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6-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And wolf the EU -- write. And think yeah if you go to the hole looked. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I don't know you're not. It's. And and and just system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- you're the most annoying sound of the world. Tom -- just when I think you could possibly be anything October. You -- go and do something like there have been told. Yourself and it's alive it's local ethnic -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. And -- it it was a valiant effort. The thing missing at the end -- lives mom. -- -- by the way folks Joseph -- does a great job with all of those in throws juncture does a great job at call screening. And throws folks. The insurers are designed. To make you laugh and giggle. Just. Little bits. Com. Because. I just wanted I do not take myself seriously. Understand it's. I -- take what I do seriously. Because I believe. That -- able to educate you. To the best of my ability I do not claim that on the smartest person in the world. My IQ is what it is. And sometimes it's a blessing and sometimes it's a curse. I still socket basic math. Asked me to fix a weed wacker and I'll look at you with -- wise. But there are some things I get. Andy and throws. This ought to make you laugh and I just wanna. Basically showing you that. Dirt is the fund juvenile side to me in addition to the serious side. And that I don't take myself seriously. That's that's what goes and throws were all about. Not again not the part about me but we have new fans -- picked up a lot of new fans over the weekend. And I'm very grateful for that. And up by the way -- everything I've told you about needing to differentiate the gay lobby from homosexuals. Spot on. I've had made every opportunity to hang out with a whole bunch of homosexuals over the weekend. And we had a great time. Yes everybody was closed and oddly enough no they did not try to convert me. I mean really. But we had a great time and one of the guys I won't even give his first name because he has got a prominent and he's involved in a lot of civic activities. And he. He is more conservative. Than. So when I talk about the politics of division. Folks don't be a sucker for her no pun intended doping is sucker for our -- You have to understand. If you love your country is I do. If you love our constitution as I do. Just remember that there are people who are homosexual or bisexual or transgender. Were black were Puerto Rican. Or eskimo. More conservative. Or conserve -- Terry and it does not know a lifestyle it does not know what color it does not know an ethnicity. That is what makes America great folks the genuine diversity before we call -- diversity. That beautiful quilt may tricks of America that unite it. To overthrow fascism and nazism in Europe. There have always been people that have tried that drive wedges between us don't. Let them do it. I'm not perfect I have prejudices. If you're honest with yourself you have them to. Now my prejudices are not necessarily racial. And sometimes are not necessarily bad. For example Asians tend to be pretty good at math nobody gets offended at that stereotype. I -- early black guys tend to make pretty good dancers and bass players nobody ever gets upset at that stereotype. I just you know obstruct -- just putting it out sometimes stirred up nice people don't mind. But don't ever say well Tom the white -- -- superior to the black man intellectually. Because when you say something like that you just showed your stupidity because Thomas Sowell and Ben Carson and my gosh I forgot rushes fill that post. Not Wayne Williams who was the Atlanta child murders. You know Walter Williams. Brilliant -- smarter than and black. So don't let them divide us please. That's their strategy. And always differentiate between the lobbies and the -- Activists who use shields such -- homosexuality. Transgender is African American is. The use though shields to advance left wing media and then again folks might homosexual friends from Saturday night. Have nothing in common with the gay lobby they can't stand them. -- it. They are not welcome in parts of the gay community. -- not the flag waving people in the gay pride parade it. -- say really. So I just want you to know that. People are people. And that's all I have to say about bet. Now let's get back to -- man in the buffalo river and you always have something excellent to say we're talking about. Things like don't understand about America like why it is that a helicopter can spot a single pot plant growing -- -- yard in Williams bill. Yet all of our armed forces all of our drones all of our air force all of the tools at our disposal. We can't stop lot of Marlins Honduras el salvadorans and Mexicans from streaming into this country illegal you know why it because we don't want to. We don't want to. That's obvious but they -- if if that desire was there to secure the border it would be it would avenge her long time ago. All of the is spread through this administration is seems. That. Treated to promote their own demographics. They