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6-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- with the third. Hole. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of look it's it's -- it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your finish. -- -- -- -- Guess what day it is. Guess what day it is and it's live talk and I know you can hear -- it's local hot Tom Tom hourly. On news radio 930 all and yeah yeah. WB. Well well well done. I'm glad you spent five hours or so that we can run once a late night all right -- it. It is ten minutes after five and buy -- review and yes I think you know what -- -- is Anna thanks to Michael to Poodle for a sitting in for me yesterday. And it's just listen to lessen the show and then. The rest of the time of course -- it's like we're going to a concert and a I wanna know what. -- two things. I'm leaving it up to you guys as to whether I should be hard or soft whether I should be serious or. Not so serious. -- sometimes especially a rainy day I don't know where your act is for your head space is concerned. So my serious question is. Not what you guys decide -- My serious question is. If you were the country's doctor. And the United States of America walked through the door and said it's time provide physical. Would you -- the United States to be in good health with a long life ahead a long healthy life ahead. Or would you say. That you have somebody driving here today because. We haven't talked about maybe -- putting your peers in order yeah. So is the United States in good health or bad health long life. Or maybe it's already did not know. And I heard Kathy what they're calling it a Rush Limbaugh show today. And I have to echo what she said folks I will not name names. And try to and it is understand this I. I'm simply reporting on conversations I have without naming the people with whom I've of the conversations. I have spoken with. Norris. Saying that people. Because we all -- that I'm in saying you -- over. Tom I've spoken with many. Saying. Reputable people who don't go to hedonism -- Who'll have totally the same thing. They think the country is lost. But they're afraid to even speak up or become politically active because they don't trust what the government will do to screw them. Either to discredit them. To take him with the IRS. Or whatever. And they have said you know what. Basically. I'm such and such years old. I have such and such time left on this planet. And you know what there's nothing I can do among most fight a guerrilla. I'm not gonna speak up I don't wanna rock the boat. IA I'm not constitute event where. All I ask is that you have my back it's all past. I don't believe you can trust this government I believe this government is a rogue government. It's out of control it is illegal it engages in consistently. Unlawful acts that defy the constitution. -- abrogate the bill of rights. And that screw you. And don't take it started with Barack Obama he has hit the accelerator and put the pedal to the medal. Started -- before Barack Obama. And to my everlasting shame folks I supported the Patriot Act. Never. Have I made it worst decision in my life. Well. Across stress or I didn't -- but never ever I've made another worst decision in my life. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Little humor starlet thirty on the cellphone 180616. WBE yen. I'm not going to shut up. They'll have to kill me or discredit me I will not shut up. I I'm not built that. I love my country into which there was born too much. That when I see people who were destroying it intentionally. All odds are fundamentally. Transforming. America. Cowboy cal Hitler fundamentally transformed Germany. I'm good -- to my dying breath call these bastards out. Without. Any fears. Talk to David Sylvia about my fear. Talked to David -- About courage. Talked to David duke Sylvia about me. When you see David. He knows of what I -- it. And I am not made with that filters. Nor MI may. To be a client individual. Who when he sees the bill of rights. Trampled. The rule of law -- blatantly violated hell even Rush Limbaugh folks if he's not crazy even Rush Limbaugh. All the state of the union the state of the cool. Now. Folks. He might say that with a laugh. But that's pretty key. Shall we say. Straw. And the reason Rush Limbaugh called it the state of the cool it being the state of the union. And why I call this rogue government. Out of control. And why I will. Not be silenced on S. Is because I am right. That is why. Because racist. Stuff because. I think that. The president is liberal. I think this country is heading toward an already is in part a totalitarian. All knowing all seeing the all powerful all in your face and in your business government. And the rule of law whether it is the invasion and our southern borders which is going unchecked. Whether it is. Guns. Whether it is the separation. Of powers in three separate co equal branches of government. You