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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bergdahl Release A Political Hot Potato - Mike Lyons

Bergdahl Release A Political Hot Potato - Mike Lyons

Jun 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Retired army major Mike Lyons a CBS military analyst is with us on the WB a lifeline to talk about the -- Bert doll prisoner swap. Major good morning thanks for the time. Rick thanks for having Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel today appears before the house armed services committee to talk about this prisoner swap what are we likely to learn. Well I think he's gonna have to expect a couple things to think first and foremost why I was in congress told why did that. This happened so fast than in what was the issue that did to McCain and earned a direct its success. A secret. Type of swap that took place without consulting congress -- -- so that's the least number one. And they gonna learn more probably about sergeant -- don't sell Opel as a consequence of capture what you deserter. What exactly is going on that. The cause the president to act so fast and they're really an unilateral matter. Is the military torn on this on the one hand you've got that the deserter and the negotiating with terrorist angle. But on the other hand there's the whole idea of no man left behind. Yeah I'm surprised that that that can in the polls on that I would think in most cases. I think most military are glad that he's home but then there's clearly been this backlash against. -- the five -- have been released and there's been something to be said about how. The president handled it with the Rose Garden ceremony with his parents and then unfortunately Susan -- going on Sunday morning talk shows and talking about his. Honorable service but that there's clear. This this discussed in between. The members of the unit what happened I'm just really surprised I would have thought that we'd be happy if you soldier home and we'll take care of all the other details later. For you which is sticking point the idea that we negotiated with terrorists or the possibility of armed Albanian deserter. More competitive for me somebody's hand and I think if you did deserve I think it's best that we deal with them and our justice system. I just could not imagine a US soldier dying in the hands the Taliban -- Taliban jail cell or. Or worse opinion of public spectacle out of it I think there's but the country we should not be afraid of five individuals that get released no matter. How bad we. Who think that they are they weren't being charged in the war crimes and at this point and I just don't see us doing that almost fifteen years going to be at that point after nine elevenths so. Those those prisoners were getting released at some point and someone is good that we got something for them. Do we know when sergeant for dolls like they return home. -- it and and then from what we're hearing you know he's having a challenge to adjusting back to. Went to the world and and and it is environment and in that it is -- -- -- -- parents yet. He -- He told people not to call him sergeant -- thinks that's an earned promotion I think that's actually a good time. I found he's just been back in uniform now so I think it it's going to be awhile is -- to deal with both. The military this investigation that'll take place and and also to deal with this flood of media and social media that'll just. Bombard him endlessly about about the situation. I hope the military completes its investigation very quickly. And can determine what his status pleasant to if you know this the conditions that this -- -- -- specifically about -- capture. Talk more about his mindset what did you just mean when he said it's a good sign that he's not embracing the term sergeant. Well that's an earned promotion that's something that you go through them and you go through leadership board and it's something that and it is not given to soldiers and the fact that you recognizes on and it took its time he. He's not it doesn't feel entitled by -- I think that time he wants to keep sustain a military that they -- one earned a promotion. Usually I'm assuming some of that level of cognizant about. You know the ranks of the military I just I think it's a good time. Major yesterday at this time we were learning of -- five friendly fire deaths in Afghanistan do we know what happened. We still don't know specifically what happened there's lots of open questions and ask like. Over the breakdown in the system to do with regard to that attack there's multiple system that usually going to. Those kind of airstrikes simple technology based systems and even manual -- How they break -- how did we get five Americans killed in one location. And whether other Americans in their units. That would possibly injured as well. Well how bad was the situation on the ground. To cause an air strike because the rules of engagement change significantly in the past few years in a much more difficult to get so. I I think that the military will come again to another investigation and determine what happened and what. Was really the most the terrible accident took from a for practiced a prospectus and Cuba and Afghanistan. Major we're glad you could join us this morning thank you. But I am a retired army major Mike Lyons a CBS military analyst.

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