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6-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. You with. That. Awful look. The and welcome to the New York City if they are big east leading conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No no. -- -- -- He is about time. Tom hourly. Column in the whether to. Now what about not making enough. I've got covered up right -- welcome. It's live its local capital. We'll we'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for her before. And 930 W yeah yeah yeah. May have. Phrase of the day -- you get -- worked out -- and I stay at the office by the way or the plant or -- work to keep sugar until 5 o'clock in a day like this but the I I do think some pride in the fact that I'm equally. Segregationist and a tenacious. In my study and appreciation of Shakespearean drama but also -- brain -- comedies like over or dumb and dumber. I'm a Renaissance man basically. You should know that and I can -- a little respect prevent thank you very much. Way up so much for being a part of my life and I'm glad I'm -- viewers you are welcome and welcoming me into your car and into your home. And again folks. Conservative. -- -- -- -- -- Is so what I'm all about. Are right. Because I believe in freedom I believe in liberty. I believe the consenting adults ought to have the right to do what they wanna do behind closed doors I think the war on drugs is a disaster thank you ought to be legalized I think prostitution ought to be legalized. I think there are things that we've criminalize it ought to be criminal issues their medical issues. Were -- mental health issues. But then again why I think it's easier to get out of -- way. Put your brain to work. Where you shouldn't just let me do your thinking for you. Sorry I just realized the -- sure you bet -- Folks what I try to do here. Is. Give you. An arsenal to use against the BS. That is Barack Obama Eric Holder. The PS that is Hillary Clinton the BS that is Bill Clinton. BS. That is that side. Because they're frauds. And their phonies. That's why. Because they talk about freedom they talk about liberty. And they're the most controlling. Meal watching gun grabbing rights holding a crew. In American history and it's only going to get worse and the best way for fuel. To deal with it is to think critically about the crap they're feeding you. -- get. Ladies and gentlemen. You do not have to be Isaac Newton to understand what a stupid it. And you're not a -- irrelevant what and insincere. And ill logical statement this was in the newspaper last week. And I I just I have to get back to this quote folks because you know it it really. It really shows. I think better than any other example -- could possibly use. How stupid. They think we are -- real tragic. What's real tragic is most people don't think. The most important question in the English language is the question you used to ask your parents all the time why. Why. Why. That is such an important question. You have to understand people's motives. Think like your enemies. Think like the people who would screw you out of your freedom. Think as they do. And you will understand. From where they are coming. And folks sometimes I don't you know what sometimes because we've all been so conditioned to think that everybody wants America to succeed. That. You can look at Obama as inept and has -- a much college properly corrected me last week. It's not the reason that he's doing exactly what he wants to -- This is this was the game plan. Open up the southern borders. Said the Taliban hold 541 in exchange for deserting soldier who land based in America before he deserted his post and let six of his colleagues are. -- searching for him. The more -- find out about bird doll. I have to play -- the more I'm thinking about. -- -- -- in World War II the only soldier we executed for desertion in that war. Used to be pretty common practice back in the civil world the Lincoln did his best to. Well Lincoln did his best to save as many as he could -- it was attention but we used to shoot a lot of people. In the army of the Potomac and the union army in general for desertion advocate Federer still the same thing. Rock pretty late. And needed to have discipline in his -- he was big on that and so was. -- Jackson's Stonewall Jackson. Somebody deserted did you. And he would have no sympathy for them open because it's not fair to the guys who died before they did that they try to shirk the responsibility. And -- -- justice. And folks when you consider the fact that there are six American families. And I'll leave it to you to do the map and how many people -- -- constitutes with. Mothers fathers Brothers sisters cousins. Op nephews and nieces -- six American families that don't get to see their loved one again. Because they died looking for this huge bag who deserted. And we. I'm sorry this president decided. That five Taliban. Where were worth turning over back to the enemy for one deserters as far as I'm concerned they -- let him -- And I hate to put -- that way but that's just the way I see it. What you read what this man wrote about America clearly it was a premeditated. Desertion from his unit and dereliction of his duties. And he put other people in harm's way resulting in half a dozen Americans. Are you looking for him directly. And more who died because they lost air cover