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6-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. With. That. Hole. And welcome to the New -- -- they -- be extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one pond with an assault rifle. No. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom hourly Colin. Went up. -- -- and I could have got -- right and welcome. It's live its local capital. We'll we'll looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the -- for herpes and and 930 W yeah. -- The -- but that hangover. That is to be counted very favorite movie I've there's nothing like brain dead. As far as I'm concerned for entertainment. And I actually had three times don't you ever forget that so speaking Obama's very bright and that's why I can call it Obama's so well. It's at ten minutes after actually that's -- it that's not a correct statement. In fact an -- -- this beach yesterday again. Add that I mentioned that everyone sandy beaches shows you can listen to at WB and dot com every one of our Buffalo's early news interviews you can listen to -- WBBM dot com. Every show with the inferior sake host me you can listen to at WB EN dot com. But anyway. I'll woman called and to sandy. And said sandy. President Obama is not inept. He is doing exactly what he wants it destroying. America. And the sandy it was like you know what you're right I had that same call the say the same call a different caller. Last week and you know what that is the proper prism through which to view this administration. And I make no apologies on this one folks this administration hates America when it said it wanna do fundamentally change America. Did you not grasp the significance I did I told you I did and for my efforts to try to educate I was called a racist. Not progressive -- you obviously. Obviously. Don't think your manhood is big enough that you just don't want a black man at the White House. It's stupid. Because if that were true. Why would I very much enjoyed Ben -- positions Thomas -- positions. And why -- -- -- this thing for Clarence Thomas the -- black guys. Oh and they all happen to be saved at the same side pretty much as I am on most of the issues doctor Walter Williams there are many black men. To whom I looked up as role models. Total giving rich baloney. About. Racism. That's what coward's way out and it's the liberal Nazis liberal folks you know I think liberals along one -- got a bad name. I cannot believe I'm saying -- But. Folks there are great classical American liberals and I have names some of them like -- off lunch. Whose name by Paul pipes -- right every time measurement. And they basically were our conscience. Okay. Sometimes. They were a balance against some of the more extreme elements on the other side. I guess it depends on who's in power there was a time if you remember when crime was on the rise in the 1970s. And many people on our side -- about civil rights. OK we -- our criminal civil rights. How -- or throw it up that conviction because their rights were violated. It's that. Well we all care about the rights of the victim. But we also we -- all here about -- with. The bill of rights which covers everybody even accused criminals. And classic American liberals. -- my friends. Have maintained all along or at least until Obama. The sanctity of our constitution and I we owe them a debt of gratitude. And I don't mean to send some reviewed cardiac arrest. But I'm glad there is an American Civil Liberties Union. I'll say it one more time and I hope I don't lose many listeners over this but I hope you understand from where I'm coming. I'm glad there is an American Civil Liberties Union. Because we need legally trained people to guard all of our rights not the -- agreed with every decision. Or every position of course not. I believe illegal invaders into America should be set the hell hole I don't think they deserve any rights. Because they're not citizens they're not us they do not represent us. But. Somebody once told me sooner or later everybody needs the ACLU yes even conservative or -- need the ACLU. I don't agree with all of their positions I'm not supposed to. But folks I think their hearts. At least historically. Were in the right place in a lot of cases. Remember the only speech that needs protection is controversial speech. Never forget those Woertz. Because if -- speech with which everybody agrees. You don't need to protect it. But if -- speech. That is controversial it makes people bit uncomfortable that needs protection. And of course that is when the government any government is most likely to -- drop. -- look at the Todd. We have a way with words folks you have to admit and I encourage you to see Henry the fifth Shakespeare in the park. And how to get the Todd in just one moment back give it up top Joey you're just pot on -- wanted to up so we can at least know the going rate to a our folks those of you who do not know the story of Henry the fifth. Basically Henry the fifth. Was prince Hal. In the previous Henry the fourth part one part -- And he was a waste as a young man in Shakespeare's place I -- and -- during their dramatic rendering is not true histories. But Henry the fifth that play. That is that is the speech many warriors quote we fuel. We band of Brothers that's the play from which that counts. Those of you familiar with the movie tombstone remember when the flamboyant homosexual. Actor was on stage at the birdcage theater in tombstone the guy wearing the red silk shirt and a black ants. And it. You'll remember the words from the movie tombstone there. This day shell Betsy thought a forty today that shows that blood with me Shelby and my brother. Being -- so vile this day shall gentle his condition and gentlemen. In England now a bed shall think themselves a curse that they were