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6-13 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello well as Beijing governor yet I'm sandy beach congratulations. To the buffalo zoo on the birth above baby rhino. -- what I didn't know until a couple of minutes ago is that. Mom -- rhino is artificially inseminated. I'm just thinking -- -- you find a Turkey -- side. I'll -- there are good -- sex though all. And I'm begging that's going to be a tricky job don't you -- being the person. In charge of the buffaloes of artificially inseminated and -- know nothing about. That's. Something else does the ensuring get that job I'm just wondering guys have got to tread pretty carefully first of all you have to. By the -- some flowers. Take her out to eat -- have you taken right now that you will respect her in the morning and that the rhino check is in the mail. I yeah so why -- congratulations. And -- to a mrs. mrs. rhino and whoever. I don't know if mr. -- lives on on the grounds are have a mr. rhino is male men well not really sure but I congratulations. I saw a picture of the baby. Last night and -- baby animals no matter what you think of when they're adults. Iran Q when their small I think yes that little right up he looked like he had a raincoat on. Or or armor you know it looked like a little baby with armor on. And they had a tight shot of just the baby and it's you know would -- -- -- position and again as. Examples there's -- until late draw away. On a longer shot and then you see what I Major League Runnels looks like but he just the justice. Ago better. It always gets turned out and I turned back up. Anyway -- congratulations it's our birthday day today now Tony you're always in charge of telling me whose birthday it is you are the keeper of the birthday parties yes but I don't see her name on here it's her birthday today Canon brand. Lacey is having a birthday today Brenda is -- -- yes she. Our rights of blog here she also has her own show -- and clarity on on fifteen pointing. I'm talking to restaurant tourism whatever but today is your birthday and so. Congratulations and happy -- than usual we sink or yes -- all right there we -- problems are it was our guys' answers -- Andrew because our Chris is on. Jury duty. So his -- was real high. And we can figure call but he did on the last day to any suffering right now by the -- and -- lies he says it's hot -- a song that where he's -- anybody complain of a judge those judges judge as to where -- Yeah so that's that he's gonna have disease gonna have to grin and bear it's -- we get Andrew in place of Chris today. And happy birthday to Brenda -- -- glitzy mom. After burn them to view. Happy birthday to you happy birthday dear food me. Happy birthday to you over organized recognize that if you stood. If you think that's as good happy birthday to Brenda lazy. What is this one because it's Father's Day on Sunday as you know the last show we do before Father's Day every year feature is Groucho Marx months ago. You know. -- -- -- -- -- Not nearly -- show zero. Riyadh bland to me we view we are so glad. On this. And is that and we slam. Oh. A news. Hui mailed me he. Stay in the news you. We're. Now they get into the song. Today. His father's. What are you gonna get a giving you move. -- I own -- It's not I'm not -- This just no way to show you. -- hey you're okay I've heard god. When you say that it was not just. And -- learn. Monitoring you -- he was. Added to. Oh moral of this song you know are applauding wow mom. You know Bob. Error. It's. Absolutely. Being a player. I was happy and others you. It's. It is father's. The -- -- -- You saw. This -- music. And I say that you got. Didn't. Is under -- What we. The same time a next. She. Would give. -- -- -- -- In the it's. It's a through. -- Blah days. -- Can only have one mom. No -- no plan. It's. -- ask everybody okay. Do. We. Okay. I'll tell arts Bon Jovi it's your heart out that's when -- -- every father is it because that's a father gets. But a mother mom gets a good songs -- for the million things you gave me mom gets all the good gifts this is Paul father gets a maybe a crummy tie that's about it. So this is our way -- kind of trying to balance the scales -- -- -- yes mom gets all the attention as well she -- at the end but this is our little way of saying it's -- it's a pleasure plus we're lucky we even know that's what went. On my calendar. I would take a break we'll be -- a -- beach and company under his radio I'm thirty W via. I just did some never do I just opened the door from the studio out of the main hallway. Because it is so hot and I think that hits on Tony. I think that he is not I think you might be right and I know I keep that door close because well right next -- -- right next to kiss. And you know -- potty mouth closed this. Rarely are only worth three doors away from GR because there are even