have to -- the -- open. And anybody and everybody helped them because they know that there are going to be turning into democratic -- What -- that are legal and that ties him but -- variety. To allow videos -- illegal immigrants to be able to vote in the next election. We bring out more. Actually George. Am not prepared look at them or. Underwater clash and you can sit. And you'll want to it would kill because they -- with older resistance to Obama and the Democratic Party. -- you know they could double -- but wanted to do -- it sure would be the easiest thing a big they have 5% of the so the both Walter to build better. Of course they're both build the entire saying we actually had money allocated for that we weren't. Are you took it and not -- -- -- Well again. Every time and Reagan and Ronald Reagan got suckered. About. Immigration reform. The enforcement of the borders parts somehow never seems to happen and you know it doesn't happen because the powers that be in America. Don't want it to happen and -- -- man. If I had said these words five years ago I would not believe you're coming from my mouth. But I am absolutely convinced that there is a desire to bring an end it to the United States. And they will do that by basically turning this -- Guatemala Mexico and El Salvador nor. You know Leo are taught our we have him on FaceBook about the children and have been shipped into Arizona and -- orders which you should better. Okay. Barney. You know US agents were brought there were specifically. For the right -- what does that tell you I mean. And despite appear magically. You know all of -- they are there for a reason -- sport specific purpose. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The people behind this. You know they're looking at the bigger picture they want to have a permanent. Underclass in the society they want to people probably dependent. Our government handout or government. Bureaucracy. And that only great market that you -- -- look at it that way you like. Well and here's here's the problem. You've got people like Jeb Bush. Who. Basically -- might as -- be a white version of Barack Obama illegal immigration is an act of love. Lilly again that's like saying rape is an act of a date. We don't open it probably are the people that most want Jeb Bush 12 presidents are Democrats. I think it's in our member assembly this year or any of the year but what -- Talking Heads. They seek to bring up Jeb Bush quite a bit I don't hear anyone on the white bring up -- book only to -- on the web. Well again my thesis -- I think -- is the Republican Party is dead. The Republican Party has no testicles the Republican Party is decomposing and it doesn't know what the Republican Party will never win another presidential election. It is basically the -- get up 2014 WH -- G a political party that there went the way. -- of the dinosaur. All the -- -- their -- Republican debate Republicans. Actually put them out of Bezos wouldn't what -- Republican elected. I don't get me started on that tyrant. -- Well he violated look. At the time when Americans most needed their government to protect their constitutional rights Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus he -- newspaper editors in jail who disagreed with the war he basically put the entire Baltimore city government in jail. The man acted unconstitutionally. Without any legal authority and I'm ashamed that he's actually on our candy which I hope they phase out at -- five dollar bill in fact I'd like you all this and your five dollar bills as an active. Regret over Abraham Lincoln's to egregious violations of our constitution seriously I think the guy was a tyrant. We also think that that argument Michael warm water. And how the fact that. -- it got infected Maryland looked ready to secede from the union themselves. And with that act by spike -- had an arresting. The Maryland legislature he kept their own in the union are pretty sure this -- country. You can do a lot of things you can do a lot of things extra legally. Well that's again it. Is seriously recommend that you do you not see the parallels between what Lincoln did them and what's happening now. You're a Smart and I know you're lake and file I I used to be that I realized that Abraham Lincoln. When you read the emancipation proclamation even previous layups he freed slaves only in the area where the union and only if Perry is the union had not Concord -- poll -- hold on because I'm actually enjoying going back and forth which you bitch. Right now you'll always find high level debate on the show ending with the word bitch let's go to traffic right now editors Alan -- Allen. And AccuWeather up partly cloudy tonight 57 below tomorrow some clouds some sun 76 were holding a 73 degrees at news radio 930 WB. EM. I've never been to a concert are part reform. -- first time. First there's first ever report. Paul and notes the report and have a chance to see. OK let's get back to Raman in buffalo. Ray -- let's let's wrap this up where is this country heading and -- is heading in the wrong direction how do we change that. We also think it is hard -- -- because we will to have that you're actually court the world