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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bird Air "Covering" World Cup - Michele Roth & Joseph Gray

Bird Air "Covering" World Cup - Michele Roth & Joseph Gray

Jun 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is Friday and on Friday during the summer we are talking about some of the items made in buffalo. And now with the World Cup under way we open up the WBM live line chat with two people -- -- there and Williams felt. They make canvas covers and structures that have been used in stadiums all over the world. Including some in Brazil marketing manager Michelle Roth is here also project managers of great. Thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you I've got to let them. Hello. Talked to us a little bit if you can about what you have done in Brazil three different stadiums I understand. We have three different stadiums that we were actively involved in in the design. And the manufacturing and installation. Of the fabric roof covered the other or one that we're involved in with the design and engineering. How long has this planning been under way to cover these stadiums of Brazil. Well start isn't it. We secured the first project in November 2011. Left when we secured just about a year ago. And describe the projects themselves you you folks basically. I I have to oversimplified stretched canvas over stadium and make really interest in shaped grooves right. Correct they're all very different candidate you speak is he -- to reinforce the peak yet -- which is tough club. Very strong material last 3040 years. -- -- covers of roofing project have you done around the world -- -- I think we probably completed more than thirteen hundred projects are on the world. How many are here in Western New York. We just completed a project. Radar via border at the airborne lowered ticket but for the new -- -- better. The time he did he felt he -- -- -- canopy as well as India nagger outlet the new -- is a lot we canopy four. In the galleria mall the waterfront park as one of our structures. Sure way gardens which you see small Red Cross border as well all have some of our route structures on the. We look at the Olympics I know you folks were involved in via the Olympic village in Atlanta. And and also stadiums across the world. Our most of your projects overseas or here. It's a combination. Week we try to concentrate on North America. But we know projects all over the world we even had a small very very small demonstration project in Antarctica. While and I know Australia to every -- you basically on every continent. We got our our parent company about Japan. And we got subsidiary in sister companies in various places you're up. The Middle East Australia. China. You you folks here in Western New York Amherst offices. Have designers in -- as though. New York crews go all over the world or do you kind of subcontract the actual erection. Well we all. We have our engineers and designers here locally. Our installation crews we have in various places throughout North America and over in Europe. What we don't normally do we send out an supervisors -- local labor to complete jobs. Did either of you get a chance to go to Brazil to oversee the the projects there for the World Cup. Don't we hired a low goal project manager down in Brazil. So we didn't have to. Do well here now. Talk about growth how many employees do you have now how many have you -- Is this an industry that that is just picking up all over. -- -- employed here locally. But. Corporate -- we have over 800. In doubt it is a growing industry work and some new products. What -- -- We get the New Yorkers casino. On. The end we have another project unfortunately we hear. Talk about right now but in a few years -- be able -- news it'll be a game changer more. For us sent -- some of the products that we -- And in the meantime soccer fans in the lunchroom probably watching things today no doubt. You bet we have quite appealed to me here magellan's one of them. All right thanks both of you for joining us. Yeah that's. That's Joseph gray a project manager and Michelle -- the marketing manager at birdie there in Williams --

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