worse. -- -- And the guys and -- are very seldom walk by this way because they get lost easily so you don't have food they -- audio area exactly. So the doors -- is -- finally hear anything. Normally is closed because I wanna protect you from bad words but. If you hear Edwards -- -- come army and where Roger Christian next ball Rodgers as well as my golf Roger if his hair was on fire he would say pardon me could -- Could you please call our apartment -- errors on the -- Got -- -- I -- -- as. But anyway the doors open so get ready report every get ready for. Today's the day from my buffalo park is a twenty dollar certificate. Now I'm sure of its major. Or my -- MAY. JE NN I'll save me and use him agent I've stated tomatoes. It's a matter goes okay. Certificate to major in Chinese restaurant count more in hammers were only ten -- enjoy affordable meals. With the freshest Chinese food in town a lot to me too when you think Chinese bank. Jan that's it says major. Go to WBA and are commonplace among buffalo perks logo -- jobs. Yes I can't can't learn that one in -- -- taking console well. Well they teach how to eat during -- -- what we went we went to a tournament in Binghamton one time and mr. Wong took us out for. TE. That was fun to learn how to eat the -- that I want to I said mr. white mr. it's because master Wong was always -- and so. I'd rather be white and long if we actually too -- -- a two wrongs don't make one bit I think it. If you get too -- mix up no no organized hockey equipment guard yeah I don't know how to use them I really don't. You know why would you have to. -- -- -- -- -- Which is very effective. -- guy is that. -- it -- -- challenge I guess it's I can't get enough of that stuff out but light -- a doubling or something is a spare. But I was there wouldn't you sharper and the tip of your job. -- also -- -- dog is a fork in -- -- you know -- -- embedded -- long -- are a figure why not use the tried and tactics again but I -- love Chinese -- you know I love especially I'd love dumplings. -- I don't I could just -- the -- -- -- and I like the flavored -- not not the white -- you know anybody -- -- where's my wife does she really yeah -- kind of like -- shredded cardboard. Like that. But I do like -- programs pork -- race all yeah. Now you're talking and that's what -- order a matter of fact it's Friday the thirteenth and some people are superstitious. Aren't. And let's see if you're -- if you believe in any of that stuff first of all you superstitions. I don't think so I don't and I am Universal City. The highest percentage of people or superstitious. Are super bit as vicious and they knock on wood you know you say. Well I hope I don't get a flat -- today even on driving on Hopkins road knock on wood. You superstitious now see a look at this way without that blocked and no law demo comes doesn't get. Away. Hopkins rod -- Haven't done anything to it I don't want -- last night it's like the Burma highway. It is awful and that they ought to get their act together and and at least put some patches and it and it -- Kenny this yet. You think your suspension is gonna just fall apart it's not good. Anyway -- not -- -- 20% just under that 20% walking under a latter well. About can you walk overall latter probably not I'm not superstitious now now. Friday the thirteenth today is today a lot of people superstitious just about that now me. In fact there's a big motorcycle -- get together every Friday thirteenth I've got the exact place it is part. Now they don't seem to speaking to superstitious. -- a 13% a black cat passing your across your path. Now I've. -- ninja it was a black cat I've -- black cats. Now I don't think you're superstitious. Notions was mostly black -- No lower part of your and the number thirteen 12%. Are -- superstitious about that. Now every time I get a thirteen -- just -- -- It's helped some quarterbacks -- had success -- Montana was the team with no Montana wants 66 house calls it was only three officers three or -- tons as of cats. Picked up well -- yesterday from the vet thought about coincidence. Seriously I wanna know what the odds are on this. -- this radio station has tool local talk show -- me and I'm OK guys. Why I went and picked up my cat yesterday. And she had three teeth removed now -- but -- -- gonna help her health though treaty. I'm by early posted that he was considering. Having a -- -- from one of his cats now what are the odds. That we would both have cats that need a tooth extraction on the same day you wouldn't even book that in Vegas I think he's just -- -- thanks so each. And the united organized. But anyway so when I went through that -- everything came out really well. And here's what we -- blah blah blah blah blah here's an -- if -- an outline. A big of an outline of the cat's mouth and what they did. I gave him an outline to my bank account and here in number and some