do have to understand. The constitution. Is being. Used as a depository for various bodily wastes. And it was right out there in the open folks. It was said by your president mr. hope and change mr. fundamentally transform America. He just told the world in the State of the Union Address in January. That you might as well consider the constitution and the separation of powers Null and void. Rush Limbaugh called state of the -- Michael Savage believes is I believe that this country is now -- fascist country and that Obama is a de facto dictator. And after that Hillary will be a de facto dictator. This is what the president said folks I told you at the time. And I will keep hammering this until they either get me off the year. -- or otherwise shut -- The constitution is dead. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. You understand. And if you want a recent example event folks. The burden -- case. And egregious. Violation. Of the law. The president violated. A law he himself signed a year ago. Do you not grasp the significance of that. And the way they have spun it is disgraceful. We were in a year of -- Bell's life. Well you know what screw -- at all. He defected to the enemy willingly. Six Americans died. In a search for a guy who turned out to be a deserter -- the best and at the worst. A collaborator. With the -- We exchanged for one. Guy like that. Five Taliban big shots. And the further -- you know off at once said the bigger the lie the more people believe. Harry Truman used to point that out. And -- media says to you insult your intelligence by saying well despite what those Republican. Rhetoric people are sending these Taliban guys that -- don't pose a threat to America. Basic logic would tell you that if they posed no threat to America they would have been released a long time ago. Without any prisoner swap. Does anybody think critically anymore. Sadly. Not too many people do. I didn't wake up until then -- say fully I was somewhat slumbering. And -- all due respect to my colleagues and I don't think we gain anything by tearing each other apart. Savage understands. The gravity of the situation he gets an idea. Sean and rush. They're still. Not fully grasping at the gravity. Of what is going on. There's still hung up on this Republican vs Democrat thing in too many cases they're not getting it. -- they don't understand. It. How serious it is because it is so beyond belief. That in such a short period of time a freedom loving people can allow other country to become a dumping ground. For central and South America. That it can be illegally invaded. That a president can unilaterally say he doesn't need no stake in the legislature he doesn't need no stake in congress he's gonna do what he wants to do. Oh of course whenever he can help the American people. -- in adversary. To consolidate my power to make it bigger better government they don't come out and say that it's always to help the children. For the children. -- to help the American family. -- If I were physician I don't think you want my diagnosis. But I'm gonna give it here. If I were physician. I'd be on the phone to the funeral home right now saying by a patient has died. Please come get about it. Let's find out what's going out of traffic right now -- -- Eric Eric Clapton I'm thinking Eric Clapton forgot -- here's Alan Harris no relation to the Alan Parsons project Allen. Guys and it's raining. In most parts of Western New York right now out of that rain and where you are. Count your blessings are showers and thunderstorms tonight the overnight low 67 at tomorrow's going to be cloudy it's going to be humid it's gonna be mosquito whether. You know there's skeeter nevermind a couple of showers and heavy thunderstorm tomorrow and a 79 periodically breaking news John -- be lyrics unexpectedly. It's torture or two rats and no disrespect intended for people with accurate or 81 degrees -- news -- 930 WB yeah. My serious topic is. You were giving America a physical. In what health do you pronounce. My. Happy ending topic which start early because I generally certainly happy -- way too late in that I make you pay for the extra half hour. I mean not that that's ever happened to me but I'm just say hypothetically. Might not serious topic news you were going to a concert pet peeve. And if you didn't hear my monologue earlier I'll. Restate one of the biggest annoyances to and he. After 530 right now let's go to -- to the south towns on WB a -- thank you for holding but at least read this brilliant man on the radio to whom to listen so it's finally your turn to talk. Go. Right. Enjoy yourself and thank you so much but I can't it was an actor. And I sent it was the United States it's -- -- answer. And stage. Well what are your old Europe via. Can be made and people are really. Meant. And point -- people -- and then I. Well and they. Had. One of the year here. -- I think OK I have to interrupt you. And with all due respect I know Sean