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6-10 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward region governor have sandy -- what about this president he doesn't seem to give any kind of vote thought to -- bypassing anybody that he wants to bypass including congress as he said. 02 months ago that it doesn't really need them many times again just to have by executive order. And that's the kind of vote administration has been -- he has no respect for the Supreme Court. And the things that he's supposed to do it doesn't and then he says things that are easily proven to be faults. For -- that I don't remember which committee it is because there's several committees but he was saying now I can't understand how congress was. It was rebuffing him on some things because they had been briefed and he mentioned one committee member. The chairman of the committee -- -- grief when told about this. And so he's just making stuff up. And then that number is eighty there's supposed to be eighty people in the White House circle of love friends and and what our benefactors. That word that -- what was going on with this trade but congress didn't. And says one key in this story in the US and a one key point. Yeah in controversy public opinion backs congress. Congress who want Americans say the president should inform congress report such transfer. A law passed last year requires the administration to do exactly that at least thirty days before transferring. Detainees from the US naval base. At Guantanamo Bay Cuba now you remember. That he said. That on the first day of his administration that he wanted to close gitmo and then he couldn't for some for a lot of reasons. And now a word is that he's Tran he's preparing to transfer out a more prisoners so essentially get -- Birmingham. I mean. This is the guy that I'm concerned about the beyond what I've never been a fan. I as you well know he just seems to go off on his own he doesn't doesn't seem to have any kind of thought about them. The structure of our government is supposed to be a constitutional. Professor doesn't seem to me like he cares much about any of that stuff is going to was going to. So I wanna hear from you know. The President Obama is a trade of prisoners right thing or wrong thing good job or bad job. And can we learn from the military's view of the deal in this one survey. The vets say 68%. He didn't the wrong way. And the civilians and the vets total 43%. Of the vets are outraged at this as wildly shoot but he. Let's go to a -- and Lancaster gender on WB yen. Yes indeed Tony personable. Very agreed this is totally wrong -- by Obama in the world -- or so. A year ago most confided in OK now. The thing -- don't to want it -- they were you yesterday. I think Obama is police that didn't sloppy and he used. He wants the -- king. -- is the positive side of this simply use in this in this poll. I believe it I mean you're a good grip percentages of -- percent of the people it took this poll were supportive of Obama. Which says to me this country even with what was division unrest he hasn't lost its common sense. Obama has been treated so what would -- hands and protected by his supporters. He doesn't a lot of the criticism and I think convictions in -- Why you know I I think he. The -- he's of a concern to me more than just this because. He's totally disregarding and of the way -- business is supposed to be done according to our constitution and according to our laws and like when he signed that bill a year ago that he has to inform congress within thirty days. He said I'm gonna sign it despite the fact that I think it's unconstitutional. But nobody's found it unconstitutional. He signed it anyway and then disregarded it so what -- the signature Maine. Now. It is you're really he has no respect for the people who support him but aside for the people who disagree with -- -- -- And you write it and dangerous and I have -- of great concern about the future of this country for a number of people -- the other future. Well yeah -- -- and and when you see the president acting this way. In the -- some might say even a lawless or disregard for law manner is scary thank you very much. Charles Krauthammer is last paragraph the president seems oblivious to the gravity. Indeed their very nature of what he has just done. Which is why -- stunned and troubled people are asking themselves what kind of man they've twice chosen to lead them. That's a question ambassador for a long long time. Because this guy is so far in over his head he can't see that's up from there I mean it's just that it's obvious. It's obvious. And maybe he feels that by doing it by executive Fiat in secrecy and skirting the rules nobody's gonna come up against them and challenge them. He's in the last term that he can constitutionally run anyway. So why not just gulf port. Does he probably feels more comfortable wearing bat. Then trying to deal with congress and get things done the way it's supposed to be. I'm Dan in LeRoy -- on WB again. Morning. -- it's not oh Butler there. The the they. Agree with you yet he doesn't get that -- It. And that into that -- as he wants without any. -- concern or raw. I'll -- as big a what is the trade wrong absolutely this you know it was absolutely. All and I think it was about I think a lot of that -- The -- -- all the other is. What they -- the scandal won't try to currently Ellis get. That's a good point because we've seen a history of that when it gets really hot on one subject suddenly another it's like whack a mole. Suddenly another -- shows up Sergio whacked or glamour. Well outside it is not but I want it to another point that this situation here is because it frustrates it would be all about because everybody. Is