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6-10 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome that Tom early show. 308 PM here on news radio 930 WBE and Tom is out for a scheduled day off today. The local conform anywhere except worried relax and mrs. Michael -- I'm in for Tom buy you -- to deal me till 7 o'clock PM Thomas back into moral. Welcome to these radio my three W beyond what a day and has been today the first day the first the -- today. Of Hillary time what a lovely time this is Hillary's new book her new campaign for the presidency. It's all coming together forward now. We are nearing the time. Of her in the ointment we're nearing the time when she will be. Just absolutely chlorinated. For president of the United States but you know I don't wanna give it to Hillary quite yet I think Hillary's a very interesting topic -- I've always talks obit. You know I was looking online as they usually AM. Every morning from zero dark thirty. And -- The rest of your wake I was out there reading one point seven billion pages of the net. And I came across a story kept returning to -- from yesterday. From National Journal I don't know if you ever read National Journal National Journal dot com if you. Haven't seen it before it's a reliably liberal publication. Out of Washington DC when I worked at Washington. National Journal they were liberal and they were biased but they were. There were quite good at -- bay bay had very deep and involve reporting. Every story they did was usually magazine -- They had some great reporters here at some reliably liberal ones but one reporter that is ended up over there it's wrong foreign. Run for an eight I believe was with the Los Angeles Times before he. Punted on the daily news beat him win two National Journal -- forties very good reporter I've seen him. -- worked with him on the road with different presidential candidates in the past he's been doing politics should probably thirty years item thirty. But he is I consider him. Have considered him to be reliably liberal and when he went to national journalist but well that's a logical place for him to the -- I read it click on his story. In his story in the White House section of national -- about a -- who want to take a look at this story near near your computer. You can go to my blog which is politics and -- dot net in the upper left hand quarter. Are all good stories I consider be breaking important news for you even have to read the rest of the meaty in just the right politic politics and wide net. Little left column and you could read any story you -- about politics. I've read all of them so you don't have to. I have -- a link from National Journal are -- 48. And his stories entitled I've had enough in quotation marks when Democrats quit on Obama. For many Democrats the berg doll swap. Is the latest last straw for top Democrats. Frustrated with the president's leadership now this story this story hurts. Four games of about great apologist for Obama some years ago or -- who -- is a great apologist for the Clinton family for some years ago. Forties and reliable. At least middle of the road or liberal reporter for the oversight. Is documenting a couple of different cases where not just Democrats but some of the most powerful Democrats in Washington. Have been writing to him and saying I've had and the Burke I'll swap which replicates much you've been living under a rock from last week -- That's win. This army soldier bird doll sergeant -- all who walked away from his post. In. In Afghanistan was held by the Talabani. 4 and I -- five years and of course. Obama after taking two years to negotiate suddenly moved to have him brought home. And it's treated five deadly problem leaders out of gitmo for his release. That blew up in his face. And it looks so badly that according to 48 Democrats are jumping ship right and the left -- get emails that say even I have had enough. -- out -- just read these two really quickly I wish I had forties voice on this he's on the smarter a lot smarter and I am. But. This is records in DC according to an email that was sent two of forty from Europe who are very senior Democrat. DC is a hard and it's depressing I still believe good comes from government. But that Politico story which are -- Ramon is a cautionary weren't a good reminder that you can't go so in the bunker. And no longer identify legitimate criticism. What this email was telling. Forty about what's the story of political Wear the White House spin was going to be after the -- all debacle was going to be. I was going to basically porn at the Republicans say you can't you can't take anything good the president says and nothing the president is it's those good enough for you. There that was going to be there's -- that's how they're gonna fight back over there they're booked on mistakes. They say that's the -- being against you know the -- also -- a proxy for hatred toward the president now. That blossomed very quickly on Facebook's in my FaceBook friends. We're trying to spin that might weighs in his -- dolls. Swap went sour on them. That according to these Democrats this Politico story and what happened afterwards