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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bergdahl Release A Bad Move - David Bellavia; Pt II

Bergdahl Release A Bad Move - David Bellavia; Pt II

Jun 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Decorated Iraq War veteran David -- -- is here the author of house to house on the battle for Fallujah. A regular WB and contributor on military issues you are talking today about those hearings in Washington about the swap of prisoners for sergeant Moe -- doll. David. Which one of these issues for you is more crucial. The idea that on one hand people are saying bird -- might have been a deserter or the idea that we negotiated possibly with terrorists. I think I'm all about negotiating with terrorists I think. You know I've done it myself numerous times get out of the building or blow it up that's negotiation. I'm all about opening dialogue with the enemy. But the idea that what this comes down to is that. None of this would be an issue if this administration. Would just be honest with people just tell us the true. I mean look it's no secret work by the way right now as we speak. We're talking about releasing more Guantanamo inmates what's gonna be the excuse for those guys go home. And by the way what -- Google I invite anyone listening to this to Google the names. Of these guys. At Guantanamo Bay and make sure that you're not at work because what you're gonna see is -- beheading videos. You're gonna see some some -- -- that they took with with about five. Just you know. Five heads these guys are sitting on pyramids of heads. These are some of the most wicked human beings you can imagine what you're talking about Hitler and you're talking about you know dictators have killed and committed genocide. Normally. Hitler wasn't the one pulling the trigger these guys these guys actually did -- actually cut the heads off themselves. But the rationale is that towel watch them force the CIA and I -- them. By that time one years ago -- via. Well it it's so great I mean my point is that Qatar as the southwest your free about to move. A broke country -- -- of his guys thing they can go wherever they want ago. You know definitely -- allowed to come and I mean look here's what this comes down to it and we just needed to be clear article two of the constitution. Gives the president states the authority to do what. He said since he came into office that these are not prisoners of war Guantanamo. That was his claim that they need to be tried in civilian court. So which one are they Mr. President other prisoners of war or are they convicted criminals that have committed. You know that need to go to New York City go to federal court because if they are prisoners of war. It if you are constitutionally correct to use articles view. As commander in chief -- wartime. Number one what. What. We don't have a declaration of war against the failed and there is no party or -- your negotiating with its terrorist. You do like negotiating with jealousy. You know it's terrorism would rule who is the plot behind that. And then the third question that is why are they going through military tribunals. That's. It if their prisoners of war put him for the military tribunal and often there is this all about. Closing -- day. -- -- I think that is the question nobody has. In the media and you've been able to Whittle it down it's all buckled. And he -- you -- what you're gonna if you've seen. The Prius if you -- Attica right now it says there's nothing but traffic violators here. What's wrong with closing down -- all the murderers are gone because you let them I'll go you gave them away. I mean -- oh yeah. If there isn't that none of these high level terrorists are in your custody anymore it's a lot easier -- -- heavily sixty of them. And most of these guys were drivers and bodyguards. You know let's let them go back to the family this most recent guy by the way that Dianne Feinstein talking about he wants to start milk and honey farm. And it took over and took a yoga and how they're like if he's taken you know he wants milk and honey how can he be that bad you know. It's just absolutely an electoral fraud. So how do you -- -- well what's what's the and hopefully the impeachment of president Barack Obama for what I considered to be. Nixonian if you look at the Clinton standard. Of what. Point is this congress actually -- and do what we elect then -- I don't wanna just brings back cheered news top story. Why is Eric Cantor no longer the majority leader in the house the American people are sick and tired. Of their representatives. Not doing the job we sent to do. And when you look at a president who at. Why would Franklin Delano Roosevelt if you gave -- purples if you -- doctor medical if you gave back. In the middle of a war. This is one of in my opinion. The most outrageous things the president can do were.

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