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6-11 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tell all alone is -- dominated let's see what's had a similar men's name Shockey Ryan is a check -- Ryan because I just heard the interview. And tomatoes stand up couldn't have been fun here to be honest we have. The bells wanna sell beer earlier so they can enhance the family atmosphere. Are all mad and I may have a good laugh especially this early in the morning that is a big governor and I'm sandy beach I have a news story here. The Buffalo Bills are pushing for new law that would allow them to start selling beer during home games an hour earlier. According to the office of assemblyman shaky Ryan. He's not really as he schalke is is -- famous comedian in Las Vegas and everybody that I think is like a funny as a stand up by a culture. Been volatile all the bills to start selling at 11 AM for of 1 PM game under current law the can't sell until known and -- those of the blue laws the liquor stores canceled saloons stadium cancel its -- ultimate. According to Ryan's office the logic for the bill is that selling beer in a stadium will provided more. Controlled environment. For alcoholic consumption. As opposed to tailgating outside of Ralph Wilson Stadium what that means is hey Bob Bob. Els -- that's how are we getting our cut of Beers sold every place and -- am -- -- I mean come on she's. -- you know have for both of you who know don't don't have never dealt with the of the bubble builds or the National Football League and that's a whole different animals. How bout this for a concept. If you want a two hour window why don't you start the game at 20. There are gonna do that because the NFL won't do it then I'm gonna do that because these networks on duet. Nobody will do that say so they expect New York to change its laws to accommodate them. So all these years where liquor stores if you come in at one minute to twelve they can't sell you when he -- -- the wait around for that one minute all of those liquor stores taking him a short while the bills say. Know buy more from us that's how it is it's that's -- -- does. And up it doesn't it would don't know what it's like dealing with the National Football League and you think it's all peaches and cream. -- now Chris you that you saw an article of from a Minneapolis newspaper. Stating some of their requirements if you're going to host the Super Bowl yet it was a huge. Report a 153. Pages in Minneapolis just got the super ball. And some other newspaper got a hold of it and published you actually read all 153 page report if you want. Out of first time we ever saw one clauses like this was. We don't want any brown Eminem's in our backstage candy display remember that that's what has started -- -- where some promoter would actually have to go out and and buy bags of -- and have some clunky remove the brown ones are I remember that. And that we'd see an artist contracts strange request. Of things that you had to have the floor. The artist would go on and in some cases the artist didn't go on. Chuck Berry was famous war if you don't have the cash he doesn't get on the stage you'll pay him after -- -- finale you pay him before he sings the first note. And that's the way it is and he walked out of vote on many occasions where they didn't have ago and that's that give us an idea what that some of the requirements are if the NFL says yes. You can host a Super Bowl. The NFL controller receive 100%. Of revenues from all ticket sales including ticket sales -- and in addition the NFL must have exclusive access to all club seats so they get all of the money. I can't it's ever -- on ambiguous -- -- -- -- what else use of presidential suites at the city's finest hotels at no cost -- either somebody has to pay the hotel people they have that just throw it in for freight. Their finest presidential suites. I don't know how many presidential -- we haven't buffalo but whatever it is they have to be given that the NFL additional costs. Exemption for municipal county and state taxes above that how -- that. Well slave away and pay top dollar got to get a bottled water and an NFL game. They don't wanna pay taxes on anything to do with a Super Bowl I mean that's in -- More able to make so probably who thanked well Libya big economic shot in the arm for hope. 40 certainly not Florida State or for the municipality. Annabel preferred ATMs install throughout the stadium and the removal of the ATMs that quote conflict with preferred payment service on quote. So well. The team can be doing business with somebody for years and years and years and of the super ball comes up they gonna take there -- -- machines out and put the machines in that are favorable to -- this is -- if it's. I I'd -- believable when it's. Just remarkable what else. 35003. Parking spaces thirty do we have 35000. For -- says. We would have to build parking spaces and leave the mentally to get them to Vienna ballot that was a ball. Donna has been would have a heart attack if he thought we had to add. Parking spaces at the -- -- we can get 35000 parties' bases with some -- in Batavia. It's a -- it's like. And so long -- everything else is that a about it here is this will be the last one free promotional space in newspapers and from radio stations were quote the end of the experience -- -- as well as free use of billboards throughout the city -- -- That's unbelievable so they want free television free radio and free billboards. Everything free when they come to town so you say what the hell's that element. What what are the what are you get out. Bit if all of those things and that's just an example he says the 150. Some pages long. What does the community yet just the ability to say we have