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6-12 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How are all on his major -- he's our guy name metropolis. Wants that by the buffalo bells maybe. He's our Superman now operates out of metropolis them again. And he owns perhaps. Liquor perhaps not a beer and twinkies. About that anybody has twinkies and their portfolios OK we've made. And he could use it as the owner of the valves on telling -- How -- I was twinkies all on the Buffalo Bills look at halftime the band could form a giant twinkies. That that's easy its rectangular very easy creamy filling. Very nice and you could have a whole special section I mean what they have now. They have the van Miller section I -- while McGwire section and they can have the twinkie section in which you you allow -- twinkies to set and then the homo section. They need a bigger section for the follows them it's like he's just saying while it's pretty exciting news but isn't it amazing how we adapt to things. This guy is only worth one point three billion. -- Compared to some of the others of that those are shallow pockets let me just -- -- That's a lot better the arc compared to the other businesses alike shallow pockets not meanwhile. Terry put all I guess need it's a walking around money. So he sold some land so aware of how much -- one point 75 billion I believe which strangely enough. Would be -- think about it like that. -- be enough to buys the bills and build a stadium himself. -- you think about like that I think ominous out some of his land. -- now about the Brazil sign up area one point 75 billion dollars UX. Is worth a lot of though your areas so was so that's that. But today's show is being dedicated to my wonderful look at Lucy. I'm loosening may have already had it perform this morning -- -- and dental work I don't know exactly what time they do it but I didn't -- -- -- yesterday. And I don't know what they're doing I think they're putting caps. There's a -- commercial. I'm on sugar of the order job I'm looking forward to reuniting our meanwhile get back home last night and -- mr. He -- Apple's only true. And Apple's only known the companionship of literacy and so she is walking around my house what more I can tell you that right now. So anyway. Miles children a dedicated to. To -- as they watched a watched part of the -- game last night. And very exciting and when they when they show those though those two blocks that almost got it and now in hockey guys. They never pockets of totally clear the line right correct the back of the pockets -- go over the line yes much like soccer it has to be completely over. Unlike football where you just explain what the plane aggress you watch a lot of hockey do you see many of those that -- back close as they were last night not to Ottawa. Game like that and not usually in in in a match up where it could be that tying goal in the deciding game of the Stanley Cup finals it was incredible while can you imagine if it was the seventh game. And that was shot just before the end of the game while it wouldn't that would never be forgotten it be like when Steve McNair came up yards short of the super boy you be watching that article you're all mad. But it very exciting the problem hockey it's too damn exciting. I can't watch hockey passively. Watch other games passively -- OK game's on the -- baseball's good example that. People do more things while baseball games are on than anything. I am not a -- yard work in the arm all the games councils in the background. Football you know football has burst of excitement but there's a lot of downtime in football aren't but with hockey you can't take your eyes off the script and Ed Ed it's almost like. When I listen to Jenrette calling games he gets so excited to get George. -- -- Stop that only excited after the horn goes off. -- hockey as a very exciting sport to watch so. I'm I'm hoping they at least make a series out of it orders 31 on the go back alleys have been blocked them. Meanwhile. -- guess who showed up. With David Letterman Dave Chappelle casts a ship hasn't been on with Letterman six years. And he walked away from an ultra successful show it's funny because he should know. Not everybody know Dave Chappelle was. The Eagles on the air and takes over the airwaves and it's so good and they sign him to a 25 million dollar contract. And many disappears eclipsing goes through I think it went to a foreign country and it was somewhere an -- left just laughed nobody to figure out why. Now there are guys and women. From time to time there are funny people. They're a very imaginative or funny Chappelle is a genius and I and the reason I say that. Is he went where fuel comedians have ever been if anybody's ever been in his concepts. I think the last one I saw like that was probably. Probably Steve Martin who did different kind of stuff you've not seen that before okay. But was -- his characters were fabulous. And because he was on cable he got a lot of leeway that you wouldn't have a viewer on network. In the concepts that he came up with were