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6-10 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello on his -- -- and I'm sending me Jeff for the W looking for the hidden cache and buffalo. I don't know it is but I can tell you word isn't. And that would be and Greg Reid's office are general manager I can't tell you know how many times I've gone in the red greens others like -- cash and come -- empty. So don't waste your time. -- does it ain't fair that well as drive. Think I'm -- trying to. Well by you know besides entertaining and amusing you like try to help you out don't waste your time going into his office looking for money cause it ain't gonna happen. Loads don't -- Morning sandy hello Chris so -- -- lie basically in the morning off all that's done as good yes you're supervise saying and are you going to ethical and jury duty or something this is my week where I'm calling in and got a column at 6 o'clock Everett at receiver -- -- -- -- tomorrow are okay well a do you wanna go. I eight don't really care like a lot of people are really averse to it I'm fine with going and the only thing I don't like is this calling every day yup I I would've liked it actually I was called once for Erie county because I have vote. In Erie county post I was like well there's so I was dismissed. I was call for not ever gonna words live and I had to go end and I what I actually wanted to serve an injury at going to be informative and interesting. And I got down to like the final thirty. And I got dismissed and that was that you have you ever served. I came close to serve and if you remember the biker murder trial all well only I just speedway you -- RB -- -- -- in fact I was the last one they let go and and that was before the honorable judge penny Wolfgang. And it was really neat until I saw the the bikers fill out. The courtroom when we came down on the -- just to stay at the point where -- you know let the alternatives go OK you're done and recipes patent. -- it has gone all met at if I don't wanna be on the biker murder trial jury now that one was that was pretty scared I would want amassed a Peewee Herman masters on the I I would not want to -- on the jury but anyway. I was -- so lots of things so lots of things going on today and yesterday. We have all kinds of chips pizza begrudge pizza we had different kinds now I had I had chicken farm. And it was yummy yummy and I especially like a big fan of crossed. I'm effective when I'm having pizza -- -- people -- -- up eating their cross they give it to me they are taken out. I love cries and -- the of the -- across was excellent so. And I saw that. They can always pizza which first when you said. There's a penalties I'm thinking can only MPs -- really don't go well together and I looked at it looked OK I try to appease and it was a very good you wait three pieces of that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I had neither and it was very good now I will say this anybody that's looking to oh I don't know smuggle anything into Canada. Be sure and check -- -- us first because we yesterday three of us smuggled the pizza. A lot of the building without the without the ravages of the news department and the sales department descending on it we actually got out. Where is about big boxes of pizza at midnight -- I think a bit at odds are that I mean I'm ready for a midnight express I'm just telling him. We can do that because. They never ask you for they just kind of look at like a public -- and you know I do a pocket. Pocket was on the air when I got off the air and I had this giant pizza and I walked casually by the news vote. So that he could see -- while he was talking. And I'm I've got that big smile on my face knowing you're not getting area is this is going directly to pass -- data -- -- They he didn't waste any time coming in here and grab some dessert pizza. But I think -- ask him whether he liked it or not seamless and -- sometimes we put we've put decoys out through. A report something that -- you know we've had for three weeks we put that out. Meanwhile we idea list but. Aren't. Analog brokers or do -- -- -- Connie Maginnis is that you guys will be putting and and a chipper shredder I'm just telling him gone. So that you guys that are nice job but how surprised that we want to know crowded around the studio maybe a word has gotten out that we're hostile. Are -- is -- governor what's going on here. If this centrist thing I think it's not a Houston. Up pregnant pachyderm. A pachyderm for those of you don't know is not a package of army it is an elephant. At the zone they'd still lose 500 pounds now and might if you -- pregnant elephant do you look at another relevant golf. McFadden has struck a little bit. 500 -- If she wants to deliver another healthy cap the Houston Chronicle reported that tests the Asian elephant is going on a diet. And will walk up to two miles a -- two miles a day at the pace of an elephant and other things can run if they want to. But it's really hard for them get the shorts on in the helmet missile at an improvement in -- They go on our habits of their running two miles a day. The curator Darrell Hoffman says tests weighs 7000. Pounds. Oh man. And -- that a few pizzas. And she's about 