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GM Walk-Through With WBEN's Dave Debo

Jun 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How is made in Western New York. We're taking you inside GM's tunnel on that engine plant -- deep -- got the tour and new really got to see something days that not a lot of people get to see. It was really cool they do have open houses that that they let people in on some times. Last year they celebrated their 75 anniversary -- it through the doors open for that. But by and large this is something that most folks don't get to do I was privileged it was great fun. There are a lot of people would do see the inside of it because the entire place. Employs almost 2000 people but in terms of regular average you and -- -- Now they don't -- see it much. And the plant itself. Is enormous I think you're talking about an engine 54 football -- I. I did the math on it -- officially General Motors says that the entire facility is three point one million square feet covering a 190 acres. And -- breaking it down with the math if my math is right it comes to about 54 football fields aren't just inside the buildings inside play let's take us through there's really three components here right there is the first two are a lot of robots a lot of precision equipment. Because computers and robots can do stuff a lot more precisely than weekend. When you're talking about via the that the board the base coal in the engine block for the pistons -- weapon down and wanna make sure that that is the exact perfect size is supposed to be. When you're talking about the -- -- that that kind of spins around inside the engine and drives the rest of it. You wanna make sure that that thing doesn't have -- about it that is grounds to be exact specifications. So in the first two pieces of this plant. There's a lot of that work done by robotics not many people around. Certainly to supervise the use the equipment. But the equipment does that that heavy lifting so to speak there in fact there was one part the -- iRobot. Where the equipment actually does the heavy lifting the walk to the plant and above you they've got some -- with the robots on them. They reached down and get the engine blocks and move them around from station to station vary -- to. The third part and I don't really focus too much on this on air because. People putting up another widget on another thing rolling in from the assembly line. Isn't quite as exciting as some of the other things that are there but the other part after idea after the two big. Mechanical things. Most of the labor forces involved in the basic assembly. Taking the engine block taking crank shaft putting on the oil -- all of that some really unique testing goes on there. But there's also some stuff that is just kind of every day assembly line work that the bread and butter of what they do. That to his high tech they have specialized screwdriver is on the line. Purchases of -- here. You you're you're you're working on your lawn -- and -- he cranks -- too hard on the blade you know sometimes the thing in the inside snaps if you go to art teacher. They have specialized screwdrivers and specialized ranches here. Designed specifically to -- and -- specific. Level. So not only are they machining the thing in drilling holes to certain specifications the size of human hair. Even during the assembly process they're making sure that there absolutely perfectly precise with the amount of angle the amount of torque while on all of their branches. I think people would be interested to know. What cars these engines going and. There are a bunch of them they have several different engines there basically if you're driving two -- fourteen -- Silverado. GMC Sierra pickup trucks. They just added in the Chevy Tahoe the suburban PGM CU on the Cadillac Escalade. All of those engines were built in -- Wanda and this is the one they're really excited about. In a couple weeks now they're gonna start gearing up for the all new. -- force supercharged V8 engine. The Corvette ZO six -- engine will be made in China wanted to. And just off the shop floor. They have different cars there. Just of the employees as they come and they can see what it is that working on the Corvette wasn't there when I was there. But you mentioned Corvette and Steve finch the plant manager's eyes just light up and he gets excited he says he enjoys being in the car business for so many people of cars. But this Corvette he says while it's something special to -- that's neat that they're gonna do that. A lot of pride at this plant. It beyond a doubt. The day there were people that were coming up to me anxious to talk. I mean obviously when you plant managers there you're gonna hang back a little bitten and make sure things are okay. But I saw management walking around talking and people buy their first names people against sort of glad handing with the plan manager. -- is still business environment I mean not anything. Really crazy in that regard. But yeah Lotta pride lot of friendliness they seem to all know each other and -- just cranking out. Cranking out engines a -- one every 48 seconds. That's amazing are at WB instate deeply you'll hear more about the tunnel under engine plant throughout the morning and Buffalo's early news and be sure to check out the photo album that Davis put together. -- WB EN dot com as well.

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