because the resources were directed -- find him. And for the president to tout this as some incredibly historic important success story of his administration. Again. Is to gold plate deterred which is what this administration -- When it's not busy dividing people. Racially. Orientation only. When it's not busy trying to split people up in two factions. That's what this administration does it BS issue it Fiji to. You know basically it tells you that blank you -- Nolan and shuttle is black. It's like looking at the world like Alice in Wonderland. Up is down down is up in is out out of -- It's a backward world we have entered. We're your. Precepts are not the precepts of this man or his administration. And our southern border. Is under siege right now it's a crisis. In -- for those have you been busy at work all day. And you have to work two jobs because you have to pay your tax bill. Because after all there are hundreds of thousands of Guatemalan and Ecuador and streaming across the border who want to suck -- your cheeks. Who well wished to basically be milk fed by your labor. I wanted to share some headlines from the Drudge Report today I ticket and all the articles. America struggles with surge in child migration. Judge. Government has simply chosen not to enforce border security loss. Third military base opens for migrants shirts feds should pay for housing. Agents threatened with firing after photos -- feds drop plane loads of illegals in El Paso. You are free you can leave. Hundreds more shipped to Arizona. Memo 230000. Children expected over 24 months growing concern of diseases. Officers diverted from handling crimes 40% of agents not -- border. Our rests down 75%. Since 2000. Now by the way I would point out bush was in office while he won the election. Remember it's only -- Obama's countries -- -- nine he won the 08 election so this does not solely go to Obama. The Republicans. And people like Karl Rove and the bush. Dynasty. They are equally at all and when you listen to Jeb Bush illegal immigration is an act of love. -- -- Tom -- not a Republican how can you can't be on the team that's why can't be on the team because I gets up that's why. Senator sessions. Obama committed to escalating lawlessness. Now Joseph. You know the quote I'm gonna ask for from the state of the union. Senator Jeff Sessions. Has said Obama is committed to escalating a law last -- that border. I'm gonna take that one step further. We don't have any laws any more ladies and gentlemen. What part of this is so hard to grasp. For voters who did not understand it. For those who did not get it. For those who failed to grasp the significance of these words our founding fathers. Were all about division of powers and moreover a limited to. Government role in your life they did not want an armed Everest on the present government. Are right. They decide. It was important to have a judicial branch to act as a check on the legislative and the executive. That we needed a legislators to act as a check on the executive and the judicial. And that executive to act as a check on the judicial and on the legislator. A tripartite system. And it is bicameral. He said by meaning of course a House of Representatives and the United States senate to houses two different bodies make up. Our congress in the United States. This president. Ladies and gentlemen spelled it all out in the state of the union. It isn't just lawlessness at the border folks. You gotta get that -- -- your head. We live under a roll good government. The president has abrogated his stolen power from the other branches of government which were supposed to be separate and co equal. He has declared himself effectively the dictator of the United States don't juicy -- What part of this is so hard to understand his own words. His own words. Absolutely. Contradict the oath he took to uphold the constitution which called for the separation of powers. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. -- It it it merits hearing this again I know I play this over and over. I cannot overstate. The importance. Of this criminal statement made before congress. And I I'm stunned that he gets a way that if George Bush had said this he would not be in office anymore. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. -- You study your history. No dictator ever comes to power saying. -- goal is to kill everybody in the opposition and throw people into other news well that we did talk about that in mind cup nobody took it seriously all. All except Winston Churchill but he was crazy. Let's find out about traffic and here is here's Alan Harris Allen. And AccuWeather tonight partly cloudy overnight low 57 tomorrow some clouds some sun 76 there were holding -- 73 beautiful greens -- news radio 930. WB the end. -- Again I have to ask you. The -- to all exchange. I find this outrageous a week later and I still I'm shaking my head. Now all we have an invasion of the United States at the southern border this administration isn't doing -- Why it goes our future Democrat voters who will be government -- suckers. It will be on the government app. Forever. They have no skills. No marketable skills at all. We have our own homegrown -- we don't need Guatemala's underclass. I know that may sound in human. But I don't work my job so I can support somebody from Guatemala who has no business even -- in the damn country. Here's -- were stunned that WB and rose hello. Out of all I just got -- -- maybe Obama pulled that little. Which is that gross embarrassment that maybe he did this it's an intolerable. In other words to keep them. There's a ball so you know whatever they're up two more can be found out. I don't you mean whenever the Taliban guys are still. Yeah the only way that makes any sense is if we put a a sub cutaneous GPS tracker in them when they were sleep. -- that's the only thing that makes any sense -- I would doubt that this administration would give even thought of putting a sub cutaneous GPS tracker which exist by the way. Despite what you read on the Internet. Yeah as -- hyper stealth technology looked -- up on the Internet lookup piper stealth Google images you'll be amazed. But that's another story. But. This Obama. I cannot imagine him putting that kind of tracking device. On somebody from the Taliban you know it's a shame I can imagine putting that kind of a device in you rose before it put it in the Taliban. Right -- understand that your. But I thought Intel would be the only reason need to assess. Intel C the only way you get Intel from guys who've been out incommunicado for years or -- every correspondence has been monitored. Is if you did. Track their location. And the way to do that would be sub cutaneous GPS. And I doubt this administration would be even thought of unless it was their own citizens then you know. They they would probably think about all the -- because so folks there are larger trends at work here folks are larger forces at work you need to be aware of. 803 don't -- thirty start I'm 3180616. WB yet when your grandfather told your freedom isn't free. He meant to. And yet gone to put in public Bill Bennett and -- thing. Yeah -- is not on the old man. You know not on the old pat it's the next era but it can't do it but you know what they'll. -- And I'm not have to roll it into August. Pocket -- it tomorrow. I can't imagine why it is 533 news radio 930 WB yeah yeah Bob McCarthy I'll just say it isn't -- let her go almost concert so you don't have to go to my neighborhood and start talking about it. And -- mention he who laughs last laughs best. -- -- It is up by 33 -- news radio 930 WB the end. You know folks. I'm simply go to say. Something's been asked to be set. When I talk about the courage of David Bell via under fire in Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq. When -- talk about the courage of. Dennis a -- doing the right thing. In finding out that some of his so called friends. -- backstabbing people -- badges some of the guys stood up for -- I want you to know that others were more concerned with politics than justice. Speaking the truth. Is not always the safest course of action. Speaking the truth. Has. Consequences. Speaking the truth pisses people off who don't want you to know the true. And I am aghast. At the shootings I don't know if you heard about this -- that really touched on this first of all was last week here in New York State. This Yo-Yo from Florida intentionally runs into a New York State trooper who's two and a traffic stop at the side of the road. -- right in the trooper. And then ran off into the warts. Now was he mentally ill was he stone I don't know. But horrible. And then in. Vegas. The man and the woman who killed two cops and somebody else. The woman shot the first cop in the back of the head what coward. Shooting somebody in the back of the head. They also happen to be. White supremacists which I never have understood. I don't get it. I don't freaking get it. Ben Carson is a black man. I daresay his intellect is I hate to admit this superior to mine. His talk show skills -- but is it electors. Well all the respecting -- Wasn't very good filling in for shot they need some coach. This is not as easy as some people think it it is. I like to remind you that periodically. Dr. Martin Luther -- folks. Would not. Countenance violence in his movement. -- -- Only as a last resort. What I ever. Countenance violence. If you believe in change in viewers angry as I am at the direction of this country before you do something stupid. It's gonna make everybody look at. I want you to reed Gundy watched the movie with Ben Kingsley if reading is an arduous task. Gandhi brought about. A come from behind underdog victory in India. With non violence. Dr. Martin Luther King brought about incredible change. With non violence and when kids in Memphis and I mentioned this last week. When some of the kids in Memphis. Merged into his peaceful march in started actively -- -- he condemned them. Nonviolence. Must. Be. Our. Strategy. Do not lose the moral high ground. No matter what they do us. Do not lose the moral high ground. It's gonna get worse folks before it gets better. I'm gravely concerned about the future freedom of speech in this country. I'm gravely concerned about the country in general. I don't use the word gravely a lot and I don't think folks that I am given to hyperbole. I think you can hear the passion in my voice when I discuss there's. There's a reason for that passion. There's a reason why -- become emotional wanna talk about. There's a reason. I put my heart and soul into the shows we do about our fallen. Because -- at all they didn't die for an all powerful government to screw you. They died for freedom and