shows that the White House has gone tone deaf and arrogant. And those two things that are vices that undermine. Any great presidency. Now. -- actually goes on in this story. And talks about a member of Obama's inner circle. Inner circle. Saying bit. But they're they're tired of written their biggest over this whole Obama presidency. It's ridiculous. I mean at their running away from like rats from a sinking ship and all of these people are wringing their hands. In little cafes and watering holes of Georgetown oh my gosh this president. It's just too much. I can't stand it anymore I can't deal with that but here is the great thing for all those on the left the wonderful saving grace. Now just as you've become so fed up. So incredibly tired of the screw ups of this. Basically incompetent president. To the point where your actually writing to reporters and -- my name out of it but a this guy he's he can't govern nearly as well as he campaigns. He's just submit it mediocre president these are quotes from emails. They now have. The rising tide of Hillary Clinton candidacy. And the new book the wonderful new best seller which he's going to make her millions. It's just it's on the shelf today if you haven't taken a look at -- never read any of the excerpts. You really need to I'm not telling you to keep your money to Hillary Clinton but this. Book is the beginning of the democrats' presidential candidacy. The -- reason why it's my right -- I'd go straight books for people for a living that's what I do and you know -- from what I've read for of this book I'm I'm I'm kinda go spend some money on the from what I understand the looking at this it is it's about as. As as absolutely. And insulting absolutely. It's a problem there's nothing in the that's controversial there's nothing in there that -- -- big it's big it's bold. There's nothing in there -- even news really. Which tells me one thing she's ready to run for president she's not about to write a book it's gonna gonna upset the apple cart. That book is the beginning of what the Democrats think is the next democratic. Administration. But I was on a Twitter I'm very active on Twitter tickets an obsession of mine com I'm starting to think that twitters and opiates. It's really quite. Addicting. But yesterday I just I was just so fed up with the bird -- about arm arm you know as a veteran -- -- particularly upset about it. I think -- on viewed them that we needed to do something sensible to get him but not release five. I don't care -- deserted from the army broker -- ruled -- we needed the game home but we didn't need to trade off would certainly going to be. The beginnings of another mass murder these apartment. But -- it you know I was so flustered I I put up treatments that -- I said. Eighteen months until some competent leadership in the White House to top. And I got old. Couple. Of weeks back from Democrat friends of mine and a lot of -- for Democrats affecting most marxism. -- run around the report that for some years. They know they would get my crawl -- of course you're supporting Hillary. Can't wait for Hillary I I gotta tell you I think Hillary Clinton will be a far better president. Then Barack Obama that. As I said on Twitter I'm pretty sure my -- August west. Would be a far better president than Barack Obama I think it's fairly well shown I certainly think my twelve daughter could make better decisions than he has things like. The bird ball situation. It's really quite something but I -- here's the thing there are already over. All my friends on Twitter all my friends on FaceBook and I get problems you know -- -- A different opinion on FaceBook today over over some a partisan think they are so over this -- Obama presents they're tired of of defending him they're tired of making excuses form even the ones who the true believers who wake up and drink deeply of the Obama Kool -- every morning they're tired of it. They can't wait for -- So you better watch -- you -- read this book. -- it's called hard choices which is unfortunate. Towards the title -- yeah I think if you Google hard choices. Until this book came out you found out that is the name about notorious pornographic film. One of the most popular in the history. I don't watch -- that you've heard this. In on no -- mr. But hard choices before became the book that is the becomes the presidency. Was the porno the became very popular hard choices the name of the book. By Hillary Clinton. -- that thing up because -- -- if you look at it. It is that path to the presidency everything in the world I I watch at a -- if you watched it I I actually watched. The ABC interview with Hillary Clinton. I guess with last night an hour long interview with Chris Christie right to block I'll bet they don't give him an hour. No way if Ted Cruz writes a book. Not quite sure would be a very long one but he wrote a book they would give him an hour on ABC but of course. Hillary Clinton as a -- that she's bound for the White House she is like -- -- the -- she's gonna make it out west. No matter what. An hourlong interview and frankly Diane Sawyer. Considering it you know to even give her that long -- time. And to promote