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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>GM & Buffalo Manufacturing - Art Wheaton; Pt III

GM & Buffalo Manufacturing - Art Wheaton; Pt III

Jun 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about the title one engine plants and about manufacturing auto manufacturing with -- in studio guest this morning art -- from the state labor school at Cornell University. And we just hearing about the human component in all of this. Which is. That that's component has actually been shrinking with the efficiency nomination right. It requires. Requires fewer people to try to make engines these days but it requires better people that the club high tech high skill jobs so it's not just. Trying to turn one screw -- -- to -- one -- there's a lot involved in doing it these days. But -- make them faster and better. I want people grow and expand locally they always point to the quality of the local workforce address that. Qualities very big key if you're talking about an engine if you make a mistake you can blow up and kill people so it's very important. Component for automobiles the most expensive components that they really needed. Watch what they're doing because it's under a lot of pressure -- cut gas and explosives inside so you wanna make sure that it's done safely and properly. -- the one thing that came it's struck me is looking to -- photo album going through this plant. How clean in immaculate this thing has me every single room that you go through. I mean you can you eat off the floor that's that's the way it is these days -- this that wasn't the way it always -- That's all it's absolutely not the way it's always been it's been a dirty place for over the years for how manufacturing is cleaned up its act it's not the same as what you're. Grandfather used to be that we keep it clean so that if there's any problems in the plane you can immediately identified. So -- -- machine leaking some of those fluids and engines have lots of different fluids you can instantly see -- on the floor you can tell what color. Well for what -- by the color that's there so they keep it clean place where everything keep it safer and a lot of forklifts and other machines going through there is wealthy wanna keep it clear clutter and the idea of -- picking up that oil -- the moment you notice droplet that's actually part of sort of manufacturing or production philosophy something kind of like six sigma absolutely it's called five passes were there is a place for everything everything has its place. In the toughest one is keeping the discipline to keep it that way and sounds like -- your tour showed you that they're keeping it that way then it's a good strict plan.

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