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6-10 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you for having me all right everybody that I talk to believe he deserted is there any dispute about that. Now he deserted his post willfully and purposely and. That is our Sean Hannity talking to weigh a military medic and that seems to be the consensus talking to military people especially people in his own unit. And talk about how this was handled by Barack Obama. You know there's an expression that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission. Certainly argues that excuse enough in my radio career however. It's the worst of both worlds -- Obama. He doesn't ask for permission and never offers. Offers any excuse for what he did nor ask go for any forgiveness. So he's just so full speed ahead ball on the China shop. A guy who's in over his head and it's it's kind of scary entered those the last paragraph of Charles Krauthammer is. Column from last week. The -- and now obviously Charles Krauthammer is a conservative call but. The president seems old Bolivia's to the gravity indeed the very nature of what he has just done. Which is why -- stunned and troubled people are asking themselves what kind of man they have twice chosen to lead them. And I have to I have to a second that what kind of man do we have in the Oval Office he has no respect for the form of government that we have. He does sidesteps congress willingly knowingly and publicly. -- he has no respect for -- the Supreme Court. In which you have two years ago -- -- State of the Union Address he chastised them there was sitting prime problem. He has no decorum. Even small stuff chewing gum. At the it's just not they are it is not they air. And those of you pretending it is you're you're just wishing there was there as I am but it's not. OK Caroline walked toward Carol thanks for holding Iran WB yeah. Yes thank you our group. I really don't understand done. What does that take begin this -- impeached. I mean I agree with everything you can't and so tired and it replied it's called and it's. What does it take to get this guy empty then don't say you won't be because he's black. Because he's -- we can't let him ruin this country its support -- I mean he is no garde but he can't stick to shouldn't Ian. You pretend -- every -- for our military have you ever seen him salute the -- -- you greet the troops could see ever -- solar net interest. Seeing him well I mean he. He has no regard for anything. I understand your frustration but unfortunately. I'll have to stick by my words that they're not going to do anything. If he or not black. And blame doc in the last couple years of his term would be hard breasted but yeah. But being black is his insurance policy he knows nothing's going to happen he's not gonna get impeached over -- -- -- I'll tell you why because it would cause racial unrest because the same people a position in the Republicans here's what I would say I can tell you what they would say. If I if I'm that spokesperson saying. Look we had a chance we stepped up as a country we elected our first black president. And you had to impeach him didn't you and all -- -- do is to the people who don't pay any attention to the newest is fire them up and they'll believe that he got railroaded because they're not paying attention now why would they pay attention later. So -- her own country. I think that. I think he's gonna ruin the country because he's incompetent. Who happens to be -- actors that that's -- yeah. Right you know I -- for it what's going to happen in the next two years. 1016. At the route we -- we might the -- -- well what. What I'm afraid of as a continuation of this policy and that continuation started today with the release of Hillary Clinton's book. That's what I'm credit and thank you Carol thank you very much. That's what I'm afraid. He's running the country because he's black now is our country because he's incompetent. Is the difference OK but you can't say anything. Because he's black anybody pretending that that's not -- that that's not the real deal. Of course it's the real deal. I can point out that people that would make those statements that -- on television all of time they never changed their position on anything he's ever done. Never say no no he's not -- of a task though they don't do that because they are they like what they have to right now. And they wanna continue the best way to continue it is -- was Stonewall what we have now and hopefully segue into that. I'm the first female president we fellow -- -- of the idea of the first black president now let's go with the first female. I had no problem with a black president Ronald this one. I have no problem with a female president -- probably would have a problem with -- That's just the way it has got to get the right person. And the rest of it as window dressing the right person as the leader things happening and nothing. They are just briefing -- senators yesterday and today after the fact. Regarding. Bird doll. I mean how embarrassing is that it. You talk about you know your touring the bar and after albeit cattle have left because the door wasn't locked. And yours and now you're giving them the tour little late for that is not. That's the way evidence. That's the way it is and that's the way it's going to be for a couple more years. Our best hope I think. Trying to think practically. Is the mid term elections. We can get a gain control. Of both houses of congress well we have control. One we need to control the senate if we get a gain control of the senate. Then at least this weekend a weekend high. But there again that doesn't stop you from doesn't stop him from issuing executive orders he seems very willing to do that. And then you get into you know what kind of fight with the present the United States. I think when it women -- the military has its. -- trial oral hearings what ever to determine whether Burkle. Was a deserter or not it when if it when I mean if it comes out that he is. The enhanced -- changed perception across the country and I cannot believe that there would be good news for the Democrats. Well there's a question -- whether he could be tried on a while charges desertion charges they're different image depends on what kind of evidence they have but. I would like to believe that there would change the minds of people the thing that's disappointed me. Really is not that we elected this guy who's totally -- qualified but people haven't seen it. -- they've seen that they don't want to admit it yet one of those things where it's like you know it would be like it's your kit. And your kids are real screw up but you don't want to admit it you stand by -- -- because he's your head. And some people feel we got to stand by this president -- he's our president. Well presidents are supposed to be checks and balances to the other two forms of the other two branches of government. But we went -- saying that now we're seeing one guy. Disregarding. Everything else. Because we said earlier and bears repeating and and people remember -- he doesn't want of the president wants to be a king and he's acting like one we don't have a king in this country. And we don't want a king in this country and it's if we got a guy can do the job. We should be able to criticize him without being pointed out as being hate mongers. We of one -- modest star of we don't want illegal immigration. All the things that they've already positioned us as. And we don't wanna be label -- that simply because. We are trying to do hopefully constructive criticism to get a better job out of the Oval Office will be back -- more with teaching company. Yeah it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. We we spend ninety days after he immediately left and the -- extra assets brought over to us. And there's increased activity are on the ground and made it very easy for the Taliban to basically pick and choose what targets he wanted to hit. And it was just a field in fourth with so many extra units in the area. In an article by you know Jim Michaels USA today says if the military does pursue criminal charges. It would likely consider a wall absent without leave or desertion a more serious charge or are -- carries a maximum five year sentence. Desertion requires prosecutors to prove. The service member intended to leave permanently or -- hazardous or important duty. Eight wall requires prosecutors to show that the soldier plan to be gone temporarily. So there's a difference between I'm -- but I'll probably be back or I'm gone. Period and the stories so we'll see what happens there. OK let's it would get a dissenting voice on this this is Chris and -- blogger Chris give me your thoughts tennis. Well. I don't think all the experience for one I don't think anybody should make be making permanent judgment and if I wanna hear from the soldier. And we haven't heard from him yet he hasn't been convicted of anything. In fact it is really all has released. 3COM as many as 300. Prisoners for one. Israeli soldier so it's not unprecedented. And. Well except first I agree with -- first parties said though there have been no charges that he has not spoken. He's in -- hospital medical care I agree with that. A regarding Israel. And that's that's not apples and apples that's apples and oranges so in even -- even though we look at Israel as being endangered and having to do some swaps I don't think it's the same thing. Well I am sure there were. Although some very. Harmful people and the 300. That were released that's the only point -- -- in -- -- -- I don't think we need to wait and and see what's going and by the way I want you know I am a veteran control. All of thank you for -- you and -- appreciate it you know were you surprised that the difference in the veterans opinions. In this survey of 68%. Said it was the bad deal as opposed to 43% of the general population. No because. The military. And there's a different view on that -- but I I really think that they need to recall affects carrying troops. Well be of people that have been quoted from his own unit. That's one thing you know if you're active military. The it's difficult criticizing your commander in chief. So that makes it difficult and regarding him saying something I heard -- Navy -- say once he's out of the hospital care. And he starts talking if he starts talking. People are going to be amazed because you may see some things coming out of his mouth you don't expect because of their time in service with him in the people that. Did serve with him that they know. Well then maybe we should wait to hear what he had to attract. Well absolutely is I I think he'd be welcomed to be publicly heard so far though he had he has. Said that he doesn't wanna contact his family well so I don't -- retarded was anytime soon. Maybe some mental and if they are you don't know. Yeah we don't know and and I assume that we will find out over the course of time -- I thank you thank you for your cooperation. Yeah he doesn't. When he gets out if he starts talking they'll be answers things -- he says yes. So are you from -- to our last caller then are we to believe that. Everybody -- -- spoken that was in his unit was lying there that there -- lying in their make in this town which hosted just say OK forget it we're we're not gonna. Listen to that we're just gonna go what were told that the Gonzalez doesn't work like that. I don't like this. Military units scared very very close as they have to they depend on each other for their lives this isn't. Sports. Where you got another game next week you may not have another day if -- if you're not -- cohesive unit. What would what would. You think would. Generate the kind