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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>School Lunch Dumping At Cleve Hill - Jon MacSwan

School Lunch Dumping At Cleve Hill - Jon MacSwan

Jun 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The superintendent of schools in Cleveland -- set up some new procedures. After lunch worker was apparently tossing kids' lunches and the trash right in front of them if they were even pennies behind on paying for those lunches. The employee was a food service worker for personal touch. Thurman emails out and the superintendent of Cleveland -- schools John X one joins us right now on the WB and live on good morning. Good morning David according to how this come here attention. Actually a board member call me who would have been Tuesday evening after -- noticed about FaceBook. And at first I I didn't believe that it occurred and coming in yesterday morning I looked into by about 7:20 in the morning I was able to love. There either infected that are to occur. How often did it -- what what buildings. I was in our middle school a school cafeteria and the first time -- ever happened it is not a policy or practice of the district to do this. I would I guess that would characterize that as an unfortunate misjudgment by an employee of the company -- stepped up provides our food service. Still ice -- and humiliating ticket to the student right. Yeah yeah sure what. -- that felt terrible by day a little after 8 o'clock yesterday morning at a party sent out an email to the community assuring that but I work with the management of personal touch it was very cooperative and just to make sure that it wasn't going to occur again and I tried to assure the community that it would not. Typically if the kid is in line and their account isn't paid up they don't have their money. What should happen. What we meet the federal nutritional requirements by giving them a bag lunch. We do put some limits on that typically are middle school high school students received. Three bagged lunches. Prior to there being any denial food. Service to them. Well we really don't get to that very often. Monday was. An anomaly is not something that occurs -- never happened before. There are that are elementary school they would they will continue to receive the lunches. You know we work with our community our parents to. You know publicly that. Account that may have gone into the red over the year over the course of the summer and they're very cooperative. Devil's advocate of the kid does something wrong and class. Oftentimes a teacher can impose punishment was this not a -- person just trying to have an object lesson. I believe their intentions were pure. But it doesn't it it didn't come across real. -- new procedures will. Prevent this from happening again in your opinion. Actually no we did not create any new procedures are simply following the ones we have followed for a number years. Practice that was put into place on Monday was for a very short period of time. And it was done after that short period of that. And I notice on the please -- website this morning there's a section where people can actually check. Whether their lunch account is paid up or current right now. Yes we've always said that in any accounts that you go into the red. It's typically the dollar at this point of the year there is a letter generated mailed home each spam we have every Monday letting them know if there accounts in the red. And real quickly personal touch the food service. Firm in question here works for a lot of districts is this happening elsewhere that you're aware of. I'm not that I'm aware of ousted as we've been very happy with personal touch and service that they provide up and our students. Think that this was one bad situation that -- a lot of attention. Mr. X one we appreciate you joining us this morning thank you. That's the superintendent of Cleveland -- schools John -- one.

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