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6-10 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- And welcome to the New York City if they -- -- -- conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one pond with an assault rifle. No. Yeah yeah yeah. Tom hourly column. In the road when the thing about -- and -- -- everybody not making enough. Coming up right welcome. It's live its local capital. We'll we'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for -- and and -- thirty W yeah. Here -- -- -- thirty WBA and it is 409. That's 409. PM eastern time here in Buffalo, New York. This is Michael Goodwin for Tom -- USC's scheduled day off today. You're with me and till seven and -- back with you tomorrow. We've been talk about Hilliard excuse me Hillary Clinton for president I find it so distasteful I can barely even say it. Are we were at 8030. Mine thirty we've had a couple of guests Roger Stone who was. Typically. And no holds barred on Hillary and and and his friend Steve pigeon. Who is her -- Hillary and has worked with her report both sides I'm. The idea what you think Hillary Clinton for president or not 8030930. And we've got Joan in amber Joan thanks for holding on you when the prize for the longest. Hold up up up up up. Well thank you I mean would you run and hide behind so I know you got come in terms of the. I do here in America. It rears its ugly head now. Well what I have to say to remind people are saying we can't overdo it -- Now. You mentioned in the book. But have you read any of -- batteries. I know probably more about. About Hillary Clinton that I do my own wife but that's unfortunate but I have to study here pretty closely for some political stuff to me I. I find it distasteful but I must tell you I think she would have been better than Barack Obama. Why is going to be. One and I read. You would be great at 9/11. 80. Is that different from how is that different from Obama. He loves -- like. Yeah. And I think you go. And I I didn't believe Obama and he ran I kinda right out by -- that he will do. Well -- -- are just right of -- does -- I have some pretty decent conservative credentials but after he was. He was elected I I kind of thought you know what let's see what he does -- I know what I've been saying and I know what may -- vote for. Four. From McCain. And -- but let's give a break in its historic situation our first black president. I stood back and watch him in stand back long. Well you know I think he could have been a good president. But -- divided America capability. Just. I don't know I don't think there -- on the right track and I think the country is going down that open. We don't judge she is it's. It looks if if if any of any of these crystal balls are correct she's gonna be the next president I. -- feel about that. In order. Well -- looks like most people aren't aren't artists say must come up with the Republican candidate who can take on this immense. Immense machine that is moving her towards her coronation right now. Who is part of the Republican side. I haven't made up my mind here is a lot of I want I -- in England they put up. Yeah I liked it a conservative -- and another. Real right wing tradition. But. I would like -- the country get more conservative. You Roberto and thanks for calling amber. Have a great date. I'm sorry that are up there legacy at port -- I got -- I hate I watched her. Our interview last night I write I watch how strong she was an end. I think if the Republicans don't nominate somebody with some significant. Wherewithal. We are in serious trouble. We're very -- I mean she's very different person today than she was. When she first took the white you know -- ago I moved in the White House when her husband was. Elected president I can -- I actually I've met most politicians I've met her husband. Matt. Most of senior senator's house represented I've never ever met Hillary Clinton. Which means I guess that. A real careful about the people that. I've never matter M and so I I I do remember when she first came in in in 93. I was. Thinking about moving to Russia at the time I figured if the clintons are common in to the White House. While I moved to Russian front were -- communism actually worked for awhile. And you know I was working in the at the at the time is adding a public relations for Rock the Vote or premier appear. Know that organization it was a group that was founded. In part by MTV to try to get young people to vote when we founded this thing. In the late. Eighties. Young people were voting -- terribly. Anemic levels. And Rock the Vote in 93. Was trying to get young people interested in video via health care the -- The Health Care Reform but that's why it was called Hillary care if you ever in Everett -- that name Michael Obama embraced Obama care in the -- -- twelve. But. Hillary care on obamacare lot of similarities and differences as well. But one thing that. I noted from that time is that she was. You know really inexperienced and and in computers and obviously that's quite -- long ago. And she was short tempered that that there were reports of her negotiations with legislators and Capitol Hill. Where she couldn't -- tampering and she was telling things were helping. But the one thing that she did not do back in the days Rock the Vote represented young people and they did not lock down different areas of different demographics the young people youth