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6-12 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward region got an upsetting beach I'm watching it looks like a jet ranger helicopter to me and George H. W. Bush. Is going to make his eighth parachute jump. And congratulations MP forget that in order to prove he was the youngest fighter pilot. In the service by a plant assembles them. He has a very distinguished career and in his latter years he's been jumping out of vote out of whatever in this case -- helicopter. And the helicopter was unusual angle I'm thinking maybe they do that just before. He jumps out. But I haven't seen him jump yet but yeah you -- -- him credit he's 190s at that and -- still doing that. I guarantee you here's one person you'll see -- Queen Elizabeth. You know I can see her sitting in the doorway of a jet ranger helicopter and Prince Charles right behind her going it's been a lot of fun. Prince Charles you're waiting. And waiting and waiting and your mother the Eveready bunny just keeps going and going and galway. Waiting for that that big moment when they put the crowd on your head. -- -- going to be too much inflation is at nine but that it maybe. A lot of things that could be considered them. Possibly dangerous but I don't think I I don't think -- -- -- No no -- about your -- I think it's -- Although when you get to the aids that day he has -- -- care why not what we do our armed army 82 years all -- -- -- -- for 19 years it went out of network right now. That's thirty wanted to go hold off for another fifty years now lot. People that that start doing it later in life whatever they do a tandem jump I would do that with commanders. If Pam Anderson was an instructor adored him jump. Because your -- like -- very very you do your depends on you being very close. I think they'll be any deals okay overall water to exactly yeah example to -- yeah absolutely. No problem that guy and dug in and helicopters a lot love helicopters I said this many times. If I were really rich I would -- jet at -- helicopter. Because they're much more intimate you you fly very closely how many times and you can land them almost anywhere. Explain that make the plans to go up I've been invited to fly. Over the falls the -- of the art world -- of your job right to anchor my former teacher right now about that like all very do that very nice idea nothing like helicopters -- -- a lot of in Dallas. Because we had a helicopter. And VAV and -- flow watch my lips eight hours a day. 4 in the morning for me after a visit to Dallas and Fort Worth you know how expensive it is to fly a helicopter -- -- big time. I know it was in my budget that's what vessel is an unknown number what's -- the feeling when your first lifting off the fabulous it really is and very seldom does that helicopter goes straight up they come up -- -- -- let's let's strain on the today. A -- could come trader and an emergency they can happen but they prefer not to. It's fabulous especially with the allegorical -- as a jet ranger which is amoeba bill. Because they have plex glass floor so that you can actually see below you. And won't scare me well we took the group to. Las Vegas in a contest. I'm a Dallas couple and me and a helicopter pilot from mom. Dallas to Las Vegas for New Year's Eve and then to LA for New Year's Day -- -- the Colorado River. And measure cut as you're approaching the -- over -- you come up slowly. And mandolin when you reached the point where you're just over that dam is the best ride in the world. It is phenomenal because you see it right below your feet there it is. And it's it was really great the resort for the contest and I wanted to going along helicopter ride that was the way to do it beautiful -- a -- -- -- and that we did a traffic report going down a stripper in Vegas. -- Dallas we go to Vegas traffic reports -- we have a lot of fun. Can you really tell speed one year when it went small and they're the pilot camera idea wasn't -- good at it and you have to be excellent the real flies -- -- because it's like a motorcycle were ever all of your hands and feet and everything going -- and and the way it was explained to me a -- pilot who was very experienced when I met me at 171000 hours that's a whole lot okay. He said an airplane wants to fly. A helicopter does not want to applaud you you have to make it fly and that's a big difference though on. Anybody who has access to a helicopter and offered to ride take it again doing -- George Bush the game -- the jumping I hope it's them because somebody jumped out of the plane and there's video version. Yeah that's very exciting isn't really a class guy. And everybody seems -- like him no matter what your political persuasion may be is in -- it looks like he has. Either veteran group two extra legs. A friend in my might just told me in New York your first two jumps have to be tandem. Jumps with the instructor it's. Law all OK god I have no problem that is ours is the females. Just trying to make it a cheap joke with this Rosen I'm OK no no Jews. Okay well I -- -- exciting -- ways -- watching that in this tandem jump yes I can