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6-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hold to put. -- -- it. The few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia. And al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do but that happened that Gary -- Destroy all silent. It was an amendment. Tom hourly about it even though this. I think it right back bathing in -- in its local girl is the it's Tom hourly and cool whip completely cool whip through that period. And on news radio 930. And I. Well it is -- hourly handers ready at 930 WBBM. -- And now we are with you on a Monday by the way -- not be here at tomorrow it is a scheduled day off. Just to save the newspapers and shoe leather and gasoline it is -- nine minutes after four and it is although it. I just aren't easy and -- just after home just a little bit. I understand I might I couldn't it would be possible but that would be wrong. Anyway what are my question to you right now is what's wrong with this picture. We have a president. And folks. I must tell you head George Bush made this decision I would be just as enemy. For those who haven't figured it out yet I'm not a Republican. Nor am I Republican apologist. I am certainly not an Obama Democrat. I'm brother on the conservatory. Inside. What does that. That means that. Now with a lot of things but it means for early for me. That I respect freedom I respect liberty. I respect the right of consenting adults to do what consenting adults wish to do in the privacy of their own -- all and by the way I'm not in favor of abortion on demand because that's not a consenting adult that's a little person. And I know that might sound career you know prime ordeal -- some view but you know that's where I sit. And on and on apologetic he'd missed. So there so that have a very strong faith by what. And I don't think the two were mutually exclusive. We have some new listeners to the show. And by the way I. Probably have done more. That any other non military experienced radio talk show host. To bring. These sacrifices. Of our veterans and men at arms in women at arms into the public consciousness. And thanked them. Did anybody else. Doing similar jobs in this country. Not just on the year. But I really do go to these places. And I really do spend time contemplating their sacrifices. Because without those sacrifices. None of us. Would still be able to speak. Some plot about what is going on in this country. Formerly known as the land of the free. Now the land of the over regulated overtaxed overburdened. Overworked. Over screwed. People. Who acquiesce as long as they've got enough food in their stomach to get five. -- enough entertainment to numb out the mind. Let's get back to the calls on the WBBM. I'm trying to figure out how what is that a government that can spot a single pot plant growing it will make a federal case out of it. Can allow a stream of invaders to come -- and from central and South America through Mexico which is a north American country those who don't know that. There in North America is Mexico Canada and the United States and which in the middle. Get worse and which dignity let's go to Joseph in Niagara Falls Joseph you're on hello. And I agree with you a 100% I really think there Obama is -- Manchurian candidate I think he was selected because he's pathological. He's a liar. And I guess. Prerequisite for most politicians up because you can sit and say a thing about Hillary Clinton you can -- the same thing about Chuck Schumer you can say the same thing about the well Jeb Bush. He -- -- learn that this and I think he was chosen because they knew he can pull it off peak hit. Direct this country into the donation he has decided people this is spent hate America he hates American people that's the difference. He pit one group against another he didn't he has terrible -- in this country. Rich against poor people are gonna know who they're fighting against. Because he had -- that is all many people and it was -- to decide within. That I think without United Nations' agenda 21. He had been howling bank to a -- -- -- I can't you know what forget the United Nations for a minute as far as I'm concerned if I were president the United Nations would have its ass kicked out of New York City. And we would withdraw from the United Nations and we would be pretty much an isolationist country. But how he's gathering his control all his initiatives fouled -- blueprint to achieve -- And you found the money along with that. I didn't you know what it -- but you don't -- here's the thing here here's what you missed. All right you're -- the fact that the American people don't give Akron. You're missing the fact that the American people are having a country stolen from them and they don't caterer. Because they're so ignorant of our history they've been so dumb down in American schools. And I caught hell. From one FaceBook guy because I said the and I did that with the intent because I know how stupid most American students are in how inept most American teachers are of American history. And they don't follow say they teach stuff that kids don't need to know. Mike potter spent more -- in time learn about -- African history they should about the founding fathers and I'm sorry but in the United States scroll African history spend a week and if you have to -- Focus on the United States. Well I think you're kind of -- that right you're doing -- all of service they think the more you can talk