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6-9 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How it backward vision governor may have viewing listening to our early morning knows that we're talking about retirement. And the plans is a necessary in the money necessary and the outlook necessary and the realizations. -- should be realistic. And as some of the financial experts they had on I mean they all made sense. As financial experts but sometimes I think in the area. A real moment. Like one of them said well you shouldn't wait until later in your life to start saving for retirement OK I agree that. They said if you can be the beginning of your working phase -- -- users -- -- a college or high school of the military or whatever and just starting your career. You should have people put this put a couple of hundred a month away. And I'm thinking about you know bush at the beginning in my career I certainly didn't have a couple of hundred to put away each month. It's nice if you can and if you can it's good advice but I'm saying he can't get discouraged about the stuff. The one thing you find is that if you do puts on the inside it accumulates quickly. And and I don't know if if you're diligent. And and you're you stay aware that. Eventually he'll have some FY money and when you get to that point that's -- that's the best not mention that. Tony and Chris none of them mentioned you know the financial experts I guess is not a financial term. Having having enough money because when you have FY money the year ago you know it that's that's that it will. Hit it. That's not an exact financial environment just a generalization. But what we found in this CBS news poll 7% of Americans. Who are not yet retired find it somewhat difficult to save for retirement and keep up with the bills in the household expenses. 61%. Are anxious about their retirement savings. And I can understand that because if you look at the world things go up dramatically. Costs of things. And if yours savings. Bill doesn't go up dramatically or Social Security doesn't go up dramatically or your your asset list doesn't go up dramatically you're always worried about that shrinking difference in -- hoping you have enough and so a lot of people who were about that as as as would be expected. Both rise dramatically as household income drops so. The last you have to work with the of the of the tighter -- squeeze but as I said before I think most but not most -- a lot of people find that. They've lived on this amount of money and they've lived on that amount of money and that amount of money and their life is really a lot different. It's it's different in small ways but not -- not a large ways. The 52% of those not yet retired plan to do so by the age of 65. Now we have a W a -- and web poll. Is it accessible view yeah. I'm Garrett era reloaded and a couple minutes ago don't question is when do you play either retire or when did you retire. And -- five different choices the first is by age 559%. To say that 9% okay between a 56 and sixty is 16% OK and are you getting in the area between 61 and 6539%. Okay -- there between 66 and seventy and 19%. And 71 or later it is 17%. Why house so several waiters is at 70% that's -- that's still a big chunks of shows people are working later. Than they planned to the percentage a plan to retire in their seventies as nearly tripled. In 2005. Now this is a dramatic numbers in 2005. When they asked do you plan to retire in the seventies. 8%. Said it okay 8% that's all which kind of matches up with -- widgets -- there. It's 22% today according to the nationals -- 22%. That's one in five a little bit more than one fund. That's that's remarkable to go from 8% to 220 and you'd say why. Well it's pretty easy things cost more everything's more expensive. When's the last time you said -- I'm glad words signed up with this is a lot cheaper than what I was expecting on everything costs more. And if you if you plan to have five dollars for something you better have ten dollars -- it's just the way it works everything costs more. And maybe in -- seven the -- not too worried about your children they should be pretty well set by then. But people young people have families. You know expect -- you how expensive it is Tony you got a two young -- 16. 11 and a half right everything that you buy for them cost a lot of money. He has whether shoes sneakers clothing. Clothing isn't too bad and you go to Wal-Mart you -- -- -- stretch you know five or six dollar food for treasurer. Yeah gas is expensive yup I daycare. Omnicare is really gonna go to summer camp this summer. They hear that stuff just as RPI really does and I hope he never gets in hockey. Yards they play sports not only does equipment cost a lot. I'm Chris you've played do you travel and so baseball. Not only that but if if your mom and dad have the chauffeur -- around that's expensive joke and now they play a lot out of -- sound and you need a hotel -- it's a lot more. Then -- used today. Yeah we I've played like four leagues there was just Erie county but. You know you get to a point where there's there's an age where you're kind of in the middle of all the leagues there was light. You know sixteenth through nineteenth and eighteenth -- -- point where there's -- one or two years -- eligible for every everything I've played everything. And your playing games almost every night that the best thing for my parents probably when I got my license and started. I. In the old days it used to be that the teams have -- neighborhood teams or teams within a short geographical distance now. Sixers always playing T ball we have a game in Japan next week where we're taking on the Japanese T Baltic of the world share capital world championship there are there holding the soccer championships until we can get our games is incredible. People are traveling all over the place -- their kids around hoping they