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6-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Well with. Them. In the hole. When this endless parade. Distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington's taken its eye off the ball. I'm merely saying that this needs to stop wherever and whenever. I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American family that's what -- -- he. Let's listen to. It's Tom hourly. Then it's life. It's local -- Yeah. And Tom hourly and thinks Texas and a news radio. This is -- summit of the radio stations FaceBook page up -- Bebo. All IA I'm so -- I am just attempted to put something up on the station FaceBook page. However. Decency and the enjoyment of -- -- fairly regular paycheck precludes any practical joke I may wish to play on -- Bebo which may actually end up blowing up -- in my face so they've ala lord you'll often -- -- myself in because you cannot have a -- without cool whip. And you can't have a show without be able to get online. Anyway -- thanks very much good to agree with you on Monday and I especially want to thank you for a Friday sure we spent four hours. Four hours commemorating those who gave their lives their blood there youth. On the beaches of Normandy seventy years ago Friday and the invasion and I don't know. What moved by that idea was able to just hold on Friday this is that this is weird because I wrote a piece. On Friday before I came over here except I didn't really write -- basically took dictation from the ether. It's very hard to describe without sounding like you're completely insane. But I sat there -- like computer Friday and the words just came to me. And usually I'm not that fast a writer it takes me way too long to figure out. Now is this the right word or is that the right word should they go with this or should I go with that. Would make this a perfect piece of -- and then I end up by saying THE the job. That's that's the arduous chore that I often find the end erratic but Friday just flowed right out and I don't know what -- they -- hurt me but. Larger forces before I came home on Friday made me go to -- a lawn cemetery in Taiwan. And because there was aware that at elm lawn cemetery if not -- that's wanna Brighton. Right off of the united when you drive by you look your electric you're heading westbound it's read by Ken -- that whole area. And they have a field of honor at -- lawn cemetery. And they have a beautiful monument there it's -- gold on a pedestal. And. It's as great fully dedicated to those who served and sacrificed in all our wars. Those one little problem. And I hope you guys -- all one don't hate me for saying this but. Would you be offended if I'd watches some. Round up. Or -- -- clear. Because. I think our veterans deserve better than all the weeds at the base of the monument. And I have to tell you I did not serve but I am very respectful of those who did it. And when I saw the monument. And it looked into it and I saw these weeds I thought to myself. These guys deserve better and address. They really deserve better than this. And I was so moved into it's it's so hard to explain. These these things that. Come over me from time to time but it what are out I took pictures are probably a dozen grade zones. Of guys that had died in various wars from World War II. Two Vietnam I didn't see any Korean fatalities at their spring to mind but I did see some -- up. Are a lot of World War II guys -- from. I just. Pretty much guys from. Well. The Pacific theater. And I found myself wondering how many of their families. Might actually still be listening. And I just run through some of these names for no reason. Just because I took pictures of this bones that were around the monument. Or -- that for whatever reason spoke to me. And I don't mean literally speak I mean emotionally speak if you get the difference. Sergeant Kenneth Cole like ice cream cone CO NT. Died December 17 1944. Right in the middle. World War II just months after the here's another gentleman from World War II Leonard L its moment. By march 23 1945. Lieutenant I think it's a second lieutenant World War II second invoked infantry -- -- picture. Gentleman who died in Vietnam. When I was a little -- and they were flags on his graves are -- his family or loved ones are still around Allen John let. Roads or -- are OESD. New York. Sergeant company a sixteenth infantry division Vietnam June 16 1967. And then I saw some older stones. -- -- Gentlemen. Died in Germany 194582. To combat corporal. And I'm just going through some of these names gang because I just I don't know how many family members there might be still around. Who are related to these guys -- -- got myself a quarter -- these people were buried here at people who heard the show indeed. Here's what Robert -- George. Lieutenant air -- died 1945. Killed over Holland. And it just unfortunately by a photo galleries stopped mine on my phone so I'm not really able to get any more names but. All ultra right hopefully by camp later on to get him up on my FaceBook page and it's not. It's not that these would be names that anybody past family members or friends ever would have known. But yet there they were. Clustered around this monument in the field of -- At that all lawn cemetery in it was a very small expert about fifteen minutes there I was looking for somebody. Who had died on the day I was looking for somebody who died June 6 1944 in Europe or in Normandy. I I didn't find it now that's not to say there aren't any there at all want is just that. At 730 at night I was limited because they shut the gates at eight. And I didn't really wanna spend the whole night at -- -- cemetery as