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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Hillary Clinton Book Out Today - Dave Levinthal

Hillary Clinton Book Out Today - Dave Levinthal

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is our guest this morning senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity -- good morning. Hard choices that title of the new memoir by Hillary Rodham Clinton which is out today. The Dave first off the political implications from the spot and I've got to be many. That there are many and that first and expect a couple of things the -- expect for example particular dress and Nazi hat on is going to be absolutely relentless. In a sense of her -- -- interview with ABC news last night and Hillary Clinton -- Diane Sawyer Hillary Clinton. One on one for our Hillary Clinton then I'm paraphrasing here but effectively. I wasn't equipped to look at the blueprints. To figure -- the security situation and that was not why all. I rely on delegating that power to people who worked for May ultimately I'd take responsibility. But you've got to understand that the secretary of state. That's that -- the -- -- in particular a lot of them in the book where -- answers now that in fact it was that this is becoming politicized situation. -- not -- to participate and if she decides to run present. One of the analysis is that I saw -- -- said that this book compared to say others looking at Bob gates defense secretary's book. This book they say is not really candidates kind of cautious and as a result that indicates that yes she's probably running would you agree. And in the out for the flip side they would just what the sport is it's not a -- it it it's great political. It's it's a political document in the sense at. If she is running for president than most people Democrats Republicans. Expect that he has a this is something that the setting the stage. For a run in 26 came. Look a little of the history here first of all you have a book called living history which that you were at a -- 2008 presidential slot she kept her famous -- it takes a village which he wrote in the mid ninety's -- -- running for the US senate. And what does that he had a book called the charge to key. Obama had dreams from my father pretty much politicians running for high profile offices particularly president is is that standard would be a burger action. Way to block and they set the stage where they're rotten but it's not something that's going to be some sort of tell law that's -- -- get inside the mind -- every key decision making point. In their careers that the suggests not what this book is going to be in really what this book is not intended to be -- better. You know on ABC last night she said that criticism of her handling of the attack in Ben Ghazi. Is an incentive Tehran and that's going to be a big -- It has adequate and that she's also an interview that she's not -- to make. Public positions this year but a lot of people think you already made the decision is going to run. All the indications point to the facts. Or that the likely act that she will -- -- it would be very surprising a lot of people's minds. If you didn't run run that's simply because there's no evidence pointing. -- idea that that she isn't going to throw her hat into the ring. For 26 -- Let that -- it's entirely possible error I want to considerations. That could prevent somebody who has the intention of running for president. Out running for president health issues that being one of them but. The percent aren't -- like she she had a structure in place. In particular that already has not only setting the stage -- is that built aides are -- superstructure for her if she decides to run. I think go ahead and do that that she has for example a super pac called ready for Hillary. Even at that spot following -- -- -- cure all across the country and Canada for the book tour I and -- been written millions and millions of dollars that they legally compute now. The campaign finance system the way that it is too effectively and the federal courts -- operation. It's itself happened at. She does run for president. Dave I I wonder vice president Joseph Biden is writing a book because I know that Andrew Cuomo as. But a well yeah I think anyone who says seriously considering running for president is seriously considering writing some banks and it's almost as one of those boxes David kept checked. For the global president. You know -- came out of this that -- -- -- that the -- stuff from the book is that they clintons came out of the White House dead broke. Is beckoning her for a lot of people then. To understand -- to accept. But that isn't what NATO with the had stretcher her for a lot of -- when you that they happened. That the truth of the matter is that didn't have any money and a mountain of debt mainly from legal fees that they incurred. And the late ninety's when President Clinton has that -- that being impeached and -- -- illegal use associated with that it. A little bit different being broke you you for example it has watcher job with the local factory verses being broke. After -- at the president of the United States. And the First Lady you have that's. An uncanny ability to go and have people take it all and that's exactly what Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton has done. And if if generated just tens of millions of dollars to themselves. From speaking -- are going around the country and talking. They're both -- to do quite well. And and they made immense doing just that in addition other things like for example I think what. Yeah Dave great to talk with you this morning thank you. Absolutely thank -- Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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