of criticism coming from his own unit. I'll watch what would they have to gain by -- they probably not much -- Tony have a cut regarding summit in the unit. This is not. As a medic that was in the as you just listen to what he says in this clip okay. I think it just goes to show that he wasn't satisfied with with being in the army. And that he wanted to -- to get away and by getting away heat willfully and purposely premeditated. Left his post and left me and my platoon and he walked away and. Now while what do you think that that person has to gain by saying that if it's not true and not gain by it. It is a matter of fact I think they're probably hesitant to say -- but they thought it was necessary because of vote the circumstances here. As I said. Anybody active military is gonna be hard pressed to criticize the president he is the commander in chief. I know sometimes it's. Hard for me the -- -- Let's go to our friend Madonna on a cell -- Madonna here on WB again. Hello there are going to talk to you. Hello Madonna. -- you still there. Well she was there she's at a Los Andy and his gun and we like talking to Madonna. If she's listening on the radio give us go back was go to Franken towel on the frank here on WB yen. And the person should be held. Situation. Account should be higher -- presidents serve for dereliction ability. I think -- per day opt out the results here -- Is at the plant and it's what you can buy at all. And swore to protect this country. From outside. Now. Are some other country. And everything possible. To bring this country down. -- Why is it appropriate anti Arctic well I hate to -- important. I don't put up by double bonus people that you couldn't secure and by swapping. By guy forget it dessert it's post op. What he's been able to say what we need more information that we eat their coalition troops. We're all. Of the people at Serb attempt to cut to the guys were able -- And I went out -- -- -- -- -- lives trying to find some adults think you -- To find out more information. Didn't know it but they're wiped -- the -- looking for help I mean. You may have something to say he -- it -- chase they're partly. I think we have -- stopped by fiat might Jasper for battle. Why did you like -- worst. Haven't done. It listening to at this data lighter. Over the volunteer -- And I like the fact that you brought up the oath of office the president puts his hand there. And swears uphold the constitution and the laws of the land I have never seen in my lifetime. A president would have less regard for the constitution or laws of his line. He doesn't give them repealed he just doesn't enforce them and he's got his his is right hand guy Eric Holder there they don't even prosecute any thing. So -- it's it's it's almost like a runaway government business. Sure there's you know. Congress is odd democratically controlled to what pepper -- -- It used to secure and shouldn't -- the -- -- year you're you're. -- political. That your party your party or -- -- hiring errors here right here. Our country into all of our country in which you'll -- happening to our country. I did I hit. I hear hear it shouldn't matter by the news obviously does a frank thank you we'll be back. After this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Excel calls are free and start doing very spiritual free at minus 18061619. 360. It's very very frustrating because here we are we seeing so much more extra energy and time and blood sweat tears. First someone who purposefully walked away. And didn't wanna be found he didn't wanna be found and so we were chasing ghosts -- -- eastern Afghanistan for at least ninety days that immediately following his disappearance. That is a -- being interviewed by Sean Hannity last night. So are asking the same question that there's a survey is asking it's a USA today. Pew Research Center survey conducted by Princeton survey -- June 5 nearly -- and regarding the president's performance. On the bird doll -- a swap with the five of people get the ball. Am the most amazing number to me is the middle number here. They ask all the respondents. And then they asked via the vets separately. In the end all of the respondents 43%. Said it was the wrong thing to do but when you get to the veterans. 68%. Said it was the wrong thing to do so that. I think is -- via you're teachable moment for us. Because one would assume that they would be the most in favor of of making the swap to get a serviceman back. And that's not the case at all let's go to and and silver creek and the -- WBM. -- sandy and I hope I can get through this call I'm sure in my son has been serving since two months out of high school in the year 2008. In the US air force. And I'm horrified that this terror release. I feel that the president. And I use that word loosely. Is aiding and abetting the enemy. And I have seen them since that time he moved Ronnie. When he said he wanted to fundamentally transform America. He did say that yes. -- and what did people think that meant to listen to what it meant. He wasn't follower of follow Lynn ski and we all know what he wanted this country is turning into. And I am so ashamed. To say that there is my son's bond. Yeah event itself if you're active duty to publicly criticize. Of the commander in chief I can understand. Your feelings because as you'll you'll want you wanted to work the way they founding fathers set it should work with. -- -- checks and balances and we don't always agree on things but this is like a runaway government -- in my estimate. And it really opened FY I I was speaking out because he can't. -- I'm glad the next time you talk to him -- thank him for wearing the uniform from all of us. Will Cindy thank you implant keep doing what you're doing don't listen to with both liberal -- are trying to put out there. I'll do my best that you thank you very much. Yeah. You