about this Pam the better off everybody's going to. Could be -- a wake up maybe 123 people did want him more than it was yesterday. Well yeah and a great. You have my back. You are you sure about that little -- all right thank you very much about it -- Start at 93180616. WB and by the way African history Asian history. -- -- -- I'm part Asian do you think has spent time reading about Asian history I don't give a rats rats. What I care about is the United States of America this is words people came this is what might people -- Now some of your ancestors came here involuntarily. I'm glad your here. Because you. Your ancestors helped to build this country some as slaves some as free men and many volunteered for service in our armed forces. And our caller is absolutely right. About this president being -- -- biter. Ladies and gentlemen this president. Is a fraud. To my black Brothers and sisters I can honestly tell you I have done more as a human being to unite people then this president pants. This president is about the biting people divide and conquer he's thought about bringing people together. Now I know that every race has raised its extremists. There are races Asians are racist American Indians are racist white people there are races black people I get that it's a fact -- life they never gonna change. But most of us have got to be -- we're. Of the fact that this country was built. By a whole bunch of people from a whole bunch of different backgrounds from virtually every country around the world every single group has made a valuable contribution to the country we call America. And I don't care what you look like I don't care with whom you sleep I don't care whether you are are transgender and it doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is that you love America. The United States as envisioned by our founding fathers and the right to the freedoms that all of us were guaranteed in the bill of rights. And you know the funny thing is folks and I'm I'm gonna take practice there and give Specter calls or just a moment but I'm not gonna give you details on this back. I had a chance over the weekend -- and at a party with a bunch of homosexuals. Know that we are all -- thank you very much well wasn't vacation so. And any you know the funny thing is. One of them I won't give his name you would want me to you know him he's very prominent in the community he's rich but he's very prominent. He does a lot of good work in the community. He is one of my homosexual listeners he is the poster guy. Four don't let the gay lobby confuse you with homosexuals as people he can't stand the gay lobby. I can't stand the gay lobby. You know why. A bunch of frauds and hypocrites and ponies because it's not about equal rights for homosexuals. It's about advancing a left wing agenda using homosexuality. As a shield. Well guess what my gay friends don't they don't fly on that plane. Might -- friends don't fly on that plane. And this whole division nonsense. And conservatives are guilty of it took some conservatives are guilty of hopefully I am not. If I am I hope you'll call me out of let's go to dale in Cheektowaga on WB yet what divides me what what I -- divide people from his freedom vs incursions of the freedom competence -- incompetence a lot of the United States and its constitution and its freedom that we formerly had. I guess what is happening now. Let me go to dale in Cheektowaga -- speak. Well let me Whitney South Korea says excuse me when -- whip this out. He's got to Cleveland thank you Al want to I want to light it up a little bit -- her while that was alleged call -- issues Florida. In fact I got to admit I was -- little ignorant people until about five years ago. Now -- in the politics like I never used to be anyway. If you noticed went out. Our adult parents walked out of the White House Rose Garden with are fearless leader. He had his arm around that Mulder like they were walking none of geeks together on at eight. Yeah. Yeah Quebec no beard. I'm just guessing that Michelle may have had something to say about that after that little powder because if I know Michelle Obama like I think I know Michelle Obama I'm guessing that. Barry slept with -- news back here with her back to Immelman. EA and that when he went to -- -- can't combine their I think their lips -- Kyle met each other till it was. And -- man. Yeah well I mean look I gotta tell itself out of its of them out there what did Richard Dawson do. Person that you know. That guy. Wonder how many women he scored under say. Out but I'll look out President Obama you know I mean I've heard some things that I cannot judge him on but they'll also this much he's he's got it's a pretty good taste -- lemon. I don't agree with this woman's politics or her son be in the creepy deserted areas but those she's got a she's got to milk be hot met you know way. Well I got a feeling he's he is -- JFK. He'd run for second place. Behind him. All I don't think so -- you know what I gotta tell -- is up and how to put this up on the other side I do not think for a moment that Barack Obama has ever cheated with a woman on his wife. All live for just just a moment. I don't because I think Michelle -- seriously folks. In a fist fight is gonna go what is it in a -- as you please fistfight between Barry Obama and Michelle. Michelle would kick his ass and he does anybody doubt that no -- so. President Obama I I'm I'm real sure that he is not mr. hold another one let's go to. Let's go to -- right now here's Alan Harris some interesting images crossed my mind and some thoughts I will never be able to burn out Allan what's up. Now our right to act like a moped out of -- ride out tonight partly cloudy the overnight low 57 that was an inside joke that two people. Understood. Tomorrow and is not the one who think going to be tomorrow some clouds some sun and the high of seven. And sex and Joseph you'll forgive me but my early alzheimer's is on on the march. 