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6-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- this endless parade. Distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington's taken its eye off the ball. I'm merely saying this needs to stop wherever and whenever. I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American family that's what comedy. Let's listen -- It's Tom hourly. It's life. It's local apple. -- the -- and Tom hourly and this tax. London's -- Pardon me. Seriously flow. Boy I forgot your last night the dumb and dumber two spelled TO which is incorrect by the way. Out the trailer is out. And yeah I'm under orders not to watch it except -- fellow dumb and dumber fan who introduced me to the hangover. -- -- vital way which item news you know I there's some great comedies out there I'm sorry I Will Ferrell. I really do but there are so many other funny actors out there are practiced. I know there probably by -- -- but I've long ago reconcile myself to the fact that. It's either. Laugh with a left the making you laugh like Jim Carrey or not laughing at all. Unless you see Jon -- horrible complexion in the movie heat from twenty years ago that's not a matter of laughing that's a matter of -- WTF and all right it's eleven minutes after four WBE. And I should really say that because -- he was without sin cast the first stone I've got. Starr is all over my face from chicken pox when I was 35 years old. -- Made constellation. Of statistically. Impossible medical weird isn't yet at all most of it. Are now before I go to the calls it assures that the with you real quickly and it -- that this topic. What's the topic Tom what's the topic usual were that's my topic of the day sounds good I'll have that. You get a new car after work. If you're aware this folks there is a freaking invasion. Of our country taking place and I am using hyper bowl. I know that's not how you say it but he famous Buffalo News anchor did and I've never been able to give that thought out of my mind. I'm not using hyperbole. It's a it's an invasion. Hundreds of thousands of all of accompanied by parents miners. All are -- not the guys who work in the ground but kids. Are trudging the hundreds of miles from central and South America through Mexico which is they -- or if American country by the way a lot of people think Mexico Central America it's not. Mexico is part of North America along with Canada and the United States where the sandwiched between Mexico and Canada. Dignity and don't you find it I -- it such a commentary on our sick society. That we show last week the week before. Where. A guy in Hawaii. Was punished on the island of Hawaii. Was punished because he made his eight year old son walk one mile hole as punishment for acted like a and a judge said that was old school. That was wrong. And yet. We obviously encouraging. Kids at that age and older to walk hundreds of miles braving it. Mexico. And its brutality. I used to like Mexico used to go there a lot. Strong I don't go there anymore because it's an out of control third world society. And the call girls aren't even that hot anymore but that's another story. Anyway. Central and South America. We got these kids walking hundreds of miles at the urging. Apparently. Of larger forces. In my question is what these children know that we don't know. I have a hard time believing this is some spontaneous flash mob handle let's invade the US and get citizenship. Have a hard time believing that they don't know something we don't know. Former Border Patrol agents organization is aghast. I regard this administration as -- -- regard this administration as treasonous. I do I absolutely do. Call me wacky I don't here. I honestly. I know my history what I do I really history to current events. And for the Sparky lady who posted on my FaceBook page -- you don't have the public in any qualifications for what you do for a public teacher. On you know what -- right there aren't any qualifications. Here's the one thing that does matters talk show host ratings and revenue. And in thirty years in this business we are I have not been fired. Wants. You know. Never once have I -- in the fighters. In thirty when they start this 32 years I have never been fired in this profession. That's amazing. My ratings have always been great except in Tampa saint Pete and we had a great station. -- -- -- But the rest of us went on to good things great things in the sport -- Gentleman named. And great artist too by the way. -- In case you don't notice -- honestly folks don't care about degrees and stuff I really. But for those for whom that represents some level of importance. I have. Double majored in history and communication class of 87 at UB I graduated medical loudly while I worked full time. I was a member and am a member of phi beta kappa I was chosen as an academic all American. I can throw football so I was chosen as an academic all American. Dumb asses don't get. This is due to radio back defeats the purpose of that. On -- and -- high school and again folks I'm only doing this just because I I get