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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>6-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

6-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tom hourly. What. Mountain range and I putted -- got covered up right welcome. It's live back -- its local capital. We'll we'll thought it looks like it's huge it's Tom -- remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for her recent. And 930 W yeah. Best -- luck today. OK it is about of -- -- -- thirty WBZ. And 8 Thursday morning. What sport -- weeks ago by -- very quickly. Our guys at that I -- and or two tomorrow because both. Joseph Bieber and John Sherman are taking off there doing something together tomorrow. So it'll be humble host and two people. Do we know who will be here tomorrow the people that. All right gates on these charges are you guys are eager to get married like your. -- disposable. I'll just have to deal and -- and Pete except the one problem peak argues is he's got -- -- which racial here he wants. If he's one of these guys and so it is these guys -- can -- -- a full beard today. I have never been able to grow a -- It brings up questions. I read somewhere. Back in Afghanistan under the Taliban men had to have those bird doll like years or else bad things happen. It. If you are like me and your guy and you can't really grow up a lot of patient here. Do you get executed. Seriously I'm not I'm not trying to be stupid. Bigoted racist anything like that. But I've always wondered if having long beard is something you're supposed to do in a certain religion and you're -- capable of producing a long beard. Are there exceptions they -- I would have to look at up on line because I believe everything every on the Internet. From start to finish. Anyway thanks for being with us you know I wanna talk about illegal I'm sorry I -- illegal -- such a racist bigoted homophobic. Misogynist. We're that I service budget is already. Yeah I just don't like brown people and our southern border is being totally. Well border it's not a border. It's a no man's land. Should we just forget about the pretense of borders. And just say. What is reality. Anybody who wants to come here just come on it. I don't know if you've been following this folks but over the past month or so there has been a dramatic. Upswing upsurge in the numbers of young that. Central and south Americans who make their way through Mexico. And end up in the United States during -- -- guys down. Are -- arrest us that way they get entrance into the United States. And here's the question. What do they know that we don't. Let me say that again. What to date no that we don't what sparked. This exit this from central and South America. In through our southwestern states. What do they know that we don't does anybody know the answer to that. Because I don't. 8030930. By the way is the former arbor as we walked -- at 803 all right thirty start I'm thirty. And 180616. WB. The end so that's my question one of my questions today. Should we just forget about this pretense that we actually have a border. And just let anybody and everybody into the country and remember that's got to apply not just for Ecuadorian Hondurans. Costa Ricans squares that up Americans under Costa Rica we may be displacing them. -- Argentinian and Bolivian Uruguay ends. Anybody anybody with a good pair of sneakers it -- walk over the border and -- go through Mexico went up the Central America and elsewhere across the Panama Canal. And of course are -- there I realize you can do is walk across the bridges but I like to be a little dramatic. Why don't -- even pretend that we have a border why. And folks. Two things come to mind. Some of this is going to see -- because I've said it before but just like the Bible or Shakespeare just because it's old makes it no less true or no less relevant. And -- I'm not a Christian and I do. I respect. Christianity Judy is all religions. You must make your own peace with -- But there are enduring truths in the Bible. As well as Shakespeare. That time cannot you wrote why because there are enduring truths. And what are those if I may say there is nothing new under the sun. Every one of those is whenever you see -- situation you do not understand look for what. What I always say it's not original thought. Our first read this back in college and oddly enough I think it came from left. Whenever you see a situation you do not understand. Look for the financial. Interest. And let's add the corollary Tibet it's the Bauerle corollary to -- say look for the political interest. So when you see -- situation you do not understand look for the financial interest and look for the political interest. Why. What motivates. The people in power. To allow. An invasion of our country. And to do nothing. To send those people back to their home countries and to fortify our border which all I'm sorry what's that supposed to have been done back when Ronald Reagan was in the -- White House. That's how we got suckered into his immigration bill -- don't worry well for around or forcing a border yet -- -- -- rod designers we know. Against OK here we go. I admit -- having a senile moment that I don't know. I'm sorry Ronald Reagan is my favorite president of all time. At least in my lifetime. But even he did some really stupid things and that was one. And at least I'll say this about Reagan is was in the right place. He wanted to preserve protect and defend the constitution preserve protect and defend the United States. I don't doubt that for