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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bergdahl Release A Bad Move - David Bellavia; Pt I

Bergdahl Release A Bad Move - David Bellavia; Pt I

Jun 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's bring in decorated Iraq War veteran David ballot via he's commenting about all of this this morning forced David would you agree with what Mike just said the -- It this issue is something we need to look at a lot more. -- let's I think what we need to do in and I would we have to kind of get a little bit of an education and what we're dealing with factions in Afghanistan. The Haqqani Network. These guys -- The Sopranos of the Afghanistan. Right. They're in bed with the Taliban and their bed with -- al-Qaeda because of money that's all they care about is money they kidnapped they hold and they get ransom money. And they give them off al-Qaeda in the game -- Taliban give back to whoever we know. That Haqqani Network is the one that got ahold of Bober. When the Taliban and al-Qaeda came and is when things got really -- first all the coming org doesn't care at all about those five guys that got out of Guantanamo. The Haqqani Network has a guy. That actually is in Guantanamo from Pakistan and he was never on the table scene over the coming network wasn't negotiating. This was al-Qaeda and this was the Taliban. Haqqani Network from day one has wanted five million dollars for -- That's in -- Rolling Stone article has been confirmed by cent com it's been confirmed by pro golf -- for whatever reason. This administration. Did not want to make -- cash deal so they went to the qatari government. And the qatari government made the cash deal through third party. And released. You know prisoners from gitmo into the custody. Back to the Taliban so the question here is did this administration. -- their fingerprints on this deal that they go through with third party so that nobody heard about this. And they're so tone -- that they thought well ballpark golf -- everyone's gonna love us its Memorial Day we're winding down the war in Afghanistan. Let's have a parade. I'm the commander in chief. Go pay attention Hillary's book. -- -- If you look at what they expected to happen and it just shows that they're completely out of touch. That they had no idea that this thing's gonna blow up and spent a complete backlash complete disaster and and the idea that -- for dollars. You know I mean look you. Here's the question you're gonna ask secretary -- first of all what's -- feel like to be run over by the boss. Because this was Obama's decision mr. decision maker missed here. I'm the one who got captain phillips' home. I'm the one who. Took out Osama bin Laden with my. Butterfly trigger squeeze I'm the one that makes all the decisions and yet when it comes down to it out secretary -- -- hagel in the cross hairs. And the question we wanna ask him is why did you allow two civilians in Idaho. To have top secret clearance at cent com. How -- earth could you allow a father of a Prisoner of War to maintain relationships. With the Haqqani Network outside of the White House and the military. Because why is Bob bird doll negotiating for his son. He's emotional kid of course she's gonna grow a beard of course you're gonna learn posh -- he launches -- back. Why the hell is the White House allow this guy to go on a top secret. You know meeting Ed by the way my friend Osama or whoever email he got out of that meeting he's continually. You know talking -- who's in the driver's seat here.

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