sick of that snooty crowd. In high school I was selected the outstanding senior. And won the other -- Berger award for leadership and character. It can -- east senior high school and I mentioned the National Honor Society that's -- And I wanna tell you something. My professors that you be out of thousands of students they experienced. You know many of my professors I became close personal friends with over the years. Many. Unfortunately many of them are dead now know and plaster was one of them chuck result was another one. Now did they hang out with me because they thought it was some dumb person. Unworthy of their time no. They appreciated. My intellect and by the way the fact that I can laugh at myself. But I don't take myself seriously. What I do yes the country yes not myself. So put that in your pipe smoker to be Sparky woman and I'm just gonna end with one thing. I learned more say it with me you know what's coming next how can learn more from watching the TV series deadwood. The Sopranos. Boardwalk empire. And godfather one and two that I learned at UB or in the Canton schools. Because those TV shows and those movies. Represented the world as it really is with all of its Machiavelli and backstabbing double dealing secret agendas and of course alpha males. And alpha females. We called an east German lesbians it is eighteen minutes after four I thought that was gonna get a rise out of gel. I now yesterday last night actually told my friend and I like he's German lesbian so please don't get upset and I have a lot of lesbian friends I don't even have to say that at this point but. I looked at myself under way pirates have ties to carelessly in east German lesbian I didn't use the word lesbian but it's OK here's. You know like we have a number of people to your clothes you can count beat -- -- group via. A lesbian in the man's body I admit -- now it's eighteen minutes after four at WB yen. In Canada and this is a very important story very important. Because folks we just traded this administration just traded. Five scum bag a murderous. Cut throat terrorists from gitmo. Course the Buffalo News said despite Republican rhetoric. World east prisoners not seen as threat to US. And I pointed this out. Over the past several days. If they weren't a threat they wouldn't have been at gitmo that statement is utterly illogical any non sequitur. And if they worked threats why did the tell Betty a lot of back. That's the other corollary to that it's such a stupid statement not based in any logic. And I'm not Spock this is basically what -- once that Spock from Star Trek not be child murdering brain. You know what if the calls and that I'm gonna get to -- the story about our army guy -- Our army veteran. That President Obama just doesn't care about in life. Because he didn't defected the Taliban and teach you how to make bombs that's why. And as bothered as have a long beard and speak Arabic and say a lot out far and there's nothing wrong with a lot bar. I respect Islam I don't respect terrorists I don't respects relative religion when a jam it down my throat. You know what. We're -- cozy relationship with the creator. And I would never impose my views on anybody nor -- I wish anybody else's views imposed upon me. Live and let live maybe. Anybody doesn't -- that you -- bastards let's go to traffic here's Alan Harris. And asked you whether or yet as Alan mentioned at the thunderstorms. And for some reason -- -- Else noticed over the years people drive worse -- and -- well. Seriously yesterday getting home -- a year was not fun in the 5 o'clock -- because other. Well anyway it what are the temperature right now Joseph. 77 the weather is going to be unsettled let me use a different -- sake. And I wasn't on the airwaves argues that -- forward you know what it is it's rather ex mental. The weekends Saturday supposed to be sunny and -- high 74. All believe when ICU. I'm naturally skeptical. Let's get the support calls at WB end game because have been battling too much and I said it was gonna do that but actually not babbling model walking intelligently. And would meeting and feel. Back to the calls it ordered this is Phil and -- -- on WB and Phil what is behind the unchecked invasion of our southern border. Portland. Condensate through propagation. Of the voters. And the country Egypt border open and allow different people and. Later to be in public. You go -- from the single nation to. Think we don't know that it. -- -- Happening out in the or more more more. And you're looking at about. Yeah there we go out and about. Corporate welfare and are we talking about. People who -- fifteen dollar an hour with no guarantee. No you know what I think we're talking about serve plainly and simply we're talking about -- United States the bad. Where there is no shame anymore in not wanting. To work. You know fell I'm sure you've had tough times or people in your family have had tough times. You know what it's not American to have people starving it's not American to have people on the streets selling out. Apples or bit -- you know it out of a necessity to