know I don't wanna I don't wanna be is seen as overly dramatic. But a runaway. Government is the government that the normal controls. Don't work. The normal controls. You know I advise and consent from a senate. Constitutional interpretation. Things like that. They mean nothing to this guy. In the race I say this guy is because. He happens to be the president of the United States. The checks and balances which are suppose they're gonna keep all three branches of book. Of government on a perfect equilibrium are out of kilter. The senate is -- just being advised. Just being briefed yesterday and today on this after it was done. And yet eighty people -- they say that's the number eighty people. Within the president's circle -- about it but the senate and the house did not. So you figure how do you leave congress out of that what -- like congress about what you think they've got a good job or not they're there for a reason. And I like that are two callers ago we mentioned that there was mentioned by yeah. The caller that the president took an oath of office who uphold the constitutional -- laws land. And he has no regard for the constitution that I -- He has no regard for congress he's basically said I'm not gonna wait for Obama -- -- all I have to and so that's his attitude. And he's. I mean he's doing it the way he wants to do it because you know political leaders he's going to be done. And maybe they can hand the torch to Hillary Clinton would go pick up the mental and and proceed whether that's the scary part. OK let's go to our cabin in Pendleton Kevin -- on WB again. There you know. Or to say that. I mean that would in each area. From there Republicans. And empty suit that out right now in congress. And -- right to describe them considered. And aren't -- I continue but at the Orange -- she gets spoke before year. And if this an impeachable then what it is I mean these guys out or -- -- Osama -- Latin. I and includes fury that Egyptian. -- And this is not a -- -- -- Gillibrand. She moat and a little model because she's -- reelection and he's a leading up presidency should do right now. But should have been -- from from from there from be decided -- -- congress. Now there was a lot past. -- a year ago bit he said I'm signing head but I think it's unconstitutional. So he signed bow of a bill into law and then disregard of the law so what is what does anything -- -- -- does his signature mean I mean that's his -- mean anything. No they did this and that does seem to remember he -- himself -- -- bit muted -- it's sort of -- -- -- -- it will flaws in the current situation and -- -- that is -- -- -- these -- fundamentally what -- -- -- -- once you've seen a lot. We need I'm loyal opposition under Republican Party is -- -- right now. Like -- rely on those guys to do anything BB -- to get -- part of their constituency to our -- insert. Well I hear you loud and clear because got to have some backbone. And there and if Europe and oppositional what's happening and you don't say -- what good are your your you know my attitude is here either Vera when I need George earlier that's and embed the Republicans don't seem to be going Needham. Right let's let you also -- producer Julia. That they did -- -- Press Secretary position. Under Republicans it differs dumb to put themselves in the position witnessing all you can eat I'm minorities you implement read an article he. -- in order Republican to beat you right now ideally you want to write a primary against incumbent Nokia. Wouldn't get deported in China diesel. That gives it Democrats broker also order a warm moment. -- -- they've got that they've got that down they've laid the ground work so that when you come up with a legitimate criticism mutilated you're labeled as those as a nut job way out on the right one. Thanks thanks Kevin thank you very much moment. Yeah they've laid it all out Republicans -- women war on women. Public is don't want to any kind of immigration reform so they don't like immigrants either. They've laid out every possible. Legitimate and critique. Of their regime. And and and now there is gonna wait it out Obama knows nothing's gonna happen to him. He smug he's arrogant and incompetent that's a bad trio of of things. If you're gonna be arrogant you shouldn't be incompetent. You know if you're confident and really good. Will take a little arrogance -- that in exchange for being really good but when you suck at your job your arrogant something's dramatically wrong. We'll take a break we'll be back -- with the -- company and newsreader I'm thirty W via. Bert -- being being traded for these five Taliban individuals and they -- coming back to the United States and being treated as a hero. That's incredibly. Frustrating incredibly infuriating. Because there are men and men and women. Who especially men who I knew in Afghanistan who died. Looking for him those are heroes -- -- who who walked away who deserted his post he is not a hero. Our Chris got a couple more FaceBook let's get through those that would get back -- -- calls please this is from Mikey says these poll results are not surprising the general population is -- on informed on what actually goes on the average American gets their news in two sentences or less that's true and that's the sad part we talk about that a lot of off the year. Of low -- when you're doing a talk a general talk show like we do. You have to read you have to listen. You have to participate in conversations. Otherwise though you're out of the loop. So we know we have to do to stay in the low. But we know lots of people who could care less about knowing anything. I mean they probably didn't always went to war in Vietnam wanted to happen I mean the bottom line -- a lot of people just rather than deal with these things. They just kind of remove themselves from dropped out of the conversation. So but