a super well that's -- I mean it's unbelievable. Not worth it yeah there really isn't so when you hear. When you hear about all this stuff with the National Football League all you think about as the team all I think about is the business side and that's the business -- Gee I wonder a couple of I was on yesterday for Barley right yes did that he announced that Donald Trump's gonna -- the area. By the bills or is that gonna change anything that we -- you know oddly enough somebody tweet yesterday that the that you heard that Donald Trump was out of the running OJ OB a surprise when I checked I didn't. Find this virus open here with a T on. It's alive really fancy it's -- like a gold colored rapper. And it's got a big local. Like a logo type of T -- It's one of the bar don't counsel could make it could be in for a little -- hot little hand management during the show. Anyway. Let's talk about today when we come back. I don't know who this woman is but I'd like demeanor and Longview Texas on newsletter and I'm thirty we RW via. And speaking of to Opel and eight Brent -- is mentioned though -- Brenda is bites. In an article today India Buffalo News in the taste section. I'm never found -- -- -- six and there -- -- tasteless session that's world if you but they talk about her new show on 1520. At 1030 on Sunday mornings and now she reviews restaurants or whatever so that's good that's good and everybody's. Following Brenda and if you wanna know everything that Brenda. As ever eaten its online someone explain her things in. I've been out there where does your husband several time many times actually. And and she whips the goal all fall not gonna take a picture. I just wolf that down it's gone it's you put on the table it's garbage -- they bring in lighting people you know -- -- director tech -- -- ready to -- low ball. At a picnic it's kind of fun. She posted an interest in one and I know she's done it before in the passcode is our -- Came up to 20 Brenda was eating Ethiopian -- ice. That the other night now if you do well. If somebody gives you a word and you give them the first thing you think -- when you hear that word okay. If you say Ethiopian. I'm bringing famine because that's the one that's the thing I remember right but I saw that dish that she is positive development of famine type -- committees and now it looks fast -- and she's invited me to go out to dinner unfortunately and -- time but to add something I would -- -- Would -- just -- to see what it's like have you ever noticed that there's one kind of food nobody nobody talks about. Irish. Nobody says hey let's go out for Irish tonight you know they -- us over polish let's go for germ Iran. Let's go toward Italian house over Chinese. Greek great certainly India and there's a lot of but nobody. As ever said let's go up for Irish so I mean there's a there's a market Roberts -- -- Now I don't know who this woman news. But I -- Meagher and I'll tell you why she posed as a teenager. A sophomore in high school and they found out that she wasn't eligible to be a sophomore in high school. And they are accused her of failure to identify. Another words I guess if you prevent present false documents are present yourself as something or not it's illegal in Longview Texas. She's gonna have 85 days in jail as -- -- agreement now she posed as a sophomore. Now I'm think I'm a sophomore is probably a fifteen right actors graduate. -- some a little early some -- okay. She poses a fifteen Euro she's 34. Now I don't know many 34 -- actually I don't moment there before Europe's period but. I don't know many that look fifteen. They've never met one now -- -- asking you -- think made. So I I don't know -- -- what she did to make herself look fifteen. But one would wonder about I'm thinking and that's that's pretty good impersonation -- -- impersonate. Impersonate younger. Position was fifteen she would want to own role as a 34 year old and a post grad course now so that set I don't know she -- Asia and they should put her picture in there. But they didn't it's just a little while she wanted to that's I have no idea what you hear there have been movies. About this a different kind of movies. There was one where the the girl pretended to be a boy because. She. Happy I remember that because they wouldn't she was on the school newspaper which you didn't get the plush assignment because they were not taking her seriously. In sports and things like that so she posed as a she posed as a Leo a boy she was a girl and then they didn't discover it until after she'd gotten assignments that's the feel good story. But I've seen stories like that where people. Undercover officers do it all the time. They go into schools usually colleges now. And -- and and I'm uncovered drug deals yeah like that it if -- -- a lot of that -- I'm thinking it's going to be interesting. When they do this things end up police woman has opposes a hooker. You know chances are she has no -- I hope she doesn't have any experiences -- And it's going to be interesting because you know she's walking around there with the plastic boots and exchange -- bell. And it was fifteen squad cars ready to pounce on some horny guy that pulls over so I'd wanna party. You know what I mean but she's got a not a herself that's nothing go to school -- I don't think that. Any college offers -- impersonation. In camp but I'm sure they've been on -- offs you know operations where they see how they see how are themselves and there are things that cops can do when things they can't do in in this thing like that. And they hookers know what they are. So many times the -- will give the female cop. Kind of media -- little love quiz to find out if indeed. She is really yeah bring him along. Wasn't there a