6% overweight I seriously wonder how they want an elephant. There must be some kind of electric trucks yo Libya that's on our way tomorrow to bring him on trucks yeah. She's nine months pregnant. Normal elephant gestation is 22 months. So that's why you like you never receive female. Female elephant anchor women because -- have to be gone for 22 months that -- takes way too. Yet so that's the reason at nine is is a little bit more I've always wondered why didn't you know -- -- -- you know the rest of the story -- in this one segment you'll learn that. Gregory it doesn't pass -- the money willingly writes that the pizza was great and that pregnant elephant measles 500 pounds. You're getting all of this in one segment -- by the way we have no longer. We're out of water yeah. I why why I think we're out of water because the women who'll border of the water. I've purposely don't order right away because they wanna be around if there on the -- something to see the big Waterman guy. He's got a job on on the shoulder which is every -- reality and it meant that -- that what I have a lot of that's really adds that's as good -- it adds. And we should have been soft porn on Cinemax in -- night. You know that if you have an office with -- women when that water guy delivers the water -- -- look at the water because he's you know he's buff. And he's got those big. Jugs of water on his shoulder. So it will be getting its own. I hope because I refused to pay. For water out of the vending. Because a lot of -- here's costs the same as Pepsi and Coke. And there's no reason that should happen -- by -- gallon yes thank you telling me that you that it costs as much to process a bottle water is a bottle of Coke Pepsi now. So that's won't do I bring my own water from home. -- that sheep and -- works good for book about it works OK welcome back we're gonna hear about Sandra Bullock and problems she's having. On news radio I'm thirty we are WB yeah. In a commercial that they say the name of that act was Papa chubby -- that's -- it's not like to me hop but job and that and and the by. And what if I can Chubby Checker rule and these big problem with the public chubby in the Viagra blues man is if they. Play more than a five hour shift doctor -- that's the way it is but I heard bacon then they're good -- -- they can stay up all night he rarely genomic knowledge that you consider learning these things you know we must go to C Papa -- that's that's quite a name. A lot of that and -- I've changed my radium and unfortunately. All that we -- started taken -- I might go bullets C a proper job it looks like one could only wonder. What you're gonna end up with the water. Idea you know those guys off and have a colorful names. And that this is certainly one of them. It is region governor obscenities let me know what you get when you -- -- you Google Papa chubby. An emergency protective order was issued Monday for Sandra Bullock. After re a man broke into her west LA home. It's good for five days I figure this out the protective order is good for five days after which she has to apply for a permanent restraining order. I mean shoot and it and -- a person dies. You would think that it would be a permanent order but I guess maybe have a little trial. Separation or their. According to Los Angeles Superior Court that's with you to do. Joshua James Corbett of Glendale California arrested about 6:45 AM Sunday inside her home. The Rupert and he would be one guy with a hole in this it's that. Did that with the wrong person. The protective order means carbon gases stay away from her police booked him on suspicion of residential burglary they said there's no indication. -- stock Bullock so he could be a run of the mill just general. Kind of faith. But she doesn't know if he was there for her or or the goods and so that's of them -- Did you find proper chubby on there yeah I wish it -- conclude. Is this the first time Larry and I got to be truthful because on the radio. Is this the first time you've ever Google proper -- yes he thinks. That's a pretty safe I don't care what his real name is Theodore Joseph. Head morally it's still a proper job is a lot better than Teddy Horwitz -- I do that yeah. And he's from the Bronx born in 1960. In -- stage name Papa chubby a play on the slayings idiom. Pop a chubby meaning to get. Hey all I know you can afterwards when the company can't. Get your hands you know like Chris. I didn't know what it meant right -- -- it. And -- valuable user so it's not my job via its pop. Up a lot of people call they're dead pop. So hey pop imam and you know pop and mom but popped off. OK I got not pop up but pop -- got to write history because animals slow and Roberts are like that he's a drummer too is it grammar your song -- -- to get -- Pretty pretty -- we follow the footsteps of opportunity well and it brings. -- I like to be Donald Sterling lawyer. I made it out yeah -- agreed to assailed billion dollars of the clippers finally it is -- chapter of the NBA will be close now he says not. -- -- reminds me of Eddie -- Yes I'm going to salvage clippers on. Yes I'm know known not not at all and so he's a withdrawn. His a permit. -- to sell the team he owns half of it. For a two billion dollars. And he's