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6-10 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. -- down -- the -- would -- benefit them. India the hole looked. The weekend. And Brooke. Right for the short yeah I don't know you're not. And and and just system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying sound of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- There have been told. Yourself it's live it's local Applebee's neighborhood you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. And we're back here on these -- 930 WE -- this might go in for Tom hourly news. Album is scheduled they ought to be back tomorrow you got me until 7 o'clock I know that a fall. Board of phones here I'm gonna give you guys in a minute but I watch -- -- listen all you got on the phone or you guys out there are meant to be December with the you're gonna light. John KAL is running for attorney general. Here in New York State against. And abominable attorney general Eric -- and John thank you very much for calling and how are you doing. Don't regret my. Or go to Portland -- and every article on the campaign trail. Yeah well it's been great Michael mom having a lot of bonding a lot of great New Yorkers you know talking about issues that are important to New Yorkers and really getting the sense that the four years no and no I was serving as the people's lawyer and I'm gonna change Michael -- -- out there. You know traverse and -- -- to -- people in what the issues are and really and skeptic get a sense sparkle that. You know of the attorney general's office we don't know who that person is we don't know how he's standing up for the for the rights and for the interest in New Yorkers. You know particularly devastated and still plays that it seems a -- forgotten over the last four years by the federal office though. You're attorney general played you know critically important role in our state government would -- ensuring integrity. And government in Albany which is surely lacking which is helping to promote economic growth which is so volatile across the across the state. What has been an advocate for our children what -- fighting for you know charter schools and choice in education. Despite an historic put children first sound quality education. Also think that the park ground two people around the state Michael and it's been gone great so far so I'm I'm I'm not happy to be on the campaign campaign trail and happy talking to a lot of New Yorkers throughout the year -- the future of the state. We've got to solve agenda and really good team and I'm wondering. How what kind of reaction you get out there on the house. And it's been great Michael you know when you're talking about issues about the stated New York the future of the state. The future for children you know I can afford college age kids to -- graduate Michael went. And now I hear the same concerns that I have about what to teach and be like for children are going to be jobs here they're going to be opportunities here. And it just seemed when he did that would put people -- the state there has -- the same. Concerned for their children for the future of the state. And it really it's thought -- you know in Albany we need to expect great things out of government called and we need to expect great things out of the attorney general's office. You know we've had this crisis here and head down and move to other important -- -- New York City over charter schools and you know I know the you have some of the same problems open buffalo and Carl Paladino has been a great advocate for. Changing education -- you know we can't provide opportunities tortured into education. Which people book on the left and right -- is already short time. Shouldn't be attorney general the state fighting for kids and funny to church and education approval public schools are private schools or parochial schools. -- thanks so. And what do you -- what's happening in Albany Hillary you know the -- commission and in one. -- politician being all upset about the other by the US attorney's offices. Where's the attorney general -- I don't understand where does he -- You know he certainly has been fighting to the people of New York you know maybe -- like Manhattan so much that the you don't want to really travel around the rest of state. I think that's a lot of people gonna be asking who met over the next course of the next six months -- where he'd been fighting for the interest of the Yorkers because. As you tell us they Michael people are concerned about new York and I don't know with your attorney general is they don't know how we as what you don't and they're all what is what is he got for us in the last four years and I think that's going to be a important issue in the campaign. I know you've got to get going here -- just a minute but I wanted to ask you. One thing I mean a that and the attorney general's races rule it out on the radar appear western new York and it's going to be of course but it is quite yet. If you if if you wanted to point to one thing from listeners to look at. How could the as the attorney general failed western new York and how -- an attorney general help western. Well you know certainly Western New York like so much of the rest of the state is -- other jobs and the taxes are are. Crushing the state discretionary taxpayers it's crushing businesses. It's forcing and migration at a New York State and returning to the opposite critically important role. In. Ensuring a play a fair playing field for businesses to come to New York Michael and can you look at the usual I was -- New Yorkers they can grow. How can relieve the tax burden while we have a tremendous resource assignment Q that's going to you know with our our natural gas that's not gonna help just volunteer. That's gonna help bring back -- -- faction jobs because -- clean. Affordable energy and apparently it areas of the state that we