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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>OJ Murders: 20 Years Later - KNX Reporter Pete Demetriou

OJ Murders: 20 Years Later - KNX Reporter Pete Demetriou

Jun 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Twenty years ago was called the trial of the century OJ Simpson arrested. After being charged with the June 121994. Murders of his ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. It all started in Brentwood outside Los Angeles in 1994. On this day. And our next guest was there on the scene that day -- next reporter Pete Demetriou is with us on the WB and Nightline good morning sir. This is one of those stories I would imagine no reporter ever forgets. No we don't you see a lot of things when you're almost reachable essentials all the radio report homicide is not unusual. Billion this formal -- you were talking a lot of Brentwood California real -- -- treat very wealthy area secure areas. If you're all the sudden you had a man and a woman literally worked. Left outside the walkway at a condominium just saw Bundy drive -- very very very nice area. And when you all of a sudden have that than people the packaged together all of this is the ex wife of OJ Simpson when all the -- never -- it'll interest you're willing to overdrive. You know. OJ. Went from a greeting ex husband to suspect. Basically beyond the idea of getting the bodies. Quote shall -- your question who -- -- shall cherish each term due to Chicago. And then later flew back that -- and everything charmed all would play only four detectives Turk. Then come back to Walter and we'll -- talks with police actually sat down and what you bought without turning. That's when everything began to come together to detect virtually the only people -- -- -- he's convinced. What they have a prime suspect in -- man that everyone in America. -- -- like or admire virtual football players screen actor. That you spoke to someone who is against friendly and cultural empirical -- with him. They were -- coupled with the idea of accomplishment in my -- -- for a double murder. And yet police on the scene that day had him at least on their radar screens. They had them on the radar screen and you would anybody there were also the absence of the corporations that OJ Simpson and a crier. History of domestic -- and what it's about when that article. In general -- -- a police and public as it is now. That part of a factor involved on this you have to look at who while. Found -- permanent file is hold almost suddenly begin to start looking at things and political speak and start popping up. When you had a blood from the bronco that he used into the house. Leading the way but going from the -- -- in the house all of a sudden change from we have an expose your shall we wanna talk to. True we have a possible suspect here because of the eleventh there -- seen as alt -- Aniston all happened depth quickly in and day I mean the murders were twenty years ago today but it was several days later that. They need nation watched the slow speed chase with a bronco right. That tried to police that want to literally interviewed mr. Simpson he would call and it was putting together -- -- Matching the inconsistencies. In his statement to police. Alone with a surgical evidently at the time. Blood evidence the other little bloody glove. Determination little on the -- social activity in the hours and minutes. Following the time were the crime happened that'll certainly want to bring that question -- suddenly wasn't there. He was a fugitive in the -- -- award for double murder. That's on the ball coach retreat in the and I have an -- -- -- that -- out of -- productions office. And what Bob Shapiro slop toward the attorneys almost Accenture. And we crude and our coaches was going on -- they were only -- up reading most these suicide no harsh politically Charlie suicide local consumption. The question is if he's coming up -- William Ford Bronco would he seek out behind the wheel where's he gonna go on the Portuguese legal counsel Iraqi. I took it gets a rocky and I wound up there and literally swallowed up in the middle of a totally forty yards away from OJ Simpson watch YouTube binoculars. And Leo that we talked about a -- go by almost didn't get there. You're vulnerable back and a -- And while I almost parked my car also three LAPD swat and pushed. Stepped out of proportion. They were wrested guilty -- and had you're fifteen. And political -- recognize is that chief can easily come in here get out of the way they don't -- my -- car which was a white bronco -- year. -- And you mentioned a defense attorney Robert Kardashian an indicator of how times have changed twenty years ago he was the only Karen -- and we knew about. Yeah usually connection that anyone knew or cared about because you're -- to negotiate substantial -- family became marketed became. Also -- famous or infamous you take your car. The famous serving famous I -- I think so that's probably about it for this to -- In some -- change perceptions of how murder cases were tried. Socially how the media was people want them. The only loss came close but you know -- world. It is literally turn the idea of life courtroom coverage into a staple of broadcast news and a -- in some -- of -- and that. And I lit a spark a whole generation of people whose. Literally there's right now actually covering up criminal trials and the comedy -- all of the actions of investigators detectives and prosecutors. And do our profile -- -- you to talk about. Can see that the talk about it -- -- you want. But -- is basically started with poetry. -- -- the idea of a celebrity court trial. And quickly -- as the trial unfolded all the police activity the possible motives of detective mark -- all of that was called into question. Was there anything different or any role there on the scene that day that foreshadowed anything for you. Not really it was not a question of how much human torch collected knew what it was all going to be put together usually. It's it's interesting you want respect people who older wasn't that much evidence. There was -- morning. The detective who will easily detectable level -- local matter -- world. Told me later that when they collected all have evidence of war began piling up more to do. Being put together with the statement church and some -- inconsistency. The HT mobile world Tomlin told me we had 437. -- -- at that point actually tore ample James Simpson. As a murderer nobody else. This will occasionally jury and locate where the police were called in to go out there -- look at the police were probable not the other. -- great stories this morning thanks for sharing. That's can ex reporter Pete Demetriou he was on the scene twenty years ago today the murder scene of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

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