fabulous the best concept the ball of course was the blind racist. This guy was an ultra races he hated black people he was blind and nobody ever told them. That he was black. Image stuck concept are always sitting around writers -- thinking that I mean that's. I I I couldn't get enough -- many just went away. I think the race draft was probably already got Kwame is yes you know there were drafting people by race yes and it and it I would have Chinese draft contained plan to cut -- -- -- opt. This is genius. And he is a standup is is great. Now I -- on the -- a little while back and had some problems with hecklers were summaries and then walked off the stage from Boston and all that. But he resigned last night saying come vote -- Dave would Letterman. Saying that they are really quick that show he's just seven years late for work business. If that's funny. So I hope he comes with a regular. A regular show he is going to be a Radio City Music Hall. And he's announced that the rapper now -- is that I pronounce that I guess I'm guessing. You'll probably not guess that a knotted the -- I'm shocked -- yes and as -- join him Monday June when -- show the extent separate. Radio city as a rock cat probably -- -- Dave does more movies. Begins and then well I love his comedy. And he's surrounded himself he had a regular character. Of -- Rick James yes buffalo in the enrich themselves. And whenever. Somebody would question. Anything that either the Rick James character or Rick James themselves said. He was simply say I'm Rick James bitch and that was the end of it that that that -- that that's the hammer you know who was very good -- their program was Eddie Murphy's not yet totally Charlie Murphy is very -- that they had a great cast. Very funny stuff not -- easily offended -- ever. A lot of things that has sent and I wanted to do. While that's shows on at a motor home that had an outside entertainment center. So that you put the awning down today and then there's a TV. That comes out from inside the motor home look at organized and -- the camp farm watch TV if you wanted to. And their campsites were nice but there were pretty close to each other. And she and I both wanted to put on some Dave Chappelle's dvds. To see if we could frighteningly good neighborhood -- is important but are urged to do it because it was a little edgy little -- just a strategy. But I'm glad to see -- -- public again. While. You don't get mines like that anymore I was getting close to it in as far as the concept is the key and peel. That Chris and I have been why that's funny stuff. Yeah and in the kind of you know -- there was -- as far as the concept -- you guys start me on that I'd -- I was not familiar with that work but it's it's very very good and the production dollars to -- sometimes you come -- with good ideas but at the production value isn't there. McConnell loses that but the production value -- those guys excellent. Okay I'll take a break and we'll be back with more -- company under the -- and I'm thirty WB. Or mentioning something that -- -- you can hardly wait to -- to me it sounds -- If you take a marshmallow. Most of Marsha points or roasted management also Marshall were file first okay and what he would do then you hollow out the top of the in the new pork law. Inside. Okay -- visit. As the come true the marshmallow I don't know I've only seen a picture of it found FaceBook last night. And it looks good enough to what I wouldn't it loans through the marshmallow -- or is it like a -- my guess is it would kind of be like a cop but I would and I need a -- yeah miles like two and a shot of cool with them marshmallows until March was okay occasionally toasted. But that's it there are certain things a lot of people like that it's -- -- and vigilant every now circus peanuts for instance. Mean large Jewish -- raw sugar. Now all orange sugar like it was a kid yeah. I liked him as a kid to know but the thing is I was -- -- said via have you had -- lately yes I did and it's and I can't McCain finished one cotton candy corn. As you only see that usually at Halloween yeah out oh yeah album one liked it as a kid I'm those things that are peeps. Hate them. About you Chris peeps candy corn marshmallow circus peanuts you know I'm mount olive marshmallows if you if they're part of light job a recipe like -- yeah okay that is -- -- marshmallows but just have a marshmallow remnants of the opening and -- out. I -- wife makes some spectacular desert you brought and they had marshals. And thank god I think it was green -- or straight whatever was great. So if if that if that and they -- election from mine marshals S mores are good. Yeah the only thing is after after I have this more true. I'd have to sing coma it's by bicycle by among a very good now I I take out a media personality. And we're not going to give you all the information you know always -- Wednesday a famous mean media personality. That you. May have heard of who was so -- He's held out but now he is on FaceBook yes. And the dead giveaway even though he's using a fake name don't you as a -- man you believe