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6-12 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A background of the Beijing company's amount questions that should -- arch say give the bills an exemption. To the blue laws so that they would be allowed to sell beer an hour earlier than anybody else in New York State is allowed to. That is a of a bill proposed by your -- you Ryan assemblyman. And what they're saying his it will be more control that way. People come into the stadium. Instead of just laying out their tailgating. Well the NFL talks a good game but they don't want the same as -- talk. They talk about a more family environment they talk about a safer environment all that. Cutting down on drinking cutting down -- -- getting the bottom line is the bottom line it's a business we understand that. But let's not pretend it's about anything else except money. Selling beer in our earlier does not assault. Any of the concerns that the NFL allegedly has for bringing a family to an NFL game they're hypocrites they're phonies. And that's my basic thought. You can finishes equation more beer sales equals watt. Equals what at a -- wanna say. I'm close and personal because I just love it when the local TV stations about an interview anybody. If they're not interviewing a drunken affair and drug -- somebody -- a drunken fan in several of his friends will show up in the picture. There will be in the shot I can tell you that our. There will be video of this story of how -- the lot of people here so selling beer in our earlier doesn't. More regulated. It doesn't make it a more family event it's just -- cash grab that's all it is. Let's go to Mike in -- mar Mike you're on WBM. And oracle bought the lower court like somebody who can use our part beer o'clock in the morning. Shall be partner hamburger or jailed. The partners in on murder and it is a blow out quote rush current Anbar. Or bigger -- there are bills. That for bars and rush current rate net and the liquor stores still they have to wait till. Who but the story this child and eight. Think it's a rare book and tool like at home users around the street view to a I think it's war merely -- -- earned him and is certain. Which are real story. Guy and there's no way they're going to be able to keep track of people we're going groups abided by be remembering -- troops or -- them and that kind of stuff. So that argument doesn't wash. And in nothing about more alcohol consumption. His family friendly let's face you want to do it doable let's not pretend that something it isn't. Are you are never took my -- -- game when they were younger they took legal work anymore and I got older. And a little different. I allowed glare might graduate Tony said Wanda you're at a gaming is some drunk and allows melting plastics boom yet there European and open fire in the we're tungsten and plastic. Four spoons and it's also a lot of stuff and apartment yeah including footballs. And in that was that was actually the game that made in my mind that I would not return to any more bills games now standing in line to use reportage on. And I'm being heckled. For using it instead -- -- storm hammered down yet that's exactly what they're young man not man that you know what I'm done I I have no interest in going back. -- Donald Evans are you -- automatic games I don't go to too many it's expensive number one and the atmosphere is a big pain. I would go to more. But the weather has a lot to do it it's -- for me out like going out and and watchable game if at all. Well yeah like Al Gore Leon if I go like I was at the Bengals game this year and it was October it was nice nice yeah but there are -- December editors crazy effort -- a and big column actually article by a Tom precious in the buffalo in those. He says the is that only bill that -- does -- mention Ralph Wilson Stadium here's how they describe it. It says they don't use the word bills they don't use the word buffalo. The they describe it as an outdoor athletic stadium located in the county of -- -- at least 60000. Fixed seats. So they don't want the bill's name on it. So that's that's the kind of courage the Buffalo Bills I think originated this do you think Ryan one day thought you know what. I bet if the bills to sell beer and our earlier it would be more family oriented I'm going to put the bill before wrote a bit before the legislature here. Now the bills pushed him to do it and they can't even meant to -- cars to mention their own name. The funny thing about that what you just read about how. Door steam OK what if we get into steam that's. That's that's -- bills now and your visit it and change the law they would amended yacht and every point is if you are as the last caller said. If if you are covered by the blue laws why don't you get an exemption. Why not your own business -- I'm in witnesses of course ridiculous. And further up in the article a similar. Bill was proposed W years ago and went on its winds because of the opposition. Now let's see what Scott urged all necessary I mean Scott would be an ideal. Press Secretary for Barack Obama conflict and but but he's got a good job with the bills. We feel this is Scotland is right here. I'm less of it than when I knew it and we feel it could be another step in our continuing efforts to him probe. The game day experience. Yes that's the NFL sells. They are self football and a solid team they sell the experience and I guess part of the experience is getting drunk earlier -- that's part of it. Today it says that we'll address a couple of areas of focus that we have discussed publicly in the past now in the past what he's talking about is. I too much drinking. And that tailgating big big can't say that they don't want tailgating because it would affect the bottom line. People that do it love tailgating okay. The other is -- too much too much liquor. So