much as I might enjoy hanging out with my -- relatives. Not that much. Not that it would be scary but I have things to do. So I do hope that. If nothing else from Friday's show. Those of us who were alive in world war two and therefore were not alive during. The to just stop in and just paid five minutes of respect to the fall even if you don't know who they are. I feel like I learned so much there were guys I saw who died in the Pacific theater Caledonia. New Guinea. People there was actually stone a marker for a guy missing in action it was area polish surname and I'd I'd have a photograph but I can't get on a photo gallery. Missing in action some thinking to myself right somebody put up this phone. They have no idea what happened to your loved ones all they know is he didn't come home. We just think about -- -- and certainly we have guys from Vietnam guys from Korea. Who are MIA. Missing in action maybe they were taken POW and bad things happen to them maybe they were missing in action may -- they were killed in such a way in combat as there wasn't anything left. And I hate to be graphic but that does happen in war we are fragile beings. So. I think is a beautiful place I really do L one in the field. Honor right would be very grateful however you guys would maybe. Clean up the weeds at the base of the monument because I do think that that's a bit on the disrespectful side and I'm not trying to be one of those funny daddies or one of those people who -- always try to be the smartest guy in the room but it. And I know you guys at the grad in grounds keeping at a cemetery I know that you guys are really busy because I know that you -- you gotta you you are really at the whim of the weather. The arraignment. Europe and whim of ducks and geese in everything else so it's not like you got an abundance of time to sit around picking your noses I get that understand that so. We don't in any wish your report -- there isn't this on you guys it's not were all busy. We all get her things that to do in it etc. Now a couple of things are with which I wanna start off the show and by which -- wanna leave it to the program. And one of them is. This up bird -- release is still. A very hot topic. Because if you got a chance to listen to up my friend David albeit on the radio and bay both assert rests and David both US army veterans. And they were not particularly impressed at all by bird girl. And frankly they were not very impressed at all with Obama's decision to release five Taliban. In exchange for one -- deserter from his unit and it folks that's about the best you can say about this bird dog. Deserters the worst is collaborator. And for those who don't know and I mentioned this on Friday but it has to be said. The second World War II. A number of our GI's were executed under military justice usually for murder rape. And things like bet. There was only one guy. That we shot in World War II as a dessert. His name was any slow but here's -- Chicago SL OV -- K Eddie slogan. He deserted as unit. He hooked up with some Canadians he. Made the mistake. Of telling his CEO. That yes he deserted he was scared of the shells and if he had the chance he would do it again. Those words he would do it again came back to haunt him. Eisenhower. The opportunity to save -- -- -- life Eisenhower said no. Can't set that example and -- slow but basically it was made an example of and he was. Executed. By firing squad and the interesting thing about his execution was the guys who witnessed the execution and the guys in the firing squad. They couldn't believe -- Kolb this guy wants this guy who supposedly coward in combat. Went to his death. I'm not gonna say -- would bravado. But they were all kind of marveling at the fact that here's a man who knows he's going to die and he's called why the hell did he just stay and fight. And the answer psychologically. Is pretty simple. Because he knew. There was no uncertainty he note he was going to dive Wednesday. In combat you don't know what's gonna happen on any given day and that's what was driving that and that's what was driving the -- crazy. Course is pre World War II our criminal history didn't help. The situation he Jackson cars pulled some small time -- so I think that went against him. So. We did execute as recently as World War II one man -- slow over for desertion. Now on a compassionate person I don't think -- should be executed. Unless. Unless. It can be proven that his -- And collaboration. Resulted in dead Americans directly resulted in dead Americans because they're -- reports that it was tell the Taliban how to make bombs. Like they need help. If he was doing that. My mercy. Starts to run pretty -- And if he showed them how to make bombs that killed his army buddies. I can't find it in myself to forgive debt. It's bad enough that at least six guys directly died. Look for bird at all others died because of the resources that had to be diverted to look for bird girl. And I have to tell you something folks the president violating his own law on this I call (%expletive) you know what I call. When they say well we didn't notify congress because the national security. And we were scared for bird -- safety. If you buy that you are a soccer. If you buy that you are a pushover. The guy I was in captivity how long. And suddenly they have a fear for his safety after a long. No that is simply a that's a bowl game explanation. For why they traded five Taliban for one bird at all. And by the way. I don't know if get a chance to see this in the newspaper on Friday and those of you listen to the shown -- no I don't really have a lot of respect for the local paper. And some of his personal I have to