that negative. Everybody say -- Brought this to Robin matches not just yet free but with with the so it does it open a couple of them. It might be IRS and India and Ben Ghazi and all of them charge. Sure sure -- exceed the state. Not that capital because urged the media for the people you -- double fault for. Yeah medial part. And I mean as liberal awful Portland roster Democrat chronicle even more so. Andy -- failures -- about liberal media. That not all -- the tool because paper is protected. And my big worry is that -- because assuming Hillary rod and they all got. -- it's -- not -- at the same thing she does want to be president -- equally. Obama's program that can beat the debate you know soul -- -- Hillary I think it's you do it I can do to. Exactly and that and that and that body emotions as a stand motion and the same kind of attitude would be in Washington a whereas I don't need congress and I don't care what the Supreme Court thanks. Of the -- is what made the only thing the -- ever gonna find out is through the press. And so we've managed to we've managed to portray our opponents as. You know whack jobs and because of that we can get away with anything I think their positioning strategy has always been strong so that if you dare come out against them you're already portrayed as an extremist thank you for your call. That's the way it is. And god help us Hillary I you know here this is something on the front page of the USA today. A third of the front page is about this poll and another third is there's Hillary right there her book is out she's saying. Home. I don't know. Maybe by the end of the year I might have something she's. I'm all you can see she's running. A boat load of Victor I examined and get that done because it's obvious she's running. And it would be more of what we have now as the last caller said we're dealing with a king now we have to deal with the queen. Will be back tomorrow Beijing company and his -- and I inserted every via. That he is not he didn't serve with the honor and dignity and respect and he is a deserter and a time of war. That's that's it that's the Hamas. It is region company front page USA today big survey here. And when asked whether it was right or wrong for the US to exchange five Taliban prisoners. For the captive of the US. Sergeant but I doubt. A Virgo. That here's the remarkable difference between. The entire survey group which was over a 1000004. Actually. And when they separate the veterans here's the difference with the entire group 43%. Said it was wrong. 43%. In the veteran's 68%. Said it was wrong. And I think there's a lesson be learned there I think there's a lot of lessons we learn from the military but this is one of them that they recognized that for what it is a bad deal. -- the wrong deal at the wrong time and so I think we have to pay attention to that. Let's go to a James in new fame James you're on WB yen. Good morning -- and the times. I hurt my alma my opinion. -- -- -- -- -- -- Obama couldn't go to the still there must OK okay so I'm sorry. Obama Clinton. Go to congress because if you want to congress and independent media and -- been controversy. There's an animal trainer who use three -- and married thank duration time distance and distraction. This is a distraction. Nobody's talking about the -- men that they just turned loose this doesn't Nuremburg trials we -- Eichmann and point. That the assistant assistant dangerousness. This is wrong it was very dangerous it's going to be dangers in the future. They've already -- -- and airport. What he's done has taken Bert doll and put it's. Spotlight on him everybody concerned about him and talk about it and I hear more about his background and the background of the terrorist. We're -- there actually are because you're good old boy -- Rotary Club. Their murder and and it's pretty obvious that it's a distraction. He can't. Well I think you're right driven distractions been used before -- various things. As suddenly as one thing gets to red hot to handle something else pops up and we're supposed to forget about it good point. Thank you very much. Guy and or somebody. -- one of videos of people and I heard interviewed said something that makes a lot of sense. These five. Or released from gitmo. Then I go back to bear roots and the people who are based surround themselves -- before as bigger Heros on the left simply because here are five people. Who was still up to the man and they were and get all these years and now they're back here. To help us in the lead us and to help plant things I mean they're going to be larger than they were before. And sort of think that we would do that. And allow that to happen and in the future it will never be able probably. To directly point and say this was caused by this. But hey you know that this is a morale boosters probably yeah a membership. Booster is probably a fundraising boost there. It's a lot of things that we don't want. And that they did it anyway he did it anyway and as a last caller said. He wanted to or congress -- this simply because he wanted done before. Anybody really even knew about it as a fait accompli and -- what are you gonna do about it can go back and get him now. So it's it's it's the way he's doing business and he's a lame duck president and he knows that he's gonna keep doing things the way he's doing and we've. I've gotten the impression right from the first day that he really really wants to put his thumbprint. On American government. I I said that he I can see him enough faculty lounge at some college somewhere with a bunch of other professors saying. If only I could be president here's what I would do well this guy became president and here's what he's doing and -- -- look so -- OK Chris