Hannity I love Sean Hannity I did never -- rushed and over communicated. Two -- with rush. I think they don't get the reality. Of the situation because it is so far beyond belief that's why. I agree. It's just unbelievable. It's out there because I grew up. Indeed the sixties and retired now and that my answer ever got to really see. What we had growing. And our grandchildren. And it's a preacher heart and I know my idea is that -- you know Bernard graves because he's seen what's going -- and you know he was just so much what what this country and -- appreciate it. And served in the military but here we aren't you what do we do you think they can do is try to -- other people lock hands. I don't get any other suggestion the -- Do you know what else -- on hold down through the news. Because I did you think about -- Did you hear earlier when I told you bet a number of people whose names you would know who were prominent. Basically our steered to speak up because of repercussions they could face from the government. Did you merely mentioned that. Okay I'm -- and look folks I don't like I tell you the truth I do protect people I know. Because of confidentiality. Of our communication. These are people you would know. They are -- -- literally afraid of their own government I'm not making that up I'm not wearing tin foil hat nor am -- insane delusion. I'm pretty hot actually. But hold on route we'll talk years after the news -- Israel and thirty WB yen -- -- 58 but he is sexy. And he talks about himself in the third person which also makes -- -- Move them. Already 530 or -- -- -- thirty WB yen by the way that's so -- got a flight was out just around the time I was getting into radio. And you're all these years later and it'll still waiting for my tenure. Which don't have. Folks would you even want a job recently it. We wanna job that you're guaranteed. Unless you're really really really screwed up and slapped with a nine -- When you're really a lot of jobs. Personal assistants but which you really want a job. Where you were accountable for what you did used to guarantee gained. We're product. Seriously. With respect unlock the guy who always is after teachers on my program. I'm a -- Teachers. For the most part when I went through the Canton system. But somehow this entitlement mentality. That the unions have engendered in many of their members. Escapes me. Because I don't care where you work. You are measured every single day -- productivity. You were measured every single -- how well you do your job. City beach referenced on his show this morning at fifteen weeks 5050. Weeks out of the years. We are in what they call. Ratings periods. Fifty weeks of the year. Now. I don't know quite how to tell you this there are so many variables that can affect. That particular metric of this business that are totally out of our control. Totally out of our control. Sometimes you get great bumps sometimes you get -- bumps. But -- I wouldn't wanna go to work and every day just know Pedro. Job no matter what I do or how whites and how -- -- or editor and he made it. Your products that I wanna be I wouldn't want that. Because -- have no incentive. My handset that is fear of running from creditors. And my -- -- falling off that's my career. Dumb and dumber reference of those. Now -- two topics. I'd like to kind of eased into -- happy ending. You're concert -- peeps. -- I was well I've got mine but what -- accurate the south now she's on the serious side of things on WB yet so anyway it's doctor Ruth. -- we've werder an -- medical doctors agree. The United States is a patient comes at your office and you've already told us that you believe this country is in stage four cancer and is Johnny -- pointed out there is no stage five. So what are I don't know. What do we do. We need to awaken a sleeping at night as well we need to do. And the American people and of people all arcane and I'm. I realize that people are afraid and I do believe -- I'm here went through because. Many deeper apps I'm estimating here they kept a -- -- You know why -- why. -- Deep streak against and then seeing it for. It doesn't make any -- You know what I have thought the same thing ever since that decision I wonder what they have on Roberts. I mean look folks you know it by the labor of I have to interrupt you again. If you think. That people in power do not keep files on people they regard as possible threats to quote national security you do not live in the real world I would strongly suggest -- educating yourself on. Of the FBI which is a branch of the Department of Justice. Whoever held onto his job for decades you know why he had dossier is on the dirty. Filthy secrets of anybody who was that all important in America and nobody wanted to mess -- And if you think that doesn't happen today you are so naive there's all four. Right. I'd I'd get a big party which a little bit different spin on some of the things that's going on right now in the past couple