of bill and the problem if is while zeros on this one. But yeah I saw when she came home something happened that I've seen other cats that. -- had cats that were Brothers. And when one went in for a procedure -- and of that. Brought him home this was years ago course Rodham home the other captain known it was him. Because they come back with different sense on them and it and they don't even recognize that as the -- yours is fragile life -- -- And last night we brought them as a home. -- Acted like it was a strange -- This was fine she was groggy. It's Jerusalem located but she is fine but at though. Looked better with very suspicious and it was not you would like to think of animals acting like we do. While you've been away let me give you a hug known on on its Julio why you hear what did you do it Lucy she was here before you know. And so yes -- lunacy of this is is on the road to recovery and -- pulls out a little plastic bag. And says would you like these and there's three little teeth and it. And I was gonna have a made into a necklace except that my manly chest with my man my -- would have overpowered the three little teeny. From my TV. Can you imagine hitting -- horrible almost kitty Geneva and our neck. Yes there are -- -- I. Don't see. We'll be back tomorrow featured companies. The home of Rush Limbaugh a week. Weekdays noon -- three news radio 9:30 AM. WBA and. By the way yes congratulations to Mary for -- from channel to today is her last day on the job and she's done a great judge you very guys and there are matter. But you can tell she's organize because I've known people that matter and have told me that and that comes across on camera to. So and she's actually. According to what she's posted those she's there she's leaving the station with over a year left on a contract because who wants them. Really truly spend time with -- family that's usually what people say. But in our case we believe it and the very likable person and a very real person and so I hope she enjoys her time away from the camera -- for Leona. From a channel -- A yesterday Tony you're telling me because retirement martial arts. That is a video of grossly who we both are think you're fabulous I loved Bruce okay. Playing ping pong. With -- -- Where he could actually hit the ball -- -- shocks what I've never seen anything like that -- Ice I saw the video before my brother posted us several months ago. And I wanted to show Chris and and not only is Bruce we using non sharks. He's doing a routine. With them so he spin on shoulder waste in a round in time mean every one event of his. Of his moves. To counter the ball common at. In narrowly DD plea successful he won the game -- took on two guys who were maybe after him just an amazing. He was doing with the -- shocks them those are flying kicks in round house kicks in it. The ball Boller just incredible not -- or not these videos my sister dated a guy in the army. And one day he came over and he had not charged -- so I asked if I could triumph. And got ya I lasted about two minutes and hit myself in the head with -- there's obviously within the other than not these videos. And then I decided I I have to take up au -- jocks and I get a centered answers about -- I needed custom objects. Because around the waist chain was too small. I needed I needed additional links put him an objection -- us and I think -- AAA. And they put talk on let's let's there was going on but the obviously it's -- Here's another move where he put -- cigarette lit cigarette somebody's mouth and he took the chair off the cigarette off the likes cigarette steam just it's just incredible and I don't mean we've ever seen anything like -- like him since him. Now sometimes you have to wonder how bright you are even if you get a diploma. A group of students are celebrating their high school diploma from Henderson Nevada that's a suburb of those Vegas. OK so they decided. Why don't we have a bonfire. Now you're wondering why you want a bonfire in Vegas anyway it's pretty popular most of the time but they did and they had a bonfire and it was going well. Until they date from about one thing. You know they're only high school graduates and perhaps they're not as intellectually developed as you would like. Right next to the bonfire. Was a barrel. A barrels of gasoline. -- thank you leave a barrel of gasoline. Next to -- next away fire a -- well apparently that and think about it -- a fire officials and witnesses said the drama exploded. Not luckily -- was killed seven people were injured but no one was field and I'm just thinking and do we have to write that out his is that one of those things where. You need a warning label on the barrel of gasoline. Pleased enough places to close to the go to the bonfire of all things. What are -- nuts. What's going saudis -- these kids I think dean may allow. This is god -- the bad news for this