somebody FaceBook posting. Please this one comes from Mikey says those in the military understand that deserting your post -- not like cutting a high school class and the reason it's advances punishable by death. And this is the most recent example of how poorly this administration understands the military this administration doesn't care to understand the military they don't care -- understand the constitution they don't care understand anything. They're just gonna do what they do and -- scariest part of this whole thing to me is. I was naive. I believe that even with a bad president. Jimmy Carter was a good guy but a bad president. I always believe that even with a bad president there's enough checks and balances built into our government. That a bad president can't take the country totally off the rails because there are things they need to get permission from. On there's a lot of things have to go through the Supreme Court is there to find out legalities. I'm thinking and even a bad guy can't take the country off the rails well I changed my mind. A bad guy with the help -- the press can do a lot of things keep in mind in you probably haven't given a lot of thought this. The only way we find out anything is through the press. Because what happens senator stands up and speaks how does does the issue get them a message from the press. -- read a newspaper article what does that suppressed. If the press is determined. To be behind you basically no matter what -- -- it's almost impossible for a dissenting voice to be heard. And when you combine via what I just said about the press. Will be thought of how good the Democrats are especially. Of a positioning their opposition. They've positioned the Republicans as. The war on women and they don't like children they don't like minorities -- immigration and -- -- have been a lot of -- make better Bob Bob Bob Bob block they've laid it all up virtually the whole agenda positioning the Republicans and those who would oppose them. So what happens with somebody opens their mouth and they fall right into that trap that's where it is. So they've done a good job if you consider. Big kind of government they're running now. Of of continuing to do what they want unfortunately I don't think we should continue this form of government like this. But what's gonna happen it's gonna come out against them and then not going to be any. Any real. Ground -- of activity against Obama because they want then swine. Up next on and guess -- on the front page of all the newspapers today Hillary Rodham Clinton sent. So they're not going to burn this one down because they -- the next one got. And she'll be there for four are maybe eight more years but the question is. Will the country music. 803930180616926. I'm. You're hearing the voice of an awful lot WBA -- and that call us now -- 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. So those circumstances may. Turn out to be. We still get. An American soldier back -- itself that. Period. That of course is our president Barack Obama. -- since debate -- in the early days of Saturday Night Live Chevy Chase used to doing comedy impression of president Gerald Ford. And he would bump into things and knock things over and whatever this president of though he looks graceful doesn't act graceful. I mean them he was criticized for chewing gum at the Normandy and Normandy. He gets played by -- all the time I'm mean know what happened with snow him obesity the -- and just you know thumbed its nose. We are not very well regarded in the world community and it seems he goes from crisis to crisis unknowing or on care. It just seems like he's gonna -- he's gonna do because he knows that the usual things are not going to apply to him. -- right he's gonna have the usual people saying. And any criticism well it's because he's he's black that's the only reason it couldn't -- because it's not a good idea. Are if you don't fumbled a ball nothing is just because he's bikes and he's got that. He's got the press -- in his hip pocket and he knows that nobody's going to era -- -- very serious situation. He's ever going to even save the word impeached so he knows he's got the rest of his -- to do things as -- likes and skirt around congress or disregard congress and thumb his nose of the Supreme Court. And basically a run the government like it's did you -- crown on his head instead of the presidential seal. And I think this is dangerous I really do because what happens. When now when people sense a weakness especially in the world community. Some nations will try and take advantage of boy if wherever in a position to be taken advantage of -- now there really is now. We -- still got a few years left on this guys term and a he's losing some of his support I mean Dianne Feinstein. Chris senator Kirsten Gillibrand both critical of this one last time Feinstein are Gillibrand is critical of this president. I can't remember I don't I don't know if it's ever happened. Okay a well no it's hit the fan when Pelosi and Reid come out against something but if you look at this. Play the Rome ands and see what happens. Some people are coming out against that that normally would never come out against them like I just mentioned some names. And the rest of them are just quiet. They're not supporting him on this issue or maybe others maybe they're seeing. And if we -- have a future we've got to get this thing straight now so on and -- for -- you know our president Obama's trade of prisoners. It's more than just a -- prisons it's the whole way he's on he's running the Oval Office. Is that the right thing to do -- this trade the wrong thing to do good job bad job can we learn from the military's view. Of the deal as I said in this survey. Of 1004 adults conducted by Princeton survey research it's -- USA -- Pew Research Center poll. June 5 through the -- A bad thing the wrong thing actually. A 43%. Of all the respondents said it was the wrong thing to do but when you separate the vets people who've worn the uniform. 