need an attorney general understands. Yes businesses have to be held accountable when they do something wrong. We're not at -- it is we want business here's mistake we want to play by the rules. We need an attorney general understands -- right now -- New York State is migrating jobs. We're losing opportunities for children we need somebody stand up. And -- you know what were -- producer Karen stated New York to come near -- treated fairly while we haven't had that in the attorney general's office not just. In the last four years which had haven't had a sometime. Because the attorney general has been not the HE the attorney general the aspiring governor and that -- and we need somebody in -- office who received. Sole interest -- being the people's lawyer that the people -- -- can match up Michael. Well John thank you very much for comic and tell everybody your website today -- the wanna find out more for more about I know we're going to be here and were -- you'll CF. Out here in Western New York again what's that website. Sure it's -- for AJ wonder -- spell out before. A dot com Michael -- going to be up in buffalo this weekend -- may go running and Kia land aren't a lot of both polonium two over the week and animal control through very much. All the fort seated thanks -- -- -- had at least that's my Bubba thank you that's Jun -- running for attorney general thank you very much for. Forgiveness that in indulging me for that -- here Diane in buffalo I know you've been Almonte prologue Tom I'm gonna get to the other callers as well Diane thank you for holding. Like I'm I'm. That I wouldn't vote for Hillary no matter what I don't want any particular. Hillary or Obama our kinda -- -- I wouldn't vote for another brush. I think I'm dead around you know Bill Clinton and come out account -- and I really. I think Hillary should. -- bad cop and let somebody do. Latin further. Democratic. I don't think it's -- that women -- wish you run for president. Are you were a Democrat Republican. You have to I would Democrat I was -- John Kerry Democrat but the Democrats have gotten. Saying different things where you know and I can't even relate to -- anymore. So and I hate I don't. You know both the Republican OK that I kind of was. Annoyed with bush and his -- Not so. You know well now I really don't know who to vote for a Democrat -- Taliban could have broken their character. Not whether they're Democrat or Republican I'm gonna vote for the best person goodwill and -- -- we need somebody. Who provide enough to get -- out of there is not where I am. Well thank you very much the parliament appreciated that let me ask you this before you go to him he's still there. Would you rather of had Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama from last. I would have rather had Hillary. Somehow they've been -- Barack I didn't even know we've got. Now and and you know. And I know I've been a bracket that the route that voted for him is because -- -- McCain tied with something I didn't like about them. He would -- he. His wife kidnapped but I don't. Company and. How Clinton did to the third wife and married on the other one men with the money with the Budweiser. And somehow I I didn't I thought that was kind of sneaky you know. I thought well. World Bank them but I've I've become very disappointed. Yeah I would have voted for Hillary over Barack. But -- And I didn't have red -- didn't have that -- little. -- -- bet you know I spoke about the fifth time but the second time both in the Atlantic quite right too much more than any government. Well listen thank you thank you very much call to let -- go with -- -- -- -- there -- -- company reports that. -- Republican Party at tree top are cowards that are approved by point. What I'm talking about this today. Obama that Iraq. Like. And the Portland doctors like Rick Perry spoke to the proper act. It would get Bob. Who -- it will pop off we are proper state. We get it right we well at Apple's rep. -- -- That but. Look let's do it -- pictures let me -- and you can't hear you and at. The back. We will start. Barbara what application like it would give -- That the. Rhetoric it's that stirred up those two people that -- shouldn't. Cops yesterday I mean that's. I don't know about their Mike about just throwing you'll keep taking advantage of what. Caught in the world leaders are all powered into the. Well I don't I don't disagree with him but this whole idea of -- drawn down guns on government. Our offers I think it's it's a bit ironic. Like Mikey. -- being -- you'd see them. -- -- back and Rick Perry pretty bad but while we can expect. Look up tournament what about governor. About the governor in Arizona. I. Think we were picked up. You -- that are not thought about it might well be we know stand up to stop them before why she's been up -- now. What I want it because it would -- -- -- -- the Republicans always get cold. Got my -- -- lightly. And I don't think it because I wanna get a guy and I -- you might help the -- It's okay. And that -- because we go from current. Like our forefathers did when I got off -- -- while Edwards air like we're optimistic that -- that it would work. Well thank you very much rabbo Jim would go away real quick to traffic. And Eric your AccuWeather forecasts. -- clouds this afternoon. It's not cloudy with a shower or thunderstorm in spots this evening followed by periods of rain. And a thunderstorm late low of 62 variable cloudiness tomorrow which hours. Thunderstorms and humid. Thunderstorms can bring hail damaging -- so watch out. I have since nine degrees Thursday. Mainly cloudy humid with a couple of showers and thunderstorm high of eighty degrees and I haven't told you guys this under -- it is now on the -- and collars. How -- so pregnant. I don't even open and make it till 7 o'clock she's Oprah. She is absolutely heavy with child she is and it and we don't have a name for yet on the crowds this thing. It's a girl and I'd love to have your thoughts on that what you think it should name. Meanwhile on the stand in Rochester thanks for hanging on. Oh good Stan thanks for call them. And they're I looking at the Hillary. And I'm looking at the outlook. What coming in 2000. 