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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Father's Day Gifts - CEA Spokesman Jim Barry

Father's Day Gifts - CEA Spokesman Jim Barry

Jun 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jim -- is joining us this morning he's our go to gadget guy consumer electronic association spokesman. Talking about some Father's Day gift ideas Jim good morning. Good morning -- and it's always fun to talk with you give us something about dads and gadgets. You know. -- -- -- And they make great gifts -- you know a good note also prices keep going down so to monitor -- arguments -- They can find some. Some cool stuff you're one of the hottest trends right now -- all these wearable. Devices like wrist bands that are activity trackers like the -- bit. By a couple of different versions of these a lot of them under a hundred dollars will. If you wanna -- McConnell -- a couple of pounds you can put a program American just tractors that sort it. The calories -- used -- with the miles that you walked and also how you slept. How many times you've got not smaller kind of special of the pretty cool wearable they've done in the workout -- you can also get some of these arm -- One -- Scotia rhythm isn't just lots of them again using 5060 bucks or so that we'll do your heartbeat and your pulse rate while you're. Working out. And then some great wireless Bluetooth. Speakers or headset that's one of the other -- and there's. A couple years you have all those plug in docking station -- -- -- -- -- stuff. Now it's wireless. So you can get a Bluetooth speaker the one called speak up it's really cool it looks like a large coffee cup. Designed to go in the cup holder in Europe are pretty synchronize your phone -- and you've got you are the Bluetooth that you can get a new cars. They've gotten older car this will do it -- it. Speaking of cars as anything changed in GPS or is. My as my -- GPS still the same old GPS that that we get today. What you get the getting better and really the standalone GPS is the march was stolen on those by their GPS in the Smartphone -- more than. -- -- -- Most of us using that you can get the standalone GPS and a lot of them will have you know from the the company that we're familiar with like garment that will happen in many cases. More updated. More updated features and also there are using those satellites and not necessarily using. The phone system that your phone would be used in subsequent to a place by that I mean a place where you're not getting your phone's signal. You may you'd be better off with the standalone GPS. What else are Smartphones I mean that's it we're seeing many changes they're thinking Amazon's coming out with one next week or so. Well they they say that and at Amazon today and even Mozilla who. Firefox. Web browser is talking about that would very inexpensive on the interesting thing about all these days for all those years. That would -- say you know they would get smaller phones every year now they're getting bigger. The five in five and a half and sticks and even that pick and I'm LG reflects the one would be OLEDs green and abandon it. That all leads to the rumor that the next iPhone coming out a little later this year but I guess it will be -- will probably be five and a half inch screen. Because of the success of the bigger screen on particularly the Samsung in the LG with those five and -- Hey -- it's always fun thanks for the ideas. Great happy father's they'd all of that stuff. And happy father's studio that's Jim -- Consumer Electronics Association spokesman.

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