see four legs there are so either that or George became a unicorn and you know we didn't know it. And then that a lot of man at a course is -- landing that's rarely Italy and Portugal who should ask. Rambo -- because he was a paratrooper. -- what it's like on that first jump. That first time you do it whether it's from a platform. Or him or machine I think it's going to be your year -- has the beating -- throw. Front in my Billy buyers was in the 82 airborne and I asked him that what it was like -- course. You know they're doing it at different levels as they build up to the fall show are now going off the plane's fuel -- not care for years sprain an ankle or to break. Military. Military parachutes I mean during war -- other people not only you're jumping people assuring -- that's not -- that's not good at all. I anyway or back to being Buffalo Bills trying to sell you five pounds -- something that won't fit enough to pound bag I can tell you that. Are they have been approached. Democrat Sean Ryan we column schalke. To introduce the bill and and that's what he's done they also. Approached former sheriff -- element. 600 element. We've not heard that he's endorse this or or prison as the cosponsor. So right now they're trying to get an exemption for the Buffalo Bills the exemption would say. That they could they could sell beer. At 11 AM instead of twelve which is what the -- calls for right now it would give them that exemption they want more people into the stadium. Then that out in the parking lot. Because of of the various reasons but among them. Would you if you bring -- -- -- in the bargain on your tail -- is cheaper but they want to in the stadium I don't want you in the stadium. For what reason because if you comment. At eleven right now you can't buy beer but if you come June 11 if you could buy beer you'd buy bears so that's what it's about it's commerce it's about. By ours don't bring your own. But this goes against everything that the NFL's been preaching and talking about rowdy -- Drunkenness at the games and they're trying to make a sale and guess what. They're not that good at making the sale because the sale can be made -- -- trying to make the sale that. If you drink inside the stadium as opposed to in the parking lot it's better control. -- I'd like some. Evidence on that if you go to the game with a bunch of your friends you buy beer at different times you bring it back to wherever you're -- or not that's not under control. And they think it's -- will enhance the family atmosphere killing. Because it's it's. It's a statement. That if you buy it I got some swamp land I'd like to sell. Because -- are crimes -- a prospect for we'll take your calls -- -- -- Montreal -- -- -- its -- 692 -- six and start 930 after service. -- I haven't seen film that. Speedy Johnson. I've lost -- -- Yeah. Mine -- Major kid's gonna get his vote in his game and these. He's on T ball team right yeah doesn't look like the -- you can nationals. Game -- ten on the board that maddening -- -- Iowa kinda professionals are these affected the ABC was gonna broadcast. Jim president of Colombia and has acquired just skip school one day -- -- -- I cringe every jealousy Jim Gray and there's somebody. 'cause it says something that I is an interviewer. Would consider him rarely. T yeah I mean icky but as it does don't go there yeah what can -- your. They don't use aluminum bats. I think they do do better and yes they -- tell him that during lightning not hold up in the year. Yeah a -- and they'll -- The Beatles exactly but let's go to call and see what Paul says falls and buffalo you're on WB yen. Ice and they all get out -- against social it'll look -- them so special that they can get that extra hour they want that aren't sure how or why don't base. They -- it -- servant beer after the third quarter and senate have to. Okay that's a good point or you know a lot of things that they that could be done that they won't do simply because they're the NFL but. To think that there they would be the exemption and it wouldn't apply to anybody else is grossly unfair we about the businesses in this in this state. Thanks well thank you. Yeah it's an hour ago and now some colleges. Don't sell beer at all now you know we're not trying to suggest that that would work for -- well. But the bottom line is you see when you get as big is the NFL. You explore your explore every possible revenue stream you can. And I have nothing against that I really don't as long as -- of the fans can afford to go and if they can't afford to go of the team will be the one that will be in trouble. But the bottom line is that when you've explored every avenue. Then you got to come up with new and inventive and creative ways to -- to part Asia customer on this case -- fan. With his or her money and this would be yet but in order to -- they can't just do it unilaterally. The state has to give them an exemption. And I'm thinking that first of all. They had pushed back on this couple years ago when they tried. And I'm also thinking that if I owned a business. That was not allowed to sell beer until noon because of the blue law