here's here's the fun part they search your backpacks. They'll searcher -- hollow wooden leg before he can get into the stadium. Make sure gonna bring -- anything -- the once sure and they'll be happy to sell you an hour earlier you figure that one out. It's like the local drug dealers saying -- ordered drugs. You know. Policy of markers sign it says they bills only beer legislation or have a problem getting past he said that similar legislation through -- couple years ago. Was met by resistance from other stadiums. And retailers near the stadiums and that's that's fair I mean a business a law that applies to business. Should apply to all business if it is an applicable law obviously. There's no reason the bill should get an exemption and a mr. and mrs. Jones who along a facility that can't sell until known camp. Pat Galvin is potentially warm to Ryan's proposal but there was also some reservations. We have to be conscious are small businesses that are located in the around the ballpark to make sure there's any changes we need to be fair to everybody and and Galvin is right on that. So I don't know if you favor the U favorite do you have enough game experience now. Or do you need more by another hour of beer inside the stadium. 803 on 93018061692. Through six start I'm thirty you can also go to our FaceBook page if you like will be back after. Yeah I haven't seen film but it's. Speedy Johnson. I've lost much yeah. -- involved. Yeah exactly it beaten now so the. Say what you would like NX all the bills aren't really it's down now they're saying a little bit but it's it's really their mouthpiece. -- you Ryan who's saying. An extra hour to sell beer because and I can understand that here is the actual voice of a bills fan. Who could actually you lose another hour of drinking. -- haven't seen. -- Plus. Plus. -- -- -- and can you imagine how how much clearer they would have been able to express themselves had they had an extra -- drinking come on where's your where's your compassion. Win and Maher Al all of the bills game not less despite with the NFL says that's why would they say. The bottom line is the bottom line make no mistake about that and I'm very pro business but I'm I'm even more anti hypocrite. And I am pro business. Let's go to Hank -- on WB and thanks for holding. Thank you -- and make short comment. I just don't think it's better -- Tibetans around the stadium after all they've played their taxes throughout the year. And I don't bet money including in my opinion to renovate that they don't. Don't make more money so that you thought that the altered the area that they are eleven and 200 page. I don't wanna eat anymore caught the ball -- -- already being. Well -- thank you very specifically and very well stated thank you thank you very much he's right. First of all if there if they're gonna change it for the bills should be changed for everybody. Everybody the bills are in big business. The other people being heard -- probably -- small business but the problem business and they all pay taxes as as a anxious. And there's no reason the bills should be carved out an exemption there's nothing special. About their situation that doesn't apply to others. I -- and the the examples that you are slow. Week. They're better off not bringing up. Any examples they're bringing up those examples. They're prophetic. You get me a good attorney. And it could be you know he could hear those apart and opening statements. That is more controlled atmosphere. -- want you inside the stadium buying. You're beer instead of bringing it with you have a tailgate that's what it's about who we're getting -- -- they've done a good job controlling Detroit's and yeah exactly and and you think in a situation. Where you're in a bar. And the bartender can see everybody yards it's okay you can regulated somewhat they aren't even there it's off of the bars busy okay. Tell me in -- stadium setting. Where you go or group of people and you take turns going up to get the bearded -- know how much beer Labatt oh please. That's a little far -- don't you think. And to talk that talk that the NFL don't you think there are branch of -- Vatican. On how much they care about the family right. It's all to our man because there's nothing the matter is that the -- -- money. -- the arteries and they care about you always you know one has the money. And they want your money to become -- money that's what it is. Showing the money is is what Jerry -- hurt and that's what the bills are saying without saying OK they want another hour. And does somebody and one of the articles and read it may have been a Bucky Gleason somebody who are ready yesterday. Or Tuesday said you know right now. They're doing their research to to propose what the bills might be worth to a new buyer okay. Part of that proposal would be the money associated with concessions. So they can add another hour of beer sales. Eight times a year that would have a substantial. Impact on on how this proposal walks. So maybe they're not doing it to regulate sales or to enhance. Family values it's fair to enhance their own value. And what you see it. It's go out there. It's so apparent that I said before the twelfth man is not a person the twelfth man is a dollar bill. And they bishop put that up there the dollar sign the S with the lines through it -- put that up -- -- -- that we shall know them. Don't try and sell me that Crocker is guess what I haven't been drinking for two hours. And maybe this outlet that the people who have been drinking. But you can't sell it to me and I don't think it's -- -- people -- those stores or establishments can sell anything until known they have to Obey the law what -- makes the bills above the law. I'd like to know that and that would would be interested in that. We love the bills we loved Ralph or we love our Jim Kelly would love our players but this