a minute. Not so sure about George Bush. The first. I know it's his birthday at all is gonna jump out of an airplane again. But. When he uttered that phrase and new world order I think he kind of gave something away. Like Joseph Biden did about gay marriage. If you will remember folks that we're not talking about Roman freak in the history year. You ever how President Obama was absolutely against gay marriage at one time. And then Joseph Biden let the cat out of the bag. I think George Bush did the same thing when he used that word that the phrase new world order. Like -- Say and how is he talking about. That's very that's the most influential families on the planet folks don't -- me for Canada met. And apparently proof that. Intelligence does deteriorate through the generations. -- sorry I won't vote for Jeb Bush I don't care he's the Republican nominee. I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever. Ever trust bush again any bush whatsoever. That the trim the hedges I am so distrustful of bush. I hedge is a bush right there maybe four I don't know I guess I should study -- flew by. -- Grata me -- more. But in any event horticulture. Or is Dorothy Parker once said the use horticulture in a sentence. You can leave horticulture but you can't make -- think that she was spotted a drunk and funny -- -- anyway. She was a cry a wry -- quit now a wry -- our rights are thinking about cool -- Anyway. Guys why do we even have the pretense of borders explain this to me. We are under absolute seat jet known Nazi each -- under absolute in Beijing. Right now. And if you say anything and if you speak up. You know what you're going to be call. You know what. I didn't have to go through the list of you words they used to describe us. Well a lot of edges up how many -- you been to Cedar Point. Send -- lots of Albany they've been -- like. Are you on the Superman coaster period like. You know sometimes there's an hour or longer wait to ride the Superman -- that there -- like OK they can't the United States as the Superman coaster at -- -- -- You've been waiting in line for 45 minutes. And some huge bag goes right in front of -- and cut you off and gets on the right in front of you. How do you feel your angry why because you'll get the right. You started online I cut you off. This is exactly on a much larger and more important skill on the Superman right at Darian lake what is happening to the United States. And yes I am that guy at Cedar Point and if they're in late. Who points out the line jumpers to a security and says outskirts an -- statement I'll sign an affidavit I don't care because I'm just a special kind of crazy. That's what I do. 8030. The way I want to thank our park. -- I've got a number of things I wanna go off on bigger before -- get to some protocols to start up to 803 all right -- the poll number start podium cell phone 180616. WB yet. Here here yesterday. I had the pleasure of going to Paula out at our park my first ever Tuesday at our park concert. I was expecting a nightmare getting out of there from the stories I heard an overall I was pleasantly surprised that I gave props. Output logs and I gave an eighth grade. Total Lewiston -- the state police. I don't know the sheriffs were there I don't know the state park police driver I don't know. Every agency involved but Lewiston -- is that free bit. Anyway right officer -- anyway the he might be the only guy. -- just kidding anyway that you retired but that's another story. In any event they did take -- break -- with one exception. And you know the exception was mentioned it yesterday. One of the traffic guys definitely has to go to remedial traffic school. Because he let. Twenty minutes worth of cars from one lot into the stream of traffic. And back up the pre existing stream of traffic instead of letting ten from a lot grow ten from a line goal attempt from a lot out. -- from the line move up. He didn't do that. I wrote a very nice suggestion. Letter art park. And I said look I don't wanna come off like an idiot you know one of these old all morons can I get a -- more than -- of those believe me. So I don't like to be on the receiving end it was a very cordial email where I said I think you guys have done a great job with traffic my one suggestion is. Doing traffic -- a lot the in such a way as everybody gets to move and we don't have to wait for twenty minutes and they they gave me a very very nice response so thank you art park. Thank you and LC for the Ringo Starr -- unfortunately my former friend Gary. Who's the drummer for BBC the -- Beatles connection. Says that Ringo Starr is such a mega star. -- even though Gary Astrid knows Ringo Starr personally you can see his picture with -- on my FaceBook page it is frowned upon to even a if somebody can get backstage. Yeah I mean seriously. And that makes me feel bad because you know what John and Joseph I guess in the great scheme of things despite what one of our intro says. I guess he may not know it but I'm not that relief. Big of a deal and that makes me sad I guess I'm not will Will Ferrell could get backstage. -- Ron Burgundy could've gotten backstage. Anyway it just -- rambling using. I wanna talk about going to the veterinarians office today. Maybe it well I don't know policy. Many -- are wondering what happening Hayley kept. Not athletic yet clinic at the inside -- Haley get the news. She is not run through the neighborhood known and I've built you're wired I've set aside old cat house. I don't look that to look at houses and I set aside -- And I have some decisions I need