I'd probably sell this state if they allowed the bills to do. Because that's -- don't we all have a basic. Let's see your right to -- the same kind of treatment under the law. That the law shouldn't favor one group over another group -- law should be evenhanded. And a level playing field and that definitely wouldn't be what this would be. So what makes -- so specialists the question okay Chris another. Her -- -- -- this one comes from Bobby says I don't even really understand this what does the anticipate a result we all -- -- in the stadium is overpriced. And people are going to -- early to pay the extra price. And I don't even think if they do go in it's going to be that much of an increase in sales sigh I think this whole thing is very bizarre. I think we ought to put this our caller I mean this a poster was right on in touch were Sean Ryan. Somebody could talk some sense -- -- -- just being a bug boy yeah I think in this case for the bills. You know you do those in favor of my -- on the -- you know I'm talking about. Who knows they approached -- element to the cosponsor but so far. There has been no cosponsor and for good reason it's an argument the -- were a -- Medicaid. Every may if you're trying to cut down behavior caused by alcohol bad behavior then why would more alcohol. More beer. VI solution to anything. It's not really doesn't and they want you to come and an hour earlier. Not because there's anything in there that's enticing that's different they want you to be part of the fan experience it's because. You be buying bear beer instead of bringing your own and their -- overpriced and that's well. But veto submit that without even a stadium name on it so what are -- -- Erie county it just -- that stadium. Any Erie county the -- 60000 people and them and that's how -- -- so if they didn't even have the courage put their name either Buffalo Bills on the bill. Well they even have the image that you know that the the fan experience. You would go into the game at 11 o'clock into the stadium and doubt maybe there is some something -- Oregon will -- and and you know the family -- and a career. Shot and you -- That person is only gonna have maybe. One beer if if that if they're all about the famed -- best -- one beer that is why would you change the largest so somebody could have won B I think what's for the guzzlers. I think we should get. Hillary Clinton. That -- That may I think we're there screeching voice and we can run over the PA system. Yeah and you know if you're under an hour late let's say yes done. They're stretching. -- and Michael give me -- dot org -- beer I here's here's my ID but the point is there's nothing particularly. Exciting or in transit or anything else going on in there you're probably gonna have more fun in the partner with your friends in the cheaper beer. So if you look at that it as a set as an argument can be made level only one but I -- you Ryan was willing to take on. And and -- the ground lines I doubt very much if they were doing this simply because if they're looking at possible liabilities here. Other people love in in the same situation if it does not apply to them. Could make a compelling argument as to why they shouldn't do it and if they delighted should be -- And I think it would please I think there is pushed back from other businesses as well there should be. While there should be I mean they pay their taxes they'd been doing what they're supposed to be doing why he's showing favoritism to imagine. If fool I don't know you favored tops over -- as far as the tax policies or the hours or any kind of regulation. You favored wegmans over -- I mean you can't do that they have to be treated fairly and equally. But the bills would this proposal. For the most ludicrous. Anybody can see throw it and if you want more if you want more blows you can't bring it into the stadium so it is a bit ago. Are you can't bring an end here we're going to search your backpack we're going to drill hole and you wouldn't like make sure there's nothing in there. But as soon as you get in there we got -- its value we want what you bring yours then. But we will sell you hours a price. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In 030930. So far nobody has favored. Nobody may at least got virtual call. And -- when a swell idea this is and how this is going to. -- or all the rallies in the drunken. People that we've implying soundbites from hero Michelle -- By simply allowing them to to purchase -- beer instead of the -- they bring with them. We'll be back after this. Your hearing the voice of golf alone W. UV EN that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 930 or toll free line is 180616. 