court. Case about concerning some level of law enforcement whether they could. -- -- Flurry count informants or now or people that they're you know undercover trying to -- I don't think it's legal. I think it's illegal yeah so you don't wanna do an illegal thing to -- to catch somebody committing an illegal act. You gotta be legal and there's certain things they can do incidents and the -- But it's always because I watch all the cops. It and they always say this -- -- wanna party. Now it's one of sex. -- -- -- -- Now let's go to the library come off. I paid into a New York Times is out let's go to the book section you know I'm amazed by. So that I can go for a lot. And how to be the you're the commander of this shift or the precinct. Where they he has to approach the female officer Wednesday. Got a big thing coming up -- like your approach and the do you have any hooker clothes and home. India has to be the type yells all the time yeah exactly and why you have to dress like -- Why did you dress like somebody else like -- librarian or something throw people off. Yeah -- probably. Hit it -- barrels a -- like -- like like like that big and they movies well and be always you know on here you know. As a you have a little pin in there and has the couple's W pulled the pin out just like the movies Paramount shake your head. And and it's amazing how your hair falls immediately to a perfect position he does not like in the wrong place or anything else. If you just pull the pin article like this. I thought you were frog and now you're princess. How much do you charge. I will be back -- and the ethnic. We have a rate card. We'll be back what mark would be -- company on those radio nine birdies I don't get any funny -- -- the Buffalo Bills wanting to enhance the family atmosphere by. Adding another hour drinking. -- and our assemblyman Jim -- more balance on Shaq. Or had he got Jackson there you know any time soon will be back after this. Home of Sean Hannity and buffalo who -- seven -- ten news radio 9:30 AM. WB and back. Revision -- I've said he reached tonight should be interesting. A lot of kind of give -- the story tomorrow because -- it has this story isn't written yet but. I have to trick I hope she's not listening after tricked. Lucy. Yet to come into big career because they're gonna bring it to the vet. A she hatter exam last week and came out dispelling it rose but there was a question about she might need some dental work. Okay now I don't know how they noticed because that I cats generally. Don't open their miles willingly and lets you examine them. But the at the -- -- ads telling maybe we ought to giver better look now in order to do that. They have to they have to give them you know obviously. Something to knock -- out because the cats don't open their mouth and say OK I checked that out. They don't do it like an argument that as. And so they have to do that giver a little anesthesia. And then take care of whatever they see you there. But but that's that so I got to sneaker first in the carrier because the cameras already upstairs because she knows. The carrier comes out that's not good knows they don't wanna go to Nevada even though big bets are good and they take good care of them. They can sense it and she sent out a warning. Last week when we brought her aunt Ethel to the vet. And Ethel who knew what it meant and we couldn't catch -- for almost an hour. And at at broken going to places that we can't fit in so call. So tonight where I have to do is better dinner. Lucy and -- Are okay but if you don't get them. It could be an all -- experience. -- gridlock -- yes the go over and stay overnight at the vets. So why he this year -- overnight -- that particular -- because. Without good tee you can eat properly without good evening you can't be healthy it's gonna do that put. Anyway that's that that that's tonight boys and girls now. Every once in awhile the court's surprise us. Usually the you know some big a court decision is made and you make an immediate outcome. And world of the thing and at camp possibly be right at defies logic. Because remember this the courts and I've said this a million times. The courts in in these kinds of cases though about the time you but don't consider right and wrong. They consider legal or illegal that's. Because the courts have to interpret the law now when he gets -- whose -- sometimes they can declared that the law is illegal. And that's fine and then that's a sorted out but if it doesn't if it's not -- most cases you often times wonder. What they were thinking however this one when I saw this I said it is up outs time. And it happening California. And as you know whenever anything big happens in California. It eventually happens in New York State. And so I'm I'm I'm thinking that this would be a very interest thing. To fall and certainly I think via a very beneficial if it does. The California courts. Have thrown out. Ten year. The teachers they say it's unconstitutional. It's illegal. And it was they hear of the loss it was instituted for a group of students and it says that that tenure rarely works against minority students. And the you'd say why because the judge in a sixteen page rolling. Said some things which were quite remarkable. First of all -- yeah it was a very strongly worded ruling. He says that it provides inferior. Education. Because of the rules of ten -- couple of the key rules of tenure. Would be the cost if you if you find an inferior teacher who has tenure. And in some states. The tenure is they're granted after only two years on the job. And so if if you've given tenure to a teacher who suddenly became a lousy teacher after day here. You know what it costs to get room and we we know that it's expensive because what we had