a book so she can make millions. Is already. Are being. Party kissing your backside not. But that's actually did pretty good job interview she acts of questions repeated questions of very interesting if you get a chance Sierra ABC. Ego that. I tell you that's one point the big news out of that whole interview. That big news was that. She and Bill Clinton were worked flat broke she says when they came out they weren't wealthy when they went in and they are flat broke coming out. And she expects us to believe. That after making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year that they were flat broke. And they have a great thing you saw that and I think. Opponents of clinic Clinton Campaign jumped and she said we had to buy house's. House's. As if buying one house is -- enough for the average American. I think they're trying to spin -- you know listen Hillary Clinton gets hundreds of thousand dollars every time she gives a speech Bill Clinton makes an -- on him -- -- -- Whenever they go and speak for about twenty minutes you do that -- They're very wealthy people or so they're China they're trying to play down well but that was the big story. Out of Diane Sawyer last night. Big story. There's actually no news in this book I'm really curious as to whether or not you'd think. Hillary Clinton should be the next president it's up I I I've got some stories about Europe. I frankly think you -- I I I wish she had been president instead of Barack Obama for last six years. I'd rather have a Republican in office by god Hillary Clinton would have been done a better job. I'm sure my -- them. We're gonna have a couple of people in to talk about this -- telephone. At 330. We're gonna bring on the -- via telephone erstwhile Republican consultant. Roger Stone who. I consider to be one of the best experts out there at least in the opposition on Hillary Clinton. A little bit after that we're gonna call in it's Steve pigeon I know there's a lot people are sick. Steve -- again but nobody is closer. Of the clintons. Certainly on are on the list of people who would talk to me on the radio. And Steve pigeon. He's got a little history with them and he's got a strong opinion about her candidacy so will give a little bit of time to offset Roger Stone. Will undoubtedly be highly critical -- him about 345. Later on this this this afternoon now we'll also talk with -- Murdoch you may have seen on Fox News -- read his column. On. In the New York Post he also writes for national review. It was also my old room back in college days in the eighties during the Reagan years. But he's gonna give us his take on it as well and I think we're going to be talking at 5 o'clock. To have representatives of eight statewide campaign you may not have heard about. So. But yet I wanna hear -- guys here at 8030930. That's. Started thirty on your cell phone what do you think of Hillary Clinton. She's got to run for president if you read this book and you could barely stay awake that's the first indication that she's -- And we're gonna we're gonna talk about bat for the rest after its date. It will be right back here after these messages. And that's -- you can tell that Tom Farrell he's out and Michael Caputo is in a little bit agree that bumper music. Well there's one person I go to when I want my Hillary Clinton analysis. That's Roger. My photographic Buick. Thanks for call on -- Roger. The big thing coming out this Hillary stuff this book is coming out this is her that's the beginning of the beginning of her campaign is -- Yeah there appears to be the rule out that this is very very carefully crafted bowl to. You know to to try to spin her picture in the battle among other things -- guys he. In the fact that they she lied repeatedly the American people about what really happened. In the politics really came before her you know the lives of men who are serving their country and other words. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did not want to -- it in the run up to 2012 election that. Al-Qaeda had attacked American interest abroad for Americans to die. So look Hillary -- this yarn ball so good about it any anti Islamic video. Being the cause. The -- demonstration -- demonstration -- our. Facility it was a precision military. Terrorist operation itself. It's among many Hillary lies but he is certainly appears she's warming up to presidential. Now all of these things that. That -- DUI and others have been thrown at her for years like these things from the past like the Whitewater stuff off and on this. Old negatives about Clinton are those timed out. I think some of those are timed out you know those who have been critics have been Clinton in the past I don't think they -- their best shot I mean let's be clear. Bill Clinton literally treated US military secrets for Chinese campaign contributions. He critical and downforce that. Bill Clinton is serial rapist he has -- I don't mean consensual -- I mean -- salt here their clothing I don't. Bill Clinton has raped at least five women that we know -- -- every case. Hillary has known about back and when the terror campaign to shut these victims -- up that is what they'll have to answer for