government. You know are being -- rule of law. As you -- -- -- army will get all the president is the way to be on that right now she is acting would actually. No crowd guard post -- she's doing exactly what you want whether illegal or not. Would that kind of call you know well normally can't and our this -- say one thing. You know they're here or talk about impeachment that sort of bring this program. Not what Republican Party we have an hour now without a couple of people we have in congress -- never gonna happen look for bullet for. Well you are correct and it should happen no matter who's the president careful. Ronald Reagan was in the White House it should happen because he signed a law he broke the law he signed he gave away five dangerous men and again. To the people at the local newspaper don't insult my intelligence don't tell me that it's only Republican rhetoric -- I don't like the Republicans by the way don't tell me that it's only Republican rhetoric. That these men were dangerous the fact that they were in gitmo and Obama didn't release them before. De facto makes them dangerous. Part of that is such a hard logical conclusion. You want to make this economy this trade points before Washington 2009. -- and what he twelfth ample time to congress. -- if you overwhelmingly. To make it -- because. People -- who worked. Watched these guys are commanders leaders like let's say the one there wasn't responsible or were -- well yeah. Well at all I can Saudi Arabia and I'm gonna leave you I will leave view a witness thought. As a very important thought. Never. Trust a naked buster ever. Well. Give me your closing. -- 645 news radio 930 WBE and agreement. And I'd like dance calls from the west side better if you would you talked in a Linear fashion sorry damn -- I love you but. Sometimes you I ask you the time you tell me how to build -- clock I love you Dan but but I I wanna buy you another phone. Because series your phone cuts out too much today on the -- I love -- like -- brother I really do even if we don't agree. But please get a better phone because you're making it real tough for me to not sound like you know what. Which is my natural tendency under Israeli in my thirty WB yet its power. You might find this on himself. That's happened I'm like a bad luck occurs at a wedding I try not to go through them brilliant dissent. It is a 633 news radio and I'm thirty WBM it is hourly with you -- dance recital. That that Butler does on the prototype but the dance recital. But there's a woman I don't know or damage area there. I've never matter all -- know is what I saw her do on stage and just the love and her eyes and the -- she took him performing in the Georgie took as a teacher and the obvious love that everybody ever Sam Smith. Runs a dance school out in hammers and it. Was just so refreshing in such a grace let's age and such a miserable world where so many people are just absolutely. Despondent or angry or aging or filled with rage it was so refreshing. To see somebody like Sam Schmidt. Just so. Happy and ebullient. And filled with joy. At what she does for a living and has been doing it for a twenty years so Sam I didn't -- I don't know yet. But I sought the love you have for what you do and the love you and gender and other people towards you. And it really was inspirational to me and thank you to west Sam Smith. -- let's get back to the calls on. W I probably would dance thing before and I was actually quite thoroughly -- believe it or not. Here is a legit and after that I went out with all the gay people. It was I was parties. We like -- it was great are you kidding -- -- you guys know there was no hot tub involves. -- even if there was so what all right here's legitimately Astor I've WB and -- talked to me. Our -- your positive energy goes civil war approaching even animals despondent people we need more positive people. Well there's a lot of rage and there's a lot of misery out there. -- when I saw this woman onstage I was issue just basically. It's hard to describe -- she was a in a love magnet. -- the experience of the true hero positive people who feel live Indian -- You find yourself becoming more positive. Is that why people fleet for me like they would an outbreak of measles -- April but now puts on your mind me Doug Hagman would even return my phone calls anymore. Are like dog -- and hates me but I sent him emails he won't respond if called we won't respond well now you know. Why but I don't know what they did to offend them and it's bothering me they won't contact me. Though the -- which you are important and even if it's and they hate arena. But it bothers me because there's a guy that has -- a -- zillion times. And now he won't return a call you'll return emails we've gone on for multi wonder what led to the (%expletive) them off anyway what's out. Or you know or. The the society of people there wanna look restructure this card from your career even bring -- down. Told people okay. It all begins with our U. Initially starts in the and we environment the teaching examples. All in here and also the world as follows through the schooling. In the teaching examples of walls and a political Marino