19036. We're back -- Beijing -- just arrived there if you miss any of -- newsmaker interview is with us Rosen and Dave right now Jones -- occasion. They're on demand if you missed time show it's on demand to miss a show it's on demand as well. And maybe if you were not listening this morning amidst these simulating interview with -- -- more from buffalo teachers federation make you wanna show. -- over interest and check out on demand let's go to Debbie. In Lancaster -- here on WB yen. I'm gonna find every what do you think about the bill's proposal well in in their name apple sold to add an extra hour of drinking. I'm finding it a little difficult for them to be able to add an extra hour because they they don't open until 1130. So we're going to get an extra hour. Well and I'm sure the gates were opened earlier from on revenue. And that's and that's the key they don't want to bring your -- blows and play out of the park mother watched the play in the stadium -- their -- That's not gonna happen you've got too many people with the tailgating they have a great time most of the stand when they come in from the stadium or into the stadium are pretty much you know about fifteen to ten minutes before games start. And -- recommend there apparently are trying -- an extra hour isn't going to help anybody. And when the bills talk about the NFL experience to a lot of -- part of that is the tailgating where you go out there you cook and you drank and you toss the ball around have a good time and then you go and the bills are gonna change those mines and so they're not going to be able to make that sale on -- on that basis but they probably figure. Any money they can get that extra hour will be better than they're doing now. While there are gonna have a problem some of their sponsors do -- -- prize winning and some of their sponsored serve alcohol. And they're not going to be happy when I pick up their sponsors not having the ability to promote. There alcohol at the stadium wants them to come inside with and you -- You know it's. You know it's funny that -- guys they're talking about now is being a potential suitor or somebody might wanna by the bills. Is the owner of perhaps. Beer home and we'll see what happens -- bending of the buys the team. Yeah well you know bottom line Indy is it go to big game most of let's go to the games to watch game and enjoy it and -- our reporters spectators and we get enough people when they're that -- and it makes it difficult. There are trying to actually that I have stood at the entrance to the stadium in the -- and listen to people. And sometimes -- extremely embarrassing because they throw beer they'd throw things and I don't think having I'll call -- not add another hour and add anything to that it's gonna make it worse. I hear you loud and clear and it goes against what they're -- thank you very much Debbie. Yeah and that's the take part before the game messy and take part drink drink drink in front after the game you have the exit part. Where I don't need no stake in restaurant I'm just gonna go right here. And that's what they do they go on the ground try doing that and any other public place. You know because technically the stadium is public is owned by the accounting. Try doing that in a park sometimes. And find out what happens. -- a and -- -- you go out to dinner gotten out next thank -- the -- other restaurant was -- -- here let me just do this year. You've been in jail. And no question in my mind -- some decisions about yet there they have been indemnity you have for some reason. They have a get out of jail free pass because there drunken there at the game. But the law should apply. To everybody if they're going to apply the law to of people would sell the year that should be to everybody that sells beer. And the bills shouldn't be the only ones that get the benefit. Of that extra hour. Let's go to bill and -- not a lot of familiar on WB yeah. All. These. It. Or or talk about some sort of mark to. Green market idea the route there. You know empty Keeneland shark. -- there. That's out of that that you. I'd bet your belt bigger buyback program. We got the judge you've got the beer here what do you think -- taught us an idea now we -- -- gun buyback program doesn't that doesn't work for this would. He felt I keep the stadium parking lot dry. And you got a big -- got a big a cider jug or Summers ago could -- handle a large capacity. We do with the name Byron brown there looking out -- -- that -- I think that's an argument he city in this county. Actually I am a more. Another idea picturing him rubber bands a scene from our history of the world part one. All kidding around the block it just a bucket the I know which one is talking about a -- you look like the mayor herb street and did you hear you'll likely. You look like on yourself but I love Betsy it's Harvey Korman whatever. Very good. Let's go to Jerry in Amherst area on WB again. I don't city had guys I let my question real quick to -- it like you know this -- since we have been discussing it all along has learned that yet there are deeply in doubt that they did. Let me note just how much do they charge for a beer because. If you look at the -- -- knows where that the patriots every week you know if it's the 1799. To 24 Beers. Well -- Well now we're quarterly -- -- the stadium you wanna know. We're looking at eleven know like -- so what what you get by 24 Beers outside the stadium. Why would you go would decide until it got bad and I'd like to know how much is applied six dollars and sixty announces. OK so it's money -- How