have the what next Wayne Gretzky. And -- -- -- Gretzky the odds are that you don't. And this other thing too I mean if you if you have a child it's really into sports and doing well you're you're inclined to send them to. Camps in clinic -- and you just go ahead of us know hundreds and up to thousands of dollars to get into coaching drew thinks America. In the CBS balls saving for retirement 24% comes in second behind paying bills. And expenses while -- sure it. The one thing about money that my parents taught me is pay your bills first. I mean my mother was specific about that she said I don't care if you have the cut down on your groceries pay your bills. First and I've always done. And that -- -- As I've done well with it 10 let's say the 59% of Americans have begun saving for retirement 40% have not. So that's a that's not a good number 59%. As should be higher but what -- gonna do you gotta you gotta do things would that money that you -- plan -- Most -- 36%. Of most earning less than fifty grand a year have not begun savings. At all so that's that. How old do you expect to be when your retirement. I keep in mind. Now it was 65. And 2005. It was 52 so people are planning to retire later because they can see the writing on the wall. And in a lot of companies of course. -- like to hire new people and move the older people out because the cost more in benefits aren't. You give up the young the expertise you give up -- the -- of those kind of things in exchange for a smaller -- a lot of businesses. We'll take a break we'll be back with more wanna hear from you wait a -- 93018061692. For six 930 retirement tell us all about it will be back. It is big -- have said it reached talking about retirement. We did a whole morning -- retirement or financial of people. I'm joining them Susan and Dave kept saying John and Susan John is is not here obviously on vacation. But David and Susan talking about when you should start saving. What age you might like to retire or try to retire where do you -- retarded gonna give that some thought so lots of people are torn between. The best place whether in financially or. Should -- be near my children and or that thing I like to do all are so there's a lot of questions but New York in a recent survey and the State of New York is rated as. There are fifty states right where rated as fifty have a best place to retire I think the only place worse than New York State was -- And so that's that's that's a pretty significant number when your fifty out of fifty you don't -- surprised me as ranking pretty high up there and -- to retire and was the Dakotas. Yeah out the Dakotas have always been like that. First I love the west. I really do. I love Wyoming Colorado Montana the Dakotas all that I really enjoy it some of the weather is as severe as we have here but that's really nice some people like desert some people like tropical I'm not a big tropical guy. Like bugs and alligators and stuff like that humidity humidity when it worked in Dallas like Dallas a lot but it got very hot there. So it depends -- do you have a place where you'd like to retire you working longer than you planned and what's on your bucket list. Let's go -- -- on one and in buffalo -- WB and -- Yes exactly taking my call. I just hard to make an observation you -- commented yeah. Early -- about two I'll public employees. Become eligible for pension. But most of the people local needy public employees. They don't get that. Yes it's I don't I applied -- will make it -- and and that more public employee position. And passionate that like accountants doctors lawyers engineers architects. As well as in -- support structure. The men do is only about twenty to 25%. Not bad because all the new weight gain in the private sector so more people call -- where. The problem they they can't be upset when it tired that they were out of the perfection all the pension system. While sometimes it's hard to it's hard to make that work -- our look at teachers. Teachers who teach in. And in Catholic school for instance though that your good result makes significantly less than that I never look over anybody's shoulder with Ernie was just trying to give you comparisons they make a lot less than those in the you know teachers unions. Yet they're they're applying in what you paid. Local factions that I put shortening it is having an architecture and he. The eight local factions and the medical professions. That there there is a significant Moeller. Compensation level in need public sector as compared to the private occur. Why so I was selling your sank sometimes that that is legitimate and sometimes it doesn't work that way but I totally understand I was using it as a point of reference. -- affected in the private industry they're used to be more pension plans but they are very few now. I'm budget that a legend and Kumar thank you thank you very much. Yeah I you have I don't go running by shoulder. You make what you can make that sets. And everybody did you know that makes a decision as to what the job is worth nothing personal. What the job is worth and how much you contribute to the success of that company or that organization. Or whatever. But in the old days they used to be that almost not almost everybody about lots and lots of people had pension plans because. The big car companies had at the steel companies had it whatever and as though at times gets tougher a lot of those things fellow way. And now. And now it's different it's it's different public employees a lot of them do have pensions. And and that sometimes the U a lot of times their union. Originated and for those of you think it's really swell idea. I'm -- do is discussing this tomorrow -- is because that today but maybe tomorrow. The united teachers which is via the largest teaching group. In the largest the period teachers' union. In the state of a New York they got a cute little thing going on here