- -- them out you know. Or asking about Iraq and our involvement in Iraq they're asking for help. It seems like it was just a minute and a half ago where we left Iraq after years and years. And I'm not any rush to go back I think we can we should do what we can do realistically without a major involvement. If they need help with -- well weaponry and I think there are already getting that there weren't selling them stuff. That's one thing. That maybe maybe drones. May be yours I don't wanna even thought about getting involved with -- again. And we'd like to hear from you how much involvement a little involvement or no involvement. It Austria and -- trio 106169. Through -- -- there let's go to Rambo -- and anti gender on WB yen. And I endorse any warning him I wanna make deploying -- of public view and right now definitely agree with me there's no such thing. -- airstrikes or artillery strikes without boots on the ground. The boots on the ground guy talked to the pilot. Or cover my in the world whatever. The mission is and -- -- -- pilot where to drop they're ordered. The pilot are working on the instructions. From the boots on the ground guy -- think it would artillery. We have an artillery strike. Are you want around and you have what's called sport observers -- forward observers will -- drop. Up drop right -- left and end -- -- you know to fight meters whatever. It took -- -- being rated about artillery shells approximate. 25 meters what you got and then when there on the target in the fort observer -- -- the artillery and that. -- for a fact and then the artillery that bomb on a pharmacist or your first factor then that's when they they just all right the. -- I've heard that and I've also heard that these terrorists will mingle with civilians and so civilians will be dead -- PR campaign gets waged I'm telling its I don't think. We should get involved more than we absolutely have to I don't think we have any moral obligation. To get involved and drug we shouldn't be guilty of intuit. Let let the world community help them instead adjustments. Well there aren't many don't I mean why can't they don't get involved work. It worked it's worked pretty well and they know what they've got good -- But may I think made all of our our caller mentioned that a -- nation has to be involved and and that wouldn't be the case here. Well somebody else go to other countries. Let's say we put it 151000 troops that. Don't want we gotta get together they got up their belt. Yeah I don't -- don't wanna start rolling those numbers I usually just get out of there I think we should learn our lesson I -- do I have and our question of where we're gonna ask you yesterday. George Bush senior there nine years old jump out of an airplane tandem jump pretty said he wanted to do it -- -- it was successful. Why now why you were paratroopers. What was the feeling on the first real -- not from a platform but from an airplane or helicopter when -- jumped from. Well first time you leaped out what what do feel like. It was I jumped for what's called I don't think they fly every worker called you 140 what are whispers. And you jump out your heart in Ramallah. I mean you're just like all right the green light comes -- unhappy party. It's called it's your bank would. Suspect in the bank of jumpers drop about the door not indict spot I you'll hit it in the thirties who are you don't want. Bush and and you. Everybody else. Oh yeah I did it's not a natural thing to do I mean you've got to train your mind to do that and how public does it feel when the chute opens and you can feel. All of you when you when your -- -- opened in UK sector risers risers are all straight if you have what's called twisted -- You bicycle your legs felt street risers out. And when you look at arguing back and get tangled up with any other jumpers -- -- -- Mary thank you. Op Ed had to manly to have twisted rises anywhere we're sure -- rises as straight thanks Jim thank you very much. Yeah I imagine is not a natural thing to jump on governor. I'm sorry it's just not natural you have to. You have to train your mind that this is gonna be okay. Look I'm wearing this device that will slowly down while -- but it is slowing down and I'll be able to direct that -- as I have to go here after the -- and then a gentle landing. And so there's a lot though a lot to consider and George Bush did it yesterday I was love the saying why jump out of perfectly good airplane yeah that's a good point. All right another officially -- ways. OK let's go to Judy isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing -- weren't -- over expecting different results. Are some things we can't change why waste more American lives. You'll never understand. The problems. In that part of the world we -- group we really won't fill these scholars will study. And they'll give -- history but it's been going on for ever and ever and ever now because he's been going on doesn't mean it's right. And because it's been going on doesn't mean we don't have to get involved. But what I'm saying is we have to be rational and don't think I don't think for a minute. If there's as much political talk going on in Washington about this as there is -- from the military. Because right now Obama has is all time low approval rate. According to this CNN poll which -- just released yesterday. I'm 47%. Agree believe these you know. He's earned their approval 47% is -- he's ever had now. What happens if he gets involved. Because he's the commander in chief. With -- Iraq that's gonna hurt him in the mid terms I think -- -- Hermanson in the sixteen election they don't wanna do that now should be assured. Political considerations take place over over human it's of course not but do they of course and hope everybody knows that. And so the bottom line is there's a lot of pressure on Obama to either do the right thing for Iraq. Or do the right thing for his party in this country and I don't think there are always the same really don't. So I'd I don't know I think he'll do something but I don't think he'll do what they all that they want. We'll be back with more on news radio and -- -- -- reminded today at eleven it's the movie show I was looking around for a contrarian view. And in the USA today there there are dueling op -- on this and this of view which is rare four -- our researcher at today's show. Written by our men Jawad -- how many. He is a fellow at the Middle East form specializes. In jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq and that would be the showman. Ginsburg well. Here's what he says a -- goes through the whole thing with some of the parts that I marked. The United States has an interest an intense interest. In preventing Iraq from descending into all out chaos amid the recent gains by Islamic state of Iraq and Syria militants that's nicest. Not only would anarchy in Iraq affect volatile world oil prices but ice is itself. Has also made it clear that it ultimately. Aspires to