that by the -- -- -- But anyway yeah he's a fake name and big big giveaway he could never work undercover as an operative the giveaway is all of his friends -- his own children yes you know why those of electrical room like him. And so that's the reason has to do that. Because you think he's jovial whatever variety is a result work -- -- Why take you always going to be fun monitoring his page to see what his -- put on there as every day is they barter him I'll call eight. Who gets favor all which one you -- in order believe me they make it more a monitor and they watch where the month. -- ghost of a jump. -- I know those were boys their heartbeat away in fitness equipment that's -- it. But that a fake name but we conduit Leo you know I'm -- is. I thought I got the -- request last night and not -- as we work. Because I don't automatically click confirm if they don't have a -- -- investigate this saw a couple names on there that I recognized. That went back to a -- run and there were more names that I recognized and -- noticed wait a minute Euro as their all of the same way and as I remembered what you told me about this gentleman out using a -- name nationalized I knew it was him and I said you know welcome. -- mayor's wife give up her FaceBook page simply because she kept she kept. In contact with people at the news service enable park she just thought the ship was actually docking. She didn't know minutes there's a permanent exhibit and she'd be down there you know the the vote plastic boots and -- changer in the whole thing you know goes reverts back to our view. When you've been here she got rid of the changer now he's got the -- and all -- got closer she can take credit cards -- that -- now I will take a break orbit back Lamar with region company under Israeli and I'm thirty now you can't you can't get the name of that guy out of may -- send me five dollars. And I will reply instantly giving. An address and home well. We'll be back after that. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to me tonight cancel one on WV. -- and aggravating dominate just reminded -- like Shakespeare Delaware park they're celebrating their 39 year of free Shakespeare. Henry the fifth will take center stage June 19 through July 13 it was dead. And the fifth he's going to be like really old orange about making a comeback guy's going to be there. All shows are 730 Tuesday through Sunday and how -- a web address on this that is like eight miles long. Looking at -- you have to send a scouting party had to find the end of the word okay but here's the web address and I'm sure if you're driving you're gonna jot this down. It's Shakespeare in Delaware park dot org. It it it it's about as Shakespeare and Delaware -- guard via okay taken our third nuclear -- out. Be sure to follow them on FaceBook rights and that it's Shakespeare idea I I think one I -- in one Shakespearean play and school. -- greater television theater. Midsummer night's dream played the part of wall. And it's the only Shakespearean art I've ever had in the only when I ever won out to be honest I I did Macbeth and high school did you how -- -- Since then I bet everybody is trying to Duma. That you wash your hands against Rhode -- and on summer and probably -- and who married -- but that's another story now. Says to me knowing my disdain for soccer. Market. -- watch a game has a story and Tony he's had since the baby was born I mean there's no meat of it you know at least we're hockey. You might have the same kind of scores but it's. -- a wall or -- ranked the rank action. I mean hockey's exciting. Soccer is. Moon moon. How can you watch that stuff that is the most popular sport in the world I'd love and I live for the World Cup this is. Next to the support Osama pathetic you are -- while you guys -- -- actually show up next to the Super Bowl is my org sporting event it's every four years which is very sounds familiar doesn't it really die every four years when maybe you longer commute or not progress. Chris is a huge hockey fan but. How about soccer. I'm really -- -- I'll follow the World Cup are comedian and I think it was Jane Moore once said that the reason it doesn't like soccer is you could play the entire game would know goalies and it will be three to. -- -- Every time I've tried to watch a little on television which isn't -- report crimes that are because I wanna say I'll see what other people's and a besides the end when they get to attack each other with sticks and stuff like that the good part. But -- -- during the game I can't stay away that it just does not hold my attention now I know you have the view a world class athlete to play and I understand that. But that doesn't -- and -- is so boring. You know you -- there's the game with in the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you as a fan you helmet in baseball even -- it definitely a hockey helmet if Obama. And so -- a few words. As -- George -- aware that -- -- again what do you think yeah NFL got the fans got the ideas in the face pain in the things like dance and soccer well of the of the better