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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>HIllary Clinton Book On Sale - Gregg Birnbaum

HIllary Clinton Book On Sale - Gregg Birnbaum

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more about Hillary Clinton's new book hard choices hits the stores today and a move that most people say is really kind of a warm up to a presidential campaign. Jeff Birnbaum has the politics editor at the New York Post during the height of Hillary's last presidential run he was the founder and editor of just Hillary dot com. And he's with us Alan WB and live like good morning Jeff thanks -- Yeah I'm sorry Greg Byrne about. You followed. Will get a -- for the and is -- -- I promise you followed Hillary more than a lot of other people. Does anything you've heard or read about this book in the past couple of days surprise you. Billy. And make a lot of quote unquote news in the book and I think. You know those who -- so followed are cleared didn't expect that defeat. Bombshell from the book about. Really not the -- -- operate and for people who brighter outlook. You know that hasn't been net present in the past books I think what's interesting and make it more interest things kind of a larger context -- that's where. The book and the interview that she's giving -- -- on Good Morning America. This morning he spoke with Diane Sawyer last night she's got many more interviews. This month in going forward I think it's interesting to look at these interviews in the context up for a presidential campaign roll out that's what. That's what I'm looking at pretty close before as opposed to actually trying to find back -- that in the book there really -- treatment. And as such if it's the presidential campaign she's being fairly cautious not really candidacy. I do think very very collection that's her style I mean we kind of know that from a looking at her over many many years in public life and I think. Certainly I -- looking to see if they're kind of book seems there have been emerging in these interviews. -- she's been doing over the last 48 hours in my life sixteen I mean -- presidential things being that would leader for the White House. And we are really seeing that right now we're not really seen her laying out kind of the rationale for in defeat but what if she she would run on. What was it seeing it I think it say it's great reintroduction of Hillary and they kind of that. The firing line out of the media and the press well and she's trying to put that -- past controversies like Monica Lewinsky. Which he's being asked about Iraq. She's already stumbled a bit over. Last -- comment that she and Bill Clinton worked quote unquote dead broke when they left. The White House that's really had taken off on social media with people questioning how millionaires could be -- -- broke. So I think this is really kind of an effort to -- think get Hillary out there however faced the press ever go through some of these stumble. I gathered at the game back on before we see her. Unveiling theme of the presidential campaign I would expect that the come out later this year or maybe early next year. Craig do you think the American public is going to believe that the clintons left the White House dead broke. No I don't send the matter of fact I mean well technically it might be true IE technically they weren't in debt. But when you have the enormous earning power that both of them at the moment they stepped out of the White House. There were there were book -- they were features their work. There were involvement solely with companies. Both clintons made over a hundred million dollars since leaving the White House. Hillary Clinton was certainly up in the double digit. Million so it was it was not a I was very surprised how poor her answer was. When she's got about a personal well want to talk about how she spent most of her life to public service why not talk about the work. Around the world with the Clinton foundation has done. Why not -- I mean you know we are used to wealthy people running for office but. The little hopeful at this vote to be that the wealthy people make one call for help the nation. Why not talk about that help that she wants to bring their nation -- try to clarify. Both comments from last night this morning you're interviewing Robert Robert. I WAB cica issued repeated the word dead broke and she said that. She doesn't understand the struggles of average Americans that comment like she made really kind of commercial chipping out of a with the public and she's trying to -- that the morning rather quickly. Now talk to me a little bit about just Hillary dot com. Do you expect to throw more content up there -- now and -- talk a little bit about the fascination. Why you think people are so interested in there. Well I'm not -- candidate Hillary dot com -- that was kind of a moment in time from 2005 to 2008 I'm I'm now a deputy managing editor of Politico where. I have my -- my in my current job and that Politico we're certainly not covering the heck out of both Hillary Clinton. Effort right now we have many stories up about her. At that moment on Politico dot com -- I think the air space for a web site about Hillary may have narrowed a little bit. I think -- the assassination -- whether I mean and -- and bill do I mean you know it's kind of the closest thing we have to to a dynasty. Other than that. The bushes and let's see -- -- was hit. -- here at -- we can have Clinton bush. Which would be really something and I think you know in a way. You know these are for better or worse so are loyal that they have -- -- the other side of the pond so. You know people love to go watch him in the way -- live vicariously through the ups and downs of people in public life -- for great theater and I think that's really what draws Americans feel it. Greg any doubt in your mind that she's running. No there's no doubt in my mind at all especially. After a comment that you made last night when she was asked about and -- opinion really. Put too afraid in the way that it -- what happened and then god keep you view and that they give you any hesitation about running for the White House. And then Hillary Clinton leaned forward and she says there's something for the effect of just the opposite. -- -- it may mean more likely to run for the White House makes me wanna run. More president. When I heard that comment that really what I saw when I interpreted as someone who it is that the logic is being used to believe that she has already made up her mind essentially. The -- on may not be the final decision obviously is -- in. But something of that nature important bill -- several stages. But I think that she is very much contract with the run for around the white of the question. All right Greg thanks for joining us this morning. That's Greg Birnbaum the founder of just Hillary dot com also now managing editor at Politico dot com.

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