68%. Say it was wrong so -- I think we can and that's a learning a moment for us I think we can understand. The vets should have made a bird's eye view of this sort of thing and they thought. It was a mistake big time. OK next up would be Mike and their Grand Island Mike here on WB again. More -- that Obama. -- almost. I'd I'd just you know I I couldn't agree more how can you sort of arbitrary as far Awad. -- -- You know you're you're -- color -- well we don't know chart what happened what this individual -- Some people in this year that clearly stated what happened. Are we don't believe -- upward -- but not annoyed but I -- out rightly we want Obama yeah well yeah we know it to beaver are. If you're going to India China stole my thunder does regardless. I mean look at him compared to Richard next. And and how quickly Richard Nixon got impeached. And worked at different speeds between them than any -- president. Yeah oh yeah exactly right they don't dare say you won't even hear the word impeach because of that they'll say look first black president and what did you do -- had to impeach him didn't yeah and that's that that's good that so that's a dog -- right there. There are clearly you know it seems like -- if you don't mind it. It seemed like kind Richardson missed his turn into a different cheek and what that -- there's. Well we -- for president he doesn't always do and he doesn't do well. Well we're not gonna get random countries black gun that this story whether it was superintendent of school. Our yeah well she doesn't look good job even in Barack words plots and well in this column you -- me the most stops that could've gotten -- fired. You know all of the other side she's black. That's the senate partisan habits that part is we should be sticking with the issues of the job performance but we're not because they Wear that shield. Of the presidency of the first black president. Nobody even -- Think impeachment meanwhile we got a couple more years -- this guy let's hope we can keep it on the rails. Okay thanks for wearing the uniform Persia. Yup there's there's a veteran yeah that's a whole point. If you Barack Obama. Just gonna have any little thing have staying. You have and I mean so -- Somebody like old I don't Kirsten Gillibrand. Criticized the Diego who cares. A lot about people who normally or on your side who cares. They're not gonna happen to me no matter what happens short of declaring nuclear war on somebody I don't see anything happening. To this president regarding his job performance. We used to have radio mafia guy who was called Teflon Don John Gotti. But eventually. After I think what was the third trials on areas like a third trial. -- think (%expletive) you put away. But nothing would stick to him. He wasn't responsible. According to of laws and this president the same thing. Everybody knows that he's protected by the press everybody knows he's and I protected. Position right now and nothing's going to happen so we're gonna have to deal -- that one issue at a time for the next couple years. But they're the reason that the Democrats have to pay some attention. It is if they know that his -- going to be up in a couple of years and he's got to leave office. And they want the next person and the next person will probably be -- standards Hillary Clinton. So they've got to be fairly rational if they intend to get another Democrat in the in the White House. But the bottom line is that -- are paying attention presumably actually imperial. With at Breck will be back -- more aware of the newsreader and I'm thirty WB. The problem that I have and many others have it's what we paid for that. -- release and that is releasing five of them most hardened. Anti American. Killers brutal killers. It is region company don't want your opinion manifold you end of this poll. -- in the USA today. Regarding whether the president to the right thing the wrong thing regarding the trade of prisoners. Right right thing wrong thing good job bad job and can we learn from the military's view of the deal which is overwhelmingly negative. 80309301806169206. And start 930. -- gonna stand in Rochester spectrum holdings stand here on WB yeah. I think the and Baghdad the gap but it was a bad idea but you know regardless you're right you don't -- gonna get action I didn't want to gonna take it -- People are tired and then board let me country and I'm looking at right now. The right wing media doom and gloom this -- is evolving very depression women are turned out. Did have a talk about child -- baby number two they've lost the women vote. Obama -- -- 2% in -- the minorities of 47% to -- seniors among others. But if we don't bring I say leave because usually have more to the right and the left now if it's not brought up I ask who is going to bring it out we just to ignore. Well you know what it doesn't medication called. Haven't had the -- water on a document they got to start reaching out to -- -- in the -- and -- they got to realize that the. And not a bad deal like this morning and reach out to the military thinks the -- Sox who are they going to reach out to say this is a good deal. We care about you know. You know there's nobody really out there and are not actually I did not tell you right now and that probably to a that the Democrats as the majority party do you compare -- got to realize just they're a minority party within the Republican Party electoral libertarians. They need a complete make over and -- that I would