now I can think. That is they're all cost position in Washington think they can't -- question but I say if you bribe. I will initiate a campaign to confront Bill Clinton with these -- -- -- -- -- sky lighting candles or to respect. So you're gonna height you yourself will hire airplanes -- An effort of -- these women capturing great sin. Winding abroad where. A -- Lillian -- These women are expected step forward themselves. I won't get to debate between Juanita Broderick and Hillary if Hillary Clinton have a court would need a blog -- -- an incredible interview in BC television. Still picture would need on television Mike's thing Hillary has been great mate he tore my clothes keep it may. He assaulted me you know about it and you did not act now what you want to be president. I'll put that baby up in New Hampshire for awhile let's see how the voters. I mean isn't that a bit rich for me what Republican camp these. -- that's the great thing about Citizens United doesn't have to be done by Republican candidate can be done by the fine citizen the United States don't want Hillary to be president. Hillary Clinton personally hired -- Paladino. And Anthony Pellicano to a private detectives to go around threatening. In the women who Bill Clinton had -- I guess that is absolutely -- I think that he's opposed both those guys they've -- said it on the record. Hillary ran a cover up various fully aware of the Bill Clinton is serial sexual abuser. I think that will be the guts to campaign. Now what about her performance at the State Department beyond. Let's leaving been Ghazi -- probably. She runs for president are really think she needs to go out to a five miles let's see she got the steal and it felt to be present I'd keep it looks like she can walk. This is not a healthy -- I don't know that she could lead to four years in the presidency given her. You know her health problems she claims that she slipped -- all the why is -- wearing these glasses that are designed for people whispering game. Yeah but you know she's wearing no classes under the clean lights at Diane Sawyer view. Well once -- he takes. The brain damage glasses off but that doesn't she's not bring again. On each is about to go into or something multi city tour promoting your book not that she asked him. Considering the networks are gonna do four bit -- and let me fly around just as much as she did this to. See how are Jewish that really is and let's see she's wearing the the classes that are specifically designed for people would bring him. So you Peter you're gonna double down on what -- on board we set about her. Head injury your double down. I guess I don't think she had some health issues I think that it is being over power in this case by the clintons lust for power for public speaking to. We will need to have a house. Love the fact she was secretary of state never intact. I think he needs -- out of the house and you know I think that they -- both greedy and power hungry so. I think frankly at this point that there -- -- given their perspective political position in life. They are -- by the effect. Citizens. They have an enormous amount of money. Or you wouldn't just right out into dysfunction. But I think -- again make -- mistake. That their past will be the region -- Nortel have to answer for reaping Juanita Broderick. The only answer for hiring Pellicano. Juanita -- This is what will get a camera I -- I know you're on you know you're on talk radio it is that ever gonna see the light of day on the broadcast networks ever. You know what if -- -- hit in New Hampshire who cares. About the beauty gets the Internet. Percival but that burden on the action at 200 million people by a purple blue. And then secondarily under citizen's united you can raise the money. Put that on in New York City Karadzic CBS coverage there -- -- get the 30s62. Spot laying out. It's it's a new day to day when he was controlled by his or newspaper three television networks is over. Well it is Eric appetite for this -- I remember during the that the Obama reelection there're people out -- ready to fund some pretty. Our over the top stuff and it never actually happened that important messages in many ways -- never happened -- -- this is. Certainly going to be considered to be -- -- over the top of the of the mainstream media is gonna rip apart is that appetite for funding those kinds of advertising. And we were gonna find out. Think that just you know the alternative course Michael -- to assume that Hillary Clinton is going to have they have coronation for president no question should be act -- The only thing Hillary Clinton has ever accomplished and smearing bill judicial experience and she never run and secretary of state residual. What is she gonna secretary state. Cute -- every Middle Eastern country to Islamic and actually hit. One by one speechwriter ally and handed over that part of the world. Two people who want to kill American studies were only accomplishment as secretary state she never wrote anything. She married -- and got to be secretary of state she and her husband are embarrassing if you ask me. Because the idea. She couldn't answer the phone at 3 AM the foreign