many do you how much does cost to get the 24. -- Seventeen and consumer beverage. Sets days that adds up say eighteen bucks and 24 OK if somebody Gonzales will be your costs Wednesday thank you thank you yup that one. I was like five dollars when I was won't -- a -- yeah. While house of you multiplied five times when he floor Serbia the bit more than just that you've -- that night but that's of the bills one. But the bottom line is they didn't really have the courage to tell you the real reason is to enhance revenue because we understand enhancing revenue to do. Where where bit where where business friendly. Blow we also understand BS when we -- And we see it and that's what this is. Don't tell me you want to enhance the family atmosphere by allowing another hour of drinking. I -- come out the other way and said we want enhanced family we're gonna cut down another hour. Of drinking cut down an -- -- and are willing to go have some profit for what -- -- they wanted to the other way. I guess -- is gone up a bid to gain since I want my counsel who was 5850. 850. OK as opposed to 24 for 1799. -- well do the quick math. That would -- so you are you get two Beers. 41799. As opposed to. 24 Beers in it is met in that it now we don't know if we're comparing. Cannes -- cans bottles the bottles kegs kegs but whatever it is going to be a lot cheaper outside the stadium and inside. And seriously if the guy from perhaps. Mr. metropolis. Ends up buying the bills I wonder what that would do to the vending that they sell -- here at the bit at the stadium. Wouldn't I don't think so I think even if -- LeBron and the engines see is the are committed to the now I -- -- the official Murray -- and about that but there's also reports he's trying to sell -- well yeah but if you -- the team in my -- -- there the -- -- announced I'm not a beer drinkers anonymous element but I work would pass on some promotional stuff and in Wisconsin. When there was there. With that break it open back. -- haven't seen film that. Speedy Johnson. Cost -- yeah. Mine -- 881. Yeah yeah. -- I got some information here this is not scientific on stress this it may not be apples apples. It made it because I'm comparing the prices though listeners said. You can buy twenty a package a pack of 24. I had the beverage store for 1799. And then we heard -- a beer at the stadium costs 850. Now we don't know if its size for size brand for brand bottle for bottle -- can totally unscientific -- wanna stressed that but. So this does have to go to the beverage store if they weren't told a complete match up and you pay 179924. If you Botswana towards the stadium. There will be 204 dollars. Well. Euphoria crazy I'd have to check this out because -- one could be a announcement -- sixteen I mean I really don't know just a little fun math there. As it if they didn't match up that's what the differential would be. And now you know why don't watch in early let's go to -- audience now on their journey here on WB yen. Are you -- I'm crying also the last time I checked I think if you're eight dollars. And to protect people like that sixteen -- Also. People are gonna come in and paid. An hour early for appear that the injured in the parking lot expression that young people through and we're in our fifties and sixties that we -- even do that we have so much and in the parking lot and -- -- -- their friends. Eating and drinking and jobs are not gonna go in the paper beer and -- -- -- three in the parking lot that's true. It's funnier than our Ehrlich -- you to go out around twenty people. Some are even technical and we all have different -- so we beat up and how would not immediately there. Well you -- all good logical. -- ball type references and and I think you'll make you scored points -- everything you said why the bills think that this is beneficial to anybody but. Them and their bottom line. -- no money. And -- you know I can't talk about entertainment it's gonna cost them. -- Good -- good point shooting and should be consulting the bills on telling you thank you she's right there images right the idea. You know the bells and all NFL sells the NFL experience. What that means is it's not just the game it's what surrounds the game. Well pre season game what happens after the game it's an all day event even though the game itself. You may not realize is only an hour. It's an all day event and part of that is to dating. A one of the reasons a lot of fans around here said they didn't go to the Canadian games is that a lot tailgating. And so they they want that is part of the experience so -- the bills are selling the experience. But then they want -- to the experience to earn more money they're willing to diminish the experience if it turns into more money in the cash register. So all of the body and Tom precious. In the article in the Buffalo News said interrogators -- The Buffalo Bills would like more of your money that's exactly right little off the Buffalo Bills. Would like all of your money let's go to David Lancaster Dave you're on WB again. The server can be on that you know what it's ever gonna happen anywhere near state law is more