organizations. Actually came out in large -- against. Hillary care because it was going to cost young people. Primarily our young people going to have to pay. The health care bills of the older people came on the system. -- -- -- an inordinate amount certainly not share more than picture and the young groups youth groups including Europe Rock the Vote. Were actually. Mobilizing there that are there or against. She did not I -- didn't spend time and now and learned great lessons and in fact Hillary care. Collapsed on itself it was the first major push of her husband's in the air it in the policy arena and it failed miserably. And I think -- were great lessons of the one thing you don't see and you will see. Is any Clinton walking into true. That hasn't already been measured top to bottom walking into a group of people. That doesn't have at that as an article been completely dead they'll never stepped into legislative battles like health care. Without completely locking down. Every different demographic. They need they need happen or make it past I think that the Obama people actually. Learned a great deal from Hillary care because where is Rock the Vote this time around. On Obama -- very little difference between the two different systems the proposed. Very little difference. Well. Rock the Vote is nowhere to be seen no youth group is speaking out against it even though the youth. Are going to -- most of -- they were locked down politically by everyone in involved in the Obama administration. So I see a very different Hillary's very much more mature she's she's learned a lot of mistakes. -- make a lot of storms that she survived. For so many years the accusations about. About Whitewater the accusation about bits and possibly accusations about all these different things that. That. That they survived one after the other horrible. A firestorm of Monica Lewinsky. I think -- Cheated that. All of those things I think it probably timed out all of those issues all of those complaints about the clintons. I'm not sure Whitewater it's -- -- -- never did it probably won't this time against his wife. But I mean I think some of her activities as head of the State Department that think some of her failures. At in foreign policy which are innumerable I think you'll hear a lot of up and -- even though. The left likes that that's not an issue the one thing I think is important for people on Thursday. The thing that has worked for so long for some people on the left is you know what. You know for him. You don't think if you are believed that the -- is a scandal they call you names. -- take or your just -- -- and got the right to whatever level of the cross now mean. Everything's scream were all hysterical about auspices all settled these are all things that have been investigated over and over and it's not. There's a lot more there to be learned we need to know about Hillary Clinton's role on this week do not know was we don't know what she's responsible for that -- predicament. And it's an issue. On the same thing with you know every single Arab nation turned their back on -- under her watch the same thing with the runup to all these problems. With Russia a terrible situation. Bit -- really developed on her watch even though it exploded. After she left. All the probably all of you know to complete text of the -- -- are what are I've met quadruple my and but I. I know a lot of out of he would not have done any of this arm. And -- he was absolutely. Emboldened by a weak foreign policy we got right now my friends. We have a terribly weak foreign policy and it -- not just on the press secretaries state. But also on the on the immediate past secretaries state Hillary Clinton who. Is heading for her own court -- What do you think about. It's 8030930. Here on news radio 930 WP year that started thirty on your cellphone. -- call will be right back after these messages. And Syria are directly -- forecasts. Clouds and sun today where it's 76 right now cloudy with a shower thunderstorm -- this evening probably periods of rain and thunderstorm. Late today low of 62 right verbal -- tomorrow. -- showers and thunderstorms. Humid. Thunderstorms can bring hail and damaging winds high. 79. Thursday got me in the cloudy and humid with a couple of showers and thunderstorm high of eighty degrees but said 76. Right now. Right here -- that news radio 930 WB and you know sometimes I forget a breaker traffic so. Just to stand so sometimes forget that stuff. That's of people that -- for quite some time. Call in Niagara Falls thanks for calling him. At all you're on the air. OK a little ball. I guess I just like to make statement about a little YE. We would even want -- Clinton. In office anymore I think Decker who has been had done enough damage would there was a time. When bin Laden could have been taken now well before national Latin. And because the quality controversy going on with the Monica Lewinsky deal and he was going to be lead and not -- not much yesterday. They put their country. In jeopardy and I ticker shall stay. Dwindled ever since our bit -- So all I don't think that they would deserve. Either of them another chance. And office -- law. But it could be they're all supporting. Well you know we've -- I've earlier on the show like I read some story from. From National Journal where Democrats are jumping off the Obama -- and -- and off to a bears can't defended anymore. Do you