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6-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolf the -- and he would worry and think yeah if you go to the hole looked. You can and brought. For those were. I don't know you're not. And and then he just just. -- speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set -- world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You don't do something like -- there and told. Yourself it's live it's local Applebee's neighborhood you know it's Tom hourly. Are your -- news radio 930 W. -- by the way. This is really at the Sony Pictures that are not really relevant to what we're talking about. And. We know of a major breaking news story what could be a major breaking news story anyway and that is a situation happening right now in Clarence now. Unfortunately. -- one person who is most in a position to know what is going call I did not have the chance to speak with this individual but he did not wanna go on the year. Which doesn't really -- was a lot of good but apparently the police are looking for. A young man in his twenties. Is is that. Is that what we we have -- -- are looking for a young man in his twenties white black we don't know. We don't know how to all them out short went on then we -- about Brett. But that that man is the suspect. In the shots being fired. We don't know if anybody's been wounded. In the shots being fired. Now the story just broke a short while ago many of you may have seen -- The gas swat vehicles which are. Fairly heavily armored compared to a normal police cruiser. You know swat vehicle looks like they're basically like little next. I believe these half tracks so I think there were -- comers. Work. They're not half tracks but they certainly are well equipped to deal. With the regular rounds of people like to wish to shoot at a police vehicle those who work. Engaged in such activity know. It reminds me. Of a situation we had a short time ago about three or so weeks ago south of -- -- We're somebody apparently was having a very bad day and had too much to Drake and decided to take some potshots at an Erie county sheriff's deputies. Now thank god nobody was hurt in that. -- -- cop cars were shot up pretty good but thank god we didn't lose anybody. Soul right now all I can tell you use. Shots were fired earlier today as you were driving home dealing with traffic and all the rage and people going burglary slowly. Shots were fired. A little less than an hour ago. In Clarence it happened around high easy and county road in Clarence please avoid that area. And I'm going to tell you where the nexus of operation appears to be appears to be high -- and county wrote. Now if you're not really familiar with where that would be. And I again I'm not giving you this information so you drive -- I'm giving you information so you can have a mental picture. Where this year's if you were driving on transit road. And you were going north towards locked for. You'd go past the eastern hills you go past Ryder. You'd go past. Monopolies. You go past county you go past roll road. And finally. Probably 12 and a half three miles up you hit county road. And you return right. And then county road would be -- he wrote that seems to be the base of operations you'll get there by the way so don't even try. They have sealed off the exit. And entrances to the area all the big intersections have been and manned by police and by the way guys at the intersections -- certainly hope or keep their heads up because. I can't help but thinking back to a situation which did not end well. Better of course the situation when a person I will not name. Near bear lake in should talk or county. Where a couple of state troopers were staking out the guy's house. And basically they got bushwhacked. And -- one of the troopers died and another trooper was seriously injured by gunfire in the bush whacking. And that individual who might well Latin name. Eventually was captured in a field in Pennsylvania. And I think -- bin. Spotted in a field in New York. We would not be paying for his room and board. If you catch my drift. Because this guy was a notorious leader of police. Anyway to recap. The eastern hills mall is in lockdown mode. Now this seems to me to be an abundance of caution I have not heard anything indicating that shots were fired anywhere near eastern hills mall. And I don't have access to a police that are in my control room here so I've got to flying with one. Yeah you do your job so got a flying with that with one wing. So if you live pictures of what happened. Or what is happening now. And you can safely take them. I would like him. You can send them to me. Tall at WB EN dot com that is my email Tom. At WB ENN dot com. There is reportedly a state police helicopter. Which is flying and maneuvering over the words by high -- of county road in Clarence. Usually these police helicopters are equipped with. Flir. With heat seeking cameras. You'll see a lot of art affecting those cameras and -- but dear lot of deer that area. Ever gonna leave heat signature of those cameras. And the effectiveness of those cameras in this kind of weather. Well. -- have operated a flir camera before and to be amazed at -- allow public and pick up little clusters of heat. A merger of the 2000 feet and Lester the altitude at which they helicopters fly. My guess would be about 800 feet but I don't know that to be effect let's face it the ceiling cloud ceiling right now pretty low we look out the windows. We're dealing