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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Insight Into Hillary Clinton - Steve Pigeon

Insight Into Hillary Clinton - Steve Pigeon

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In 2008 former county Democratic Party chairman Steve pigeon was the Key West New York fund raiser for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. As her book hard choices comes out today he joins us on the WB a -- -- the morning Steve. Now you are obviously supporter do you think her election is inevitable. Well I think get nothing inevitable and America. Politics or any politics. But obviously she brings -- that's rates that are a terrific hurt her background her resume -- -- temperament her experience. On her ability to be a candidate I mean. She ran a heck of a campaign in 2008 and Obama just ran a better campaign but it was one of the most. Exciting races that. You know we -- we've seen in fifty years. All the end she was the perfect candidate but I think should learn from from mistakes. There was some states the strategy is cheap or an outlook last -- and you would Diane Sawyer. And I think. She's better prepared than than probably anyone better experience than probably anyone to take its -- right now and very dangerous. In changing world. Steve was another mistake when she mentioned to Diane Sawyer that. And I think it's in the book -- that she left the White House dead broke. Well I don't know that was a mistake -- that was true. Very. Remember the last two years I was a member of the administration and as a member of the campaign in 92 and then one more to the administration. In -- I was even on her -- -- that Hillary culture can't force. And she was that targets brilliant in -- years. Investigations. A lot of partisan attacks it was kind of the beginning of the what we eat out which. Turned into just total gridlock between parties are working together. Yeah after that impeachment trial. The amount of money you know they basically -- broke paying for lawyers and they left the White House you know -- money you know with a negative network. But -- you know what they're already saying this morning that Hillary Clinton has retired the phrase dead broke. You know putting an honest enough. Well I think the fact that you know that it's -- she did very well you know it is something you know I thought we -- success in this country. I'm home and you know interpreter writing for books and -- are speaking tours. She's not doing what a lot of people do a lot of office which is lobby for a -- interest. Arm and you know the fact that they really needed to which current and down. You know they obviously they were in a position to earn -- problem. You know that the fact that you know people. Ethnic group associations will will pay to just have the president appear that there are events and speak. No different than Ronald Reagan did that I'm so you know I don't think -- an initiative there. If she runs and I assume you're one of those that that would say she probably well. Other names out there include vice president Joseph Biden. Maryland mayor Martin O'Malley by time magazine this week even had a piece on form on Montana governor Bruce whites -- Assess her -- some of the people she might have to. Go against -- and the primary. Well first of I think we have as always in the Democratic Party there's a good bench. In everybody that you mentioned intent and obviously. Can leave Austria let's start governor. -- tremendous job in in and in bringing New York State and Western New York especially. You know they aren't -- of tracked that of other economic prosperity. -- home but first so I think it's very difficult. At that point to see that that. That really anyone to challenge Hillary Clinton in the democratic primary. I think she's out she's. Very well respected and regarded by also action party satirist section. The markets -- protection and even the the local elections which were hearing a lot of lately you know out of -- a lot of forms and and our blog post. When you look at her numbers they're they're very happy with -- so again nothing is inevitable calm but. I would think it would be very difficult for for governor O'Malley. Or governor Schweitzer. Really to let them. Outrage to any money's there and get the chance to have that you need to get on the ground in the early primary states. The what what went rock really campaign was that she had a strategy be. Super Tuesday that she felt that because of her better known -- and better organization or fundraising that. That she would put anybody away Super Tuesday and went bad split. You know with with sort of balance under Obama winning Iowa and having all that momentum. She was able to hang on -- New Hampshire but that's -- Super Tuesday. They wanted to thirteen caucus states where. She had not campaign or the organization she lost thirteen -- oral oral small small states but it trying to put the -- on the property of their campaign. So I would think -- be very difficult -- should. For O'Malley. Two. Come up with that sort of resource as I think the only person that perhaps could. Could actually go in a race. It's senator Warren you know kind of comes from a base. People that are enthusiastic and I admit that she could raise some money column. But. But I still going to be very difficult for anybody to. To challenger. -- am very very quickly Stevie you mentioned Governor Cuomo. The book on him men and most analysis I've seen as he won't run if she does is that your understanding of -- two. Well I guess it can't be the only candidate that the governor and I discussed it as. Kittens government have a New York State and wanting to go now move this state forward so we're not really discussing any future thing but. I do know from having known him for years and I -- what three years that he's very very. Especially considers. President Clinton among his mentors with his father. You know the tour down. So I'd be very surprised to see him. You know beat challenger I think he'd probably end up at -- very first ordered out she'd gone you know that would be able to. Abolish. All right for an awful lot of time Steve thanks for joining us this morning. Sure thank you former Erie county Democratic Party chairman Steve -- also an -- -- advisor to Clinton's campaigns.

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