think Hillary Clinton would have been a better president than Barack Obama. I'm. It I don't Ayers and it is I just think I think I think basically. All -- the real heart and soul of our trial -- financially. And with with the way things have been going through the years and spinal armored. I think -- this is really a lot to do with -- what followed. In the president's -- afterwards. OK this. I didn't think there was an opportune time. To take a -- Located plenty enough evidence they had worry was intelligent. And Bill Clinton -- that it did because he was more concerned with -- you don't get someone -- -- side. You know I've never actually seen the question asked Paul I wonder what he -- you know that's of a well known fact it's been documented even in the liberal media. Already had a couple I think more than one opportunity to knock him out with a drone or whatever. Leniency agent there are not documentarian -- -- -- the only vague analogy there's years ago. Yeah wasn't drone strikes are looking for missile strikes that. But he couple that perhaps he could have been -- Adam on a screen in any code of but he said no. Yes indeed it gave it to -- ATP. You know -- get a deal okay. And I think we've been pretty it forever. Naral pro -- you can thank you very much called senior -- in I think that's -- -- and nobody's I've never heard anybody ask Bill Clinton whether or not you regretted not pull the trigger. On Osama been. Asking questions. I got a feeling that question will be asked in the upcoming presidential election. And were gonna talk about that at this -- it's 8030930. Start -- -- -- -- on here on news radio 930 WB and we'll be right back. The -- thanks for -- on -- relay. And now are -- and the delay in and killing Americans in this -- name like and given lessons and basically my Brad. And -- bagged the Salmonella can give them just like me is -- combat teams to -- up -- -- -- -- our name but seagate Omar is I'm. Slight lead and thank them. We bring in any. She let it. It's encased in the use of anything. Where's that come from beaver. -- in the world bumper music over there Joseph what is at Tokyo. What does that is the hot the highest in the country -- it yes I don't hear any league tar. Well is that -- Australian -- Anyway we are pretty -- thirty WB and Michael completely stunned. By the corporate music of that great and powerful cause -- beamer stunned I tell you stunned. I'm here in studio for Tom -- help for his scheduled day off. Something of these fellows here who work at WB yen d.s error because this is hard work this office. Talking incessantly. And trying to keep the public and it's very -- -- notes and beach and from work very hard this. And I'm proud stepped out of them when their days off it is now 4:34. PM. -- back tomorrow you with me until 7 o'clock. We've been talking about that Hillary Clinton coronation it's coming up here. Eric. -- news radio 930 WBA gives call 8030930. Do you think Hillary should run. Are you -- would you vote for or perhaps not. Jeff from Clarence -- -- online thanks -- I thank you. Yeah I really I'm I'm really here well Hillary Clinton if you look at -- the book dereliction of duty. Which is written by the ia soldiers to carry the nuclear football -- It's an incredible book he lays out everything about. Although all the mistakes and everything that there. Clinton administration made while well. Bill was in office and other big signal that those words. You know beat the -- here of Bill Clinton was just. Absolutely in the books in what you -- out juice just so unbelievable. And he is that the only part of it without going into too much detail work that he's that bit. When Bill Clinton was in the opposite Hillary wasn't a ground it was like animal house in the White House yeah yeah that's. It was a part. And you said when Hillary would come -- people would literally right kinder. Eight by the time with her whatsoever she was very excruciating. Week that's respectful of the military she's. She don't care what they hate the military and she is nothing but this game. Do you think that's still remains after after being float around for an entire. -- term as secretary of state of being flown around by the military protected by the military. As First Lady after being after serving in the United States senate and traveling the world on congressional delegations. Hand in hand with the military you think she's still the mean I know she came in with a negative opinion. I wonder how we really got to hate the holed that long. I you know it's not it is not a much cheating year -- her as it is it. You know according to you know this guy in the book everything that happened at that revolved around her revolve around. Perpetuating. The image of the Democratic Party and everything what political victories have. If there was something there was still it was say a touchy subject -- -- you know something that was. There was personal it was silly -- on the side for the possibility of how old would affect them politically. So you know the thing about that is that the whole thing about her and I agree with you and she might have been a better president than Obama like candidate. You can ask that Jeff could you don't like -- all that much you must really like dislike Obama. He chose -- program. You know a highly I don't need anyone but I -- that we ate their politics. The other thing that that it you can't I don't know hurt you