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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bergdahl Release A Bad Move - David Bellavia; Pt IV

Bergdahl Release A Bad Move - David Bellavia; Pt IV

Jun 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are in studio guest this morning decorated Iraq War veteran David -- via. And we're talking about the -- doll prisoner swap and David what is your expectation with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel testifying today. Well I think the first thing needs to do for him for -- I mean look we can all be loyal to our boss our commander in chief but at some point you have to protect your. Your own personal integrity and I think that actually that this is all secretary hagel. Is a bit of a stretch and he doesn't have the power to do that number one number two. You know he doesn't strike me as the guys that he was against this idea. You know four years ago. He certainly even when he was a senator he was against exchanging these guys for anything so while I'm I'm I'm curious is how he kind of balances that line kind of you know -- do you think -- -- -- the Obama administration and no I don't think he -- out of you do that but I at -- -- -- got -- insulate himself from you know -- just look at these Republicans are loaded for bear the coming after someone. You know life is -- hagel the type of guy he's never proved in the past that he has to do is position that will allow him -- himself on the tracks for -- He's a fiery guy he says themselves mine he tells the ambassador -- Luxembourg where literally things. You know he's not a guy that's gonna take one for the team and is a Republican. Well yeah nominally but I think allegedly -- But -- he had he a Republican and he does have relationships with people on the senate and he has a mutual respect for time served. Also I think that plays and the fact that -- knows what it's like we you know a deserter is. You know he doesn't need to have to explain to -- like the some people in the administration. David as long as you're here there are two other stories we need to ask you about this morning -- there is the death of those five NATO soldiers in what they think -- friendly fire. And there's also really notable turn of events. In Iraq I know you're there you wrote about the follow Fallujah and the way we got that city back. Fallujah has since fallen into insurgent hands just yesterday in Iraq Mosul has fallen into insurgent hands. Have we lost all the gains that you and so many others sacrificed for. Yeah that's about it I mean you've just lost. Pretty much the entire western sector of Mosul. Up north in Fallujah. -- West of Baghdad looked. All this whole Iraq one was standard -- agreement that's all they want the same agreement that. That that Obama wants to me in Afghanistan by leaving 9000 troops. Understand that what the enemy is calling itself is the Islamic State of Iraq in Syria. That's what that's the definition. So that this president was talking about going in to Syria to take out. A dictator to benefit the rebels. These rebels that we trained I want you are now log on now flooding into rack and killings of civilians again. I mean I can't tell you how serious. This foreign policy has absolutely put. Everything in jeopardy in just washed away the blood that spilled over -- -- Went at the end which here. Expecting we need -- -- agreement there there's no way -- the Iraqis at this stage especially with the election coming up we have got to put troops on the ground in Iraq it does not have to -- tens of thousands that you need Navy SEALs. Some sort of commando. Drones. Orbital platforms you know what keep the troops off the ground and given that 2260s. But they need something to push these guys back. Because they were ready. And they prove that they work. All right now the other story apparent incidence of -- friendly fire five US troops were part of -- NATO alliance in Afghanistan killed yesterday. They called in some air support. What we're hearing may be is that. The air support dropped dropped something in the wrong place and right and kill these guys well you know it's combat and things happen I mean you know. One of the things I learned really close with we have what's called you know close support close air support. And danger close is when you call something in within a hundred meters danger close gets more and more dangerous. When your combat. And there are times that you want to call a bomb right over your head. And things happen to wind changes mistakes are made I mean you know we think that everything's a video game but. The real men and women are out there and and combat is tough business and you make one mistake. You know people get killed which is why we take desertion so seriously it's why we take some of these other things so seriously. And I think what we have this situation where five you know brave Americans lost their life and someone right now feels horrible about it. Because their mistake resulted in and the good guys getting killed -- we appreciate you spending an hour with us. Thank you so very much appreciate this David -- via decorated Iraq War veteran.

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