with a thirty mile visibility -- so I can only operate on the presumption that the choppers flying -- lol. And I hope that there they don't have to take an evasive action. If this individual is not of sound mind or is there some going to be violent criminal and -- -- the start taking. Pot shots at the helicopter wouldn't be the first time somebody has tried to do that. If you're in that area. And you got the call if you're in that area and you saw the swat vehicles converging embassy. If you're in that area and you are in a position offers information. Give me a call I'd like to ago. I want as much as -- possibly can and frankly I afterlife and you guys right now 8030. Thirty. That's the land -- phone ever for those who view at all but by the way if you're in that neighborhood. The prudent. Action right now is to do is the police are -- -- stay inside that's number one. Make sure you lock your doors. Before -- details lock the doors -- windows stay inside. I would go to the basement just in case shots are fired. I don't know with what -- this guy is armed but I believe in your -- won't penetrate. Your wall and will go when your whole. So to minimize the damage to human beings life and limb. Out of me hyper abundance of caution if I were in the county icy road area. I'd be in my basement and -- firearm ID of the firearm with me but I would also know that. Statistically. Anybody coming down the stairs is going to be a family member so you do not wanna have a hair trigger. And you always wanna watch your background even if -- the bad guys watch your back. So. Hopefully those -- you with military or law enforcement training you're well aware of this and the most important thing is not the freak out and not overreact. I don't know what this guy's done. He and adjustment target for actors. Somebody call the -- or somebody dropped a -- -- because they heard gunshots. So I mean it's it's entirely conceivable that shot could have been fired yes. But that there was no mail in tents there was no bad intent involved. Maybe the guy did not respond to target shoot better he saw the cops freaked out ran into the ports might be something as simple as that. Now eastern hills -- as the merger is on locked down in lockdown mode because of what is going yeah. Which is police. State police and I presume you're operating in conjunction with the Erie county sheriffs are looking for 820 something. Mail in the woods vitality and high C. And the major intersections. Which would allow you in out of that area. Have been secure. And obviously you're being asked to stay away from that area now if you live in the area. I would love to hear from you. If you saw those vehicles the -- like vehicles going to the scene let me you know take it one call from my gentleman who has a business close by. And he is at this point about four miles away from the I guess the base of operations or the -- command center. I think the command center is -- an account. That would be my destination. 8030930. Is the phone number that's the landline 8030930. Start at thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WBE and -- that is free choice want. And if you wanna send the picture you may do so via email. Tom WB EN dot com folks I really wish I had more information and I got to tell you this is why I'm counting -- you. Two to help me out because it's. Information is very slow in coming from the official sources it usually use in a situation like here's. And Brandon were not talking about me heavily populated urban area we're talking -- -- county road in Clarence lot of words houses along roads but we're not talking about that downtown buffalo here we're not talking about Brooklyn were talking about areas that would best be described -- not even suburban but expert. You know it's count like that frost between country and suburban. There's reed gets calls on are these people ready to go let's -- out of a traffic first here's Alan there's. No right and the AccuWeather. Unsettled weather tonight and tomorrow and Saturday we may actually see that strange object in this guy known as the sun. And we may be at 74 degrees as a high on Saturday well in -- at 68 your late. Are what so I think I've Poland's heading into traffic break him and everybody just got it was or anything of value in this -- goals. Not at all our. -- I sit here and just repeat the same information that hasn't changed. At all or should we just do separate deals. If I'm getting zero help at this point while Joseph and John are doing what they can of the net that's about it. Not ideally you guys are listening to show which is. It's just a little it's it's strange situation in which define oneself. I don't want people going at their kitchen upstairs and made a call -- there at ground zero. By the way I have. -- guy whose name I recognized. From a family of repute. The eastern -- -- lockdown has. Etsy. Has just been removed. Now this is an individual who. I'm I'm fairly sure. He comes from the same family of which I'm thinking. He says his wife and kids are at eastern hills mall and that the lockdown was just removed. That is from an email we are awaiting actual confirmation. From eastern hills mall and by the way. I would I would add that the eastern hills mall is a considerable distance. I mean for maybe five miles from. The area where this is all taking place now I have a test here a text. I have a an email your. Alleging that. The. -- now the Clarence teen -- community practices and Tuesday the Clarence teenage