have been I think. In other words we should put make up on the cancer and pretend it doesn't happen. Well I don't -- -- that by the way but I think I think your overall viewers have put our head in the sand and I I'm not going to do that I think most people aren't thank you. And just go along -- -- is going to get a lot got to be kidding me. That's why there always been checks and balances why do you think we have checks and balances. You don't have to be the majority party to be right. You don't have to be as many times there's a reason for your point of view in this case if it's about national security. And the veterans see it as overwhelmingly as a bad deal. And congress season like we had a deal last year we passed a law that you sign that you've already disregarded. So we suppose what are -- supposed to do if if the so called right wing media. Doesn't bring it up who's going to you gotta wait for Rachel -- how does say something. Keep waiting on that you you you're waiting for MSNBC to do big exposes. I don't know Chris Matthews like probably isn't dry yet. So what I'm saying is. I think there are times when even though you're in the minority especially if you're in the minority. You have to speak up. You really do because the people who were in the majority of that time if it's there guy which in this case it as. Most of the time they're not going to speak up there are happy with it the way it is they like this and they wanna continue this so you think they're going to a bring bring a critical voices to. The Obama administration when they want the next administration also be democratic I'm gonna happen. Not going to happen it is better to go down and lose but at least give it your best shot. That it is a set and be quiet and hopefully people will light Q. Mean noxious to be honest with. If you're only doing things because I wanna be -- Well then you should be in a different line of work. If a politician you should be there to serve the people essentially -- and it's your obligation dollar disarm them but to wind farm them. All right. Brian Higgins setting him something -- me a newspaper last Sunday was Kirsten Gillibrand. Spoke out against that. But Brian Higgins now anything anything they do is okay Brian does Brian once again law. After -- -- -- every two years so went okay what kind of information are we getting from him what can we count on from him. Anything maybe occasionally a little -- might throw us on some minor disagreement but on the big issues. When's the last time he took a stand when Dianne Feinstein for crying out loud comes out against this. And says it was not handle right way that -- -- tell you something. And to suggest that we should just shut up to get along I I take offense at that to be honest. That's not anybody's job to shut up to get along. -- supposed to be your country with free speech and freedom of ideas freedom of freedom to assemble and this is part of what we do. We tell you things that others want to. Plain and simply because they know what side their bread is buttered on. I don't care really don't I think we have to get the information out there this president has been a terrible president. By any standard. A budget wanted to sit back and homeland I don't know. He's in no way we can't be too critical of him he's learning on the job wanna learn on the job fine but not this job. This job is present the United States is too important he's obviously not qualified he wasn't qualified when he ran weren't allowed with a thought the first black president and as wide as that phase we're going to have to fall -- -- all over again. With the first woman. Who unfortunately. As many of a similar thoughts of the first black president. I don't know if she'd do it any better any words about the bottom line is let's not fall for that again shall wait we're so enlightened which -- or enlightened. The I I want I want a better leadership. In America and we're getting now a lot better and we deserve a lot better but yet if you dare criticize him and I said this when he was running. I said. -- -- -- run like anybody else and give it your best shot and I said if we can't criticize them though because he's black then I definitely no longer there because that is what it's about. It's about job performance. And that one have a caller brought up at the same exact it's kind of like apparel course where the superintendent of the buffalo schools. Do you think she's being criticized the bottom out of her contract or whatever because she's like now there's just not a good job. -- simple as that. If you want equality you're gonna get a quality but if you get a quality and make sure you're ready for. William equality means I can patch on the back I can kick in the pants that's what equal all ideas. You want it you can get it. But be careful if you wanna be handled with kid gloves maybe politics isn't isn't the business -- and those of you out there who think we've got to we've got to reach out. We have got to reach out. Domain Howell trying to further bribe the voters that's going to work oh please like -- Let's go well let friends of yours in our legal give them -- Given the state discount on. On now on college of these college tuitions. Will forget the fact that they've broken the law we won't deport anybody we're gonna just let anybody end. And we don't have any real need for immigration laws anyway. Now would you vote for me. And we've gotten that we've gotten that are willing to prostitute all the this. Countries stood for all these years. In exchange offers them little cookie that they wanna give us -- which isn't really for Fareed it's being paid for by somebody else. We're back with more -- company.

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