reinstituted his billion dollar federal lawsuit against the NBA. So -- -- if this -- but this guy changes his mind like every minute and a -- probably more than it changes the Sox. And if you had two billion dollars to be divided by two people just sitting there on the table. What should just take kitten fade into oblivion I would I would through beyond the what's the point but. Sometimes people will do things. Because they think it's right -- to -- it doesn't matter if it's a Smart thing to do they're gonna do -- all restored that's that's -- is now. It'll be interesting to see if the lawsuit has any legs. They said that he re instituted that when he found out that they were not going to rescind. The the fine which is what two and a million -- something like that. And and they lifetime ban that he really believes that they would rescind that. Because I don't think. Most people believe there was a chance they were rescinded otherwise they'd they would show no character at all. So he's he's is okay well I'd just assume fight it out and it's a lifetime about its home in organizing eighty something years now. It's not like he's 220 and he's you know he's going to be the owner of that team for a long long time. But that set you surprise. Not really I mean you've heard reports that he may not have all of his faculties you out now -- through. Now Chris -- opinion if Las Vegas put it on the board. No matter what the odds were would you bet kings against Rangers and it's -- nothing. The Rangers to win the series would have to win four games in a row which I think is impossible. You think there's any chance they're gonna. No it's happened one time and it was in the forties -- while running game to date this morning -- -- believes it was either like 42 were 48 but. Port is like sixty years ago the league is completely different now. And -- Rangers haven't played poorly. And they still haven't won you know are are you gonna win four straight games if you played even last night. They out shot the kings eleven to -- a longer period a 178. The second and in the second period when they had a 178 edge in shots they. -- -- You know I hurt you make a point which was so well taken a couple of days ago and you just reiterated it right now. A when you said the Rangers were playing good and still lost. When you're when you're playing badly there's hope. We had an off night but it is not flying really good hockey and you're still getting beaten. Then you're getting beaten and that's that's the end of that I wonder if it's even on the board in Vegas -- may allow the odds that have to be 483 zip team. I'd better would be it's very steep if it's impossible to bet on that take action if I was any maybe you thanks -- yeah why not you have to lose I can imagine how much money's involved. By the way -- to think that Chris sounds like -- Not any I saw Chris and on Hartley today and I was wondering you know I said. Is that you Chris sparked hope -- Chris Johnson. I don't know my Johnson from my Parker -- all of which can be very painful I can tell you that. I got a joke among believers go we'll be back what -- goes -- sometimes it's better not under Israeli and I'm thirty RW via its. You can pay for yesterday's news in printed or get today's news -- just use WB EN. Now. Back where the major company in new survey out. Actually is more than one book though the one we're using now is on the front page of the USA today because I think it has. One thing that is very telling. Regarding president Obama's handling of the -- doll situation though with the prisoner trade. -- did this survey was done on dual tracks it was done with. Just regular citizens and it was also done we have military a former vets. I am we'll see if there was a big difference of opinion. Regarding the handling and the veracity and all those things that have been discussed of this trade and the president's though part in that. The most noteworthy number that I saw. Was this first of all before -- give you the number I'm thinking that okay if they separated and now with vets and civilians. I'm guessing that if anybody. Wanted. -- all the come home it would be the -- Because they've worn the uniform and they can probably identified with this guy even more than somebody who hasn't. In a -- thought that I'd be totally wrong. I'd be -- it's totally wrong because look let's that this number this is the one that rarely gets me. Did the president do the right thing the wrong thing or no opinion okay under the under wrong thing. All of the respondents said of 43%. Said he did the wrong. He did the right thing 43%. So it's not quite fifty -- it's split but 43% wrong thing among the -- 68%. Say he did the wrong thing. Now. I think there's a lesson to be learned here I'm a great admirer of the military in many many -- okay. And I think this proves that even though one would think that if you -- the reform. You'll be happy to get a guy back even if the guy wasn't a model soldier. But they think the president did the wrong thing 68%. Of the vets in this now it's a Pew Research Center Paul. A 1004 adults Princeton survey is that it it was done on June 5 through the -- Margin of error plus or minus four percentage points for the general public 10%. Plus or minus for the vets. So here's the deal. That they do the right thing wrong thing or no opinion. First of all there's always people would no opinion and a bit and amazes me. That the right thing the general public 34%. The vets 16%. That says that the wrong thing -- I just told the general public 43%. Best 68%. No opinion. 