community on Twitter is saying the guy has been caught. Again this is from Twitter it's not confirmed. It's not real news unless I see Keith -- saying. -- but the Twitter verse according to our -- Is saying the guy has been apprehended. I hope without incident for anybody. The lady who wrote me did say she personally saw the helicopter fly over griner and Goodrich. Heading toward the state police barracks about twenty minutes ago. Now I wanna put out something to -- as far as location location location. The New York State Police are -- pay the -- substation is on main street. And to give -- location it would be to the east of the high school and more importantly. Right across from Kennedy's call. That's where declare -- state police Turks may be found and interestingly there is also a Clarence Erie county sheriff's department substation. Not that there are ever jurisdictional squabbles between the two agencies who always get along perfectly well really they do. But the Erie county -- also had. I'm a substation they're. I don't know if this was a joint operation I don't know this was a state operation. I don't. I know this if if this was a state police helicopter. I find -- interest in because usually it's at least in the days of Kevin cavalry who since retired. It and by the way a great American hero for those who don't know save more lives than anybody else -- can think of usually it was the Erie county sheriff's helicopter. We would be talking about. -- Today apparently were talking about the state police helicopter if my emails are to be. Believed. So unconfirmed. Reports on Twitter. And I feel like -- total idiots. Unconfirmed reports from Twitter that the suspect. In whatever shooting was taking place in Clarence has been apprehend. And we have no reports that anybody was injured and obviously that's a good thing. I'm receiving reports that the eastern hills mall is no longer on lockdown. At a yet. Given the center of operations. And the location of the ball. I think that what the mall management did was prudent. And acting out of me hyper abundance of caution I agree with -- better safe than sorry. I don't see anything wrong with that decision. -- Joseph and John is there anything going on there about which I need to know right now. Joseph make sure -- on the year when you turn your microphone like I'd ever oh you're on the air on. Just -- coming across Twitter Kelly Dudley from channel to. Says that he you're gonna sheriff's office tells -- -- an activist -- today at Goodrich and Martin road advising neighbors to stay inside and that was just tweeted 47 seconds ago. -- Well conflicting reports that that the incident is still happening or as the guy I've been apprehended and that -- -- police chopper just like the -- back to declare its merits. Ordered the state police chopper go back to the barracks because it needed. Well what about it prior presume for the aviation fuel. So a lot of question marks on this story folks I hope you will. Forgive my passing along information as I did it. And I am not taking things as absolute fact until they are absolute fact and -- Trying to qualify them to the best of my ability to do so so I don't report something in accurately as fact. Men try to make it clear what is from Twitter and what is for email and what the official statements are frankly the official statements have been part if you between. So. Any inaccuracy. Granted the official people have better things to do it and let us know what's going on but. We'll have to wait until the official statements come through to at least skipped what the law has to say about this. We need to break it is 27 minutes after six at WB EM if you're into that area of Baja rising. -- road in Clarence please. Let me know what's going on if you see any thing about the -- L account. The state police -- you saw the swat teams you saw the police activity. Put us in the picture. With a lot of people on the roads. Unless they were in hyper stealth votes a must -- something. 803 all right thirty start I'm 3180616. WB Ian. And it is -- hourly for just joining us says there are some major police activity involving -- New York State Police and I presume other agencies in Clarence hi easy. And out laps seems to be the center of attention. And apparently -- suspect in a shooting is still at large and has not been apprehended. According to what information were development but what started this ball. I am not going to identify the person on the other end of this fall and but we will identify this individual as a neighbor to events that have taken place. And man can you tell us without naming anybody. Can you tell us what you know. Well -- started well at my children hearing got out. -- we're close to the area children heard -- I heard. Being a rural area didn't think anything other than me her irons. And helicopter. And obviously that helicopter in the state helicopter -- searching for someone. -- her and partly. My neighbor. -- or. Somebody. They suspect. Went a little crazy. They area. And that that is what. I -- -- I I know the road on which you live I'm not going to give it. I mean it -- unless you do I'm not going to get. How many gunshots did you here in approximately what time did you hear him. And it occurred and 03. Era and there around 5 o'clock. And it I don't I don't mind -- on -- Okay. Did the initial shootings take place on the highs in the initial gunshots. It's such an open area I could not determine not. So you heard about three gunshots and approximately 