policy crisis based on what experience in her life. Can someone experience. Health -- the great job she did and that and that in the Clinton white pants. Keaton competition with no record really point two billion US senator should know by either pushed the spot and the Democrats have been no but. Right now talented dog -- I read the poll numbers are at that are out there don't show. Now they don't because nobody I mean it is not Clinton has been on the ballot in 1996 has been no campaign. Give me ten million dollars I would change those poll numbers overnight. Realize that ten million out of control. Got a number but the point of course is that we're national campaign to work. And my act constantly you -- to limit your your wife how to -- protective. Culture victims what do you have to say about. But they're just I just I I understand that you're gonna put on the air I understand them will be on the Internet. But the mainstream media's gonna do everything they can't number 12 to avoid at number two to ignore a number three events have ten knock it down. Yeah that's true. I everything you say this term so let me finish he had many advantages many she's got access to funding she's got a print media. If she -- elected -- -- probably prologue and they have to be an impeachment situation PR. Utah career criminal. The clintons are career criminals stay alive -- floor more than depiction ever products so if they get elected. Believe me they'll be vulnerable again can't help themselves there's no talent they're really. Well listen ladies and gentlemen that's Roger Stone who is author of just have to the man who killed JFK. And Roger tells a bit of spreads -- second about your new book Yakima. I have a terrific new book called Nixon's secret. Which is very deep and dark secrets -- border dictator finally revealed which you can find out how Nixon brokered apartment for himself how. What would only eighteen and a half minute gap who really planned to break in the Watergate what they look war. And you also get a review of you know how Nixon came to be one of the greatest and also one of the most presidents. In American history to somebody who is really conflict. And I think it's candidate me on the Nixon admirer on one level on the other hand I'm not blind to his many failures. As well as many try out some hope and put forward a pretty balanced book that people find interest. Well I mean your last one win over the top New York Times best seller which Hampshire was really really major detractors angry. I'd probably that we had a great book parties Fiorina. In buffalo less things to. Carl Paladino wins did decline worthy Nixon doctrine number my and you might can compromise a difference. An outstanding. Paterno and I'm gonna come back foray for another book signing. In the fall to see so many my friends community is very interest and stop them the truth is as you learn in the book. Nixon had the -- and Gerry Ford that's like he'd maneuver him into the presidency and he -- park agreement out of him prior to Nixon's. You know resignation as president. That's burning stuff able ladies and gentlemen Roger Stone rocket thanks for joining us. Here on news radio 930 WB EN will be right back after these messages. And we're back here on news radio 930 WB EN. 3:48 PM. This is Michael -- for Tom Bauerle -- -- scheduled day off today. You'll have me until 7 o'clock on the back tomorrow point. I'll listen to Roger Stone on Hillary Clinton. I bet if you're from the left her artillery support earlier hearing is being got to bring gossiping gossiping got -- that's it I mean he does not like Hillary I'm not fond of either. But provide little balance of this debate and in -- I'm I'm all for balance. Bring. And on. Steve -- Steve you're on the line. It like Steve I know Roger is your friend but steam must been coming out your ears to listen to. Well Roger is my dear friends -- that -- or not he's absolutely rock. -- Playing Internet you know this idea about big guys. We've been down this road. Time and time. All it's very clear -- what happened. There was obviously security lapses there was a country we have been thirty years. -- -- yet he had diplomatic relations with -- 32 years as we were working with people that we -- our side it'd been on our side and opposing copy. And it turned out that people we were working with that we thought -- our allies who really plotting against us. I don't know of any security ability that there would have been able to stop that they were even able to get the secure CIA -- That was secured better than any obscene in the world and able to kill two CIA officer. We have been worse is we thought they where perhaps a bit more. Now these things happen and and -- it's a very dangerous world could continue to be a dangerous world. To -- -- that that she was derelict in her career the president covering anything up I I I think it's just a lot of rhetoric and a lot of political gamesmanship. That is so unfortunately. Advantage of that horrible tragedy into. Americans who. -- at that point serviceable at the CIA. -- put their lives on the line every -- all over the world so I don't think we should be doing and