23%. Of for the public 16% for the vets so what you're seeing is in this survey it's a pretty much. A done deal that the president should not have been on the deal and if he did -- he did do it anyway because that's the way he operates. And the bottom line is that it's not being approved by even members of his own party I mean when -- -- people like Kristen Gillibrand. Against against what the president did you would expect because everything's political -- You would expect there would follow along political lines it doesn't. It doesn't most of -- time. -- -- -- -- -- -- Who favors. Some local allow local. Representative. He wins every two years he wins he has a one time curly hair. Against the Higgins against is the only one is a good -- the guy he really is he is our next semis young Panama in his little Dijjer exactly. He should have that either. He thinks it was the right thing to do when the president that a good job. But though Gillibrand even Gillibrand said no. Now there's two paragraph zone read to you from Charles Krauthammer. In a recent there -- column now obviously. He's conservative guy but the last paragraph is chilling OK and he says this is no victory this is a defeat. A concession to a miserable reality a dirty deal perhaps necessary as a matter of principle. But to be carried out would regret resignation even revulsion. I'll listen to of this paragraph. The president seems oblivious. To the gravity indeed the very nature of what he has just done. Which is why -- stunned and troubled people are asking themselves. What kind of man they have twice chosen to lead them. Well when I read that it knocked my socks off and I had socks on at the time and I looked out of the Oregon. The president seems oblivious to the gravity indeed the very nature of what is just done. Which is -- stunned and trouble people are asking themselves what kind of man they have chosen to lead them. That's and that's incredible it really is and what we're saying is this president. As -- total disdain for congress. When he's also shown a total disdain for the Supreme Court. And it feels that he can do everything by presidential Fiat an executive order and doesn't really need the other two branches of government. So that's that's the way he's been operating and he does it -- this deal. And he's he's angered even people who would normally be -- him congress does congress is willing to play go fool every once in awhile. But they're not going to be a patsy. Just video pass through. Where they don't even they don't ask your permission they even ask for your blessing that he just does what it wants to do that set. And the story. Some asking you'll several questions that we'll get into the meat of the story behind this survey about. President Obama's -- of prisoners is that the right thing the wrong thing they do a good job or bad job and can we learn. By the military's view of the deal the vets overwhelmingly. Think that he botched it. And I'd like your opinion keep in mind now. He's the commander in chief he's in charge of the military. And the former beds -- think that he really screwed it up this camera. -- -- Montreal 1061692. For six and -- 930 will be back after. I had no laugh. At it collapse I'm watching a local TV newscast which -- remain unnamed. OK and like one of the early stories. Senator Chuck Schumer was in town and and then they cut him and he's behind a podium in -- people behind him smiling. So that means he's he's proposing something he's got some Jack -- something like that. A couple of more stories go by and then Chuck Schumer was in town and they got Schumer and a different location with different people. Are proposing something different. It's not over yet. They get a third one -- to him. They answering. Shots with Schumer in different places you think for the economy is -- -- just say it's just stand there one place and will green screen you. You know I'm -- well have you surfing in Hawaii -- Have you climbing the matter hard. But apparently when Schumer comes to town. He's a multiple guy in case you want a story about this what you don't care about a story about that. He's three different stories on Chuck Schumer with three different -- I mean just the growth. I I laughed a -- funny actually. -- were asking about this poll. That it does not look very good for the president especially the military numbers. The vets in this poll 68%. Said it was the wrong thing to do. Now the way it's -- it's sold near 43%. Is everybody that's the ball okay. But 68%. Of the vets. Said no so you can see when you separate them like that that the vets who you would think would be in favor of it were not. And a view -- who's not a forever people and his unit. On Navy SEALs I've heard quoted people who know me of the you know of the of the facts of a what happened well before he was captured and and nobody's favor except of course. On just some local policies curly hair a let's go to