68. -- what we're saying is we have the war on women. She will take advantage of that and accelerated either being the at this level it happens to Claudio. When he went. Minimal Carter term ability you know and in. Got wiped her out but they'll probably the Republican Party. You're gonna have people in their I don't know what they're gonna have a Kennedy you're gonna have get -- you know you have McCain -- there you have crazy enough. -- columnists not out of the conservatives. Candidate and and -- let -- they like the 47%. Obama got 82% of the women vote in the last few years he lost the minority last engage in -- line that. I don't know how they'll put this together. Well I think -- there're there are scenarios for success but they involve gaining some of the votes that we did not get including women and minorities on the Republican side. That take some thought that takes some work and that takes -- sincere. Rethinking. Some of the Republican platform. Well that I had to extend out to the folks because right now. Not only are being a minority party but they're of very minority candidate. They -- I'm gonna make it work and nothing I don't like it. That the conservatives beat each other up horribly especially in the primary. And -- that you have worked out with a -- didn't gentleman with crazy. Well I wanna be came -- and in the UK got bush and McCain are hot head they'll get. Driving conservative. You're probably right there Stan Roberts thanks very much for -- We Artest got about to go on a break here but I'll watch -- know that at 530 is that the like it's 533 year whatever it is. To have the right Murdoch from the New York poston the national review. To help and it's understand the statewide and national races. But right now -- to go pay some bills here on news radio 930. WB yen. And we're back here on the radio at 930 WP -- this is Michael Caputo in -- Tom Bauerle who has a scheduled day off. You'll have Tom back in the chair here -- you got me until 7 o'clock. And one of the people I think of whenever I wanna know something about national politics somebody wanted to introduce you to. Is to Roy Murdoch Roy who I've known since I was in college to Rory is a columnist for many newspapers including. The New York Post their rights frequently. Before national -- to lawyer on the line. I'm like are you could I don't. It's great. We think about. Here I think about it and I know you wouldn't mind grateful that robbery. Well I'd I think you're giving up Sugarman knows about -- Before -- get into. Hillary Clinton I mean sugar magnolia. I want to you know we've just talked to -- John Cahill and we've got an interview. With rob mastery over the top of the hour what do you think about the statewide ticket here in new York and you vote in New York City. I do put New York City in which means that might notice canceled out many times over fortunately but dozens and I kept in good faith -- on the I think history as the very person guy that had a chance to hear of speaker at an ever occasion these very clear is very principle he's very well spoken. For the cheerful guy -- there's sort of a happier warrior happy worried appealed to him. And he took some very good things in Westchester terms of getting their getting their books so under control and getting some sense of accountability accountability and reform. Implemented and I think a lot of people say well you know he can't and you know it's a quixotic effort whether said the same thing about him -- and question it just happened where Republicans are very much go out and -- but in fact he won there. And heard recently that he can keep. The numbers in your cities such if you -- 30% of New York City which is feasible. Any does competitively in Westchester and Long Island and I assume wins comfortably. Upstate new to where you work human action could win the and -- and and it called back to the private sector I think it's a it'll be tough to will be uphill battle that it's impossible. And so people -- -- Kimble looking given a chance in this odious -- it. Consider putting in a limited government free market reform type governor's post somebody to award even approved fracking for a part of the country of where you. If it's true you know I've got high hopes for answering at the key maker Greek government you know. We were talking earlier about Hillary Clinton and you've -- may -- a lot of commentary on her. Juggernaut candidacy what do you think of his book workers in the strategy -- now. I'm -- by what to people immediacy of the say Hillary Clinton -- can return in the media you know getting back on. The national radar she's been the national radar nonstop but 19920. I I think one thing that that will be tougher to. A lot -- effect does it present which is bigger question mark anything else. Is just try to make herself look new original or fresh or at least not told the pork which he's been around Seoul long. And I'd like to -- to to the Democrat party to what is in the little bit more in match match of the nominee so he's been around you know since the days before site itself. And now and the Republican side it's it's Jeb Bush you know to be the the there. -- -- President George the third if you will right. Eerily reminiscent of king George the third. So what hit you yet another you know another member of the bush so I'd like to think -- or a little more measures of people. Into. The so cut it up on going dynastic politics to -- people. Evidently had are Roger Stone on earlier who was just throwing rocks and Hillary Clinton talking about how she. Organized. A bush shutting down all the bimbo eruptions around her husband. And power