let's say. The State's largest teachers union is challenging New York's property tax freeze. The New York State united teachers have filed a motion seeking to amend its 2013 legal challenge to the property tax cap. To include a challenge to the recently enacted property tax freeze. Here's what that means. Many times videos -- -- would be -- money for schools in the local district. And he is raised from property taxes the problem the biggest party of property tax is the school tax. They don't the union doesn't like the fact that there is a property tax threes and they're challenging it. Because without a phrase they could get. More money than they're getting now but here's the concept. They work for us. They are suing us. And it worked for us they're suing us to get more money for them and they work for us and are trying to take away a benefit we have. -- No matter how does that work. When -- timeout -- today but I'm just saying because we just doctor Kumar about private business and in union business whatever so this teacher's group. As the balls to try and -- New York State not to allow us some property tax relief. You don't tell me about that. Would you please. It's not like the old days I can tell you that the teacher wants more than an apple -- And will we may talk about that tomorrow it it was it was under discussion do it today but I thought we would stick with what the morning news team -- and have a continuation. -- things you were talking about it you know what would you do in retirement you mentioned your. You ought to be a sex actor I'm one of those I do I wanna be guidance guide I want to be not an actor I wanna be the voice of an adult. There will be fun and I think that you would do well with the problem practice. When you're. -- -- got you hot in the and I did this out he's got a technical stuff just comes natural -- -- him a bit artists aren't. To man a hotline shows I think -- Mean I don't know if I could to stay home and do absolutely nothing I could. You could I tell you I could. I would have to probably do something in a couple of things and I'd like to get into would be collision in restoring classic cars or cooking. Be -- -- -- -- May be while running a food truck or -- like float around and in fact that your approach might be a nice business to VN. Because you can kind of stature long time were you -- -- on -- -- -- what the man is going to be you have more control over there I think those -- definitely end what was -- collision collision and restoring classic cars you know doing more -- because I -- an internship -- to a body work. For the tag in the collision in north buffalo when I was sixteen and I really enjoyed it and lobbying -- -- cars -- do. Lovable lot yeah especially you know bolts up restoration takes a long time for a lot of -- a lot of work involved. OK welcome back we wanna hear from you in your retirement plan are you retired already that's why didn't call the show you're not working that's good like that. And that when do you plan to retire you working longer than you finalists on your bucket list under Israeli and -- thirty WB yeah. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start -- journey and our toll free line is 1806169. 19036. Retire and retirement retired Ellis talked to somebody who -- -- retired CEO of doing this is emerald buffalo you're on WB and -- you're retired right. I and I am that my husband and I think everybody try it. How do you like -- -- like when you first stopped working where you're like a fish out of water did you say. I wish I had retired even earlier in the -- Well I was retired because they're not -- Quite 61 okay well I really miss my job I enjoy it. So it did but then when I except for the fact that that was life. I can't tell you how much -- you can count for free in Western New York. We are you know there's all kinds of things all kinds of things if you too little homework and have enough time. That don't cost them a much or any thing in the relief goes spend your time man and a pleasantly. It's amazing that we do because my husband retired -- ego golf so we go to beaver island I go to the beach. He go to the golf course because he's a senior and a veteran -- absolutely nothing. -- eighteenth tee and OK I'm going to be -- -- a little bit tech up. You know if you think about that things in life. That you thought about like I'd like to sit on the bench overlooking the river. And just enjoy myself but for some reason we don't do it and now when you can have the time that it's time to do. And we plan we may have that we didn't buy single family house we bought the double and so we live rent free. Because it. The tenant pays the mortgage. You know you can. Like most people watching are we never make enough money to produce savings that side we were busy just living. I just getting brutalized all. Right I love when I hear people you know on TV they issued issued secure your vote should say it site and bring out. And live. The initial media I don't understand how I do that. I think that's your choice is no free lunch you can I think you can save moderately. Okay but. Those who want a severe savings account and have to give up a lot during the everyday living a -- lives. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Well we're not you can retire for like four years. That's good so first you miss your job but now you've gotten used to it and you've got into a groove and your husband. As some activities he likes to do on them. Eleven larger. Re -- find something fun to do whether it's a lot I -- you may -- you make an event and everything. I will say if you're here you can somebody you're sixteen you're married to somebody you don't want to retire because you don't wanna spend much time with them. You should reconsider that whole situation. That that's not your friend its -- that somebody you can have fun. And do things to better screen your cheap and still have on. What do you look at college. I'll tell you a funny story. Herb Weinstein's why influence only this one herb first retired. He drove her crazy. However however big brutal like it and now there -- their love and it. And everything's great but it took a little period of adjustment I think. The all the platform has the move at the same speed as the ride and -- was a lot of -- when he first retirement now nothing's going to insult. Planet and an -- if you -- thank you very much. Yeah now I mean they love -- you talk to Irvin he loves his retirement really does but at the beginning and I'm thinking that there's always a period of adjustment. Where your body clock is probably -- to get up at the same time you got up when you'll working I don't have to get that little extra enjoyment. But there's one thing that kinda could get in the way and he gets in the way of a lot of things it's called. -- Why am I sitting here on a beautiful day enjoying this when I could be pulling weeds. Painting the the -- -- I mean there's always things to do but you know my attitude on them. Temptation given immediately -- gonna give -- -- eventually enormous lot of I can promise you I will not have pain guilt feeling or even can take that one to the bank among on cement it. I'm angry and threatened and there's no -- That is. There's always something to do ago. There's always something to do I have a couple of my neighbors retired and they they keep them immaculate yards and houses whatever it is nice to enjoy it. I'm not a big go to -- everything my house I was looks nice but I don't wanna be down -- -- -- -- My landscaping and look really nice in and that would be something but it doesn't have to -- the whole -- yeah exactly so was so there are things that you can do. When you retired that like for instance. When -- when I drive to work but sometimes I take. The tunnel on the creek south not north okay. And there -- -- right along the water there's a little busy bowl. Right there on the water goes by I've often thought I should just sit there in the morning with a cup of coffee. Without the -- of -- copy copy -- I've been driving by for years. But I've never done but I I thought to be funded so there's a lot of things like -- just said. -- you can really enjoyed it she mentioned beaver island I'm sure you'd like to spend a lot of time -- -- I would like it then you've never been allowed on the ground all I have I've been their golf. You know you've spent a couple of days there and I'm counting while I was against at least but no knows something -- type or motorcycle riding. Mr. which would be nice you know people -- to like it -- laugh along because it passes the bikes go great. And gas mileage that look nice and and a different locations you've never been to just casual. Short right take all right into real. Ran -- to the broader more often exactly I was down there this week and political this fall guy you've got to go and go -- -- Randolph football game -- goal for board because they always have good sports names good good football and good burgers at people on the current spirit take a break we'll be back we -- -- FaceBook entries here crystal -- has caught up. And we -- for you how have you been or are you saving. For your retirement what -- you -- -- are where you want a retard that's a question you know. You may have relatives and one part. The weather's better in another part. And your kids -- somewhere else I mean you got to make some decisions here. New York State in the last survey I saw was ranked fifty out of fifty states for the worst place to retire. And the bucket lists posts ago after this break we'll get back view on the radio I'm thirty WB the player -- -- -- I didn't hear that old commercial. But last night I was watching. Several episodes of mountain men have you guys ever seen mountain man I've seen the -- -- -- I've now watched an episode though those guys are nuts those guys are crazy they really are. I mean they really live off the line. They think that if you got to live that and they have different mountain -- there -- some Alaska Montana. Even in the southern mountains but they're very isolated. And so much so they don't have any conveniences at all now if they have a cabin. And that's it's very very basic and they actually go out and hunt for their food. You think if you go about their bring bring in -- of cold cuts this. No shots out and you think they're trying to start a fire without well with a flags. I'll match I mean -- you bring up match a lighter something like that a Abacha. They're trying to start with a flat and I get a spark our planet and it goes down into a very dry Tinder. -- man that's beyond the scope I I would like to have my own little log cabin RBIs. Air conditioning and a generator and nice fireplace and explain what that I didn't have to cut that finished dish are gonna dish and a Hummer right now -- -- like that. And a delivery. I live while it close enough to have chefs deliberate yeah argue about. And now I'm willing to rough that that would be that would be about the limit -- erupting at the line beyond that you forget about side by side bathtubs of exact way. Exactly me too tired for that you write it at a -- day running away from bear. That's not my idea of fun. You know I -- be at a -- free zone yet and wolves which put up a -- no bears -- -- allowed within a circle with a line through it up just a hair exactly. Not a -- will be allowed Richard -- and they're gone. I Chris we've got some days board hopes things what. This is firm sues she says and I are both retirement age he'd retire a couple of years ago -- did absolutely nothing in depressed. Now he works six hours -- -- drive recovery deliver in auto parts. Everybody's saying that if you don't do anything you're gonna get depressed. Well you know what I've always wanted to do alone volunteer work. So I'd like to say that when I'm done on