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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bergdahl Release A Bad Move - David Bellavia; Pt III

Bergdahl Release A Bad Move - David Bellavia; Pt III

Jun 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- studio this one with decorated Iraq War veteran David -- via talking about the -- now prisoner swap David what is per gallon for when he returns. Well they have a opened -- 156 in the military when we it if you lose or a rifle. Or you going -- they do an investigation investigations in the military are 56 that's designation. They have an open 156 which means that they have not concluded their investigation this while he was in captivity. Now that he's home he's gonna face an article 32. Which is essentially the military's. Granger. They will determine whether or not he would go to court martialed. And I I believe he will get that article 32 here I don't believe you will. -- court martialed. I think what the old and up to is probably giving him less than honorable discharge just because this this administration has no. Interest to see this guy go to -- number one. And number two in the way they circle the wagons in the so far. You know I think they just want to go away in the quickest way to make ago way is this to say paper don't go write your book. You know go deal with your peers -- deal with society -- get out of the military in stop putting this story is as long as he is in. Launched cooler in the army he's on the front page of the newspapers so that's why do they hearings matters that it is just going to eventually disappear. Well the pure matter because of the fact and the first volume of secretary hagel use. I hope he's prepared -- the first time we saw this he looked literally like he was a deer in headlights. This hearings matter because we see again systematic. Failures of this administration. To do anything with foreign policy mean. You've got. That think we're still we have even scratched the surface and the guys we have we've done in the of these other things. Deal before policies so. It's important. Tough to ask the questions of why ninety people in the house in the White House knew about this deal. When one member of the kind of the senate knew about this deal it's important. That we understand. What the president is when he's making these decisions what goes into how many people -- our secrets. And why he feels the need that he can bypass the senate and the house.

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