parts of -- files or do you think I'm. I Manchester United and exactly. All right let's say it again here. That bells are so hypocrite well I mean they really are the Buffalo Bills. I love football I don't watching football longer than you have I guarantee you that pro football I love pro I love -- a fellow of the bills. But so phony. Here's the reason how many times that we heard. -- -- Vienna I was really concerned about rowdy as them too much drinking. Too many problems with too much liquor. He has said the tailgating although it started off as a nice little play it's getting out of hand. Make sure there's more security here. Unless people being on the ground in and vote your vote on display these are what you like as a footballer cutting back on the that's part one part two is -- Shelby error an hour earlier on Sunday because we can hardly wait to service. The Buffalo Bills are are working to get a via a bill made -- into law that would exempt them. Just down by the way. From the blue laws the laws of New -- they -- you can't zone like that until noon but they're saying. And this is this is hopeful this itself -- We wants our selling an hour earlier so we can regulate. It. The same people would say. You know what. I let my underage kid drink but I'd let him drank in the house where I can regulate it oh please. -- give me a break they want more money. And as to angles of this one was the original but that we can all have as they just want more money that wanna suck the last patio Western -- The other areas I read in a column which makes sense in one of the it is difficult -- maybe a Tom precious. Who wrote it. -- from the buffalo knows who said you now they're doing via a valuation. Now. On what the team is worth doing prospective new owner. And one of the things evaluation will be concessions. Now if you can take what away sick let's just pick a number 60000 people. I don't know what percentage of those would have beer but a large percentage -- but if you can sell them. -- and our earlier and you could before that raises the raises the value of the team and we'll get even more money for the Buffalo Bills. It's just ridiculous and and -- hearing yesterday. That assemblyman Sean Ryan was sponsoring this who's trying to get a cosponsor said that now one as a vote. Airtime there were aware of and that the preposterous. Position. It's preposterous. That it really promotes a more family environment. -- Like Ozzy Osborne and you know in the middle of his career saying who's working for the Audubon society is is butting heads of birds. I mean c'mon let's let's be serious you want more money at and I would appreciate the honesty. You know instead of having Sean Ryan act as the but boy for the bills which is what's happening now I would just like the bills the owns -- you know what. We need more money. We just don't have enough you know other big republics Ralph bought for 25000 dollars themselves for 750 to a billion. And you know the team stays or he may have been built a new stadium is another billion but more money. We need more money we wanna sell -- an hour earlier so let me get -- to the media article point comeback by -- -- And get your opinion as to whether you think New York's they should give the bills. An exemption -- be the only one by the way and that they don't even they don't even say Ralph Wilson Stadium they describe it. -- -- A lot of this does -- with a loss that take all the losses on the field and yet but it's not not in the press and now the rest. More -- at the Ralph do you favorite do you favor opening the taps an hour earlier mines that are known 11 am. Because you know line I think your constitutional rights are being you have a right to remain drunk during the entire bill's experience. In fact that's part of the growth experiences. Getting so will be back with that and more on his -- thirty W via the questions. Should new York state of the bills an exemption. To the blue law. The bills have been the only one the other the other people -- so -- bear forget it just the bills. No beer sales on Sunday. Until known that's -- the losses now they want an exemption. More beer at the Ralph where you're in favor of that and then finish this equation. More beer sales equals. On the black and yesterday it was really funny we didn't do this is subject of the story broke. And I got an email from a guy -- permitted because it was very funny. It's that I I'm glad the story about the bills wanting to sell more beer broke on the same day as the guy being tried for falling out of the upper deck on the lower deck. And so somebody. Said imagine if the bills had. At this exemption -- last year this guy could've fallen out of his seat an hour earlier and -- and that's got to look at look at via the advances as well as. Let's go to Sheila in Hamburg it was Sheila -- a real issue. I'm. You favor a more -- at the routes. -- -- got exactly they tell you one thing -- may do another that's typical load as a typical of the way they play there. Not at navy say it's a more controlled environment that's baloney. All right so you know