the most about. You know that situation with the Clinton and everything is that it it was just it was -- -- like that would have been -- like you know not been -- you know. The everything I can't imagine in a minute mile -- when will -- you leaving office with that threat. If it was the kind of Janet and it. -- they would they would restrict that right copper. Slipped off. I'll admit in the Smithsonian ultimate speed there what you -- there actually seen that threaten the -- Come on in the Smithsonian. Smithsonian. Now are you serious. And I know it at all. Represent. Our trio -- what it's come to this. Listen thanks for calm and Jeff are really preached. And Joseph here -- spring -- I don't wait too and thanks for call them. They are like start -- It ought not air and artillery are not a fear that the Obama. Are what I starting. Goal. All. Hillary being a former First Lady now. Very -- Possibility of foreign or else are we gonna see -- track with a lot of -- play at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or. -- right at that I know anti war -- -- anti war. I am not artwork -- a lot of good strong. Women that look great job the job that we do as a coach -- I admire Margaret Thatcher I admire. Well sure but not this football and it. It all while it looked strong ultimately sucker you. Like you're not sure if in the world. Where there are not respected the degree that they should be. And yeah -- orbit. As well especially at United States without a -- Order policy. We -- very big trouble and I'd like to talk about it now I felt. But thanks -- -- -- I really appreciate that. You know. I have to tell you I I'm not a big believer in that I watched how. I mean Joseph just mentioned. Margaret Thatcher I watched -- The Arab world reacted to Margaret Thatcher I watched how the air world. Reacts on rumor I I don't think gender really matters I know that you know when that when when they're behind closed doors they pacemaker you know. Art make art comments about how our culture is not not so much like their culture but. Strict as strength and I don't believe that. Bit of what you have person -- wake. Like Margaret Thatcher on Merkel meet in these -- there are great female leaders. I don't think that it's a downside it is Hillary Clinton have that kind of treatment or overseas. I don't know I -- are so much of our foreign policy has collapsed. Under her watch I IC Russia. Completely. Are on the rise -- American foreign policy on the -- But at the same time you watch her in that interview. With Diane Sawyer last night and he got to believe. You know. She's got some some guts you know I don't appreciate. Her foreign policy that'll like -- to met her views on domestic policy. I really don't want Democrats to be in charge of the United States senate after this election cycle and certainly not a and in charge the presidency. Two years from now. But I -- tightness. And this is to caution for all of us. On the Republican side and certainly in life in general if you attack. Willy Nilly go after a female candidate gonna lose -- just ask United States senator Rick glossy. It doesn't over. And there are females. Candidates like. Like Hillary Clinton that know how to make hay out of the disrespect. And you a woman could say. -- could say. XYZ to a male candidate and get nothing report at the -- current said -- warrants he backed the female candidate he would be vilified it's not fair treatment. It isn't the way that things should be. These are completely upside down and in and political campaigns where you have to treated female Kennedy with kid gloves and a -- Kennedy you can ripped to shreds. But we're gonna have to be real careful on the Republican side and some of the stuff that. Roger Stone was talking about some of the things I've read on the Internet that that people error. Our talk about it is the going to be using against Hillary Clinton. I don't know it could actually help. To be under such a withering attack about her husband's. -- that Wednesday. -- -- that might that might that might. Bounced back might hurt the blowback could hurt the Republicans. But we're gonna go here to break him just a minute I want to know that it's at the top of the 5 o'clock hour. We've got to a very special guest starred John -- who's running for attorney general. Not many people here western Western Europe know who John is John is an incredible guy somebody who I have a lot of respect for. And by the way it would be an incredible attorney general and in this race that can be one. John is is running this state from east west north to solve them to have him for a few minutes. And at 6 o'clock shortly after the 6 o'clock or six of seven or so have rob -- Reno who is running for governor against Andrew Cuomo. You've seen is it is our campaign take shape. And the last several weeks I I know for a fact he'd make it a lot better governor in the one we have. But I I'll I'll leave a feud that to listen to him when he's got to say some updates from his campaign effort for governor people say it's. It's up though but some things have changed on the trio. We've seen bought things emerge. As issues they want reports will be back in just a few minutes. After this break the EC here will be back after these messages. -- -- AccuWeather forecast. Clouds Sunday -- are thrown 76. Cloudy with a shower of this from -- this evening followed by periods of rain and thunderstorms late -- 