a superintendent James Williams on. There was a question about relieving. In this case a principal. It costs too much and takes too long. Now it takes a sometimes year's -- Acosta is for removing one teacher. Could be anywhere from 250. To 450000. Dollars. From a quarter of a million to nearly half a million dollars to remove one teacher so what what what are they grow. They leave them there because it's it's -- credits and time consuming and it's too cautiously. And these schools don't have the budget to be paying off people -- almost a half a million dollars a pop. And that's for legal representation or whatever pay off that they would get. Sodium. The strongly worded ruling by the California superior court. That it's an inferior education. Because of things like that they have to keep inferior teachers now you're saying. Well why would you grant an inferior teacher. Why would why would grab on to a good question and that question is not answered. But apparently -- you know as well as I do sometimes you can you can do well for a short amount of time -- you can listen in gleam. And all of a sudden when you have your your deal or your tenure or whatever. It all goes to hell and prepare and -- -- that's what they were thinking about -- -- -- So they said it's it's not a good deal for the minority students is not a good deal for any stones and they've thrown it out now of course it's going to be appealed. Everybody was totally outraged in the teachers' union crowd. And has said it will be appealed but when they're talking about it spreading to other states and -- when I get into the article. One of the State's strangely enough is New York. New York is absolutely grounds -- -- -- stuff. And a Wednesday. I because I've always been against him here for a reason is not Rick is not a real world deal. And of Robert teachers as well. We must have tenure because our supervisors solved and don't like us. And where are being treated unfairly we now welcome to the real world we all work for bosses that don't like us and we don't like them. And if they had their way they kick you out or for somebody who makes a penny less today than you do. So here that crap about your boss doesn't like Q you know what -- -- really like. Success that's what a room like if you're -- good teacher your boss is gonna like you. And that's plain and simple so they do that and all of you know although the idea blah blah stuff they got. But this judge struck down. Now it's going to remain the way it is now while it goes through the appeal process in California. But the the people who brought on this suit on behalf of these nine students talking about bringing -- to other states including New York. When we get back out over the article would you and so we'll talk about ten year the California courts have struck down teachers tenure. That says it keeps inferior teenagers and it costs too much to let them go too much in money and time. This ruling or bad ruling would you like it to come to New York State will be back after -- all right and here we have -- this is a New York Times article reprinted in the buffalo knows by Jennifer Madonna. Talking about the state of California and the reason it's important is it's a landmark. Decision also it it will probably have legs and a spread to other states -- one of the states as mentioned in this article is New York. So -- it could be your own back yard. A California judge rules. Tuesday that teachers tenure laws deprive students of their right to an education. Under the state constitution and violates their civil rights and this is heavy duty stuff. The decision hands teachers' unions -- major defeat. In the case -- a good radically Alter how California. Hires and fires and they're teachers and prompts challenges. The tenure laws in other states and one of them would be New York. Substantial evidence presented makes it clear to of this court. That the challenge. Statutes. Disproportionately. Affect poor and minority students. The words of judge Rolf -- TR EU. A Los Angeles Superior Court the evidence is compelling indeed it shocks the conscience. Strong stuff. So a judge is saying because of these the restrictions -- ten year. The evidence is compelling that it's unconstitutional. And and that keeps students from having a good education indeed it shocks the conscience. It was enthusiastically. Endorsed by secretary of education Arnie Duncan. Should be I -- I don't should be education secretary be named Arnie. I I think Arnold is more program -- so Arnie Duncan. Edits via first chapter of the case. Berg -- vs California which a group of student -- it is argued that the state tenure laws that deprive them of a decent education. By leaving bad teachers in place. And that's exactly what the argument has been for a long time. That people apparently are -- get through the tenure process and then once they have it way which is basically. A -- job for life. I mean yeah you can of fire but it takes a lot of money and takes a lot of time and most ma most school district want to. So it because at least bad teachers in place and usually during the tenure process. If there are layoffs the newly hired teachers. Have to be laid off first which also. Superficially you might think that's a good idea because they have the least experience. And the more experienced teachers are the better teachers not necessarily. What the judges saying here. Is that that's not necessarily the case and if you think about it. New teachers just coming into the system are -- a newly hired teachers might have new ideas might have a free Asia. Fresh commitment to education. They might be more motivated. Who knows but the bottom line is that's what the courts that. Observers of both sides expect the case to generate