5 PM you spoke with a neighbor. And the young man who is said to be in his twenties was described by the neighbor with whom you spoke as having gone quote somewhat crazy. -- Without naming the suspect because I don't think there will be -- Hammer's family. At this point anyway. Have you heard of the suspect before. The media has turned to be the big. It and -- do you personally know the suspect. This suspect is he known to have. Any issues serve with me it is he one of those people people who sent you gotta kind of look out for him is a little different. No I have known college. Okay. You've you've -- was anybody. Hurts in the three gunshots you heard at 5 PM do you know for a fact if anybody. Was injured. It. Did you have a chance to talk with your neighbor. I'm a bow out. The did you ask that question of the neighbor by any chance. I I did and I didn't. I cannot confirm or deny I don't know she says somebody who is Mary matched up. But I don't know it is emotionally or physically. So I cannot say. And you are in the area right now were all of this is taking place are you in a safe place. And -- and I hope you guys are in your basement. I don't mean in my -- right now. And then six. Okay -- because you're not gonna get home anytime real soon I'm quite sure bet. What is are -- your family is all safe. Good for you if I mentioned earlier that I wasn't sure if this was a big miss understanding because as you said I mean you hear gunshots and I'm not sure exactly what the rules are clearance regarding target shooting but I mean like NC misunderstanding happening where somebody goes out there. You know maybe I'll pluck a few tin cans somebody gets freaked out the cops come the guys is all crap and runs up into the woods. Or whether it was something more serious and what you're telling me years the suspect comes from a large family. And your neighbors -- the suspect who is a a white man. A white male in his twenties is quote. Well somebody is messed up whether it is the shooter or whether it is somebody known to future. And -- around that and I didn't want to press my neighbor because that's not cared about it. At that time. Surely you don't ask that they needed help and that they -- they can do but the first thing I did -- make sure earlier. My property -- Good windows all locked doors all locked and that of course is the most important thing because that everything can be replaced except human life which -- they have not figured out how to do or at least at at this point. Do you know enough about guns to tell us whether or not they sounded like pistol shot shotgun shots or were twenty twos. Not all that money killed because that's where my property is it would be a little. And Karen and actually a girl and it was not a 22. I hate. With the rain that I couldn't tell you look at the a gun or it right I couldn't tell you that kind of training. OK but it was it was something that packed a punch not like you know -- the zany sound in the popping sound of a 22 was more. Flooding sound. More but flooding sounds. I would say it was more -- -- out of the shotgun. And again you heard three shots. Could could there have been more than three shots. -- -- Could have been there could have been left because again it was train. Do you know if the shots were fired outside or inside based on what you heard. I could not really. I would -- -- all the the open area it will be outside. Just because if it was inside with the distance between -- property and the neighbor's property I'd probably not heard anything from which side. But I would I would hazard a guess -- Now when you say the neighbor's property these would be people who live closer to the suspected shooter then you do not the family immediate. We don't know I had my neighbors many -- now. All your neighbor is the fan. Do you know anything at all about the the background of the twenty something young white male open is being sought an -- -- we talk and perhaps -- mean I could this is is this guy like here a veteran is the. I -- I have no idea. Evan hunter or something like that. I didn't do know that the family does -- yeah but you know it being on the current age. Rural area with a lot of farms that is something that is -- common so that you can they carry out. Your own property at hallmark. As you know I'm very pro gun very pro Second Amendment. Well. Well absolutely thank you -- and publisher so basically you know the family involved in this it's a large family. Wouldn't with the neighbor have to hold you if anybody was hurt or worse. Probably I believe she will motive but again. She was in the moment. She was scared her. I didn't wanna push any questions ball. I gotcha I and you know what you you're obviously you were a a monument to class grace and dignity. I I wanna ask you would you describe your neighbor as. The mother of the individual or the sister of which you prefer not to -- -- Totally respect that. Is there any thing and -- as I said at the beginning I'm not going to give your name. You have told us that you live on icy road. And it is is that where the shootings took place and high -- or was it another wrote. -- -- -- -- Then when -- -- shootings that does not necessarily mean somebody was hit by the gunfire it's simply means shots fired up. Now the other the helicopter and you said state police was at the -- helicopter you saw or was there any county helicopter -- -- I only. The create helicopter. But there and I did see one of them because we're not quite count for. The airplanes