from local to state always have the federal. Who we're actually the teaching fitness center of the decisions and examples. The weak minded people. Okay. They take the -- global accountability. No responsibility. No discipline in -- -- reports. Who -- a little stronger mind. You have to be a little more convincing. From uncle -- become more your weight this merger deal wanting to restructure his -- to bring adult. So you have to convince them. If you burn off that way at Deloitte. And what is where you wonder should hold every day. No yourself won't start for people to know themselves. If they don't even think about why you might think this way. If we don't even it ourselves the question. Pretty much we're gonna be staring at. And we're just gonna be pretty much where we are equality that we are when we're sixty and eighty replacement. But it does begin where you. Well I I hear what you're -- Then I'm very mindful -- 2% now here's the million dollar question this is the money shot question. You get it. I give it many of my listeners gimmick but what is it going to take to awaken America. To the idea that what we celebrate Independence Day on July 4. We are celebrating. A gay which ought to be commemorated. As freedoms. Birthday. And I do not feel like a free citizen anymore I feel as though I am living under a rogue government which is making up its own illegal laws as it goes along because we have a president who basically has flip the bird to congress saying I'm gonna do what I wanna do without you. And congress just basically does absolutely nothing. I'm sure your grave concern for the future of this country -- to be blind or non thinker just not to see what's hip and okay. It's not just him you know it over one guy. OK it's of people that you surround himself with in society of people that he can visibly blatant -- it would split is gonna take generations. Generations. -- he would at least -- people start to begin to think at all maybe there's something wrong here what's wrong with this picture. OK maybe there's something more than just -- entitlements free goods and not even in response to believe your discipline. Or to sit reports have been kind to appreciate you know when something is practiced -- or what. If you work hard court -- what are your world your -- and appreciate that so won't give your precious item you -- -- the fair price for a there have been appreciated much somehow. I go to very popular. With Somalia beat me we should bring the drip there. And that way when you put some years your wife. Into this country. Will be seeing the National Anthem could mean a lot more. I know what unless it's a war I don't believe and a draft. I don't see the point in putting people in uniform who don't want to be in uniform and they're not really needed in uniform and I don't believe the military service should be a prerequisite to be the president of the United States either because the army is under civilian control the commander in -- as a civilian by design because we did not -- have a military -- of course -- nickel -- back then. Bomb I don't believe in the draft. Well here what would you suggest there is a form of discipline and something. For the -- we are all rebels. Well -- -- OK I was I wasn't in the army and I did not Wear the uniform of -- any military branch of any service but to I have exercised discipline and prudence in most of my life. I certainly have never acted as they want to and in terms of driving drunk or anything like that what I do behind closed doors idea behind closed doors. Which you've got to discipline from her teaching which school picked you from failing to school. It will always too political decisions in your political arena. You know it's interesting yeah I have to interrupt you because it's interesting because. I learned a lot. More from people in my own families mistakes. That I did from their successes I would say I don't want to end up like him I don't want to end up like her. It's interesting you said that because many times in conversation with people -- so you know I never knew what I really wanted to do my life but I knew what he didn't want in my life. In limited a lot of garbage was you know so he can go along the same line which you were saying. This court with some people while relative -- digital. It was good for them you know you don't you know in the game from -- at all if it why not. Why not -- -- the hero or -- for take you well it worked for them what you work for me so we further which way we wanted beside the goal no I don't want Valero. I think -- global it. I knew that I wanted to make a lot of money I knew that I one of the love my job. And I knew that I did not wanna sit at home every night having ten Beers you know I knew that. But there's a society we have today in a little weak minded people this -- we are the great debate over just the entitlements and off. The well responsible for the I don't wanna sic percent and your wanna be disappoint some but it we're thinking as they solicit seeking change -- -- -- -- -- were right. Was you can grow older. It all start with you. Well you know what I gotta tell you don't. My mom and -- we've got Father's Day coming