admit. I don't have a lot of respect for it and -- politically. They had an article on Friday. That folks it was it was in the up front page section of the paper not on the front page or -- -- seven or something but. It's set others read the headline it said despite Republican rhetoric. Most of the Taliban members likely don't pose danger doubt cast on threat of freed prisoners. Folks. Do they really think that every single American has lost leave a critical thinking skills. Let's just say it very plain. If they weren't threats to the United States why were they being held at gitmo. That is logic 101. If they were threats they wouldn't have been that -- well. They would've been released what I've -- doll. Think about that folks use that use the -- good lord gave -- of course there are threats to the United States that's why they are a lot of this is like folks -- please they really do think where this corporate. They do they get away I would -- The shock she current count. -- STF you okay. I am sticking your voice I'm shaking your face I'm -- you right in front of microphones with your Smart ass attitude. Buffalo's main street mistake. Should not be paid for by people in Biloxi Mississippi or Tallahassee Florida or Liberal, Kansas -- Sacramento California. It's not a federal issue. Buffalo screwed up. With mainstream. Some portion look at acreage should not be paid for our mistake. Why should they send their money to Washington so you can cover -- put those big fake checks like you're the one given out your own money. This is not a federal project shouldn't big. Main street buffalo is a local or count or even a state issue it is not the federal government's business and the federal government has no right. To take money from somebody in Alaska and bring it up buffalo to fix our main street. I'm sorry that's just stupid. Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves. -- and just ahead if you're really wanna step -- to be angry about. You do know and here we are seventy days -- tapes plus seventy plus three. There is another invasion under way this time it is our the United States and nobody gives a flying. I wish I could say a big. On WB yeah. Yeah I know these guys three and I -- I hear there's a chance it would actually be in Western New York tomorrow John I joke that's right just not going to tell I hear -- -- Your is that stroke at a church or you're not knowing you could not get tickets. Looser. The prophetic. There. Would you like to be a -- they were sold out. Sold out. There -- You're slow. Well under escort good seats for Steely Dan against. -- and -- the lead and was 1993. At memorial auditorium what's up feeling old. Anyway I don't -- up -- all other cases they'll very much being discussed talked about debated it's that are. And yeah soul it it never fails to amaze me. How people defend the actions of this president this people would have crucified. George Bush for making this kind of -- deal are defending. What President Obama. And the worse. This president has the media at large on his side. With virtually every thing he does based circle the wagons around Barack Obama. -- -- paraphrase Chris Berman for ESPN. Body circles the wagons like you are around. Really folks this is one of the dumbest moves in American history. Frankly I think it's one of the most rigorous moves in American history I think that what happened what the -- all exchange was treason. I would honestly. Giving five dangerous enemies will want a deserter. To me that's treason. But. And Alicia. -- once wrote treason -- never prosper what is the reason. We're in for prosper. None dare call it treason. For other a hard time grasping at the age of twelve. But I understand exactly what that means well. When the people were in charge are missing people were breaking the laws nobody calls them out because they're in charge. A -- I hope you do. It's preposterous to me. Now you add that with the willful neglect. This administration and previous administrations I can late this only Obama but it's gotten worse federal bomb. This goes all the way back even predates Ronald Reagan and Reagan screwed up time witness. -- he's my favorite president in my lifetime. Illegal immigration folks. It's not even immigration. It is an all out invasion. Let me ask your question and by the way the phone number is 8030930. I know that nobody cares about the bird ball release and what the president did and nobody cares about the sanctity of our borders anymore. God forbid anybody talks about that you might be wet. But folks I want to ponder something. Let's just suppose. You put a pot plants. Let's just suppose you grew a single marijuana plant in your backyard. Let's just suppose that hypothetically. A single populate your backyard. I would give it about a month. Before you get a knock on the door. From a cop saying. We're going to be searching your backyard. Because. A police helicopter detected the heat signature -- -- wanna. We are probable cause to go in your backyard and if we find that populate you're going to be charged. They can spot a pot plant. From 2000 feet up. And cut it down. Before you even have a chance to make brownies. We have a stream. Of illegal invaders coming into the United States and nobody gives a rare access. Now why do you think Davis. Say this is why is -- The most important question you need to ask yourself with current events is why. Why are these things happening. Why would they care more about -- poppy plant growing in your backyard or a small field and some farmer's house and Attica. Why would they care more about that at the very borders of the United States of America why. When you see a situation you do not understand