liberty and the American way not the Soviet way. Never forget that -- moment before I get back to the calls and a challenge you to something. And here is the litmus test folks. You talk to people you know. Who grew up in Communist China. Who grew up in the Soviet Union who grew up in east Germany who grew up in Communist Hungary or Yugoslavia. Or anywhere behind the iron curtain. You talk to those people and you ask them -- Do you see any parallels between what you left and what is happening right here right now in the United States. Every single one of them will say you Americans are so stupid. You think the freedom just comes naturally you were letting it slip away from you. I have a list that are in Canada she's a Jewish lady who grew up in the Soviet Union her name is Natasha. And she calls me -- emails me periodically. And she has said exactly those words. I did when it comes to what's happening in America. Some of that is because my grandmother who grew up in -- Germany came over in 1923. Who had Brothers who were Nazis. My great uncles. Yeah. I was a responsible wasn't born there. But I know that real people can get sucked into a totalitarian regime -- great uncles that. So I get real error I get real -- I get very. Emotional about that it's very personal and now rose. -- let's wrap things up with you. Now -- -- basically for those who didn't hear you you think that Obama may have I think I may have thought he was doing it in Intel move by trading the five Taliban for the one deserting Jewish bag who cost six American brave heroes their lives. And I'm what I'm -- -- when I'm -- heroes is this administration would be more likely to put a sub cutaneous GPS device in you that somebody who was an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist. You know I it's just a mystery let Obama get. If you did occur Intel it would -- happened before. Do you let them all and up until now you know trying to track -- electronically. The people that they know where they're going what went to a that he made it very stupid little. An incredibly stupid stupid little. My dear my love I have to interrupt you. To you'll it's a stupid moment to meet its a stupid move but to this president this is exactly what he wants to do. That's what what -- my caller said last week and a little light bulb went off in my head that were viewing the world through the prism of our eyes and not a man who believe this country was immoral and had to be fundamentally changed. -- -- I he has his own agenda that obviously Nokia agenda at the very bad that this. Is the leadership it's the leadership inside them it's it's a great game for our freedom what's it like that. It's a black -- -- now you know -- it's it's these are black times for freedom and by black obviously we're not talking racers -- able to take out of context. Two black these are black times for freedom. Yeah. All right -- are at at this open you'll know it's time to get the hell out of here. When people like Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and conservative talk show hosts start. Will meeting with sudden heart attacks. Start going on vacation and not coming back. You'll know it's time because that's what that's what tyrants do. They illuminate the opposition intelligentsia then they go after their own intelligentsia because they don't want useful idiots who can actually -- -- -- some very brilliant liberals who listen to this show. Like all the useful idiots because they don't realize that once tyranny takes over Doby the first on the cattle cars next to you know. Exactly it's sad it's very sad but at least -- right after the letters to the White House just pull out -- at all you know what I feel. Tension -- traditionally. The. Being gone instead. You know political repeat I used in this country and it is happening and it's terrible Trulia. All right Lola rose I'm glad you called and you know all I can say is just keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes open nobody in 1920s Germany could ever have envisioned a Germany where Jews were put on cattle cars -- Gypsies and Catholics and and mentally defective people have set the places for the express purpose of immediate debt. They could've imagined that 1920 yet one generation later it was happening. -- so a lot but thank you thank you are very much and it's amazing that -- -- folks see the here's here's what you're up against. Have you thought about those Jews who lived under Hitler after he took over knowing what he was all about even after -- outlook. Even after the reichstag fire decree who didn't get out of Germany who didn't leave Europe. You know why. Because nobody could believe that nobody would believe that he civilized country like Germany could be capable of such inhumanity. And yet it happened. There's a lesson they're my friends a lesson. Here's Mary in Lancaster on WB a -- alone. And it. I'm filled with. I'm still afraid I am glad I got -- I. I'm still furious over this. Blood of children and to Arizona. And then you'd see that governors he's frustrated because she is. They're sending him and they're sending -- to California and other states but my thing was I. When -- tell you what I did today I was so aggravated I called my congressman. And I told him. The congress should speak against these judges overrule. Well legally. And -- you know like the governor