guy he's a 41 year old guy and he sells vacuum cleaners in Augusta Maine. Name his name Nathan a DuBois. Of Kennebunkport. That's where George Bush jumped yesterday. In superior court he was. Who was convicted. Of failure to pay taxes on a million dollars in sales of vacuum cleaners now I nominee vacuum -- -- got to sell. To get a million dollar tax lean against you but that that's remarkable and as we got sentenced to a year in jail. And he complained about the citizen and the judge said aegis -- that's. -- case though there at all. Socket obstacles vacuum quickness that made you very much commitment to the guy Collins that -- -- -- -- undergo that. Well. Harrison Ford. I'm so well he broke his ankle on the set a Star Wars seven now don't wasn't. Any bad guy from outer space it was on on the set they had a door. And I guess he got tangled up with the door. And and indeed he broke his ankle and had to fly him out of them out and click away at Hans solo. Laid low by a door. Open about it that much Andrea Williams in the seventies where he has gotten me in. He has the good parking space of the space vehicle and we'll make that does this. Tangled tag on -- though there is no errors and argue. -- that's got to be embarrassing if your big actions are like I when I broke my Angola two Summers ago. At least I fell down some stairs I mean that's a man once and I did -- not a motorcycle. From bike I did minus there as he did his on the door and it was -- Jim Morrison. So that's bad enough will be fabulous jokes and good stuff. Now let's get on with the show by the way can -- Shakespeare in Delaware park as they celebrate 39 years of free Shakespeare about that. They don't they don't get any better than that Henry the fifth. Is going to be on center stage he gets all the parties -- who does these very old. June 19 through July 30 shows or 730. Tuesday through Sunday. If you wanna go to his web site -- you'll get fatigued just typing amendment. It's Shakespeare. In Delaware park dot org. Okay he's somebody down the highway at 65 miles an hour trying to write that down. I don't think so you can check that for more details be sure to follow the month FaceBook I think Shakespeare. As a promise. I think he's a decent writer who worked. Take a break and welcome back into you'll we're talking about we're talking about the world's talk about today and that's Iraq. And whether we should get involved anymore and we are right now on those -- and I'm thirty we are WB yeah. I hope Hillary Clinton doesn't run for president I'll tell you why not just the usual reasons but I just saw a clip on. On fox she does something it drives -- Every time she walks out on the stage. Coming to a podium or a panel or anything. Every single time she'll look and the audience and be surprised. That people she knows there and she'll point to them like. Tony Caligiuri is that you and a big smile. -- please. That's the phony -- phony. I've walked out on a thousand stages. And I never once pointed out -- the -- he went in and it's like when her bill -- dancing -- on each -- -- -- for me yes absolutely. Phony. And of the worst part about that is the State of the Union Address. And he and that's the worse I can't watch it's it's on watchable. That only to that degree exactly. Now here is or asking about today or asking about something the world is asking about -- that Iraq. There was a question when we left Iraq as to whether. Iraq -- handled their own affairs. And people were competent as it might be a Little Rock your first and maybe the a might have a few problems but it should work pretty well so where out of Iraq. And what happens. The next round of insurgents shows up. And now the Iraqi Government as as does for four aid. And Barack Obama right from the beginning has said this is possible we can do some things but we're definitely not putting any boots on the ground. And so they've asked for drone strikes. Of the decision hasn't been made yet or hasn't hasn't been made public on whether we're gonna do that. There's air strikes they've called for air strikes because everybody feels. Well air strikes there is no chance that anybody on our side is gonna get hurt well in time year in a military mission would live animal there's always that chance. But the bottom line is the people of the United States and definitely -- had enough I can tell you that right now. And this is this is so interest thing. This is a CNN poll and because it's CNN poll. Only other results. Questionable. But just that headlines. A headline you're ready -- and and ball. Now this this ball's gonna show that Obama is losing. The confidence of the American people. But that's not enough you could do that -- -- by Obama in the dumps nothing like here's what it says. Obama as unpopular as George W. Bush in poll. Bush is going to be 200 years old and it's going to be -- He's not as bad as George Bush