more like it. And that the attorneys get this that this was a big deal. The attorneys that argue this on behalf of the plaintiffs were the same ones. That argued the case to strike down California's same sex marriage ban. And they won there -- so this is a pretty prestigious law firm. Or pretty successful law firm. The art considering they're considering filing lawsuits and are you ready the first state mention New York. Along with Connecticut. Maryland. Oregon New Mexico. Idaho Kansas. And other states like that now naturally you're saying sandy. What to that you and think about this it here. All of this is sweet and you know -- its -- Because just a few days ago and I have the article I was and I may do a show on. The biggest teachers' union in New York State has sued New York State. Because of the property -- trees. Now a lot of money for education comes from the property tax. And the the legislature and the governor said and how are paying too much property tax in new York and nothing to them running for governor and a I'm sure of that but anyway. It's Shelby teachers. Wanna sue us they want for us by the -- they wanna sue us. To get the property tax. Cap lifted. So they can get more money. That are suing us for more money. And where their employer. Okay you ready for that they they say that that property tax now it's too low and mark so this was just like two days ago so this is so so week. This is so sweeter earlier as. The nick young and active regular times article in a harshly worded sixteen page ruling. He compared the -- our case through the desegregation battle of brown vs board of education that's pretty upbeat note. -- of the earlier case addresses students fundamental right to equality of the educational experience and this case involved applying the principal. Of the quality of the educational experience. He agreed with the plaintiffs argument the California current laws make it impossible to remove. Numerous low performing an incompetent teachers. Because -- tenure system. Assures the job essentially for life the seniority rules require the -- teachers have been laid off first that was harmful. The granting tenured teachers after only two years on the job gave far too little time for fair assessment of their skills and I would think. Fortunately urged Pakistan and you have to hold your breath. And then and then what happens you've got a job for life. What do you do musher motivated teach you sit back and take the easy road now not everybody does that. Blood enough of them according to this judge's opinion to strike down the whole tenure a situation in California. On his current laws make it impossible. To promote to remove the low performing an incompetent teachers. The and the cost of doing that as they set 250 to 450000. Dollars. So that said the teachers unions are furious. They're all look they're all going to appeal one that when it shows up and there are a town if it shows up in their town but the questions we have for you regarding ten year. California courts is have struck down teachers tenure. Saying it's unconstitutional. Does not provide a quality education because they have to keep the bad teachers. And lay off the newest ones who may be better than some of the ones they have the case. It keeps inferior teachers is the big argument there and cost too much a lot of ago. Is this a good or bad ruling should it comes an -- it should absolutely come to New York. And it's this be a big enough case I'm thinking. That it could and maybe get others. Of the mindset that you know some of these things that we thought we're gonna have the live with the rest of our life we don't have to. There is a way to address that they're all being paid by us every single dollar comes from tax money. From either federal state or local. And there's no reason we have to put up -- name one other business. One other business that has ten year you know anybody that has a lifetime deal I don't. Nobody. Has a lifetime deal except teachers and then there's no there's no reason for that. I don't wanna hear that you know. Superintendents. Principals play favorites guess what bosses play favorites through and sometimes they've been on the wrong wars but does that horse because it costs too much a year ago -- right okay that's what tenure he has. And a two year a two year period. I could not be on your absolute best sharpest behavior giving that extra special effort for two years on Clinton. Yeah if you you should be able to be self motivated into a great job everyday. But if you're looking for ten years two years against you can do that -- in your head that is. -- in one thing that I think would do little changed the attitude of some teachers out there. I remember going to me I get together is somebody who I grew up with his awful teacher. It came up -- got in my face because she didn't like the opinions given on this program who and what she did what she exposed herself as to what are true motivation is it's all about the money for her. She has no real interest in whether the kids learn. She's gonna get hers. In fact this -- because just recently she befriended me up. -- it just somebody I grew up with. It's -- magic and -- you because you might send a link to this article. Yeah if she doesn't get the paper or doesn't listen to the newscasts when she's somebody who could use a jolt. Reality act I need to welcome took a real world -- boss may not to send you roses every day. Where your boss may be a member assault. All right these kinds of things happen in the real world you have to -- to deal. Yeah I'll stay there on your marriage if you don't have America get the hell out of dodge will be back with more on those -- -- thirty WB.

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