look for the financial interest in I'm gonna have a the a -- a month that. Whenever you see a situation you don't understand not only should you look for the financial interest you should also look pretty political interest. Folks is a crisis at the southern border. Do you not. Well you go to Drudge. Now people like the mock Drudge Drudge is a news amalgamation site. Okay and he's got issues on which -- focus is one of them is the illegal invasion of America by the way Michelle Malkin called a -- what was a decade ago. It's not immigration it's an invasion. And the water in the short of it is. We have so many people. In recent weeks in recent months. Who have streamed illegally across our border while our government has turned a blind I that we don't know what to do with double. It's a population explosion of illegal invaders we have welcomed to the United States why would they wanna come to the United States to pick -- Well guess what because it's not just a question coming to the United States to pick let us help make your way to in New York State Wilson college for free. I won't give in state tuition. You can sign up for all of our social programs. Why work picking lettuce if you think this coming here they go on the program's goal one assist him. Now why it would happen folks. Because there is a real. Effort under way which has accelerated this is my opinion. To destroy the United States of America from within. One of the ways you do that is by basically having a country without borders. We are the only nation on the face of this planet that actually. Apologizes. For enforcing our borderless. Oh I'm sorry we don't enforce our border laws. Because were not allowed to because of we enforce our border laws some well we're mean and were nasty. And of course what else are we can't starts with a -- Yup yup -- that too. Because the people from central and South America. Outs. By the -- -- our people from India. You'll see them and medical school. -- pharmacy school. I'm disgusted. I'm disgusted with this administration I'm disgusted with this government. Because it is guilty of malfeasance. It is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors in my opinion. And when you take an oath. To uphold the constitution of the United States and you failed even recognized that there is a southern border to the United States. Anybody can come. That is. Dereliction of duty. That is deserting your duty as -- all bid with his unit maybe that's why Obama wanted him. Because Obama has been derelict in his duties as was bush before him and Clinton before him and bush before him. My missing a bush somewhere. It is dereliction of duty maybe Obama feels a kinship with -- bird doll because. Both of them feel the United States is an evil immoral outrageous country that needs to be destroyed. And on Friday I brought something up. And those of you listen to the show enough. Understand for more on coming on everything I speaker. As a conservative area. William Shakespeare. Knew a thing or two about human nature. And often times folks he used his history's greatest comedies are more familiar with -- histories to make larger points about humanity. He might have been writing fictitious -- of course about Richard the second. But he was actually making larger points OK he was writing metaphorically. In many cases. Now if you read Shakespeare's histories. Output histories in quotes compare them with what actually happened you'll see great inaccuracies. Why speaker Shakespeare was a dramatist. He was Andrew Lloyd Webber. All right he would is Neil Simon of Tuesday. He was not some stuffed shirt he was a guy who was trying to entertain people. There's a great line. In Richard the second and unlock -- recite the entire thing. I should. All I'm going to but I didn't remember I didn't commit it to memory I only remember the last part of it. Which basically goes like this. The United States I'm substituting the USA for England we have made a conquest of ourselves. We are allowing ourselves to be conquered. We are allowing ourselves to be invaded. And nobody gives a -- There is more of an emphasis on finding a single pot plant that might be growing at a field somewhere the other is protecting. Our borders or something that is so fundamentally messed up with that picture I don't even know where to begin. Do you think. That those men who stormed those beaches in Normandy do you think that those men who island hop in the Pacific. Do you think that those men who served in the illusions. And forget about those guys you think those guys in the merchant marine vessels that got -- in the North Atlantic by the crowd you -- do you think they gave their life. Their lives so the United States could be invaded by Hondurans el salvadorans. Mexicans and so on and so forth. I've got a message for central and south Americans -- -- her do it the right way. Why in the hell are you so special because you've got browns didn't. Does that give you a free pass because of somebody dare -- to stand up and say well this country. If somebody -- stand up and you get pullout date I have brown skinned therefore you must be racist card. Now I'm not I'm not gonna fall for that. I won't have peace I'll just keep calling anything you wanna call -- I know what I yeah. -- Why is this happening. Why do we have a president who trades five dangerous men. Who want to destroy America for a soldier who had horrible things to say about America on foreign soil while being in captivity of his own volition. It's not like that. The guys in Vietnam in the Hanoi Hilton. There were subjected to all kinds of torture. What -- Baltic -- subjected to. Nothing like the guys -- little -- know