again I'm ever read -- -- and here's the deal they say well. It's a phony business. It's a controlled environment as you know our vendors have to keep track and we can't over -- view. Well let me get this right now -- that this is just a wild crazy thought you go to the game with three of difference okay. The first round friend number one goes up and buys them. The second round -- number goes up and buys them the third round number three and Barbara oh. And that he -- a -- front camera -- only for a second bear. Tell me how they do that I'd like to know at a bar it's easy you can -- him. At the stadium holds a 67000. B what do ago you. We have so many people going all there's no way of knowing -- is going to know if somebody's been up there for the first second or pigs. That clearly Boston their ballots shall beer and looking at faces and remembering an alleged much of a water -- -- growing on the under your nose that I can remember you you're lucky if even -- DU. It was the first person on earth ever say if your water just growing up in the amounts. -- -- -- Our -- it's it's here's what it is we want more money that's all it's about we want more money. And then here's some suggestions that rebels by the way. If the problem is too many people are ten gating and that's what they seem to insinuate. And there outside the stadium and not in the -- yet what you do a couple of things. And -- banned tailgating. -- -- You'd think they'd consider that no way. It is too much edits to my big a part of the NFL experience the second is if you want people in the gates sooner. So they can enjoy the NFL experienced -- suggested an early admission charge. Instead of you know instead of the usual rate if you get into the stadium an hour ahead of time. Maybe get a discount would they do that no because it's all about the money show me the money it's never enough. It's -- their insatiable. They want every last dime that you had. And that's that that's -- that tone that argument that crap that is it's going to help the family environment. That. They actually paying people about the Ralph to come up with stuff like that I hope not because it's a joke. All right here's the judges -- -- by a Tom precious. Tailgate they warrant the Buffalo Bills would like more of your money. You're right Tom that's exactly right -- beer money to be precise. There are pushing a a piece of legislation. That would permit them and them alone by the way they alone. To sell beer at eleven instead -- noon the general purpose. It's. A bit. The general purpose. Is to restore some of the family environment. To the student. Not thing. Nothing makes a family closer together than excessive drinking. I'm thinking that's the furor they are going to therapist far. Table going to edit a far we're all close or what Morris washing -- drunk and -- I think if that's induced. That's even better -- giving that's not enough on your way to your car. It gave me an extra hour to do -- all right at that really restores the family environment. The other general purpose is to restore some of the family environment to the stadium and downgrade a little bit of the emphasis on tailgating said. Assembly men -- you Ryan I'm calling him -- because with that kind of dialogue you're gonna laugh. He is a buffalo Democrat no kidding. I'll I'll might earlier a beer sales promoter family environment it would provide. A more controls environment for beer consumption that might exit -- might exist with the tailgating tradition. Is he saying it's going well lemons and people are drinking or in jail and right and we've Scalia authorities let's see if there's a great deal. Bills fan back to the -- there seemed to have a taste of beer before known on Sundays no -- the assembly bills. Applies only to the Buffalo Bills stadium -- the -- buffalo and bills are not on it. Okay it's applies and it applies to quote even have the balls to put the name of the stadium on there okay here's what it says. It applies to quote an outdoor athletic stadium located in the count -- vary with at least 60000 fixed seats. Wonder what that is. Let's run down the G -- of a sports guys -- any of them milk as they know a lot of -- sports what could that pretty is that he sees each. I'm not sure is that mag leave me so maybe it's Niagara falls new artificial -- all my goodness this is a surprised. And what if they pass this and they find out later that its bills stadium I'm. Is and that's a sham. This is just she am this is shameless. Okay. I think of that spot is die hard tail gators might. Might on a cold day come in an hour earlier and find new options. Berisha burrowing in Needham related reasons this is amazing. I don't produces more comeback meanwhile my ribs my ribs they're killing me thank your check Iran. For supplying us with needed laughter. We'll be back remarks should be New York State Legislature given it an exception. Let people must not apply to the Buffalo Bills so they can sell bigger at eleven is that I know and more beer sales equals Y we'll tell you would come back.

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