62. The variable cloudiness tomorrow with some showers and thunderstorms humid. Thunderstorms may bring hail and damaging winds high 79. Thursday mainly cloudy and humid with a couple of showers. And thunderstorm high of eight degrees. Well here we are these united pretty WB and this is Michael -- import Tom hourly he was off today. You're with meager till 7 o'clock in the Tom act more. At the top this hour and after 5 o'clock we're gonna have. A very special guest John Cahill who's running for attorney general John are good guy. And somebody who I think can actually. But -- not -- his opponent this year. From our attorney general church vitamin has done so has done precious little. For the new York and John is going north south east west to. Talk about his candidacy with with the Republicans Democrats independents like. He'll be with us here on the on the it's -- just after the 5 o'clock hour here. And just after the six -- are we got rob mastery now who's the candidate for governor running against. Andrew Cuomo someone who I think would make department and I think some people agree with me it's a tough race. Some say it's -- others say he's got a better shot than than than people think going to be interest of the talks about that. Right now it earlier today and separate from for the balance of this afternoon I think to talk more about this whole Hillary Clinton thing. Hillary Clinton has -- Unleashed her book today on the bookstores it is stacked floor to ceiling. At all the bookstores around he's she's -- in the obligatory book tour which some say made not amount to much the -- -- so good but she's out there. Goings city's city. One bookstore signing books and the interviews of course are coming. Many people say this is going to be the trial period of her campaign see how she handles these interviews on the hustings -- speak. Out all the -- across the United States. And I'm wondering what you think of Hillary Clinton for president I know what I think. I'm not wild about it. Not wild about at all but are one thing that I said on Twitter this week that that is that a few people -- I wish she had been president for the last three years last six years. Instead of Barack Obama President Obama I think has been a miserable. Failure absolute incompetent. Chief executive. Of this nation. And I believe there. Although leave those comments to active duty military -- keys use that term is. Commander in chief is not in line. But. I think Hillary Clinton would have been better president I I think in twelve your daughter would -- -- -- of course. But I would I would I voted for his opponent both times on eight and twelve. I was very strong -- Senator McCain in 2008 he went on to disappoint -- many different ways -- as United States senator. I it was not a big backer of Mitt Romney but I vote for him against. Barack Obama I think Romney's great person a very good person. I think he's a -- and I think he's got a very strong set of ethics. But I think that he didn't he wasn't in touch -- enough with the American people -- what the big criticism his campaign. In if the Republicans wanna beat Hillary Clinton who's gonna come out this this time around swing and it's going to be much more powerful -- that she wasn't 2008. And 2008 she was not a bad -- So if we're gonna beat her at the Republican speaker. The end and 26 team we've got to start thinking there's no question about it. There are some candidates out there and wonder what you think 8030930. Here on nine -- rated by the WB Ian do you want Hillary Clinton to run for president. Do you think that. -- -- you have a repair particular Republican in mind if you don't want her about you what there are no Democrats were even raising their hands right now because they do not. Want to be slapped down. Under any circumstances. For anyone -- that they they do not want we slept there and if you're standing up and -- -- run for president. Against Hillary Clinton there's just no way that it's going to be your your your gonna even get one delegate you're not gonna get one -- might again be invited to a -- Because Hillary Clinton is is being she's being set up for coronation. An absolute coronation. When in fact. She declares for president they may bring out the -- -- and the crowd at that moment at that very moment. Because frankly there's no one that can beat her on the Democrats and and I think no one who's got the guts to stand up and say they -- it. If Hillary Clinton wants to be the Democrat nominee for president of the united of the United States it is hers for the taking. Absolutely. Hers for the taking. -- if you don't believe that. I'd I'd I don't even know what. That is absolutely -- -- If she wants it if she's healthy enough to run and and most insiders say she is we heard Steve pigeon is a former a staffer first. Stated she is gonna run he thinks she is. The -- said the -- told them she. But it seems antithetical -- she is going to run for president in the United States there will be no other Democrat contender in fact when she. When she declares it will all be over in during the entire primary. She will be. So. Gets -- here at 8030930. That's -- 930 on your cellphone. We've got to take our real quick break here to pay some bills and get a whole -- the calls her take. Don't go anywhere callers will be right back to you here on his radio might thirty WP there.

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