eat. Or or begging for money. I believe that sometimes people need a helping hand and I'm happy to do there. But it's become a cultural. Way. To make a living off of other people's labor these the same people who bitch about the wealthy capitalist living off the -- of the workers and yet. These leeches these. Inter generational. Recipients of public large yes they are living off the sweat of other people's labor as badly capitalist do. Yeah -- it to try to recreate it like we're headed -- the type of not. -- -- -- like that. Of course we are in the early what's happening at the border let me ask you question. What's happening that the border is that a good thing for the United States. To what Campbell ordered closed. Now what is happening right now. Now the invasion of all these parent -- children into the United States is that good for our country. Aren't noted that we don't have. People we're broke country how can support only people. Not only are we broke but we shouldn't have to support them they ought to be work -- only -- children at but I remember hearing stories about immigrants from Italy and Germany who worked when they were eight years old. Like junior soprano. What I can't understand -- ultimately. -- from practical. We are all back over to Mexico. Because -- -- so far away we can't get it if you can afford to call out. That's. All I can't use the full word and I wish I could because it's very apropos that is bull. That is ten pounds of bull in a five pound bag. I don't I don't understand we don't have enough can't throw people. We're gonna support all the. I think you know the answer and I know you don't understand let's continue this after the news break and I want you to remember what I said I'm not gonna fill in the blank here but I will later when you see this situation you do not understand for what do you looked. On WB yen it is -- hourly and yes my anger does look like an east German lesbian and I'm kind of fond of. I guess I'm sorry I labs are all along to the music play like a minute. -- -- a big guys let me just offer you an explanation and it's not an excuse to words. Watermelon -- The way I have to say anymore. All right watermelon -- Ladies and gentlemen. Appear where it is but all due -- put pictures of their -- up on their FaceBook page. So if you go to my FaceBook page you'll see a picture -- -- one of the best dessert I have ever had in my life. Last night now. -- aware of your regular listeners and I believe despite what Michelle Obama might reach that pie. And baked goods should be the base of any responsible. Food pyramid. However watermelon and -- may very will be the most incredible dessert ever conceived. Watermelon. With a lights. Topping. Fat free cool -- UConn how watermelon -- -- cool whip. And the shaved it hosted omens. Whip each robberies. And blackberries. If that diversity. Of getting together getting like all of us human being should by the way. I mean politically speaking we're never gonna get along with every -- they look like. But this is a show that is inclusive. And look attract a lot of jokes. And I. Do to now. All speaking of jokes real quickly Sydney -- show today. His brilliant. He was to -- sarcasm. Speak sarcasm is a murder will be -- -- language. And you got to listen to. Because he calls out this nonsense. About. All the football team needs to open early and start selling beer earlier. To improve the fan experience. Hey I have an idea let's do away with the stupid blue laws for everybody. If vacant senate all wants to buy a six pack of 7 in the morning at 7-Eleven so hot let them buy the damn -- What makes the football team so special. Blue laws are antiquated. And he anachronisms. -- ought to be done away -- for everybody. And Sean Ryan on -- -- -- examined. All right let's get back to the calls on WB -- Bill into Wanda were talking about the unbelievable. The pungent. And ferocious invasion our country by the southern border we've got folks of your arrogance. Hundreds of thousands of illegal. People. -- it -- -- -- politically correct Tom. -- it is absolutely legally correct. -- a country a country has borders just like your property you have the survey done before you buy it so you know which landed short which land is your neighbors. These kids children unaccompanied minors are trudging nor to the United States. They're coming from central and South America which in case you don't know our -- countries. If they issued a note. Like indoor plumbing and what's that. Toilet tissue I've got my fingers. We're talking about. Ever covered the United States. I may be exaggerating but in the toilet tissue thing but it makes a point. They have no marketable skills. They are not going to be employable for the 20% treat all they're going to be number one drains. And our resource is you will be working harder your family will have less income. Because of these sponge is coming to the United States to suck on our laps until the end of time. Number total. They'll be Democrat voters. Number three why. Why now. Is this explosion. Illegal. Immigrants illegal invaders. Converging