73 editors heard a night thirty WB yet. -- no we don't have is our folks it's not alzheimer's what it is it's well it is a brain going by. I I think what's happening. Gays and maybe this is happening to you. So much information. Is going into your brain every day from a zillion different sources. That it's almost like brain overload -- sometimes feel like your brain is about the overflow with info. Yet your brain has more terabytes at any computer ever designed. Anyway here's. Cheektowaga parts of -- let's get past the president's coziness with the mother of the deserter. I still believe this was eight traders moved. Oh yeah no doubt it was and and I think -- impeachable I had my I got a question for -- -- -- -- -- second. They care what the show called -- I've seen while I'm working when it's on I -- you know so I watched I see the of the video wanna look at the the subtitles. Oh you never really want to show well I've watched it and I've seen what they're saying but I don't listen to what they're saying audibly I read where there's at all. Okay well that third one not one liberal one shown for conservative Bob -- But back pocket you know boy and an OK that's great. Anyway they were and it needed to bring up few remarks if you want spec they had a conversation that was about Obama. Two Lilly up people -- -- more trashing Obama pretty good I don't remember what they are showing exactly. Back old -- Human and he looked at them and said you guys are bordering countries. Are now serious. And we got a point not even talk about this man. Without being threatened with treason. Yes it has it has yet it's sir. I don't know where to start the lady mention the United Nations there is also something called an aid the aid the -- -- with the national defense authorization act and the K. Are you familiar with it. Not okay looking up and DAA. Essentially gives the president of the United States. Unconstitutional. And unilateral authority to imprison people he deems may be enemies of the state. You'll ever happened to your relative because they'll be held incommunicado as dangers to the state of a shock to work Sunday believe me I did not go missing and I didn't kill myself. It. Look up. And the AA national defense authorization act David Olivia and I feel the same way about it David's in Iraqi war hero he killed a lot of guys in Fallujah. Thanks our net I would want it showed a modified and I would trade him to amoled. Well I would play. I just that I I've got a break Joe's gonna kill me here and amenities gonna turn me into a female. Which actually Joseph might not be a good career move on WB via. -- -- -- Okay. Problem. Must have been Johns Michael a lot and I mean John -- -- that the girl now their spouse -- -- yet -- Mike. All right yeah holdouts they're gonna be at our park tomorrow. That's critical -- away you know what. A chance to say a lot of nice things about people who are famous a lot. And I just want to acknowledge -- special lady that I had a chance she does not know I didn't I -- not you're. And she does not only she would only a bag of donuts. But I had a chance to see -- what ever school performances. Over the weekend and she's a local dance teacher and her name is Sam Schmidt. And it was so obvious watching horror at the end ever school's performance. -- what a special I love my life woman this was. And it was nice to see somebody who's happy. Seriously. She loves her husband she loves her job she was just smiling ear to ear and it wasn't fake it wasn't like stage smile. So Sam -- I. I just let you know I'm a fan. Ever been to a dance thing before as highly entertained an idea of all of occupants. Not even have Leo Sayer says right he can I I can't. -- let's get back to the calls on that WBBM let's see -- or DS recital that went to a party with a bunch of homosexuals. But the rumors -- OBB -- good Macon juicy and make him up here is -- -- Cheektowaga. Well Europe and eight. Think I don't think a player that I know what you want but -- it was like islamists say until the end it is currently there are. I think your president is incompetent who. I think he needs to BP. I think that third grader could do a better job secretly wanted to cub scout troop. No he could not irate I see it it's not a question that somebody made -- -- -- is raised this point last week. It was last week I called him the most inept president I have ever seen in my lifetime and somebody said Tom. You're not doing at the right way. This is exactly what he wants to know destroy the country. And I realized my caller was right. This is not ineptitude as most people would perceived ineptitude. This is an accomplishment for him. This is a guy who ran first -- of the race shield. And a lot of white guilt a lot of white people thought they could XP eight or whatever personal guilt they have over being white which I think is one of the stupidest concept ever. I really do I'm sorry I do. He used that to gain power. He had the support of old -- It away you know. A guy