up in later this week I wanna talk about the best advice you ever got from your dad and I will let people call back at. Later on who have already been on this week is it's a totally different topic but. You know one of the things I learned from my parents actually is my mother very early was number one. Life is not fear I will say it -- life. Is not fear who ever told you it was was lie. And you know what I've always try to keep those words in my life is not fair. And unfortunately bad things do happen to good people and when they happened US take your lumps you pick yourself up. And you bush showed some resiliency and get back into the fight. What is that their what is he makes a strong. If you know we hope we can you all the time we never get strong you know it's it's what -- until they make us stronger did the cynical. Each of the children that come our way to get you might get we set -- -- -- value over as. You know its true value over it was the -- York he's right about there. Oh yes I I realize that from my gigantic cocaine and then network that I have. I mean that's the rumor I anyway thanks very much and glad you called the light oil Pablo Escobar out of we've heard that but. Had to get that up their joked I'm sorry. Items that's the unfortunate part is what do what I do for a living. Is. You know. BS. I can do that that. Hey John. I assure you one thing. If I had a giant drug empire. I would hire you to do my garden. I would not be swept my ass off on a beautiful Saturday do it myself in fact I fly in Guatemala and still do. Anyway but I am -- I just so you know. Not that was true. Here is. I'm only kidding I just did it to get a rise out of view. Here is Mike in Niagara county Mike you're WB emanate. They all argued today well you know immediately question Gloria. It. Well I'm concerned about the future of America and this is a really -- show Mike because I haven't really isolated the topic we've been talking about the crisis at the border we've been talking about this move by the president which I regard as a treasonous move. To send five of the enemy bat where they can kill Americans -- plot to kill Americans in exchange for a deserter who collaborated with the enemy. And the fact that most of America just seems to be. About the whole -- Book OK well here's the thing you know -- -- sell more pessimistic than you and I am more pessimistic and you'll. Because I think that we have task critical mass. I think there's more people that are either. Taking. Welfare and all the monies from the government. Or are -- directly receiving money from the government. Or are salaried by the government. Bad I don't see how good ever get out of this and none of these people cargo hold themselves all the folks. What they think is it good for them. Even though they -- recognizes what sort of country. Well people you know what you might have to interrupt here because you now. People vote in what they perceived to be bare all in the best interest and those politicians and city beach always uses the word cookies which I think is perfect. Those people who worked at the cookies they don't wanna give up their cookies and -- politicians agree about the cookies they wanna take that next step up the political latter. And Rush Limbaugh had the best analysis of the election of 2012 there was. Nobody votes against Santa clause case closed and it ain't gonna change. So what our -- I mean it you know and and the other thing about it is strange as well you know we roll off well but -- freedom but nobody ever really just fine -- -- And what it really is does the right shall determination that the right of making your own decisions and those are just regret that. You know we can't make our own decisions -- more -- -- -- -- -- someone else making decisions for us constantly. That the country. You know I I can't see anything that you know I don't know what the timeframe is going to be -- bubbles -- the century. I don't know what. Brings. Yeah you know. You sound very seriously you sound like young buck. I said it talked with a B and check out Miami bought. Com. Or work -- -- -- I went yeah outlaw actually everything's still works and -- to academics and people tell us. Well today is that -- those fixes that issue you know I don't people don't recognize. But -- -- certainly you know they've. They're basically being bought. Why don't tax money I mean you get get get near the example box or mean. -- when you mean like when Chuck Schumer came to town today that smarmy and that's smarmy. And sincere. Peace -- crap comes to town. And not main street in buffalo. Like you wanna tell me why somebody an Orange County California. Somebody in El Paso, Texas Anchorage Alaska. Or saint Charles Missouri should have their money taken from them to fix buffalo New York's main street mistake it's a shirt. Of course it's absurd. That the whole whole thing going on now I mean look at the look at all along that there's been a waste in the you know so that. Friend Barack. Could give tons of adults who need no alternative energy systems only alternative -- system we give huge donation to Barack. Or his reelection and invention so minor example -- I'd hate to say