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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Eric Cantor Loses Primary - Analysis With Bruce Bryski

Eric Cantor Loses Primary - Analysis With Bruce Bryski

Jun 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was a big blow for the Republicans David -- defeated house Republican leader Eric Cantor in yesterday's Virginia primary. It is the first time ever that a sitting second in command in the house was ousted in the primary. Part of the back and forth to define the role of the Tea Party in the Republican Party. One of our regular political analyst is here -- to talk about it doctor Bruce -- with us on the live line from SUNY buffalo state of -- Bruce. -- morning. How much of a soccer was this for you did you see it coming. Never no way I can anybody who says they saw this coming is is not being honest with you this was. The shocker -- and all shoppers. And the pollsters were way up for -- papers. They really were. And you know he was some of the -- -- questioning. How this could have happened I think the key here -- -- a couple things it just jump jump right out. -- -- -- the chasm. Between the Republican Party and Tea Party. All the Tea Party may now be. The drawing the Republican Party to the right and that does not bode well for the mid term elections at least the Democrats are saying that. The other thing -- it is. The issue of immigration that seemed to be the only issue that was C. The determining factor in this race and you can you can be sure. That one way or the other immigration is going to be key if you win the mid term and of course the next presidential election. A lot of people are looking at this says as sort of a barometer on the power of the Tea Party but can we generalize that is it that or is it just one race. It's one race all the old honestly Dave Dave. I would give them credit they they have won some races that I I had no idea that they even had a possibility of winning. Or the last several years. And I'm just surprised that the Tea Party still had that kind of poll that kind of power. -- sure there were other factors you know I -- not follow this racist quote we get some of these. Other races but what I I must tell you that. I've done very impressed with the organization. Of the Tea Party in how well they've done up to this point. Well does it say more than about the strength of the Tea Party or the defeat of a top Republican. I think it's both I think that -- the Republicans are in trouble. They the air in between a rock and a hard place even when it comes to an issue like immigration. They know that if they're who. Two diligent and too hard core that what's gonna happen is they're gonna lose the Hispanic vote. So they really don't know which we heard also I think it's the commentary on the Republican Party first day. Cantor has been that they so this dysfunctional. Republican congresses since 2000. And I think it's starting to. So to haunt them quite frankly. Apart from what it meant at the ballot box what does that mean in congress for Boehner not to have his deputy anymore. Like I think it hurt I think it again you know that you just in terms of symbolism days -- nothing else. This was the year right hand man note John Boehner. He goes down in the -- And I think right now the Republicans are scratching their heads and you know they'll Pelosi you people -- -- got up early species are already out indicating that it's a new ball game now for the mid term elections. The Democrats. Now have a little bit more. To work with -- big big got to be excited today. -- Boehner is expected to retire in the next couple years. Who if not cantor who would be next in line to succeed him. You know at this point -- they did give Republicans are such disarray. I I -- I couldn't even get right now. If the Tea Party is winning more elections. Do you agree then with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who say -- boy they're moving to the right we have an advantage here in the upcoming elections. Or no deal I think it I think it's it's -- it's. Need to be determined by -- by the race what stated send it to the southern stated that a western state that sort of thing so I don't think you can. Jump to conclusions. But it just doesn't give the Democratic Party more energy. In terms of you know keeping the senate and maybe you've been doing better in congress then the would have originally I imagine. All right Bruce interesting stuff thanks for joining us. Professor Bruce briskly at SUNY buffalo state.

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