the radio I would like to volunteer let's have a list of things I would volunteer for. I'd like to loans Europe via Kringle tester and Olson's did good one because you know quality control is important at all since they wanna make sure today's great. Who would know Pollack Rangel should taste better than I. And so I've volunteering for of that you'd be good -- you know I'm also volunteering to take Mary -- that little lunch. You can do the volunteer arm reaching out to the community if you like it that's a nice thing today -- so that's the kind of guy Amazon all about me you know. You know that's about the goodness I can spread you give until at her -- that sometimes it really does ever gonna see a doctor what else you have Chris. This is from Iran he says I'll be taking my early retirement this -- before the government raises their retirement age. I work since I was sixteen now it's time to take it easy and relax. You know I've been working since I was six -- through and you know when -- when you're doing yet you don't realize. But you're working your whole life and that's great that you have a job. For openers but I'm wondering that there have been people have been working their -- allies that period of adjustment. When the engine cools down and suddenly you don't have to be at a certain place at a certain time doing certain things. You can kind of set your own schedule. I think basically though that it would take a period of adjustment. One thing I would do but throw my alarm clock out the window he got on -- you know -- I set my alarm every night if it goes off. Two or three times a year it's a law. The body clock is incredible when I used to do mornings. And so one or two or one gulf war. -- or Milwaukee I was set to clocks one the nightstand and another where I couldn't reach weren't have to get out of bed. End they almost never won there and they were digital and I would wake up within two minutes of the time. As ever on 230 I wake up within two minutes of that time every day didn't matter what talent about your body adjusts. So I think that I would still stay on my body clock. For a long time after stuff working when -- Chris. I'd see this one comes for a DC says goals that me and my husband have been retired -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- Bought they did not stay here moved back to Michigan. Yeah see I think bed when I asked in the question where do you want to retire. People think about retiring a lot but I think you think enough about where. Because there are places where your money just goes further. Now I saw a survey that said it's a myth that a lot of people move to states would know. I'm no income stating -- tax or -- of the lower costs though for taxation and things like that. They claim it's a myth however if you look at the states. That have those benefits they're populations always growing so there's something to Florida for example. Texas another example of places where where'd they seem beneficial from coming from New York State and there are growing and where housing. Well you would have to figure out what's important to you. Is it going to be stretching the dollar so therefore you would look for. Which I honestly most people most people will be states with that no income tax cut or just the weather play the primary factors so. I guess those are what you really. -- does except there's a difference in being in a tough weather state when you have to work. Where it doesn't matter -- -- ice storm got to get out there chip the ice -- -- worked as opposed to a that's an ice storm while -- home today it will just Whittle it -- I mean I've been a big difference -- what -- so much even thinking about an ice storm you can be thinking about okay well this area has needles this 10 backlash on the oh absolutely and the humidity so I can succeed you don't see many people retiring to Oklahoma. In the panhandle because they have tornadoes all the time but if you think about. Whether being a factor in your retirement there aren't a lot of places that are bulletproof with the weather. Not many at all they have something. California has almost all of them. -- between tornadoes and hurricanes and mudslides and -- the as Dustin and high humidity and ridiculous temperatures I mean I think I'll take our weather match up against almost anybody. A because yes we have tough -- and their long. But we don't have knock on wood those other things I was just talking about usually how would -- wanna be someplace where I can enjoy the four seasons. All -- all of exit -- Jersey boys coming up this Friday and I can't I really like restlessness and I do you know I think he's remarkable. You know I was told by somebody that knows. That there are many high -- drama before seasons their manager. Used to carry around a briefcase like mine you know that metal brief reception. And it was full of money cash and a 45 alarm. -- I know some -- you seen it. Apparently out that's only travels so and and you know. Frank -- valley had some. Friends that were white friends that might have had zone of bent -- here and there I did you know that call him. Yes it's interesting but yeah he's here on the briefcase. We have. Packed full of money cash. And a 45 law now was that that -- did Joey Reynolds. Theme song yes. Joey -- Joni Jones show him the best name in radio ever maybe Tommy Shannon's on. A Tommy's and show KB radio rock and rebels those two songs both -- for KB. And there's never been better radio -- then either of those wall -- our forces are right that about wraps up. Now I'm going to enjoy my -- pizza. Wrote a reminder OW BB easy tonight 630 be sure to check out their new quiz show -- to show is on his way. To stardom ladies and gentlemen and we'll talk to tomorrow on newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah. We'll -- much they never into music be used she.

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