they still have a vote plasticky. They still have a vote and they use them. And sometimes the I wish -- be a little more judicious in the oil homework before they give away their vote. Okay Chris and -- on ways this is from -- she says we can learn a lot from the military people in uniform understand loyalty trust and responsibility. Those things are lacking in the general population. Well sad that's one in my. One of the reasons I admire the military so much is their rub their discipline their dedication. Their commitments -- via. To the objectives of their service and it may lead to more distant home life than the rest of us do. And when they see something up close and personal. And they react the way they reacted in this case it shows you that clueless president perhaps knows much less. About this in the people on the field. I feel strongly about that Jack and buffalo Jack you're on W media. -- our kids act. On the radio down sir radio down. And good. -- A longer -- -- on the radio you know hundred years they still leave the radio on Harrison delayed the reason -- and delay. Is I that I can bet I bet I'd get to the punch line before you do in August -- second it's the art. There's no way and you know how long seven seconds is while asleep honeymoon but if you know 72 delay. Four ever I can go I'll wash the car and come back or dreaded. And so what we're seeing here is a backlash. And we are seeing some people who normally don't talk like that talk like that. Kirsten Gillibrand normally -- very supportive of the president now she is you know as she is got a. I think we'll get the Democrats have come out against other ones that are reading. The the tea leaves in that this could be bad for them. Come election time beyond the -- -- Yeah that's I mean that's always -- yourself from Obama which will be the playbook. Dianne Feinstein. I mean I've never heard -- finds that she was mayor of San Francisco. When I was in San Francisco so I'm I'm well aware of politics or whatever but I've never heard her be critical of the president's critical missed. And most of our models of people represented us in Washington with the exception of linguine spine to Brian Higgins with excesses and a great deal man this is fabulous. If only we could get him back ever go back and to -- down the skyway. Wife would be. But the only local one Chris Collins critical of a certain way. A Gillibrand critical of it's certainly. And the ones that haven't been critical about it strangely enough have been silent. So I. Ireland and now they did -- three different press conferences. Yes it was the end I was yesterday. Weigh in town. Where are our esteemed US senator Chuck Schumer. In different places different people in the background but -- -- The best of my knowledge hasn't commented have you seen or read anything -- Schumer comment on this I don't thanks. And he's he would be a very influential voice but so far. Silence. David Batavia de -- on WB -- -- I just wanted to say I disagree with -- better and that's when I don't think Obama is touring the country giving confidence. I think he's doing it because he was exactly what he's doing he's trying to get that. Fired general purpose serving private and keep on stable in the world as a world power by doing it. We're gonna get elected there they wanted to fundamentally change America and it's all part of doing that. Your probably right I should have chosen my words more carefully because you're. Viewer restatement makes perfect sense. Because if he didn't like the US oil was and wants the fundamentally change it. Believe me it's not the same way now as when he came into office and he's -- sad part I wish we had more people paying attention like you know Dave because I think we would have more informed electorate. Thank you and I did it yeah. When I -- idea -- spoke to a group of naturalized citizens a couple of years ago for judge ark Kara. The first thing I said was a congratulations. You you have done at the right way and got a big round of applause. But the next thing I said is if I can give you some advice. Make people that ask for your vote earn it. Make sure that they represent you. Don't just give it away it's easy to give it away. You know fancy campaign stop or a button are it's -- -- -- you know -- you know somebody -- the same -- -- you -- or. Just something easy it's easy to give away the vote may -- -- -- In a lot of voters now are not making them earn it -- just giving it away and that's why we got the government we have now why do you think we have a totally and I think. You know this country was built on taxation without representation. That's what it was built on that's how it started okay. You really feel that your being your talk show audience -- probably a lot more plugged in than most. You really feel that Washington is representing you. I don't think so. And I think it's getting worse and worse. As I said I don't wanna be an alarmist but I see a runaway government. A government without responsibility. A government without checks and balances. Governments gondola and how they wanna do and that's the end of that story that's as that's as easy as it gets to describe it. Things that should be prosecuted -- prosecuted Eric Holder. Wouldn't prosecute them anything that he didn't personally believe it. Forget the rule of law he's supposed to be the chief law enforcement agency. That's the way Eric Holder and he's got a companion -- -- Obama who feels the the fundamental transformation of this country is fine with him. Which you know what a -- made and it's not final a lot of people. I think we haven't been a perfect country but we've been a damn good one and it's going the wrong way. Right now at about wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine on his radio and I'm thirty we are WB yeah.

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