Bob on a cell phone Bobbie you're under BBN. Bob. Yes go ahead Bob -- have real loud and clear. A big reason he did it as simple -- emotional and he said he emotional. So it cool Obama. There is no Obama's never said he was a Muslim. Says Christian by -- videos that you admit it. Well I've not I've not not seen that thank you. I've not seen that and fact just the opposite he said many times is Christian. So that's that of 100 in the birth thing you're taught you -- do the right thing the wrong thing. I was absolutely the wrong being human from a story first broke. It was military guys who are first went to to learn more about like David -- of the people who would have been a you know a real feeling for this story -- and I have a friend who works for the Department of Justice so. Relied on and what -- their knowledge in doubt I was blown away things that they were saying. And just think that this was a terrible idea. Well you know it's it's amazing. 44 wants it looks like those who are just. The blind following code of the blind leading the blind and -- know cardinal offense that that -- are trying to make a point. Even those people are falling away on this issue because there for a lot of different reasons. The of the history of how he got captured and his service in the country and -- they -- Susan Rice LC served with distinction right. I mean do they tell her anything before she announces that should just go out there and take a boilerplate speech. And historic keep repeating because everytime she opens -- -- dom. Well if you got the meeting your back pocket you pretty much know what he can go out there and say anything that you like but what a what we're seeing now is some ET here's the deal. Some -- former lap dogs. Are condemning it aunts and there was that don't have the balls to condemn met but feel that way -- just not saying it. You have not heard many prominent people say yeah he did the right thing. You're hearing no he did the wrong thing. All are nothing at all the silence on this is deafening at sometimes so it seems like even his traditional. Follow words big traditional all the guys can do no wrong. They're not here that are out there on this issue. Even the Hollywood left has been coming out criticizing him both the the the scandal with the with the VA is as well as the -- also I'll swap. I heard -- navy seal interviewed today. -- said there's no question that. Bit that he did not serve. Properly that he left on his -- And whether you know whether he is. Whether he's a deserter whether he's a walkers are different things. And -- means absent without official leave that's the lesser of the two deserter certainly even more serious -- that. Whether he's there are those of the whole point is this we led five. High level people. Go back to their former lives I know they're they're gonna spend a year in another country. But these are people you think the fire goes out in their belly no way. Now way it is visible weapon in and get all for a terrorist is just an inconvenience it's not like it's gonna change your mind on on world Paula. And this is still a little -- even deeper than just the swap I was really you know a story. About. The father Bob -- -- father having access to critical information in. A sensitive information in the White House and had communication. Are going with his son's captors. -- was so very uneasy about that. Navy SEALs said. That they can't keep them bottled up in the hospital forever because he's not talking -- for -- all he has shown no indication that it wants the meet with his own family that'll tell you something there OK right there. Secondly we -- hearing bits and pieces of information like he does not want to be referred to as sergeant. In in while he's being treated. Also. If you well if you really think about this the people who should be his allies. Are not his allies on this the people in his own unit. Very much -- spoke out against this whole deal so the president went out OM but the president doesn't care about limbs anymore. He doesn't you know check in with congress even when he's supposed to do. Keep in mind now of the law that that are that they're trying to say he's he -- the run as a fairly new lawless in the year. And so he doesn't care he doesn't care he said he doesn't need congress. He's shown open disdain for the Supreme Court he insulted them room and two years ago on the India's State of the Union Address when they're sitting right there this is a guy who doesn't think he's president thinks he's king. And that's that's dangerous it really is but he's finally getting some push back among the of the people would normally would not push back. Is this. It is in the house sloppy Unionist ration our. And as he -- know the background of the story yeah and the port eighty people within the White House. And surrounds that knew about it congress did not. When Dianne Feinstein. Criticizes. View and you're a Democrat. You -- -- -- because she doesn't do that very often. We'll take your calls it a Treo -- -- 106169. Troopers experiment thirty. I'd like to hear from you do you agree with the veterans in this 168%. Of veterans say. He dropped the ball will be back after this.

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