not here and hold their man who it's cheap. -- any speaks that fought -- us upon saint Chris Wednesday. To watch tombstone the movie that is the player from which that guy it was -- And that's work curly bill says it screw tape and -- started shooting at the stage. By the way also like FaceBook page. You'll see a real -- arrest apparently somebody thought he was curly bill brochures cops arrested is due respect for shooting at the moon. Which by the way it was a real life occurrence in real life tombstone Arizona curly bill -- -- shot at the moon the sheriff. An incompetent. Thought he could negotiate with curly bill. Tried to grab -- goals weapon. And -- -- inadvertently shot this year and eventually sure died of his wounds. And by the way the sheriff on his death bed said don't blame curly bill I grabbed the -- it it's my fault which I thought was. Very noble. To basically to savor guy's neck and your deathbed because hey I grabbed begun a -- it too hard shot -- -- in the nuts. That -- in -- encouraged. Our let's go to love which is interest in because nuts are really native to tombstone they had to be imported from elsewhere but he was -- prescriptions leased or flattered the story. Here's -- store at Todd thanks for holding through the brilliant you're on hello. No problem aid to report -- and everything are kept here they look -- we. It is it's it's the outside -- it's still the one who has lived in my garage and certainly I'm only human. And I told the vet the vet has already unnoticed to get the combat Europe. -- I appreciate your thoughts I'd given her a great life. It over the winter focal yup I love it -- -- every time it got the low twenties or over eighty she came in the house in the basement. -- anyways are your thoughts. So it's a follow up to ten years you the question -- come -- how -- -- originated on the net the system about to my knowledge and pretty sure they can all of the if you research -- My understanding. But tenure was that it was originated. In the university settings specifically in more research university -- accepting -- would -- UB we've got researchers. That are doing things. Better nontraditional I mean as persecution does happen and academia it happened a lot on the look it is obviously Galileo. I asked Michael philosophical about that forgive my interruption but he's a local professor who's a conservative who -- all kinds real. Yeah that that. It would open -- test history to actually. Our problem -- That the trick the trick with it was. I mean everybody can the Galileo Austrian church and actually -- to -- and faculty there was a period. About the Juliet centric model like we saw how well that we're. Helio Helio centric means the sun is the center of the universe. Correct he added yeah sorry -- didn't anyway. The idea tenure came out so that when researchers being in the science and liberal arts where we're. Worst thing -- eight years that were controversial. And new you know like Obama says he likes. This controversial. New ideas. Person that would not lose his job that you think -- -- Now unfortunately. What happened with ten years is eager to carry over new smaller colleges. We're really doing driving -- your obviously your public cares but. He's the -- -- the border or. An issue when he didn't in the school system like a school. And how much all -- so it goes in and looking to use the same system and it's. If you're trying to keep the student reading writing and arithmetic. You wouldn't be saying anything controversial. He shouldn't be seeing anything that need to be protected controversial speech. The ideas -- to begin -- And patent on completely. Out of control and now you have a privileged class. That unlike you -- are -- to go to work everyday and some of the teachers don't lilac and -- and I was very lucky -- -- going votes in the -- You know what I wanna continue this thought because I -- I true I. I mean I I am not an enemy of teachers I love that most of my teachers and most of my teachers loved little comedy. Some most of them do -- gym teacher student but that's another story for another day. He was mean to me let's go to traffic right now we're always nice to Alan Harris well at least to his face -- what's up. Al Elena just get accused last night and that's what I said to the person with whom I went to the concert we need Alabama radio all night. And as you know we think you were the cat's meow so thank you for being their always. All right it is AccuWeather about WBM cloudy tonight now expect a couple of showers and thunderstorms overnight low 67. Tomorrow is going to be cloudy and sticky a couple of showers and a heavy thunderstorm. Tomorrow. Which will be most unpleasant for your dog or -- You know how your dog or cat gets during thunder actually -- a cat loves. She's like totally of the thunderstorms she's weird 79 the high right now Joseph what's 81 still news -- 930 WB yet it has hourly. And again -- thank you guys for being a part of my life and I really appreciate it part of your life. And what really really really really means a lot to me. Are the people who send email saying Tom. I am a black conservative. Thank you for not stereotyping. I get emails from people I -- a transgendered. Conservative. Thank you for not stereo -- I'm buying I'm homosexual. What ever. You are welcome. Because oddly enough you're an individual with individual political beliefs and many of you feel like outsiders. You might be homosexual what you don't want anything with the gay lobby because it's a cover for a left wing lobby. Well I love you guys too and those emails mean so much to me because conservative areas come in every color every shape. Every city and out every every ideology but every a religious persuasion. We all are united in our love of freedom and the United States which did not need