our southern border what do they know that we don't know and who is encouraging -- Can't imagine who might have a stake in this Hillary of course if they vote to it would be racist if we were asked them for ID. When they go to the voter poll on voter would be racist of course. Can't do -- and don't expect the Republicans to carry water on that because they're just a bunch of Schuessel animus fools. Fill in -- to your backwards talk. I'm Italy is that the Obama was a divider. One if you try to have a civil war between. The middle class and the -- -- and it failed. Got a second opportunity to have a civil war between the middle class and legal. -- -- Well look there are so many ways seek. Here here's the thing you have to ask yourself the question what is the end game in all of this now civil war maybe. I don't know how we'd recognize the enemy. Bomb. I I really don't but. The end the game is clearly not. The advancement of the United States as a superpower. The end game of this administration its adherents it's -- confidence and its cheerleaders like the Buffalo News. Is the destruction. Of the United States of America in two which we were born it's obvious. It is is obvious as the nose. On your face this is not meant to Boettcher America this is meant to bring America down. Why in the hell do we need to import Guatemala's underclass -- underclass. I just don't understand. The let the Olympic values. Toilets at a time out time out what do you consider. What do you consider when you see something you don't understand likeness. What I don't understand is. Note on -- -- and and what to heal your shirt search on a permanent place please I love you -- showed up. What that I just get through preaching for the past hour about how you need to think when you see something like this that makes no logical sense you know the answer. Obviously not. I just to get a grant. Well they did not speak. With love it fell a little much talk I'm gonna let you talk all you want but I need this to get out there with law. Server win you see a situation you do not understand. Look for the financial interest in my corollary is look. For the political interest who benefits and why it's happening now ago. It's spiteful. To all -- to gain votes. When you look at it in a political power. -- that these people in my pocket now at let him and the country Republican candidate beat they'll be able vote. Your Smart man so you don't have the answers. You know what's going on -- by the way what I said shut up that was a little harsh and I know that you I hope you don't have said that candlelight tongue in cheek. I I don't know how to play 200 otherwise -- ramble on all it would. Like if you like I don't ramble c'mon I apologize that was harsh wording I I'm sorry -- group. I don't know if that's all right I understand it's a very tense situation in the United States now. We're looking at you're losing -- in bickering and in Washington and Obama that it in the world and Bono around trading between each other friends -- vote. And we might use our -- US dollar. At least standard -- in the world. A whole lot of austerity happened until like -- only fourteen out of it and -- United States. Moral shorter will also discover firsthand. What the Germans experienced in the 1920s. I don't. I'm sure you're aware this we're importing all of these on employable skill less people who will have to be supported by working people which means guess what you don't take your grandkids to Disney World why you'll be taxed to the Max to support these sponges that are Guatemala's problem not our problem. And what's going to happen is to meet the budget to meet the national debt. Which is higher which which is obscene. This same president who said it was obscene under George Bush has doubled quadrupled. The national. In order to pay that off. Two things must be done eight you increase revenue. By increasing taxes beat you devalue the dollar in -- they are -- trillion dollar bank note -- paid. I you know we're just becoming a banana republic. Look -- -- basket weavers now for the next a couple of decades or so the new entry. No the United States will become a second and then rapidly a Third World nation -- because that's the way. The powers that be want it they don't want a sovereign United States. What -- -- a corporation and so we're trying to incorporate everything. Trying to privatize everything. There is always a financial interest to everything but I really believe that the uber families of this earth the -- families. Our call me conspiracy theorist I really. Don't give a damn and you can substitute another word for dam. I think the ultimate game plan here is one world government that's what it's all about. Well you know. Back in the seventies that their university in economics teacher talking about a pure economy -- would would make the watches the German public art. And I don't think they were coming to that almost that cartel like. Take -- government you've got to go do your value ankle in the cold you guys will do this that. And it's like everybody's gonna work and I am the upper crust