stronger than Bob wolf though flaw. They're just not gonna change it. -- -- and even if they did anyway nobody's really got to go in the stadium and just an hour earlier that everybody's children are tailgating you know then there as a strong police spartans. In the parking lot because they do walk alone in you know an image or you know people are performing everything that they have to do so -- It it's like a long shot that they would even track. Maybe that's why they present they have the bill presented without bill word buffalo or the word bills even on that. And because they know it's gonna -- on slams that don't wanna be associated with failure. I would shake -- -- came up with something better aside from the -- at all. I mean literally buried playing down that catches with everything about what you bring inside any right now clear bagged another bank. I think I think that -- just you know what does that I get a -- -- field I don't think there's that it has anything to do it. Generating money this is probably just an attention getter because one the spotlight right now all well at all but it's in -- -- or anything. OK I think you're right obviously thank you Dave. It also could be what one of the writers. I always get writer's credit but sometimes I read an article and I don't intend to use that. So I read it Mets and I don't remember every writer for every article. Said that as they're doing evaluation of what the team is worth. One of the things that comes with a team is the concessions. And so maybe they're figuring if they got this. As they could project. More concession revenue. And if they did that it might turn into more money for the team wanted to souls inside that something at least think about. Meanwhile we found out that. If you're taking a lot of pictures of yourself imposing them on line. You could have a man told this order now Tony. Pay strict attention to the show. He hinges on every word that I say every word you say it but occasionally he drifts and get stuff off line while we're talking. And this is one of them vote who who says this is a mental disorder this. Maybe even maybe make a good two topic the EPA the in Chicago the American Psychiatric Association has officially confirm what many people fought all along self these is a mental disorder so. If you take pictures of yourself. And post them online. That some mental disorder if you're not like a model or something and you do it for a living. I've often wondered about things posted online not as a mental disorder -- why is it online. -- three degrees that is even agrees have been okay of -- about forming the three degree. -- the three levels of the disorder are are borderline. Self -- you this is what they call it taking photos of oneself at least three times. A day but not posting them -- social media. Are you well OK so you'd take pictures of yourself just for yourself yeah I guess so. That's called a mirror yeah anybody have wanted to own OK what else in the usually -- in the taken the IR. A -- self fight this sound like Q sulphide uses. Are taking photos of oneself at least three times a day in posting each of the photos are social media us. It's O'Neal who's the program director of star and kids she does that I look at it's obvious that that's what we Q. I Scioscia has acute self me and I think that even if you took a -- -- BQ in Bolivia. Q then this chronic self I'll chronic. Uncontrollable. Urge to take photos of oneself wrong on the clock in posting the photos are social media more than six times a day Mike. Six times a day what you guys are you exert your travel these social media circuit more than I do and I'm always surprised by stuff people post. A there's a lot of food porn on there that's why has done a lot of self before didn't take the picture. A budget does a lot of self please you know your your very -- hear your everywhere it's it's almost like -- chronicle of your life. Yeah and they want you to sit they want you know obviously compliment them. Then you'll have the girlfriend comes out -- -- sense you know matches how beautiful she isn't she wishes she was -- is pretty and then you've got the drooling dogs. -- -- But they never -- pictures of themselves on their with a caption to I look fat in mr. he's in the -- it never drove it because you know if you could answer honestly. -- they would know you are they and do you find it. Amazing development for our country that is obsessed -- -- -- our privacy which we are we should be. That people so willing to give it up on line. I mean that's -- big problem. You know you can't get any information or anything original here does -- what's going on what ocean looks pretty I would -- should be. Why she's that is so and so event I think I'll go and hang out there I mean right fit body you're you're giving our roadmap as to your life when you do it. I doubt about wraps it up I'm gonna go home and take no pictures of myself. I'm -- -- an honorable my mirrors actually we'll see you tomorrow at nine under is right and I thirty WB yeah. -- Local movie which they never -- to music these.

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