fundamental transformation. Back at -- in east were talking about tenure in the history of tenure originally to protect controversial university professors from being politically. X one glitzy a disposable. If they went where they shouldn't have gone like Galileo folks today we know he was right back in the day he was lucky not to have been burned at the -- -- has been a radical teachings. Dragic and a little bit unfortunate part does it's. -- -- I -- year. You're a club forward talked about nurse does not intend to -- correct person don't have tenure and certainly -- now actually I'm pretty. Different we have a performance speech thing you can apply -- terrible iron you don't want somebody that can be protected at the screw up shortly for negligence. Order. They came into bunker or whatever however. Now we have things like it when you spend more money to put student threw the book what city schools and camps. The kind of record. In terms of passing that they have in the school that not to be able. That's I mean -- public record. When you have people spending more per student and you spend nickel. We're leaking in the equally protect people. That are clearly not getting the result now whatever the reason for those results are obviously debatable parents and for whatever but the -- to protect public health bill. You know I. The question for your time. I have a question -- would you want a job where you were virtually guaranteed. Not to be fired because I would do not I need to be at the top of my game every day. Certainly at the station mallet and now I am very much in the same place that you are where it's very much younger I -- -- Well I think a lot of time in school to become a type of teacher and I don't wanna go into my personal history all but. There was the. That's okay it was summer camp but it was only once it was a long time ago. All right hometown and pull out a minute we'll get to or vacation is I would say anyway all on we will be back its hourly. We're talking about ten years. And this ruling in California's system in California to unconstitutional all it does is screw children out of the great education also. Here's another question you -- position you -- giving America a physical. What are your diagnosis are we in good shape or are we terminal. When America turns its led to the left and coughs. What do you feel on WB here. I know. Sorry. I really like these guys. Yeah there -- holes is one hell of a songwriter. -- out -- his voice. Out of geneticist but. They he kind of took it down. In a few now we took it down a little bit because we can't do. As many of the high notes as he used to do which is very common with singers reference. Listen to a recent Paul McCartney performs its. And that's not a slam under -- because he's an amazingly talented man. And what a hell of a show ones. And I just. You know there are certain people you just never expect to see in concert I never thought I'd have a chance to see all the -- I laughed at my brother in the eighties when he saw -- -- it. You sauce you sell all of notes. I question his manhood and total budget nasty things to him question his sexual reference com. And there was last night like a school girl. Your tastes change over time. You duke appeared that this Scott Murphy Paul notes with a lot of the one hit wonders we have today which itself is an accomplishment. And you realize the amazing talent of all the notes. And yes even American soldiers in Afghanistan like hall -- -- because there's always that there's a -- gonna talk about the guys in Afghanistan are pretty important. They know I loved him they listen to my -- on line. And the reason I love our American soldiers is because their men and women who like the same things we like it says that they've got courage to fight. That's what makes them special. I don't put a pedestal -- don't wanna be on the pedestal. That's a whole ploy eyes. Seriously and every veteran every combat veteran with whom I've ever spoken has said Tom thank you for getting us thank you. Because they get so uncomfortable when people put those post on FaceBook or call in talk shows. Regularly deal -- -- James Gandolfini -- Tony Soprano died. Yeah because oddly enough the guys were in Afghanistan. Fighting the Taliban probably the -- -- Obama just released. On notre Carter for the next year of course. They like The Sopranos too. We don't have a warrior ninja class in America we have citizens who joined. To defend. What used to be a free country and I hope at some point it is again. Military we will need your help for 36 at WBE end. Let's get back -- Todd in east or talk about teacher tenure in California. Teacher tenure has been found unconstitutional. Why. You know what for once I can actually say. It's for the children without sarcasm losing for my it's because the California court basically said tenured teachers who don't have to worry about getting whacked because they're totally incompetent. Are not fair to kids who need to be educated. But Todd please -- And it's the year you're you're getting the right point community. That the problem -- the tenure system is a problem with any kind of security system that you -- with with -- things. What happened is. High performers -- and performers ranks with the super driven keeping it that you didn't want a tenured job that you wouldn't get motivated. I wouldn't want 810 don't go to I would not want a tenured radio job because what is the point I can -- every day for the next forty years -- just read a different Shakespeare play out loud every day. Oh by the way all I would make it awesome. You can ask -- this are you guessed by former English teacher dale adults who no longer is pedals but. I used to do that in class because I wanted to practice reading out loud so last period of the day if nobody would volunteer