and -- didn't -- how can you get out of the flight out of an airplane. They were very conscious about that that is the only one that I can. Now I don't know. What is the weather like right now where you work because here. I'm estimating it got a pretty low cloud ceilings here over Amherst by you know land. What is it like out there and at what altitude would you say that shoppers are probably flying it. Our whole. I -- unfortunately couldn't help you at altitude. I -- and saying that. It has been raining off and -- its. Very feeling. But it has been raining off and on and actually get stopped ten minutes ago pouring down news. Well this is a miserable time to be up and any kind of a small. Aircraft whether it's a chopper or fixed wing -- they were not designed especially for big thunderstorms so let's hope the weather cooperates in this. The hour flight pattern of the helicopter was it doing circles or did it looked like it was doing agree it. It was doing circles. It has a specific point that we're looking out. At any point did you -- spotlight coming out of a helicopter even though it's daytime is still kind of dark and was that spotlight aimed at one specific place. I did his spotlight. And I'd say that helicopter was maybe. A hundred feet. Through the thunderstorm and I can't violate but it wasn't. Didn't look like it was scanning more. Even though it was doing a big circle. But it'll look like it was getting it did not have. In my opinion it's not out specifically. This question is gonna sound stupid. But there's a reason I'm asking it. Do you know what was the state police helicopter because it said New York State Police. I could not seen near state -- I am actually that it will function I had seen him. This in the helicopter -- that's. -- could it could have been. A different agency I cannot confirm -- Erica I keep hearing state police helicopter and the one with which I think most of us are most familiar is the one from which Kevin McCaffrey recently retired which is -- county sheriff's department here one. -- now is spirit that helicopter use I was at a at a darker color. Yeah it would come as it was state colors like blue gold. Gotcha all right I think we can safely say that the probability is higher it was a state police helicopter. Are you still in a position where you can see the helicopter. No I can't give them. Okay. But you describe it is doing is circular pattern and it seemed to be homing in on one particular spot. Did it seem like it was doing smaller and smaller circles as it searched. It -- smaller and smaller and then it got lighter and lighter. Kind of makes me wonder maybe they had a a false read on the thermal camera and then you know maybe they got a deer and they set up crap let's expand the search -- little bit more. But they're also concerned. They would -- it wasn't very small circle. And then I did want to get lighter and lighter and it went over my property -- a whole bunch of different roads -- Yeah that makes me wonder maybe if it got the hit on the thermal that they have to get in with the spotlight to determine whether it was a -- worked out these days maybe a beer who knows but there are certainly out in you know goes out there and in the kind of coyotes of course. You have been extraordinarily. Helpful. In terms of giving us some information has somebody who actually has seen. What has happened did you see any of the troopers or any of the troop cars or any of the swat vehicles. Rushing to the scene. I did not -- I was. There. I thought I I went out to take my children. To an appointment. And what I and I took my children appointment I all of the vehicles but I did not I didn't actually anything we're rushing. And actually multiple road also Ernie this year I mean. Was blocked. -- And they weren't they weren't. I eat at -- road was blocked. Okay and and you described so you saw the sheriff's patrols. On the ground did you see -- cars on the ground as well. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again I have to make these resumptions apparently a joint operation and I don't know who the lead agency is -- it's good to see those two agencies cooperating on this. The neighbor with whom you spoke whose family member. Did did she tell you anything else you feel comfortable relating to -- and the folks listening and who are concerned who are your neighbors who. Might want to know cheese or arm my kids safe -- a friend's house. I do not know anything else and I wish I did and I wish I could make people feel better. But I do not know anything else straightened out. Sure there is there anything that I have not specifically asked you but that you believe people ought to know. -- The home not. My -- One at the person would probably. Got an -- hole. -- he -- me a break and I don't mean I don't think it's an -- out about I think that somebody that category. Aren't so now because -- -- fired whether somebody was hurt or not I. Say. I think. You know I think it would -- from the had a breakdown and nobody there at that -- fighting because -- I think I think in the world trouble. I doubt that person has access. To a radio because it sounds almost like one of these spur of the minute prayer or spur of the moment kind of things for people to have cell phones and you know I I just hope that may the best thing this individual could do with this person is listening is obviously to disarm. Dirt on your guns and raise your hands high in the here and it's warm enough to take your shirt off and I hate to say