who likes to bring people together but I had the turn -- a local news station last night because somebody from one of the yeah. What are the local organizations was talking about. Continuing inequality in America. And I literally turnaround at the TV I think I dropped some F bombs it was my whole song entitled. Folks the president. Of the United States is have lacked the richest television performer the country has ever seen is Oprah Winfrey. I don't need lectures and inequality in America anymore. Those two people have proven. Bet if you get off your ass and you educate yourselves. And you go to school or you find a profession or trade you enjoy doing you can succeed and America are you gonna end up this president no. Are you gonna end up as wealthy as Oprah might. But are you could end up is as wealthy as Oprah no probably not. But that doesn't mean that you can't have a happy successful. Middle class or upper middle class or wealthy life. I don't care -- black is the proverbial Asus Bates. It's not about the color your skin you can use that as an excuse for failure if you want to I can use effective I'm short if I want to. Hey how come out of the network has only five. No because. Maybe just not good enough. I actually folks out. Via. It must not about me I realize. I wouldn't wanna be part of a network because that have to sell my soul. -- -- right I could not work for a radio network that was a liberal radio network. Turkish. I would be sabotaged by management I would be sabotage my coworkers. I would be persona non product. Anywhere I went. In a liberal environment. And if you think people in the media are the biggest bunch of backstabbing. Treacherous people in the world you don't know the media because they are the worst and cops. The worst and actors and actresses. And those are two fields were used up a little bit out of line and believe me you get the cold shoulder and then some. -- laid out some time. Well in all fairness a lot of guys backed up pedestal and all but. As you know Betty is he's one of my heroes. Actually his name should be pronounced -- well but the -- is however pretty pronounces it so I'll go with bad he is no issue with -- but. Here's a guy that I like to bring this up periodically folks because I need to illustrate the point. Bet you thought -- I've I've been on this big kick lately freedom isn't free. Our right and your rights are not really your rights if you don't stand up for them. And here's a guy who was a prominent buffalo cop. A detective. He was held in very high regard by most of the people with whom he worked. You're never gonna please everybody every job has people who don't like Q. In fact there might be people here at WB and who don't like me. I just rub them the wrong way I might rub you wrong. Well you know what I'll just have to live in the shadow of their disfavor. I can handle it not a problem. But. Dennis spoleto pokes in this work courage comes. And Dennis. And David -- -- -- -- two of the most courageous people. I have ever known in my life except. I still the -- that is a larger dinner. But. Dennis sacrificed. His entire career essentially. By standing up and doing the right thing. You do realize you remember the system wanted to keep -- a Posey and indeed Jack imprison you remember this right. This system. Was of the opinion hate. We can't make ourselves look bad we have to up the wrong people aren't present. -- eject a -- daughter an epic opposing didn't do those -- But the system doesn't wanna do what -- I think about it. Dennis don't -- no stood up. He talked crap from his apartment is so that's. Are your violating orders Dennis. Well guess what he took what he became a police officer to uphold the constitution that's supersedes any illegal order given. Even the military will tell you you were not under obligation to follow an illegal order. And Dennis said basically screw -- And because of -- -- -- and Dennis the -- no only. Lindy Jack was rightly freed from prison we don't put people in prison for being bad moms. I'm not saying she should have been mother of the year but what happened to her was an egregious outrage in miscarriage of justice and a shameful blot on the legal system. And the fact that nobody wanted to hold up to it afterwards and at. -- to get her out as quickly as possible is a shame. And the same thing with Anthony to Posey is mentally challenged got. Who cares he's retarded so lot. Sure -- prison. So we got the wrong -- they're gonna make me look better this conviction gets overturn. The system really does that folks. Don't you get this. This system will protect its all there are -- rears its stick reputations are at stake. -- these big shots think that by screw we knew they can advance her own career a millimeter. These are people would back stabbed her own mothers to become a vice president is something. You got to understand this mentality. So the point is folks. That doing the right thing. And speaking up and -- against injustice and speaking up and I'll against. What this president there with bird -- Against the travesty. That is our lack of a southern border and the crisis and that is not a dramatic overstatement that is not hyperbole. The crisis at our southern border. Thousands of people children streaming it to our country for the free cookies. The fact that our government refuses to do anything about it. Like build a brick wall like use drones. Drones. I use land mines but that's me. You marked and you'd say look if you