to read I do the whole -- play -- different voices seriously. That I -- so an -- like we wish we shall and we went up a situation like that. That we brought in -- problems where people that the performers are always going to be performers the stars will always shine that's what's -- deal. The problem and that there are people that are gonna get into the system that are going to milk it to death. I mean we we -- story after story as I hate that are on specifically there about the public school system but. But they're given that he and well. It's just over and all over and over running into problems and people that are victimized took kept. Because even now. To decide the kid wants to get out -- feelings school it's became apparent that don't care at all. Rights to a the point -- this is. Somebody's gotta say he -- it means to you profession that has. That generation he used to at one point in time when people that they were teacher people warcraft. Now. I'm not so sure that all -- indicate. It depends on where people are what you're dealing with a quiet. Anyway so I mean I I think I don't know how they're gonna type the civil rights in California which is an interest in conflict of interest for that. That the liberal drenched me get in which one that we can fight for the union or the civil rights cause that's probably you'd think confidence -- right. And the other issue too for California and the southwestern states is because this rogue criminal administration is allowing these southern invasion of America and I know while Michael Savage was talking about this last night Michael Savage revelers arsenic more more sent to retirement listened to him. I wish you wouldn't be so hard on Sean and rush because there's no reason for us to pick each other apart. But it made the point. Who in the hell is -- educate. These illegals who's gonna pay for their drugs who's gonna pay for their medicine's who's gonna pay for the necessities of life look in the mirror you will. And what this administration is not doing is criminal it is a rogue administration we no longer have the rule of law in America we have fascism. I agree completely I mean there's there's. It's outlets really good sources to talk at the minute you don't like book mentioned and mentioned one. Time. Well there's a really good book by -- Jonah Goldberg called liberal fascism. Really talks about it's it's a fantastic. Book. I've met -- in a New York City about ten years ago he's about. I've sent a private forty years old. Actually go out to street and it really -- in American history that talked about I mean. Let other people would cost eight is I mean it's just that this idea -- whole goal. Control making. The government but religion speak really I mean I can't quite. Religion by their nature don't look at -- in their eighth state they're doing the same thing and they want the same -- well lead to. Oh cool I -- and that Gary had about bashing religion one period buried -- -- hateful purse. -- religion all you want is one unbelievable. I -- I -- old school. Very traditional Catholic we had eight children we go to all the I don't put passage in the. I see her rhythm method worked well for Rihanna NFP. Well -- well look I love -- I -- my Catholic listeners and you know then I -- defend the Catholic Church christianity Judaism how well the -- every religion with equal ferocity I'll defend atheism with porosity. You could do that I mean it's the ear here I would that I mean that it's just that that's the -- that we live and that's what we believe that. However. Eight I believe corporate -- -- -- -- -- this world domination idea the secular. At this -- that can take over and it's. Fighting -- and the -- political circle. I think -- is become active public education. Because what happened there is it to getting completely the wrong idea of a number of different. Actually the whole thing what I hit students. When I was teaching our that would come into political plot to eclipse of the is that optional. That is the question that they do not have to take two people at the political interest of the ticket right to comment to the quarters. -- -- to twenty people like three people with the emperor we read the constitution bill of rights declaration of independence is that the problem. -- That is. That's disgraceful. You know what -- You know it's it's -- go ahead I'm sorry I don't wanna interrupt you -- I don't want to -- they -- being a mirror image of being put me. He deservedly in my place is Deb from East Aurora I think that are amber. No no no and I actually get to your -- -- I love talking to you but you're you're you're reform and the ten years you. Isn't he and it's working lately California -- out. Maybe -- -- Because it's the serious problem and actually get what we're using couldn't it would not it would not have an Obama regime. Weed out and indoctrinated. Laps then it doesn't really know any of their history -- no -- -- believing different ideals. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know you're like married and as strict Catholic but would you marry me because I thought they were like dancers that were like -- intellectual soul mates because this is what -- been preaching I -- Look people that I love and respect it's a time -- -- way too negative about the United States. And I have to tell you I don't take positions -- That I do my research I know my history. I am very dead on when I predict things as trends as societal trends and I've got a history going back to the 1980s of nailing stuff. Absolutely -- I see what's happening I try to communicate what's happening I try to put it into a historical context and framework I try my best edge and I have to take -- -- sometimes I know you've experienced this -- gets frustrating. Trying pitch teach somebody how to use a four to eat soup. Problem yes it's a little prospect. But you do what you can do and the -- as we go back to logic and you know. And certainly. It I am sorry. -- I'm sorry -- would you say logic I'm reminded of the local newspapers piece on the release of the Taliban prisoners in exchange for -- deserter despite. Republican. Rhetoric. Released prisoners likely posed no threat. To which the obvious answer to anybody with a basic sense of logic is if they work threats why the F worthy and get go to begin the whip hello all does anybody think anymore. Did they really don't don't don't look for. You know the big Eric Alec looks but I like comic book with more believable superhero about what it. -- Our total -- I don't read newspaper it's gonna be different thanks very much. All right so -- I'm thirty start 93180616. WB EM. What's an energy or you cringing at the very all the computer locked up. -- Go out what they like to do that and it worked well guess they're saying that the bigger cover in the air -- thing right we have the audio. We don't have the -- so they're talking about it but we -- of the audio of him talking about it. But they'll tell us that there's a special report coming up right now. Alerting us to the fact that he's speaking even though we don't have the audio that we adhere to our audience our folks I'm sorry idea. Yeah. Eric Cantor up by the way folks. You know the Tea Party. Encourage. Eric Cantor. Was defeated. By an economics professor. Who call him out. The rebel. Beat the establishment candidate in the Republican primary. I only hope. That this is a prologue. To what is about to happen in America. And folks. And I know I also pissed people off than many people I love and respect. When I say there's. And again folks I don't say things lightly but I cannot back up we're gonna do monopoly. And I don't hander I think that's pretty obvious. I. Cannot stand. What the Republican Party has become. It isn't a loyal opposition anymore. It is neutered. It is a bunch of -- ponds and if you don't go to -- on is looking up see AP ON here's a hit. It's a male chicken without testicles. And there's a reason why you come off but I don't feel like getting into that has nothing to do with the worst quarter in it and I bet. I'm 8030 my thirty I had a funny joke I'd tell -- like the one I told about the Erie county fair last year but. The enjoyment of a paycheck care keeps me from myself all right so tenure has come up today folks. Teacher tenure in California. It's been found unconstitutional. Because what you keep teachers on the job or incompetent oddly enough kids receive an inferior education. I am not somebody who -- features you'll not hear -- doing there. I think teaching is a noble profession. I've had great teachers in my life or I would not be the person I am today. However. Some teachers I believe are so out of touch. What I -- teachers say well I believe -- as a teacher I should earn -- -- brain surgeon makes. Telling them. As a teacher I believe I should make -- doctor earns. I'm sorry really. Are you really think there. Folks in any society. There are. -- -- What you earn. Is a function of the marketplace. Relative to how many people can do. Your job the availability of candidates with the qualifications. Now Alicia really tied into the former buffalo school board votes still we're actually. You have to -- qualifications to get -- a lot to get jobs there's a lot of people out there with qualifications. And with all due respect to my beloved teacher friends -- -- -- -- -- brain -- news because there are far fewer brain surgeons then there are teachers. All right I'm sorry that it just doesn't work that. Talk show host absolutely should make what brain surgeons are. Well there's not many people can pull off well. But you know what guess what the fact that we're not tenured. The do you think that I don't to show Oprah. You know why do show prep. Because I need to be sharp every single day is what committee here and let you down. -- a little myself down. Tenure would be the worst thing ever from. I don't know about you but I would probably say screw it I'm Elliott and today I'm gonna read Henry the flip out -- a W media. If you editor fortune -- -- Mary -- the computer lock up well I've been we've got a Specter get up. Today it's going to be a cloudy tonight a couple of showers and thunderstorms 67. Don't worry joke you have tenure nothing can happen all right I've got tenure read into -- -- -- -- -- drop the F bomb goes by job. Bailey cloudy and -- a couple of showers and heavy thunderstorm tomorrow yes heavy thunderstorm tomorrow lovely. And 79 actually hate to say we can kind of used the ring and she read -- still 81 degrees at news radio 930 WB EM. Anyway all the 24 selling in my FaceBook page asked me to describe what it sounded like. I will describe it it compared to today's aircraft to -- do in the touch and goes at buffalo Niagara or at the year reserve -- based. These out of a B 24. Is sharper. But it is still might see if that makes sense it's a sharper sound. Than today's but it still mighty and one of my FaceBook posters really sent chills up my arms saying can you imagine. 100. Of those B twenty -- flying in that formation. Answer. Awesome. And probably not good if you're on the ground and high oil brought in Germany. And -- -- here as well actually I after. What's happened with Michelle this is ridiculous are coming up -- -- spent some time focusing in on your assessment as a citizen doctor. The United States and its health. You are giving America the USA a physical are we in great shape we're gonna have a long life. Or do you see us as. You might wanna consider getting your affairs in order. Turner had left and -- 8030 like thirty WB -- the spurs that jingle JOG.

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