years. It is with -- -- urea a an Obama. You know you know despite heated Allen and about. Now. And you go to bank Nazi you go to CI Herat and all these other issues that he'd -- but no -- -- -- can -- from the new eight. And he's the smartest man in America at least we were told that in if you lose the one -- Oprah Winfrey the one we've been waiting here. But anyways about that the kinetic teenager. And it's an -- -- -- you -- the earth and they might get away with that. After that you'll -- -- that it would that heat -- And need to really obviously you think are stupid that we -- figured that. Tragically most people are ignorant stupid but they're not paying attention -- -- right because they gained. It thinking critically takes work it takes a working knowledge of history and apply the lessons of history to the present that most Americans can't do that that's my job. Right. My I don't know it's it's -- really. Will. It is an idea I wish I had the answer for you but if the but you know what. Something I've maintained a long time. Since 1983. When I made the original statement and many people gave me help -- that house I was like yeah. Twenty year old talk show host. And I remember saying people get the kind of government they deserve and specifically talked about the people behind the iron curtain and Poland under communism. And I -- people deserve the government they get. All people did not wanna hear that it's just happen to be truth and inconvenient truth but a truth. Then along came Lech Walesa to prove my theory. All right reply I guess that's -- -- you get up. For yourself Schneider. And do things well -- Ruth Lola thank you and you know what -- Here's here's here's your job your job is to have the back of everybody who speaks the truth that your job. Everybody who speaks the truth if they start getting screwed with you've got to be aware. Of what's going on in this country and see it for what it is. All right thank thank you very much and you know what. I have thought that for years ever since that health care decision came out I wonder what they have on judge chief Justice Roberts. I wonder what they have on him. Because that is not the decision I would have expected from John Roberts. It's almost like somebody set a it sure is some interest in videos we have a view. We want to show you some pictures are we take -- there. Check out these text messages -- intercepted. We just want to let you know we have them it just you know. You don't have to threaten anybody he just say you know we all these out there and we just felt you should know that they're out there. Suddenly. Healthcare is the law. In if you think politics is in blood sport you're naive. I don't -- -- -- up folks I'm telling you this for years it's blood sport power is intoxicating. Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely if -- as there is nothing new under the sun and if you think that the United States. Cannot be. Cannot turn cannot change into a different kind of country that the country you were told it was. You don't know your history and you don't know human nature. I encourage you to seek the truth. And there's a buildings or Virginia that says the truth shall set you free. We need more people. Speaking and listening and spreading the truth and more people awake. That's my serious subject my day. So serious subject but it sure estimate -- If by you my FaceBook page. You'll see a picture I took of Paula don't last night. -- all John -- Collectively known together as Hall & -- starting how that works. They've been around for a long time now -- one of those -- periodically they get together than they split them they get together than they split. I don't -- figure that their portfolios mustard on down that's where they reunited you know build back up the bank account but that's just my idea business side coming out. In any event they put on an incredible show at our park. I have to tell. That I put. Whole notes almost in the same category as I would put up. I never in a gazillion years thought I would have the chance to see. Hall & -- in the concert I knew there ever ever ever thought it would happen. No no way. And have the opportunity to go last night. And days were clearly. Relishing the moment. Today loved -- park it was obvious that the now. The problems with concerts of course are -- Wheaties to whip up their cell phones to you know. Record everything at her concert there. Not that I. The head. Well I don't know how all that even got on my phone -- it's almost like somebody went five minutes ago. That. Yeah. -- but I plead guilty I took about ten pictures animated. Six videos. Usually thirty seconds -- the song because I wanted just a record. Back to reflect back upon what I thought about my close encounters with all of -- as a member of the audience. I didn't watch the entire show to herself on what's the point. But we all have things -- -- noise is about concerts and you know what one thing I've learned