isn't anything to do with any of that -- -- to -- with money. That's it and I have no problem pursuit of money but let's not be phony about it and it's got to be a level playing field when when they don't even have enough balls. To mention the stadium or the team buying team. In the bill that tell you something. What should that tell you. That they don't wanna be associated with it till they get it. They all if it goes down in flames they don't want their name on it got that they have no problem posing to the patriots but they don't want to lose the the legislature. And that's the way that works Chris we have some FaceBook entries -- we do a couple of Eagles. Are variety let's start out with sandy she says no I thought they wanted to make it a family atmosphere. And it's a funny story that this is all servicing the same time and a trial of the guys sliding down the rail and falling -- -- Exactly as somebody said in my email yesterday. Had this happened. You know had they had the ability to do this last year the guy could've fallen on somebody else an hour earlier. So think about like that I mean there are advantages yes if your. An optimistic. Person one -- before -- break this is from Markey says this is not a good idea there to money they could drop for the games are ready and this is just gonna cost more drugs. Why can't people don't have file without being so reckless while that's true and I and the bills care about families. They -- They care about the atmosphere they care about the experience and the experience to you -- might be taking -- in game and all that goes whether it the experience of them Islamic go to the bank on Monday morning. That's all of this is about. 8039301806. On 692 -- six 930 should in New York State given exemption to the bills alone. For the blue laws so that they can sell beer and our earlier on each show home game. More beer at the Ralph do you favor that and if it finishes equation more beer sales equals. One will be back after this. Or hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Well -- only men checking Iran has propose today a bill that would allow of the Buffalo Bills. To load to skirt the blue laws. And have an advantage that nobody else's sells beer has. You have to wait -- known according to the blue -- sell beer on Sunday. The bills wanna do it at 11 AM that seems to go against everything they've been saying in the animal's been saying about making. The experience -- NFL game more family friendly because it's all about the money. And believe me I'm not anti business I'm very pro business but you're gonna do this. You have to do it for everybody. You have to just lift the blue law. That says they can't started to vote and known if there for those 11 o'clock for the bills as she got relevant work for everybody in New York State that it applies to now. Other bills have other choices they can make but -- make any of them because they all involve Mon knee. If you if you need two hours. Four in stadium activity to sell that -- start the game at 20. There -- to do that because there's television network won't let him do it not gonna do that simply because they're not gonna do anything. How about this. Bands are getting -- -- -- do either because people like tailgating and they like that tailgating experience some guys as much as the game experience. Policy. There's a lot of reasons that they could do a lot of things but the main reason is they want more money. -- buy the beer sales are an extra hour and game. That's. A mourner in -- you brought up a great point and how this is more -- less positioning for the sale of the team. Trying to improve the value that was written I think one -- -- like to know propose this to rise in that they need to I just spoke was that the bills that went to him well the bill. -- the Gallup and Al looking Florie sponsor in the senate also have they went to gallop and they went to -- OK okay so they sort of they were trying to get this covered before there. But they don't even have the courage to use the name of that stadium. I mean please. It does not say Ralph Wilson Stadium. It says it's an outdoor athletics stadium located in the county -- very would release 60006. Seats well. A much your brain dead you know which stadium that is OK and if you are brain dead. You can still go and drink for an extra hour -- with the law. You would think New York State would be in favor of eliminating altogether just -- tax revenue purposes well yeah but but they don't and they still haven't there and if I'm a businessman I'm curious if if if the law applies to me it should apply to the bills. Business -- business what the hell why -- why would I've become a second class citizen. Because I don't have a uniform and helmet on TV is that at the bottom line is New York State cracks the whip on businesses all the time. And they may control the line what the hell makes the bills different. Nothing. Nothing. Let's go to Stevenson with Steve says and -- steadier on WB yen. Yes -- I went to look football game quiet season tickets for quite a few years and I was over dressed and I took my to -- my collar and a guy -- on the back of my. -- -- That was a book and there was another incident. And we have to remember how people are off. It's a deck and at the stadium and it's never been solved the farm right here. There was. Opposing fans from another team was murdered at their murder was never solved and I saw another incidence. Where I was correction officer at the time they were beating this guy from Miami up so bad disease started on that but the bills. Then I slipped out of gadget you can watch correction officer yelled they have state police get off the area. So they let him go also I think we don't need all that alcohol. No we don't need an -- but we don't need an extra hour there's a reason why the law enforcement is at the level it is now. I