this but on but your your trousers or constancy you don't have something talked in your waist band. You raise your hands if this is just shots fired. You know you're not gonna be to a lot of hard time. And hopefully you'll get the help that indeed. Two. Get into an open area raise your hands take your shirt off on button your trousers. Because the police officer is gonna wanna know that he or she is as safe as possible and that we don't have to do another police funeral. And you know the easier you make it. On them. The more peaceful the ending to this can be and I certainly hope it turns out that way. I -- -- is everybody's. I am speaking out and thinking out there are good people all the beer people. Well I. I just wanted to did your neighbor may -- -- any ideas that may be the suspect was a family member might just come home with hands -- -- and surrender peaceably at home. She did not. Well I I I couldn't push it because -- Concern for her. Well I certainly hope that. There that this person for whom the police are looking right now. Is is not suicidal because that is they are permanent non solution to a temporary issue. I'm so hopefully. -- and hopefully this will all end with everybody going home safely and I'm I'm just very grateful for your information. And thank you and and your family by the waste so much for putting you in touch with us to get the information out there to the people in Clarence and please extend our best. To your neighbors receiver -- your of people. But the alleged shooters family salt of your people. We don't know if anybody was hurt in the shooting but again -- in the precious open as peaceably and I will not give your name thank you so much for your time I think you've you've been just very. Informative forced thank you. -- All right thanks very -- still that caller and and again I just hope that everybody stays safe. And I need to break a news radio 930 WB. -- that it is hourly news radio 930 WBM and again. Well I'm I'm getting information. From folks and I can't -- tell you who is giving me the information. I do what's -- -- the perimeter is as secure as it can be. The suspect. In the shots fired in Clarence -- easy mentality that area is still at large and according to the woman with whom we just spoke. Who knows the family from which these suspect in the shots fired call -- It's a good. She describes the salt of the earth people. And the guy who fired the shots in white man in his young to our early twenties. Had a really bad day at a breakdown. And the sound she described in our -- Clarence is a big supporter of the Second Amendment and familiar with guns. We're not talking about a 22. And she said it had that. Flooding sound. -- shotgun and if you've ever heard different weapons being fired you know each of them has like a different zing your differed sharply different flat. And this was more about five. Like a shotgun. Maybe. I mean one hates to respect it. But could be a shotgun could be another kind of rifle and the one expression I will not use is assault rifle. Because that is a meaningless term first of all there's no indication. Of exactly what weapon was used in the shots fired we have no information that anybody has been wounded -- is that still correct. No indication that anybody has been wounded. So basically. If the shooter is by any chance listening on the stream on the Internet. Seriously do we all have horrible base. -- you're having a bad day. Don't off yourself. Because that's a bad that permanent solution. To a temporary issue. Sounds like all were looking at right now is shots fired are right we're not talking about 25 to life it at a key here. So the best single thing you can do is. Make sure you throw all your weapons down. If I were your position I would take off my shirt. I would on button my trousers hell I stripped -- in my underwear frankly take off your shoes I would raise my hands as high in the -- I could to try to get the attention of the guys in the chopper. And just stay still and follow the commands exactly as they give them to you. Until the ground guys come in. And they're gonna handcuff your and that's just for safety. Don't resist and you know what you go to EC MC. They will evaluate -- and hopefully. If you are having some problems you get the help that you need. And I just hope that person is listening to realize the chances are probably very slim the person has a cell phone and it is to India and vote. All I'm saying is I hope it ends that way and I hope everybody goes home and the guys in the -- do not have an easy job. They may have the thermal imaging cameras state of the art stuff but. One thing that is always a variable. With which smaller aircraft always have to content even though larger ones do is whether. And it's very turbulent up here it's not like fly an initiative ice it's like you know basically writing a very very bumpy train. And then the wind you know will knock off a little bit so those guys have an arduous task try to find this guy. And try to keep straight and level but they're trained I held up better than I -- as a pilot so. Hang in there guys and the men women on the ground it was just all hope this comes to weigh your peaceable and big. We'll continue to keep you posted here at WB Yemen WBM dot com and -- thanks Joseph beamer and John Sherman for. Work above and beyond the call of duty gentlemen thank you so much without you guys. None of this would have been possible so thank you.

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