it I think we're doing basic -- we're going now. And I -- I know all we can all do who are anymore is is maybe delay it or else that they don't sit back and watch it happen. And see what arises from the ashes and keep your adult yeah I don't I don't see right now. The way out of here you know I mean. You tell me how what Giuliani here. Damn microphone keep -- ago. You are sharing my thoughts and that's why I am turning to you guys because. What we need to do is educate people. Secondly what we need to do is have candidates who are not. To bitch trumpets who can be bought for a day old piece of -- sir I got to come up with a better thing to say that was criminal. But we we need to let people who are citizen. We we need that people who were citizen leaders and not this damn political class of the clintons the bushes the Schumer is the Gillibrand whose father was a politician. People need to understand. How badly they are being screwed they need to understand. Bet traders are in charge of this country only a trader would allow five Taliban to go free for one deserter. And only -- trader and -- rocker whose name is bush Reagan or Obama. Only a trader would allow this country to be the only country on the face of the planet. To not respect its own territorial integrity. That's really a story you played this interest and I'm one of those lord your god is a big maybe that's why Orlando sentinel they vehicles which -- but but I occasionally go to a plant grow and and -- So far as I'm not gonna talk about the constitution. I walked into one school they even have a copy of the labor. Are you serious by not getting that that is gospel. Of opulent luxury they did have a copy the Bible leader but I'm sure that that set who access our understanding given to law school you actually have to take an oath to -- You might have heard that wrong from somebody who -- Oh OK you say your lawyer OK in my in my weird for faking. If the Obama administration makes the claim that the guys they just let out are not dangerous. Couldn't the guys they just let out then cover out and sue the United States government for wrongful imprisonment and win the billions of dollars. Well I think it probably -- could anybody condition for anything these days it depends on what kinda judge they get. But I ended the sentence with and win that billions of dollar that. It will. Call. Or. Are you got the media -- through. There's nothing to worry about these al-Qaeda these Taliban guys were dangerous and my thinking would be if I'm held in prison and I wasn't dangerous I want some compensation. Yeah I understand that that can -- this as this whole thing you know this. You know I hate that they can call this court tempest in the teapot. But as the campus -- would keep art that is just one more example of thousands and thousands of them that they see. Seen over the over the last number of years. Of what's going on is just another example that they you know it is it to cut. That if I wanted to sit down and think of the number of laws that I think. Obama has broken. And that seriously. You know I mean no -- raised it and it never -- this court I don't know why it doesn't get to the. Well -- Supreme Court the same Supreme Court by the way that set obamacare was constitutional. -- John Roberts apparently drank way too much Lake Erie water and I'm convinced that Lake Erie water supervise the population of Erie county even if you only spend a few childhood years in Hamburg. I'm glad you called -- thank you very much. And what does an irresistible power for -- -- Or parent. Can work on a contingency. -- get to speak 33% of the words I speak. All right I've been boning up on my civil litigation stuff lately thank you very much and magical. I speak in mysteries and don't I think Brett that's not a mystery on WB yeah. Yes it. Away Friday on a I have facts that. Will put that in perspective. National doughnut day. Freed David. First of all Paula -- donated fifty cents of every doesn't bonus to the Salvation Army. During World War I Salvation Army doughnut -- close to the front lines used soldiers' helmets. To fry this week and go to serve as a quick hot treat that might remind the war weary troops of all. Hope and better days today in 128 countries throughout the world the Salvation Army serves the physical basic human necessities social and spiritual needs of the -- the victims of natural disasters and individuals suffering personal crises with your help and partnership they continue to assert. So actually national doughnut day. My understanding is it pre dated -- If I'm understanding in interpreting the -- donuts right correct. When in doubt always turn to Paul that's my -- -- anyway guys thank you for great show IE there. Somebody would ask me what we talked about today I'd have to say -- a little bit of this a little bit of that Michael -- put -- is gonna be sitting in for me tomorrow. Because all gonna be going insane and stuff but anyway thanks to Joseph beaver and thanks to John German a -- view two words. Lot of they are. As I mean these yeah we -- about those two words those other titles were no. Yourself. -- Yeah.

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