cheese and messed up so much and in the State Department is personally and at least in part responsible. For -- got these are some pretty pretty strident attacks. Do you think there's room for that. Oh well -- -- all -- Annika talks sister once said -- different context and have the edit the troop Wright was changed back. By items such. An -- ministers at the but anyway Hillary Clinton it is. I think the real thing for bird is what do you don't force lately. You look at the Russian reset that went nowhere look at the effort to. -- -- bring that back to think about the mask which killed. Investors Steven the other dedicated public servants including -- -- field goal for the report. Were still too little questions what happened that night. -- point -- any part of the world US has that relations. There than we did for Hillary Clinton -- -- -- which -- very much -- Searchers statement smaller level guerrilla war miles from the about it. Most restaurant recently the in terms of mismanagement. That have -- six billion dollars. Completely vanished from state partner Hillary Clinton on the story from from -- six billion dollars so -- just -- -- -- -- In this department that was to expected this -- -- Qaeda. Work should be pushed for that. That is US. -- video that caused the loss expert yeah it's awful video that the let that -- shall you know with their picket signs in their rocket launchers and there are. Rocket propelled grenades. Like that protest but to bring down helicopter. It in any -- that are tenured US senator in New York. No we can which very much -- accomplished there. And that would be issues as First Lady was the year -- -- you know that exploded on the on the launch pad. And detected so badly that the Democrats lost house Newt Gingrich and -- it. -- to the senator what you can do great accomplishment. That would bear her becoming commander chief US armed forces meeting ID issue might be the first woman president -- You know kind of an interesting demographic appeal but back to you from inauguration may be too -- union and then go from there were ego. So you really -- this question what she accomplished what has she done and why she should she be given the tremendous prize. In exchange for what previous actual effort -- and an effort but actual accomplishments like it what it really comes too much. But Troy you know the numbers and in the polls. Don't don't don't tell the story that you were I want here. End which he's held and editor any of the other possible Republican contenders. She. She leads him I mean it is or anybody out there it's gonna take -- gonna change that story. Look she doesn't. I think that the Obama administration is gonna continue to be characterized. Analysts doubles and scandals and there. And I think that you can do two things either declare war Obama look you know I was just to. It is a -- in this whole -- Which -- she's going to it would be allowed to base she does that or could break above and I think -- -- with a rate of above the ocean. Is a popular implode there's all these entities -- for Eagles camp camp -- and we have seen. We have little kids across the border I think it's -- it's incurred to do so by. That by embassies and -- council's general Laettner a prediction. Were to. But anyway. I'd be very hard for her to. Couple or so from Obama I can make it easier for for her be defeated as people increasingly disgusted that this president and his -- And I personally think Scott Walker's a terrific. Perfect replacement. -- -- -- -- experience mentioned that dictates who actually knows how to manage something the size of -- or larger which Obama never actually did. Speeches and this wonderful order. Look when you're head of your running game four trillion dollar budget approximately. And -- got roughly two million people working and view about a dozen cabinet departments and hundreds agencies need some ability to manage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Obama couldn't do the -- I mean even people -- the leprosy you know this is not signed up for. We CNET today I was I was talking -- listeners earlier about the Ron -- is article in National Journal one after the other the other. Senior Democrats -- even close to Obama on the inside circle. Are saying they've had enough they -- witness to be over. -- mean even just today on the -- yeah Brooke opposite. Thing is that. Well Obama's decision that was the sectors defense -- decision. Two swap will look either this is -- which is that the abrupt Obama or it's true which case why Obama not. Making the decisions where what decisions. Saying it. -- all. Growth on the either going to be each -- either but. Look either Obama made the decision and other -- -- Eagle or fact he made the decision Obama didn't which is quite. Those two options is it'll -- Now we we've got just another minute here give me he would give me your. If if the look at the listeners out there had to look at one thing. About Hillary Clinton and I know you looked her up and down if you wanted to have them look at one aspect of her or her candidacy what would you have them look. While there's a lot there that you want to. To be too. I would say. A look at the big -- it's technical it's not just. The effect of these American public servants killed but that they pick for. Security to be provided before the attack they didn't get it they asked for help that night they didn't get it. And then once it all happened the White House and Hillary Clinton -- in my did you complete light to their -- about it to cover things up. So Obama could get across the finish line beat Mitt Romney. To get this the political electoral cover up of this tremendous administrative. Kind of a fiasco. And then I would just go back and look at oh Whitewater and other scandals. Back from her case in the idea. A Clinton presidency which again involve lots to cover -- lots of shredded documents disappeared papers. And