of them. Political games I don't think -- All so I think by the time the sixteen race around this slogan of the old. Well listen Steve I got to ask you that I mean we've heard all the negatives in this is WP and so you are responsible for putting out the positives for Hillary Clinton probably the next three days so. What do you tell me why she should be I mean. We can go on and on about why she shouldn't be but what does she bring into the table. Well first -- -- probably -- about experience. In Atlanta bank to bring to the opposite we've seen extraordinary. Long time. Here's a person seasons. Experience that the First Lady -- US senator that secretary of state you know we got twenty years. Here outage was just the First Lady who wasn't involved she clearly it was a key advisor in the Clinton administration are. So the experience which he has the world leaders they actually -- The people that she knows really starting out it. She's done her own job -- as of -- small lawyer. A lawyer and children's education and education advocate. Building the in the Arkansas schools at which data -- membership recruited you reveal. Great superintendent about what she recruited him to Arkansas. She was in charge of the educational. -- you talk about her husband the governor. Salute you talk about it unique combination. Of understanding the pastor programs economic programs job creation. Which you get in the US senate working. We're seeing a lot of food for labor that we -- also come in western new York water. You really start it was a soul. She is just too. I'm sort uniquely well in the domestic front on. -- -- -- a New York State for a world. To bring in the you know presidency you know a lot of credibility. Including knowing every world leader for years. And understand there's psychology in their backgrounds. Former front porch. I just think she you know the uniquely qualified and also think she she she still as the fire her belly. Advocates for people that. To bring this in -- country forwarded and restore the American dream and we've been saying that you know make becoming very difficult to come up with. You know for the average person throughout this country with deep decline in the economy that we get some good. The recession you know came in 2008. So well look. At that it to the -- let me ask you -- You think she's gonna run. I do think -- I think she took a year to. You know think about you know the personal commitment would make to make sure that. She recovered properly from concussions. That he saw her interview at night. You know metals -- Barack. And I believe -- this week I don't think she'd be doing this book or not. Obviously I think the last thing you know if you want to. Probably. Will make final decision will probably be on you know whether she's. You know got the -- in the thick skin to go in knowing that you and everything or kitchens and don't have her. I doubt that it is Johnson is. Well me I watch editor VC event that the Sawyer interview. She's she looked -- top is ever. It's essentially write me -- her you know creator 2000 dated Saturday. It was traveling -- across upstate when he ran for the senate. You could see that aren't always earned. The energy there that you know and you know she did they all that. You know she had to recover from. You know you can throw out there when I was -- was concerned about the issues but -- all their concern disappeared. You know a lot of last night. Well I mean she certainly didn't look debilitated me and end and she gave -- right back to Diane Sawyer who. I don't think I literally took the gloves off but she didn't -- and ice cream cone and you know. Well now. She -- and I don't think anybody well she expects that over usage against. Well listen Steve I really appreciate you called and we're gonna take a caller here real quick I know you're busy in thanks for if for your directive on this are. Take care -- the -- thank you. And in buffalo -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you're on the air are. How do you thank you thank Kaymer yeah you're out about what people say it about. But lack of -- now. Academy sample and they -- In. A lack of armored. Admiral thanks so. When they say elect. Obama can't read -- thanks so. And they goalie in the aid equipment that and they talk about the there married and I didn't act and then -- and among them epic but in the that was on our -- -- I'd buy a practice. But at the crying about that. Point we -- -- Cole bomber there. Two. About. They didn't know I -- now. So -- its economy care that I am and I may know. Well we're winning out and grow so yeah. We need -- So let me know we got a call. And we well. About Barack Obama out. We brought him may. It'd do and it saying you know. I -- -- -- and -- what do you think of Hillary Clinton. Yeah yeah yeah -- go. He's out he's out he's OK you know black and you wanna be back at get this in -- -- Internet and direct album meant there. Well -- are absolutely right well and thank you very much for pro am. Were to go to look a commercial break here and a few sick -- ready for commercial this is news radio 930. WB yen.

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