to make. Light. Extra week in Jamaica. Treatment -- Extra week in the -- -- look at these are decisions that must be made. Now. The -- topic -- juror partly flow. Your topic did you work. That's our topic of the day sounds good I'll have that. Immigration. Why do we even pretend we have borders. You know doesn't pretend they have borders at least with the United States I guess if you're coming from India Pakistan at the different story but. Canada. Canada has borders. Nobody calls the Canadians at least the border with the US nobody calls them racist bigoted homophobic brown people eating plan age. More on its -- out to the best of my knowledge. Wait until you hear what happened to one of our army veterans. Who took a wrong term. I know you think you know Tom you're thinking about the guy in Mexico there's another guy. Who is in Canadian prison because it's something I've warned you about repeatedly involving guns in Canada and by the way where the hell is Obama Andris. You know the guy who is being held in Canada right now would have been better off defecting to the Taliban and that being traded. Anyway it. Question of the day. Should we do away with the borders. Even pretend we have them. They're not being enforced we have an open door policy right now big factor not the jury which is the law de facto reality. It's open or at what these people know that we don't why. Did suddenly everybody get the memo. -- the United States was open for ever ready to come out of it. And the question is with all of these illegal invaders when the hell is the price of the salad bar pizza hot gonna go down. What can -- Levy and I know just from column yeah. -- -- -- He said there then that's. Okay no bull. I'm not you know taking on the well thank you. It's. Some people Ringo Starr and some people don't some people share the wealth and some people don't understand. It's 333. For Geary he'll be sorry he ever gave me his cell phone number I -- -- the drummer for the BBC. Buffalo's beatle connection which by the way seriously folks I talk about all the time. They are utterly phenomenal. They are the best sounding Beatles cover band I have ever heard of it'll look like The Beatles really. But when it closure guys it's like all right -- its vehicles. They also do awesome. Who'll. And a few others so there -- -- and Gary is the drummer I just like to break -- nets. It's 334 news radio I'm thirty WBE and after -- one of -- is in the -- -- performing arts hall of fame one of his isn't. Surgery you trust me with the Ringo Starr you know are right anyway. Hurts. Why pretend. Why even pretend. We have borders. When anybody can come into the United States there are no repercussions. There are no cuts -- -- -- It is just opened the season. On our borders and what I really want to know is. What. Do they know why now. Why it now. Are they all come again. Now ex border agents. Are saying that this is an orchestrated. Flood of immigrants. You must remember when you see a situation you do not understand look for the financial interest my corollary is look for the political interest. An organization of former Border Patrol agents Wednesday charged the federal government under Obama is deliberately arranging for a flood of immigrant chairman -- meant to arrive in America for political purposes. This is not a humanitarian crisis it is eight predictable orchestrated and contrived assault. On the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk. For purely political purposes who says there's that whack job by hourly. Well national association of former Border Patrol officers. Certainly we are not gullible enough to believe the thousands of unaccompanied -- Central American children came to America without the encouragement aid and assistance of the United States government. And again my question what do they don't. It was there is this like a flash mob did somebody to wait eight. Let's go from Colombia Ecuador putt let's. Let's all. Just given me it's it's well equipment. There's something they know that we don't know. I would find out what that is why now why so many why so many unaccompanied minor children. It has to be orchestrated. And political reasons. Because after all folks. Was there in the United States and by the way they don't have skills. Tom you're a racist LK -- a racist sure apps -- -- They don't have skills they do not have 21 century skills you've ever traveled. You know that you're lucky if you have indoor plumbing in some of these Third World hell holes or toilet paper. Other than your finger. -- consider yourself lucky. So that's why. We don't have a place for these people and our economy. We don't. Hell we've got our whole underclass. Why in the hell would -- what imports. From other countries. Why. I'll tell you why. -- what I believe. And you can call it whack job I really DA GS. Because larger forces want the United States destroyed. Maybe it's George Bush's new world order. I don't know. But larger forces are at work here bent on the destruction. Of the United States one way you can do that. Is by. Having a wave a flood hundreds of thousands of minor children coming in the United States who's gonna pay for their health care of the -- get jobs. Has noticed fuels then don't bitch about only being able to work at McDonald's for minimum wage -- the man fifteen bucks an hour. But -- get me started on that I don't believe that a minimum wage I think it actually keep wage is now. But that's just me and I've worked for minimum wage in a few aircraft like I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth I wasn't. My dad got back from Korea we lived on -- court in the Sheridan projects before I was born. Now. -- Syria obviously come from a family of money right. Story that always pisses me off. What's going on here folks. Seriously. What's your take on news. The former Border Patrol agents say this is orchestrated for political purposes. We will pay for their medicine will pay for their health care we will pay for their education helped New York the blogs -- in New York City and Cuomo in New York -- it will probably probably sent -- down not forget buses private jets down. To Arizona New Mexico Texas Southern California to bring these people in New York State so they can suck -- RT eight. So they can get on the government acts you don't like those words are in the Bible sorry. Breasts. They can have the milk of taxpayer money offer them sustenance will be set -- their asses because they skills -- -- 20% to. In fact come to think of it or let everybody into the United States. Why not the people for who have been waiting 456. Years that I know about the people from Pakistan. I -- the United States many of -- the people from it -- almost any country China. Who would love to come to the United States. Why not seriously. Why. Why wouldn't wanna bring people from totalitarian countries into the United States like China for example. Without. Any waiting period. Is it because you might be scared that they see the parallels between where they came from and the country to which they arrived. Nothing like having lived under one of those -- this spot one. Harry Harry Truman once at a bottle Hitler he's nothing but a gangster. Back then it was all appalled. Who said Hitler was nothing but a big gangster. And I think it was Harry Truman whose -- takes one to know. And maybe become from. A totalitarian country coming here to say hello. They say things happening here is happened back all that matters we'll go back hallway with chopsticks. Which by the way I have a great proficiency doing. Not just because of my heritage. All right let's get to the calls I've talked enough you guys are pissed off I'm pissed off I think this is absurd I do think it is part of the willful. Destruction of this country. Your president promised a fundamental transformation. Of America this is more proof of folks more proof why wait in line. This is just a bigger version. Of the you know what who cuts in front of you Superman at Gary and lake. Or the other highly in demand arrives at Cedar Point in sandusky Ohio. Oh by the way those amusement parks are tougher on the line jumpers that our government is on the illegal invaders speaks volumes. In your -- home I'll shut up after a senators and take some calls in rural folks property is divided into two classes. There is personal property like your car your -- your TV -- real property you're hole. The land on which it's it's either improved other important. Okay. If you did not know what you were buying what you bought property. And it was major had not measured by a surveyors UB -- a pig in poke. The reason we have these -- industry is this is yours this is mine this is mine this is yours. And -- the United States as a nation has said we don't have -- stake in borders. I say we set off to the White House. And I detest Catholic bashing but if the Pope doesn't like it's at the Vatican City. Let's go to a George in buffalo WB and hello. I don't think so much for taking my call actually appreciate it. There I totally agree with you there is some type of conspiracy to say and that eavesdrop on our door stop. But there are so. Sorry to a two. Use the word conspiracy that is -- a point that out I did not use the word conspiracy. All right to -- you know and you called lunatic enough I don't need your help. And up fully capable of saying stuff -- -- know -- argue that reverend. OK well there's two sides to every story -- of the movie in numbers right. -- Insert America under or whatever you're forced to Jordan gains in searching the area. -- Definitely do it here pick up a string in life for ever to try to get to the border okay it's crazy. There. I would think like -- want to act in certain other it is fueling the problem in the country. You know like we have our apologies there are so stupid. In your network -- merit medical officer and hit UK and it's still it. Pop. George -- speaking my language the war on drugs is stupid my opinion is drugs ought to be legal because an American adult has a right to do what a consenting adult chooses to do in the privacy of his own home. I don't think it should be any of the government's business George if you wanna go home tonight fire apple blocked. If you are Coleman do cocaine meth when I don't care what you'd do just pocket behind the dam will -- to do it and don't come to me when -- -- -- when you need nasal reconstruction. Exactly Alex it was everything the British soldiers who the best soldiers are certainly there were a Central America. Feel the most hardworking obedient. Soldiers there at the sort of way. You are terrible and so I would execute very rare look at became infected they'll have -- skill. In order to pay -- -- got to do mandatory military service on the territory some type of -- we go to deducted from your money. And to -- that they do view. I don't believe it will be border at auto go any which he pictured it races of this there because they feel this way we that would national crisis in Washington. I don't know what's going -- Obama. I'm so lucky I didn't that you obamacare. Could have I don't care about -- which is great. George