not the kind of honesty and transparency that you and I think your listeners and looked American citizens. One's -- the president's state. Well that's Droid Murdoch folks -- thank you very much for taking time to call -- you can catch steroids. Commentary in the national review. New York Post and where else to. An interview on line which is Nash -- dot com also Fox News contributor effect if you watched show on Fox Business Network not boxes filled with fox. Business network cut 9 o'clock and at least there's a program called the independence and I will be on the here in fact talking about. The a number of Obama's gay -- I think we're counting down nine of the -- talked mr. -- A very good thank you very much -- were -- -- intimate. Thank you very much to listen will be back here just a few minutes I'm gonna take your calls until the top of the hour here at 8030930. I know a lot of you were holding on. And you had to go probably caption -- your dinner there at home but if I give us a -- because you think about Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. This is Michael -- in for Tom Bauerle here on news radio 930 WBE. Dan. And fair and accurate weather forecast cloudy with a shower thunderstorm spots this evening followed by periods of rain. And it thunder storm late its low of 62. Variable cloudiness tomorrow showers and thunderstorms humid. Thunderstorms are gonna bring hail and damaging winds at least a chance. Hires have done Thursday mainly cloudy and humid with a couple of showers and thunderstorms IV. Read that the shorter AccuWeather thunderstorm thunderstorm -- -- we have one in east warrior. Today her and fours we actually lightning strike by the way east -- the finest place on the planet who. Which is where mine very very pregnant wife is sitting waiting patiently for day. We are -- I'm sorry she's. Men pretend. She is due on Saturday which makes it entirely possible. That my daughter will be born on Father's Day witches would be content cool -- But. You know I was out of town last week at town I was actually in Dallas last week for work. And I -- while that there's no spicy food drink a lot of water don't get out of bed if you can avoid it that in one after. Turn around and fly home. Unexpected early delivery that we don't even know our caller I -- they were not. Under any circumstances. She not. That the name was on the table but it's certainly it now. If you have not seen the ABC interview with Hillary Clinton last night you need to go to BBC watcher. This woman is absolutely ready for campaign. There's no question she's got as much -- tour as she did when she and at the 2008 race. She is running for president I you know there people out there that say that there's still the chance of it I think if you take a look at this -- first which came out on bookshelves today. Hard choices it's called which by the way. And they're very famous. Pornographic films that I would ever seen since expectant father. But. Unfortunate choice of names somebody. Else. At least some kind of filter on the results of the didn't know the hard choices is a porno but here we are hard choices. Hard choices. For Hillary. And I take a look at that book you'll notice just like I have in the excerpts I've seen people we've been talking about this is an apps to the daughter of a book. Which is an indication of the detail. I -- I'm a ghost writer for politicians and and CEOs that write books program work on one right now. You'll never see my name on -- -- it's just like you won't see the name of Hillary's -- -- herbal. But you only write a book that has absolutely no news in it if you get something else you going to do she is going to run for president and the air for her book. Was written as a problem she's re launching herself. The new -- guess the one that we didn't know forest if we don't know everything varies in this woman ever worry. And gut wrenching to eat -- -- wife. So she's re launching yourself in this book and theories. And that's probably at least here -- A fairly aggressive national to where that goes -- And if she's sick if she hit her head and she has as Karl Rove said. But it was ridiculous that. He said it's up on the fact that she had some kind of brain damage. -- -- -- Not quote improperly. But if in fact she did injures herself and she's too sick to. To run for president she certainly won't have an aggressive. Book tour -- So take a look at it -- watches -- were carefully watch as the media fall on it's all over when I say on I mean. They're going to fall down now and Diane Sawyer I give her credit. Shouldn't take the gloves off but she didn't coddle her either she asked a -- tough questions and some follow ups. Do you watch how Hillary. -- candles and Diane -- you watch she -- very good job she's ready for the toughest. Fox News interview that -- yet. A dollar to a donut. That no Fox News purse in the beginning were nearer. She is absolutely controlled bubble. Bases she'd been running for president since her husband won his first presidency. And I wonder what your thinking about this Hillary Clinton for president that's something you support that what you want. I -- life. -- but I -- frankly I don't see Republicans it's going to be certainly not one of the Republicans who were at bear. Sniff and the chair of the president right now the ones were up there trying to set up their campaigns. The all the what I like is the one bit to Roy Murdoch of the columnist. Just told -- a few minutes ago. -- I like really is Scott Walker. A -- with -- record up there. And you know we've there's there's just absolutely. No other person on the radar the crises that could have any chance. At. And taken down Hillary Clinton. But that's 8030930. Star 930. On your cellphone give us a call here. On news radio at 930 WBA and stand by -- from the phones will be back with you right after these messages.

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