about. You guys are so. Serious about concerts. You guys remember every show to which you have ever been we're use how wise and the annoying people around you. Do you have things that drive you up a bowl. That audience members do at concerts. And I just won this year something with you from last night and very specific about this illegal one Beers. But the phrase this as a question. Joseph beamer could not get tickets for Hall & -- He had the opportunity but the tickets were available until 615 last night. And it was just impossible for -- to get there in time. But he would. Is dying to see all notes to Joseph Lieber Hall & -- are -- almost The Beatles. He couldn't get a ticket because it was sold out. Riddle me this. Why. Would you go to a concert. And spend it. Most of the time at the concert. With you were back to the stage. Talking to your friends. Loudly enough I might add that the people buy you had a hard time hearing the music. Now that's some. Why. I don't sometimes folks I just don't understand human nature. If you spend that money to drive to Lewiston. The pain in the -- the park the walking to art park. Why would you not then want to enjoy. The concert. Listen. To the music watch two of rock and roll's greatest performers. In eight re union concert. The first show of their tour. Why would you sit there and talk. With her girlfriends. With your back at this stage. And he missed the show. -- -- -- -- That the people -- are you actually had to say if you're gonna keep talking would you be so kind as to move we can't hear that. Why. I don't get it. Is it just the me generation. It's all about me nobody else in the world matters is that part of seriously. It's not the end of the world I get that. I know the world is not going to come to an end over this but it's a lifestyle topic. It's what I might call a happy ending. Why go to a concert if all you're gonna do is keep your back to the stage and yet loudly with your girlfriend go to coffee shop. Leave the tickets for somebody actually wanted to see the bad like Joseph -- It's astonishing to me. By the way. If you weren't listening earlier all all I give the law enforcement types in -- and an eight. For getting traffic out of Lewiston I think they were great. The only problem wars. The grounds of -- park. Whoever was directing. Traffic at one of the lots. Held up the pre existing line of traffic that would be the one I was in. Held it up literally for twenty minutes we did not -- I can't even count the number of cars he let out of the lot. Twenty minutes folks of cars leaving the lot without any movement in the line that was already there. Somebody needs to tell they. Person that. You'll let ten cars out you'll let ten in the line and advance you let ten cars out you'll let ten cars in the line advance it's not brain surgery. That what you keep everybody moving. It almost became comical. And I dare not say anything because. Well. You. I'm a man of peace. I didn't even swear. I may have leaned my head out the window and said. Sir perhaps every ten car as you could let us move to. I don't think the ego but overall. I gotta tell I was expecting a giant cluster. I really wants it was only an hour to get all my thought it was going to be a midnight there are 8030930. WB yen. Talk to me. There and sometimes pavlik their hit runner's recent of these fake accounts reduce your trolling -- quickly delete the -- samples. Here's the AccuWeather forecast and WBE and for tonight cloudy a couple of showers and thunderstorms 67. Tomorrow cloudy and humid a couple of showers and a heavy thunderstorm 79 right now Joey gets. 76 with rain up by the way do you see any issues with the traffic about which we need to know. Paulus start my thirties -- recall. Boring -- traffic outline but if it's that bad to call us. All right talking about what bothers you about concerts I can't stand when people go to a concert and they don't even pay attention what the hell's going on onstage at one point my voice dripping with sarcasm it's -- well there's your gonna down there here's bill bill hello. -- -- today so I went through that. And they left numbers -- band. Good these on the lower part program upon. And like a dagger at the each row looking in between that and the people in front yes. Of course the people but that they were like there for an early. In great part. And you're back in the pocket they shall meet other pitchers and so I couldn't beat -- that it could work together and okay hold on don't wanna. Consider this the good news is Steely Dan is coming to the Seneca Niagara casino if they can August. So you'll have a chance to -- a whole lot -- -- gonna wanna continue this because that is definitely a pet peeve of mine not to mention the people who stand up who don't sit down like. Nobody behind me. Or the people six with six to insist -- standing through the entire show like at the front of the stage really.

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