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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>CBS Poll On Bergdahl Release - Jen DePinto

CBS Poll On Bergdahl Release - Jen DePinto

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- to Pinto CBS surveys analyst is with us on the WB in my mind to talk about it new poll McCain out this morning. About the release of sergeant -- -- -- thank you for the time. At first just in terms of the trade itself at Bert doll was released by the Taliban in exchange for five prisoners being held at Guantanamo. What did you find from the American public. At this point the deal -- -- sergeant per dollar is viewed more negatively than positively by America and 45%. Disapprove of the deal. While 37%. Approve a bit. Right now about one in five had yet to form an opinion. We find differences by party on that question but 65% of Republicans disapprove of the deal. Violent. Most Democrats 53% approve that it. What was telling in the poll was that most Americans 56%. Think the United States paid too -- -- -- in the agreement to get such emperor felt relief only 28% fade that the term. Of the agreement for at least five Taliban members in exchange for second -- doll or reasonable. And I understand when you look at that specifically among veterans. They say even more so that we pay to a higher price. Yes exactly 65%. Better and think the United States paid too high a price compared to 56%. Of Americans overall. And they are most like more likely. He used it to prove that the DO 55%. Deceptive topic compared to 45%. Of Americans overall. What was also interesting is that. Wild greens or Republicans think the United States states too high a price. Democrats aren't exactly in president corner on that either of 42%. Of Democrats think. That deal was read in a ball but 39%. Think. The agreement in the agreement the United States needs to higher prices and a bit generic even within the president's own party. We're talking with the agenda Pinto a CBS surveys analyst about it new poll out on sergeant -- talent that trade that was made. For his release -- we know congress has been angry that the president did not notify them beforehand. That this was happening. When you asked the public about that whether they say. But the poll finds a clear majority 72%. Think the president should have notified congress about. To protect -- Only 20%. Other Americans don't think he need to do that. Well perhaps not surprisingly 86% of Republicans think the president should have notified congress but also a majority of the president's own party 55% of Democrats. Think President Obama that it informed congress before he authorized the president deal. When did you take the pole because I imagine as more Democrats and more Republicans start to talk about. The investigation they want public sentiment follows the politicians now. Yes I have we conducted the poll Sunday or Monday so it had been in the newspaper about a week. Before we went into the field and you're correct in my act as. Politicking and then others weigh in opinions could change over time -- still just -- week into this story. And we'll have a -- -- in terms of public opinion. And how many were polled. Just over a thousand 1013. Adults nationwide. And they were. -- interviews were done by telephone both landline and cellphone. Generally appreciate the time thank you very much. That's gender Pinto a CBS news surveys analyst on a new poll that you'll find very shortly at WB and dot com.

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