that I'm aware of those guys went through -- L. Every single day they went through hell. They were isolated. They had to learn how to communicate with the Siberian square method if you don't know what that is it's too hard to explain on the radio. They did that so that. They have somebody to talk to. Basically it's kind of like Morse code using an alphabet grid. Siberian square looking up it's kind of easy went to figure out what it's all about it -- rows of letters that you can. Now you figured out what you go on line. But I wanna get back to Shakespeare as they sent. He was writing about England but he might as well and writing about the United States and my question it was why is this happening. Why do we trade by dangerous men and by definition folks if they weren't dangerous they would not athletic well. That does anybody get this. If they are more dangerous they would have been freed a long time ago. -- I'd say they are not dangerous you realize that Obama -- will be opening up this country or civil lawsuit probably get an up and permit. He held at Guantanamo. We were dangerous we want a billion dollars each. I could see that happening in today's world. This land of such dear souls this dear dear land -- for her reputation through the world is now leased out. I die pronouncing it like to a tenement or helping farm England. Bound in with the triumphant see who's rocky sure beats back the NB a siege of watery Neptune. Is now all out in it which game with -- -- and rotten parchment bonds that England. That was want to conquer others have made a shameful conquest of itself. Substitute the United States of America and its spot on and by the way before uttered those words John bought. Who -- had just been exiled by Richard the second said. Me thinks I am a prophet -- a -- I should have preface everything by saying the same words myself. Folks. What do you make revolvers. -- are seriously what do you make -- because it doesn't make cents. The direction of this country and the decisions of this administration I think are downloadable. I absolutely. Think this bird -- release is a high crime and they misdemeanor. I think this president should be impeached and removed from office you think that's gonna happen. Sorry I think it is game is over -- 8030930. He signed a law a year ago that he just violated. And then they say -- national security were worried about its safety. If you buy this. Play it like to be a salesman to some of you here this fell 1974. Year for those pilot. I'm not talking horses either I'm talking about a Ford product of you'll repute. And here's AccuWeather for a -- day you'll get richer I got the right date of the forecast. Actually you know what Joseph I don't know -- is buried under my stuff. It will be partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 57 degrees tomorrow some clouds some sun 76 and right now it is. 73 news radio 930 WB. He and -- let's go to in share up. Bravo. Are. A cell phone WB and Carl hot. Speakers speak. Yes. -- Carl please go ahead and say that the writing law. -- would you care to elaborate on that. Think that I think that. There's been a lot of scandal the last few years ever since I've been growing properly at paying attention to politics. And now. We're not getting any better and we haven't been getting any better as a country. What does that mean -- not getting any better way in what way are we not getting better of the government's getting better and better it's spying on its own citizens are we going to their computers with the NSA program. I mean -- that's part of the government's going great. If you're calling that if you're called an improvement than more artillery about. The immigration issue that -- on the table sent by an office that's been like ten years now more minutes. Specter -- ambient soccer are Reagan signed a bill in the 1980s. And he was promised say this is that this is the be all and end at all you know we're not gonna -- a wave of additional immigrants here this is it. This is this was not it. Yeah didn't. It's just not looking good. I don't think that I will see Social Security function and for me as a senior citizen if that happens in forty years or. Thirty years whatever that is. I just don't picture that actually working as a system. For me I think that I'll have to pay into it but I won't receive anything from. Well you're Smart man. Because said they will eventually my opinion. Eventually everything that has been put in the Social Security I think is going to be confiscated by the government I also would not be surprised to see the government going to people's 401 -- and rip them off. For the national good of court. They have already. Under the guise of both failed investment. Married don't know quite what that means but thank you 8030930. Start 93180616. WBE and folks what do you make of walrus. A president who trades five dangerous -- Dangerous I -- other than in the paper they're they're not dangerous in this just Republican rhetoric. Well the obvious answer than to anybody thinking logically is if they were more dangerous why did Obama keep -- get -- begin with. And if he says they're not dangerous does that not open up the United States to a lawsuit at the international court seriously I mean -- all. Does anybody think anymore. But we've got to have some critical thinkers out there cannot be the only one I'm not the smartest tool in the shed folks -- -- -- are right but there are smarter people -- -- And I cannot believe how stupid the American people become and how incapable of logical -- Of course they were dangerous they wouldn't have been gitmo if they weren't.

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