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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Teacher Tenure - Jenny Sedlis

Teacher Tenure - Jenny Sedlis

Jun 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The fight over teacher tenure it's not just California. On their blog this morning the group students first and -- say quote. The ruling pushes the reset button on a twisted reality that protects adults at the expense of kids. Student first New York executive director Jenny said Lewis is with us now on the WB and live on good morning Jenny. Not -- I read into that quote and think that you folks are ready to launch the fight here. Well look I think -- block hitting California. Won't demand from our reexamination. We are you the right to our young New Yorkers. And we need a new battle here equal education and what they've lost its. -- it is good for the poor -- minority children should not have been able to teacher -- and it's important in New York to really take a hard look at the laws are pre dawn on us from keeping them are effective teachers and removing the leak. Is Ted something that's only offered. In education and teaching and an -- is this available or any other profession you can think of. Cool in New York aren't teaching somewhere in -- third year. Armed ally is becoming increasingly difficult to remove even probationary teachers that you are not yet earned their -- Or he can step back and say what really asked for -- it won't say and how can launch terrible they don't have a good teacher but you're right. -- construction to teaching -- wound is black. In different amounts compassion in your counterpart even called it in Akron. A lot of the discussion over common core and standardized testing looks at this whole idea of annual performance review. New York State for the past two years has had a system that they're trying to build that little weed out bad teachers does that make a fight against tenure remote for you. And -- -- -- because he's pop culture here in New York hate. Winger and ineffective teaching sharks are pro capital to expand that into teaching profession. And won't Laura and I are protecting the local former. And even more is -- strong -- about me and in the state you've got he won't really determined Q. -- on the teacher from being terminated. But if annual performance review could bounce a teacher after two years. Does does the whole idea of tenure being a bad thing disappear. -- -- in New York State about. 30% of our kids are reading on grade level yet full scale evaluation and found that only one -- that teachers are in the track at. And delightful employ -- evaluation. Form an art direction they don't think -- yet figured out how we can really want to buy. Teach ensure an effective and I don't think that the prospects for the removing them from the classroom in Orange. BD or it should be. We news spoke with the head of the buffalo teachers union this morning who was defending tenure saying that it really only guarantees due process for them but. And in arguing that it doesn't guarantee a job for life but the aides say the latter. -- can you give her his -- -- rates and job protections. By children -- have right and not child should not be forced to happen in the future and -- global body pit stop right. Do we believe that children should have equal -- Q opportunity. And that's what having a great teaching diet and it's been -- and have a commitment to ensuring matter kit only have the best teacher and -- Do you see your group filing a lawsuit or may be joining the California group that did so out there. For a lot of New York are looking very closely at what nine great and I think he can't. And are examining whether -- opportunity here in New York. Let's keep this thing. So that's -- no. Or is that a yes would you guys file suit. Well look I can get really parent and kid who has been able to show harm. By an effect teachers. -- would outlaw it here in New York I think a lot of groups -- kicking a hard look at law at the luckier you are sushi. Whether there and more African -- All right thanks so much for your time this morning. About great cap that's Jennifer said -- executive director of students first and why.

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