world domination. The Obama administration has been shipping arms to the besieged Iraqi Government. But an approach solely focused on supplying weapons of Iraqi Security Forces would not only be unlikely to succeed. But also would probably aggravate the situation given how easily -- as it sees the American military equipment. During its offenses inside Iraq and Syria. Now there's there's more there but the last paragraph says a lot and really does. The presence of ground troops would allow the US to exercise leverage in Iraq. To pressure the central government to integrate ordinary Sunni Arabs into political and economic life in Iraq. Without such reforms. That of -- prospect for peace in Iraq are remote so what what he's saying is that. We should use American boots on the ground. To get the political factions because the political factions many times are the religious factions of play nice. -- I think that's ridiculous to be honest with you I mean it may be his body and and I'm sure he's a learned man but we can't get involved with that stuff are you kidding me. Are you serious. And we just get out and our media you know like Alpa chino said remember just get out now to -- -- back -- well. Let's not let this happen in Iraq. I understand. The requests for aid. I understand of the US is usually a standup nation that tries to help when we Campbell we can't do it all for everybody. Let's go to Rossum the -- roster on WB yen. Does Andy I'm totally against any involvement again. In Iraq the reason being that thirty year record of the army. And I'm bothered by the fact that. All the political wars and religious wars. In other countries are paid for with the blood of the United States citizens. And to no avail. We never got involved in Ireland. Ireland was a religious war not unlike any other religious war we've been involved in. They weren't -- country. -- -- -- -- I don't know how they did get a picture there -- And that's why I feel we should not be involved whatsoever. And for the words over guys thirty years wearing the uniform and I appreciate. Your comments and I agree with them and thank you for wearing the uniform -- Persian. Very much -- is we can't be running the rescue of every time a nation has some problems. That we have to considerate. A threat to lots. I think we should learn something the first time around but apparently we didn't. Can you get the music playing in the background as the doors open they're running a Disco party or something it kiss in the hot tub. A but it's too damn hot to keep the door close which was still cold water birds open until I use that now is just ornamental purposes. If for imaginary I know every time I walked by I imagine things happening -- that. Involving me. What else got on FaceBook. Penny says yes the Islamic threat is serious for the entire world. They are terrorists are presence did something they didn't do this until we left. Well Utah but well OK here's the deal now. And I understand what an excess. Here's -- deal we going there and it cause those blood costs -- treasure but let's say if successful. And we got to leave some time and that we leave the next scruples or show up. Maybe a different name may be different you know different tactics different countries different a different. Different aspects of have been saying stuff. And it goes on and on and on. Viewpoints and that part of the world and tell me how long has been since it was totally peaceful. I think if you do research you'll find -- never or close to a so I understand what she's saying birds I don't think we should go jump in there what else gets on. Chris says if we do it should be a joint mission including the Russians and Chinese both countries have been attacked by extremists. Out of the Middle East and if I rack falls it would just be another haven for terrorists to strike. From if you haven't noticed the news the two countries are itching to flex their military muscle have at a boys. Well I like the thought however let's be practical he said the Russians and Chinese. And you'll I'd like holy picture of Barack Obama and Putin's sitting down working that out that's not gonna happen they have a very icy relationship. The Chinese. I mean who knows that the Chinese are always there. And we all world we always recognize somebody who knows whether they would get involved with something like that. The the one common denominator is oil certainly but we didn't gain much by it and -- all the you know blood and treasure we spilled over there. A body is that is obviously a factor of as some people think about but to me. To me I'm. I don't think we can do I don't think we can do everything for everybody all the time their -- -- to sit back and say. -- -- will be average have you expertise intelligence briefings things like that. Spy plane stuff but we're not gonna going there and to do by hand in hand like we did before another on ways before where your son -- Jana says our troops wasted their time over there -- away from their family sacrifice in their lives on the to have my -- go back to square one. No. Well that's exactly right and the point is yeah all right Europe bear and are you you're making some progress but as soon as you leave it slides back. Because remember there was always a question about when we left if they could defend themselves. And the the big consensus was. It's in my below Roberts at first but if they'll be able to do it they'll they'll equalize it and get it done that was three years ago. And it's already upside down in three years. As so I don't know I just don't think it can work. An article by Jim Michaels USA today in a series as a stunning defeats for the Iraqi Government. Forces. Radical militants moved closer toward Baghdad. Seizing key cities in confronting President Obama with a fresh foreign policy crisis. And that's the key. Because it's not only humanitarian it's political the Pentagon said battling the militants is the responsibility of the Iraqi Security Forces. Are reflecting on the administration is determined to keep boats are -- not on the ground there. Four we help stabilize them and them more than eight years of war Obama has a -- has very few choices. The US likely we'll give Iraq new assistance to combat insurgents. Considering whether to conduct drone missions maybe. The US already has expedited weapons sales to Iraq this year including missiles ammunition and other equipment and arms so we're doing that. I think that's all this summer on the committee expected. As I mentioned earlier and and Vince brought up we are war worry right now. I think it's time to refresh and regroup and say to the rest of the world. Look terrorism affects you as well as it does us so get your ass in there and help out we can do all of a heavy lifting. All right the movie show is next and as far as I know it's going to be a fabulous movie show a cinema Bob on -- read united thirty WB yeah.

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