cross here you're you might get blown up. The only problem with that is an innocent bit bunny might step on it and I feel bad for the body. But. Why are weak the United States of America. So apologetic about the fact that we need to preserve our national sovereignty -- North Korea apologize. There's Australia apologize. To his Germany apologize. No. Because they recognize you can't have a country without borders. Folks when you buy a piece of property what do they do. They do a survey why do they do a survey so they know which land which property -- hurts. That's why they do the survey that's what you pay for one. Yet had an issue. Basis. Despite the surveys we've been doing since the seventeen hundreds. And then after the Gadsden purchase and the treaty of Guadalupe we have though we'd have been remiss. In enforcing our southern border we did a survey but we're just let the neighbors walk all over the property without permission. And then we apologize. It's shameful. And speaking up folks is never easy. And the system ladies and gentlemen whether you're -- so I know or whether you're some iconoclast. Speaking truth to the American people. This system doesn't like it. The system -- you'd be stupid. The system want you to be ignorant the system watching to take Pope. Big your view. And make like it's filet mignon. Again let me just. Tell you how your intelligence was insulted last week -- the local newspaper. Despite Republican. Rhetoric. Taliban guys not dangerous. It is patently obvious. That if they weren't dangerous. They would not have been at gitmo 12014. And would have been released years ago. It was such contradictory. Statement. But this is what happens when you get out the media. Any Warren Buffett publication and Buffett basically sleeps with a Obama I'm using a metaphor by the way. This is what happens when you've got a media. That is in the court and in the quarterly president. Because they see the United States as evil. And as historically unjust as he gets. In they wanna see this country go down and they wonder why nobody wants to buy the damn newspaper anymore. And it's gonna be a great day when that paper folds I will do a dance I hate to see people lose jobs. But when they fold. I will. I will have no regrets. Not. They've about destroyed a lot of people over the years. Without cars. It is and they backed some bad horses. And then they keep backing him every election cycle. Oh via TV and radio call and did. You know some people I know people who tried starting in this business that gets average and they just left. There's a note you know what our campuses it's it's too much. It it takes a special kind of idiot do what I do for a living. Angle no work. It is up for 47. All that eventually it. But -- time in time for 47 news radio 930 WB and it is hourly and -- -- -- folks I have fun. With topics sometimes but there are times where. I just think stuff needs to be discussed this one of those days. And asked you whether for the rest of today it will be partly cloudy the overnight low 57 hopefully won't be too buggy out there. It will be cloudy with some sun tomorrow and 76 it will be cloudy tomorrow evening now late tomorrow night showers and a couple of thunderstorms. Which means the minute I go outside it will be rainy with thunderstorms OK I just you know just stay away from me on a curse. And it's 73 -- news radio 930 WB EN. You know folks I've been talking about a couple of things here so far and -- trying to connect some dots for your oven trying to. Explain some things to you that will do you well. In Europe analysis of what is exactly going on in our country. But the reason things are happening that you do not understand. Is that those in power want them to happen. -- actually it was a left wing guy. I don't remember -- it ones. I'm sorry I don't remember who screwed via. What's -- what's -- between France. I don't remember who was who said whatever you see a situation you do not understand look for the financial interest the corollary to that is look for the political interest. Why do you think this administration. Does not want any border enforcement at the southern border the answer is patently obvious. Because those are future Democrat voters. That's why. These are people with zero skills who will simply add to the are already burgeoning homegrown American underclass. This is not like you know one folks they can't go to the steel mill and make a living sweeping up filings or -- they can't do. Those jobs are not available. So what are they gonna do they gonna be computer programmers. No. They are going to be sponges. That we will be paying to have as guests in our country. You know what those kind of -- we don't meet. America ought to be an all star team. You wanna come to our country. What skill yet you doctor. Would you trade could you pass our boards in New York State welcome aboard welcomed the United States. Are you a physicist -- you Einstein. Can you design the next big bomb commodity and what in the hell are we doing. Willingly importing an invasion of low skilled people who will not contribute to this country they will simply sucked from this country. What is to begin at nothing to you what is to be gained by the people in power namely Liberal Democrats and -- animus Republicans. Is a never ending parade of boats never Jeb Bush huge bag. Illegal immigration is an active loud. You know what. Bush is never a good idea.

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