first -- thank you thank you for serving. And and by the way also. Thank you for breaking the stereotype. You are music to my ears because they get sick and tired frankly. Shall I say put this get a solid -- a black racist. I get sick and tired of white people who think that every black person. Is a flaming Obama loving liberal it is not true. Actually that is something we came out with a against. Odor of the -- I would only get it because it was it's free speech. What you -- it was a little bit because they each. America's going to originally been Obama poker you know what about America detect if there had been picked it it. Mexican nation to actually pick -- best to shop in America and -- colder in the box of coming out 40000 people. That didn't think -- American resident -- -- that -- got that job in America acute. Well I I I don't even slapping public officials in the -- but yeah I I I don't think the word treason is too strong to word when. I use a word to use when describing this administration and I can't say that it began on Obama's watch I think this goes back. A long time before Barack Obama was ever in the White House and I I I said earlier and I know this might sound little weird to some people. But that expression new world order it did not exactly come from the blue and if you look at some American currency you'll understand what I'm talking about. And I know that sounds freaky I wouldn't blame anybody for thinking I'm on the job for saying that. But I wonder if this is all part of the master plan to make America a second and then a Third World country to put us in our places and then after America you tell me where the last bastion of freedom would be. -- you didn't get NATO to run the world. -- -- Even if you do UN I presume gimmick. I'm no I mean didn't national Larry treat -- relations board. Because you know why we get NATO. In your umbrella. All up all our allied countries Nate. Well there's a lot of alliances around the world I mean but. Whatever they're gonna use I would go on with United Nations but. I think that this is all I think I honestly believe that this is all a planned. That within fifty to 100 years tops they want one in the world with government the people power won one world government and to control everybody on the face of this planet I really believe there. Lucky that we he would upset because they try to get your crematory. The European Union but if the economic and that's what you -- European Union you are so happy joint NATO. So you know Russia would would've been surrounded. Okay it went generally it would have been able. They look important interface open. Important is represented what he believes is Russia's best interest I wish our top man would represent America's best interest but he doesn't he's too busy. Apologizing. And releasing Taliban for people who defected to the enemy. Georgia has been my honor to speak with you and by the way thank you very very much for being it. For -- hourly listener and contributor and appreciated. All right I appreciate that very much are right well folks again. It how to say this delicately without alienating my white audience. Folks. I just want to consider reading the words of doctor Ben Carson doctor Thomas Sowell. Doctor Walter Williams all black men all of these guys can be intellectual. Role models for all of us all smarter than -- I'd like say they're smarter than I. I don't think I'm dumb. Some might argue. It is at 349 at WB the end its hourly. What the hell's going out of the border but more importantly what does that question I always want it ask why is it happening. -- right very -- see any big traffic problem that we hope you don't 8030321. -- -- traffic command at number we do which everybody is safe and un eventful ride home. AccuWeather for two very. The rest of it it's going to be unsettled through tomorrow morning it's like my personal life to -- -- can train wreck. It Alter highs for the weekend though unlike my personal life mostly cloudy and humid tonight a couple of showers and a heavier thunderstorm early and then a stray thunderstorm late. 64. So basically -- just say unsettled. Because it it's easier Saturday they claim will be sunny and nice. The high 68 by the late 74 well inland I've concluded that sunny and 74. Is the ideal temperature for buffalo. Everybody bay -- -- Jamaica the ideal temperature is eighty. I just gotta throw them out there 353. At news radio I'm thirty WBE. And give little antsy folks delegates and time laughter sooner or later. I mean time off the test and make the paper. Anyway. 354. At WB you have to tell how seriously a particular constantly joking about it because. Of many reasons that. I shouldn't really there wouldn't be used. -- -- -- -- Why is every. In Central America coming to the United States all of these unaccompanied minor children -- Tell their parents think it. Do you ever just last week we data showing some guy in Hawaii. Who got years' probation. Because he made his kid walked -- my Oklahoma on why eat. We had people walk and hundreds of miles to the south the southern border of the US. Votes it's an insane world. Really is you know my body. Elegy teacher and yours to attend or -- the great -- -- pine. He was a genius man was brilliant. And he wants that. The only. Saying reaction. To an insane world is insanity. Even as the young man I found that profound. Are at 355 WBP. And hourly much more coming up I'll take a lot -- your calls and -- less although it's kind of fun when I go -- on WBE.

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