I don't wanna think about an extra hour of beer consumption you're right Steve and I are on the same page thank you very much we all have our stories. Bob that's sort of bank and -- for a while there. We kind of thought that the NFL is on the same page because we said that these games are becoming so rowdy. In the bills admit that one of the -- competitions that they have is the quality of watching the game at home. We have a lot of people have big screens. They have. Surround sound system. They got good sound systems and good screens and that you sit on the -- and privacy of their home without being subjected to a bunch of drunk and lock outs. And they know that that's got -- that's compared competition and actually coming out of the game and you'll notice. I'm that they don't seller as football itself as an experience. It requires you know usual imagination it's more. Then just the game it's getting up early. And getting your makeup on and putting her bills Jersey on. And you've got the and that is driving to the game in anticipation. Flags are -- -- have a smell in the air and as soon as you get there start guzzling blows and then itself of course it used to start with. Hot dogs and hamburgers now it's at least for a king or queen. And then you get in there -- more -- whatever and in the almost forget that the bills lost the game. And it's an experience to hold they deal that's the point an entire day deal but -- experiences -- And they wanna expand it. So when there when they are saying that you know it's it's hurting the game saying it and wanna expand alcohol -- You can't make that sale. They're not together. Why don't they just come out as they don't give a damn about the experience we just want more money in the bottom line you know I'm sure we only had nine billion dollars to share. Enough. You know that's pocket change we can mark we need every -- had a give us everything you have as a matter of fact that's out some precious starts is a column here. Tailgate as VOR in the Buffalo Bills would like more of your money Donald he's wrong the Buffalo Bills like all of your money. And and so that's that so now they're hypocritical. And they're not going to be called out. And not simply not going to be called out by local media. Because local media needs something that they have it's called accessibility. If you're a sports reporter and you have no accessibility. Two of the Buffalo Bills that Europe former sports reporter that's just the way it goes OK this is the way there are. So not know you heard on talk shows like this but here -- a sportscaster. And Augusta they simply aren't because they need that. But the bottom line is we don't need as as a society why and how you think you got 8000 sheriff's deputies at every game. Like there's not enough drinking now we got to add another hour. And to pretend that it's less harmful if they drank in the stadium. That it is in the parking lot less harmful -- what your checkbook. If your -- you're gonna get beer at a cheaper price somewhere else than it then from the concessions and the academy. So varied and the beat goes on this is never change and now. It's always been the same except it's more apparent now is they're getting ready to sell the team they want of a juice up the of the books of it looks like. We can get maximum dollar. A four -- for the team -- -- -- has nothing wrong with profit I'm very much in favor of nothing wrong with business -- love business. But at least be honest if you're honest -- give -- some credit. If you're forming a hypocritical. Phony. Like the bills are in this issue don't even have up balls to put their name on the bill come -- Will be back after this would be. I haven't seen bill that. Speedy Johnson. Cost -- Yeah. Mine -- the right idea about it being now. -- about guys. You know I used to think they were manly men molesting him during the last break Tony says yes I heated up my pizza frying pan. And then Chris says that you have the spray and what are you guys Paula dean rejects or watch -- and imagine where forty of our -- in the -- ban -- that up. I mean that's just the way it goes. Did you really caught in the frying -- yeah and -- they came up I had read that when you wanna warm up pizza define and is biased way yeah microwave makes it's soggy. The other way sometimes or burn it. Yeah in the oven so on the front and so you use it's obviously to the bottom yeah that was 040 no no. And that was via the pizza from Jeffs yes -- -- to finish my spaghetti pizza I shot some -- mine frozen Aaron can hardly wait for that. We're talking about -- the Buffalo Bills. Wanting to sell beer at 11 AM now they approached. -- Jacki Ryan. And asked if he would sponsor visits India they also approached -- Alleman. And had as a man of his mind ideas -- if Diaz we haven't heard about it is as to whether this is a worthy. To give them an exemption. But my question is if you have another business that bound by the blue laws you can't sell the beer until noon. Then indeed why should the bills get an exemption unless everybody gets exemption. Nah I'd wanna change the law that's kind turns off the changer for everybody. Not just the -- not just somebody who has some deep pockets and some political clout. The mom and pop businesses that are -- subject to the blue laws should have the same benefits as the Buffalo Bills -- and it's as simple as that. And I like to know a few things that another hour of selling beer or make anything better at the bills' game. Say they're hypocrites they talk the other side but they walked the side. They talk the talk but the walk is to the bank to check the bank account that's what it is don't pretend it's anything editors and our Chris a couple of more FaceBook ways. This one comes. From Johnny says why should the Buffalo Bills be an exception to state loss was good for the goose is good for the -- began -- I don't like it I don't either. And forgive exact same reason -- more ways this is firm Bryan says I don't have a problem with Vista gives the fans more choice. And it's an -- opportunity for vendors to make a few extra bucks. Well okay that's fine you wanna pay more it's it's like the teachers during that suing the state saying bill depriving you of your right to pay more taxes. You want library Margaret or you're you're an adult does -- you're driving safely home I don't care doesn't bother me what I'm saying is regarding the bills this is they business. This is a business move it's got nothing -- do anything except business. And if they want to step up their beer sales. They maybe they figure there at the maximum now because they can't sell beer and -- -- stay until known meanwhile people in the parking lot. I'm doing the -- doing the tailgating thing guzzling all kinds of -- that they didn't buy there and that's a whole point. That is the whole point. If they want you to drink their beer I don't rather -- stacks up. Dollar wise would be or you would buy somewhere else. But one would guess it's probably price here I should probably getting yeah or else pay cheaper than not really in charge yeah yeah I mean I guess would be that any time you're captive. Whether you're on the -- way or any kind of athletic event that things are gonna cost more than they would. If you were in a general grocery store -- -- shorter. Rubio place. Plus his draft beer which I am not a fan also and I would have been a lot of people like me what's the difference between draft beer in beer and a camera bottle. I don't know what the difference is that due to give you a technical answer I just -- -- -- -- taste -- get a taste different to me is that the year whatever they have to use to get severe Anemia are more air in the bizarre thing down. It's to Jon Stewart John thanks Johns on a cell phone John -- WB edge of the bills get that exemption John. I think everybody should get the exemption and -- -- exemption in the New York they've got to. Gave -- an hour to allow businesses to make more money I'm all for. I hope I don't think it's gonna produce more general I think he ordered to be dropped or be dropped anyway. If anything might have a different effect personal and who are worried about how much money age -- They're going to be able drink cheaper curtail -- that our person going in and spending and the money that they're going be asking for their alcohol. I'm not to go in an hour early I think -- during an hour at least I would be drinking less than it be drinking that not make par or can actually Burke. A lot cheaper then you know I think a couple Beers inside. Well you know you -- have a good point the game starts at 1 o'clock. If you are going there earlier he had a team is warming up and things like that but you're probably going to have more fun in the parking lot tailgating with your friends and -- in the in that situation you brought the beer -- -- And so that's what that's what they're trying to eliminate but I think one answers might be to make that. That our more -- entertaining do something special that -- you're not gonna -- out in the parking lot that might make some cents. Right -- -- it -- extended -- extent that the drink in sight -- and I think that I personally which wrinkle that Michael and site and our earlier. And I would be out at and Mike are. Okay of their day you have no probably growing -- an hour earlier but they want you to buy their stuff thank you John. Yes that thing about electricity if it. Before the game. He could watch warm ups that's fine it's just part of vote what Tennessee but it's not compelling. You're on the park where your friends tossing around enjoying the times journal of anger beer commercial right there. When you're gonna have more fun there and the -- going to be cheaper. So let's see. Now what would make you wanna go into the stadium an hour earlier to bide their beer and have less fun. It's a solid commercial record crop up but not likely a government that's all. The bills say come in in the city of an hour earlier drink are overpriced beer and have less fun. I don't think they're gonna put that on a bumper sticker anytime soon you'd rather be in the parking lot having more fun with cheaper beer -- He's -- -- is is an advertising Tony that's what the world is all about the cell line right there. It's obviously you'd have to be. You know from another planet not to recognize that but maybe they put something in the stadium and make -- -- to go in there. And and spent some time in there about just watching warm ups this news. Yeah but let you know with some of the things that they've added to the stadium with a Wi-Fi -- answer like that maybe you get in there and -- You're getting your fantasy team readying your getting into that hole. Mon sat ten advisors activities on a -- seeds gets a gets situated. Get ready by some souvenirs get swallowed the. Please the more blogs you get the -- governorship by -- I got no problem with commerce. I have no problem with -- business but I do have a problem with ponies and the Buffalo Bills -- phony on this issue. It does not do what they see what they yeah they say it it -- it'll do. Ryan is -- but boy check you rise above board for the team by not even putting their name. Doesn't say buffalo and it it doesn't say bills and it is says Erie county stadium. In a. How much to wield them how much of our money do we all of them I'd like to know that real to a don't -- on Montreal 1806 once there's not your music cyanide that he hasn't lost out for nearly a billion dollars. And that's what made a new stadium another billion dollars but we need more booze money to. We are in insatiable. We are the buffalo. The band is forming a giant dollar sign on the fifty will be back after us.

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