is going to be the upper -- Well Canada ended up make him hockey players and tabled answers so there's that. I gotta go brother thanks for the call thanks for understanding the harshness to by telling you to shut up but I didn't mean like you know -- thank you for being -- our gentlemen and -- Ifill thank you thank you very much for a understanding it 030930. Joseph -- you're looking at me like you're got a break. You need a break now or should they don't you be to break right now when it got -- I have chicks on hold. I am a chick magnet babies are right I've got women. The hourly -- are in line to talk on news radio 930. WBE. -- I guess I -- and that by telling if you flatulence jokes but why. Already AccuWeather the weather's going to be unsettled. The rest of today tonight and Friday in English that means. Will be. And then Saturday. It's going to be nice and sunny and 74 which normally when I see your Joseph what's the temperature now. 77 degrees and folks it's raining out I don't know why this happens people drive worse in the rain than they do in this ago. Have you ever noticed that especially the fault arrangement get all the leaves on the road but the past couple of days the drive time with rain. Folks it's like that you never driven and rain before. If not you my listeners -- all great drivers. The people listening to those FM stations were out. Has spoken practiced. Anyway let's get back to the calls I'm not being surgeries. Now -- Let's get back to the calls OW BM pursue pursue April. Well sue you -- on the radio -- at least get off the speakerphone. All this thing. I am not speakerphone you. Don't -- it the constraint but I think he'll think he had. I believe that they are letting. The children into our country I believe it about my idea. I believe that he hit and hit mentality. And if you really changed but those particular all be trained and end up like what Hitler did with the children and Kennedy. Well let's just OK well now that they Hitler they see you're gonna get me in trouble. Equating Obama to Hitler because -- -- about Adolf Hitler occupies. A real special place. In the pantheon of evil. He is following however. The it's all our lives he had written a book other than rules for radicals it would have been. Rules for gaining a tyrannical. Power and complete despotism. Over a nation. And taking Hitler out of the equation. And what you've got is a man who is. I'm sorry just like every other two bit petty dictator that has ever occupied the world stage and white people ma'am did not understand the significance of the words he used when running in 2008. Out of it transform America. Fundamentally. Transform. Was the only person to understand what that was about no city beach did. I think rush did I think Shawn didn't. But city and I think we're like we were probably the most outspoken people about what that meant and how significant ones. And take her out of it because that's a special place in the you know hall of evil fame. -- -- The people coming in from these these children. Coming in from Central America have no place in our country either legally or skill set wise. America should be an all star team we need to be taken in the is doctors China's engineers let them come to this country and make it better the last thing we need frankly -- -- -- lettuce pickers. But he wants to -- -- -- can be in power. And everybody will be busy and. It's not just Obama maybe we'll see if he actually leaves office. When his term expires or whether there's some false flag operation work -- can't leave a relatively narrow. Hillary will be your next president. Is she is basically Obama with a vagina. Zenyatta. Well presumably with a vagina. But. That's what you have to remember. The policies will continue irrespective of President Obama. And you know are you criticize Obama and some of these mental -- call you a racist. Hillary has the vagina shield in two giant V she can wave around sick you're going after the first woman president you must be a misogynist. Even -- Obama hate Hillary. They're not on the best of terms personally but politically I keep in mind politically the Democrats are all about the cause the cause being. Government control over every aspect of your life and punishing America for white privilege and for you know basically. Just the most -- somehow they they mentally process the most charitable decent nation. The world has ever known despite our flaws into the most evil nation since Nazi Germany go figure. Well I think it Democrats successfully buddy and I feel very strongly about this that mr. Obama will -- for the next woman president. So that Obama himself could still have power. Would not surprise may have mentioned that before we shall see all the she claims she's not interested in politics are sort of cores on a -- in the Philippines. All right thank you very much I'm glad you called me at speculate and madam thank you. -- much. So I didn't -- to bill junior year that the worst fear of them for 55. Better than Dutch oven on news radio 930 WB yeah.

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