was I mean that they'll never give that up. A new survey suggests President Obama is just as unpopular as former President George Bush. 51%. Have an unfavorable -- Obama 51%. Currently feel the same way about George Bush although some incidents that. 47% of the public as a favorable rating of Obama. And CNN says it's a new low for him. So 47%. Is in new low for Obama now the last thing he wants to do because he's not running and obviously. But he wants to protect his legacy or build a legacy or whatever he has in his mind. But it's sending. Too much. Aid especially in the form of people. -- too close to Iraq would definitely moment -- is -- is ratings and if you really think about it I've heard a military person. Say that you know they call for air strikes or drone strikes or whatever. But he will vote you have to have some boots on the ground to direct. The aircraft to direct the drones. -- he says he needs support. Any -- to any kind of incursion like that you need people on the ground you don't need masses of boots on the ground like we did regionally with a -- and secondarily with the second George Bush. But you do need people there and so my question to you is. How much involvement should we give to Iraq in in their latest problem because the way I see it. I see it in the words of Roseanne Rosanna -- famous famous philosopher from a Saturday Nightline if it's not this it's that. If it's not that it's this but it's always something. Now you're always had -- we've always had those warring factions. In some of these countries we always will and to think that we can come in every time. One gets the opera. The upper hand on another one and and come to the rescue and that we got a long process of withdrawing any kind of the support we give them that's I think that's a -- I agree I think that unless the security of this country. Is. Is absolutely. Essential. To us going and I I'm I'm talking about them minimalist help we can do and were already doing we're selling them some things. Weapons or whatever and remember remember my first. Here Iraq War people were saying economic times we -- it and how many -- -- -- -- We're only going in there for oil. And I don't think oil was was any cheaper but it was more expensive one in there. And now there are about while racks of big oil they've always been a big oil -- so what -- So I'm saying in him to you. Do you favor how much involvement or how little involvement or no involvement. And by the way what we post this online. It's not serve. You're supposed to answer -- question -- -- fuel it's just no. Yes it's all because. It's because an. NC. Because Tony has that the delete button on -- computer is worn out we had to get a new delete it because -- And answer yes -- no. Okay would you like that if you are in at a party and someone says the you like my address which you just say yes. Or no I'm in music. It enhances the beauty of the -- there. Or no -- -- -- in which -- you -- go home from -- party early. Mean what if bankers sure we get our world war machine ramped up and then go over to Iraq and come to rescue like the cavalry. No because it seems that any time we get involved with things it turns political and you always. You have to you have to fight a certain way. You know who all know he you have to wait for them to shoot -- you before you can shoot back now. I I'd rather stay unless our military's given a green light. To go all out then no we shouldn't be involved in and any involvement now should require -- -- to pay us the. I'd like that OK I'll give it to letters as to why we shouldn't get involved with the Iraq. Yeah -- and let him get off their ass and earn their keep. Aren't let the UN multinational force do whatever they wanna do but I don't think we're obliged to run to the rescue every time somebody has a problem. And especially since we're trying to -- some of -- stuff down -- in Iraq and about three years that time -- does the -- fast on the but to the insurgents. That's that's that's a drop in the bucket. And I guess if you have via the red phone if they still have a red phone next to your bed you -- Call up the president United States and he's obliged because of the goodwill of the US or whatever might be construed as. Will come to your rescue some asking you. How much how little or no involvement in Iraq I get is calling Austria and -- 301806169. Threw for six star 930. The they're considering. Some air strikes some drone support. There is at least they're telling us there is no consideration now for any kind of vote boots on the ground and and that's that's good. Whether we wanted to air strikes or or drones. Is open to conjecture I'd say sit back direct all inquiries to call forwarding United Nations New York City. And let them do at this time. Will be backward Marla beach company and -- and I'm thirty WB.

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