signed the legislation people voted she kind of and then the president chooses not to enforce the law this is what people should rebel against and I called my congressman has said. They in congress should. But the president into the fire and I also -- and -- also called our local. American legion and DAV analysts. And I asked them is why don't -- day. Get together and go to congress and talking speak because I think it's outrageous that. These people think -- these children are here we have to take care of -- our veterans I know I'm think I'm I'm using their stupid enough rationing okay. Our veterans are here they came back there disable. Crippled. Pain in -- And they have to wait but these people just boom they just take they have to take care of them they bought them -- why -- they bucked the veteran Q. Hospital they can take care now. Well and let me say let me say out of -- let me say one other thing too about -- If I -- a very staunch defender of the Roman Catholic church and I don't like Catholic bashing but if the Pope has an issue with our having borders that must be enforced. I believe that all of these starving children and should be set the Vatican City let him take care of them. If I'm a Catholic and I I feel the same way I do not like this and compassion you know I mean what compassion for our. -- they were here first direct your legal and they should not if you have to make a choice make it. On the side of the veterans and to get these some parish and the Beckett called sound like tough love but too bad. It's reality we do not have a place in twenty fourteens economy would know skilled workers. We have our own underclass we don't need Guatemala's what's so hard to understand about bet. And why why why should you -- your husband why should Joseph or John Young man why should they bust their asses. Four minimum wage were close to it. So -- tax money can be used to support people who have no legal right to be here in the first place because Jeb Bush says illegal immigration is an act of love. What does -- then asking for a date. That and I'm so against that and that's like -- says call my congressman and I thank you. I love doing this and I'm looking about as good a feeling to go out and testify and in congress but I think the veterans get together and go to Washington and they. Get those kids -- forget our guys go first come first. And then -- your preacher and you you know back married merit all right you're preaching to the -- I'm glad you called I must take a break or Joseph Wilson beating Guatemala and not in one piece on news radio 930 WBE. By the -- there's something on my iPad and it's one of two things neither of which are -- us and the here. -- tonight partly cloudy 57. For tomorrow some clouds some sun 76 that 73 at news radio 930 WPG. Eight -- Are -- it is volley and welcome to my show thank you for making a part of your life I value you. Every single day now like any other public person there are people who don't like me who say bad things about me and you know what let them hate haters gonna hate. I choose not to hate I choose to bring people together and if that makes people hate me well that's their loss. Let's go to -- in buffalo WBE LLO rim have. -- -- -- Well -- -- pretty well look at city at least left the pros and he left the typical gum balls and cupcake -- ball and it really what's undermine. I actually do at least it's not like. -- gonna say something but it probably was borderline FCC by double but anyway it -- Yeah. All the qualities is one of the five errors so. We -- for published with his freighter. All. Look at a picture of him. In front of foreign severed -- The release stating your -- with a bloody knife in him that is that what Obama has unleashed into the world. Four regardless since he hates this country. And -- that we obligation believed no ma'am aren't that he had the gall to say that means I'm muscular great guy and that's okay. I I gotta say what to actual. I think that. We would quote com the -- -- -- for this old and he he actually expected. To would be law. For getting this -- back despite the fact that these you know what he has and what is -- on. And giving the world back. You know these these. He's done it won't it takes. Well what this show is I put this out last week David Bell -- will back me up on this. How out of touch. Barack Obama as commander in chief is with the grunts in the field and most of the patriotic pre Obama brass he is out of touch he does not get the military mindset he never will that's not his world. You know what it's not my world leader but I get it because I've taken the time to talk to soldiers. You know so we -- George Bush for all of his. And -- and roll Morton almost popular. He visited. The veterans hospitals. He visited it'll all the wounded by incoming Barack -- -- Court -- at least fortunate monster was -- conduct does -- -- hospital visiting injured shoulder. He really Arnie did struggle -- so. Don't all the -- -- finish this after the news I didn't realize it was late. We haven't heard those words and while. It is 555 -- WBE NS Bauerle. We'll have another hour of awesome stuff coming up this city -- still a great show on retirement today. And asking you about yours you can catch it in the on demand audio WB -- dot com nine until -- -- and company.

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