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6-9 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And backward Beijing governor M sandy beach we gotta do it takes testimony or you're eating a chefs. And no -- pizza. Yeah slow so what does it have can only stuff on the top of the president's thoughts well well we desperately as he's here rather it's a -- okay pictures shafts Brad OK but Don and pizza though aren't and -- done pizza and you guys. -- know we -- and you've got Rothstein. You've got chocolate chip then it wouldn't McConnell is the real super -- -- and yeah sweet tea. Installations I like the then that thanks to push ups was sending over the pizza -- then -- get a supplement your right foot. Are right. Before we start -- wanna ask your question. Do you guys feel about the Bon Jovi freeze. Them -- you'll have against -- -- -- I don't whether it is now music but I mean a -- a minute what do you think's gonna get accomplished -- -- -- Joseph is gonna run the record company are gonna come and -- Our leadership usually drop from that any interest because it's hurting sales having him. Now I really don't care what you think about it so sorry you aren't on the ice or you're in favor of our bureaucrats are -- and it's gimmicky and -- mean it's just. All the doesn't bring attention to the dudes that are doing it out and it doesn't it's got overshadowed everything else added I don't know if it's things are worth doing that if it's done with tongue in cheek that's one thing but I don't get this I think there's serious. And if -- serious I -- -- right you got -- -- Tony tool that's okay Chris is my new ally and a Clinton and Chris -- Tony easy to -- too -- nine scoop Sundays from a silo I do have to try that when I mean I would need help 00 we got the final piece of the puzzle. I tried via though the frozen hot chocolate from Tim -- raved about it you'd try to you heard about it Chris you when your wife tried it it's. Incredible tonight -- it's you know what you think grows and has not ready and it really know what I was getting at figured to be good because everybody -- been raving about it. And it's happy it's it's like picking up a -- -- I don't know exactly what they got there are. The hotshot was really with that any agreement on a little like chocolate sauce on top mix it up its outstanding and that topic as a whole in the middle in the center and it comes right up through there it's almost like daring you know and to enjoy it -- -- -- It's good. You've got to be careful 'cause it happened to me and an avenue across your brain freeze doesn't taste so good you'd you'd drink it too fast. That happened Leo yeah I had it right in my stomach -- I've never had a -- like I could. -- or so for. But trust me you'll blow you blow regret. Every day you don't have a Tim Hortons frozen -- chocolate they are just magnificent. Okay no doubt about retirement now and that's what the morning shows argument that talked to some retirement experts. And there's things sadly. That Americans are not saving nearly enough money for retirement and I can understand that but I think part of it and maybe it's only a small part. I think part of it is the retirement industry themselves I think they scared off a lot of people you know why because how many years did we hear this. Well if you are going to retire. And have the kind of life you become accustomed to he'll need 80% of what you are making when you're working now over how can do that. Who can make 80% of what they made while -- working by not work and not many not many at all and so some people would give up. But what they did tell you is that there are certain things that you don't have to pay for any -- you're not working at different expenses go away. And so and maybe after -- course. I'll -- work and your whole life your house is paid for my house is finally paid for. Last year. It's the first house I've ever -- -- -- -- -- never stated miles long enough to -- But this one though we refinanced when the when the idea interest rate go lower. And in this paid off and it's it's great feeling to have that I'd never thought -- ever -- but I have. So some expenses -- way you might accrue some new expenses but they're not going to be more than -- -- -- way. So instead of is sounding the alarm -- 80% of what you make. During your working lifetime in order to retire at the same level I think there's a lot of things they didn't take into account a lot of people just alike and that's what's the point. And -- -- here we are now. We -- the whole landscape change as we said there are many companies that offer -- offer retirement plans anymore. Your public employee isn't funny that. The people that work for us haven't. But we don't have a crack a teachers -- cops firemen to public employees get pensions. And they all work for us but we don't we don't want and a and that's that's the end of that. -- or asking have you been saving for retirement it's often very difficult especially. The suggestion was you should start thinking about retirement. When your first start working and that's intellectually a good idea. Because you're saying okay I'm going to appoint ex -- a way on a regular basis as best I can't. And I'll have more wanna retire or that makes sense except for the fact that when you're nineteen and twenty years old. You don't really envision retiring. And so maybe use that money for something else at this time. Because you can always going to be a very good -- And get hit by a bus I mean you know that that kind of stuff happens and so people find reasons not to say -- But but some people save for retirement look at -- never. -- And bill accounting files. On his property while he was still a working in the southern tier I mean that's just the way it is he knew someday. He would need a building to house his vast wealth. And so he started doing that an early age and plus he's the cheapest on the planet so when those two things together. He's he's leaving a very wonderful retirement a year or two ago or a decade or whatever with a -- -- But the rest of us -- My retirement plan was all I don't know thunderbird. A Corvette idea you know I had some big go big engines are motor homes up like at a but -- do best for him I would what we got so or asking have you been saving regularly for retirement. At what age do you expect to retire because one thing has really changed dramatically. Is the age people expect to retire. What era. What really gets to a lot of people is that some people managed to retire really early and that's good for them of them. But you think -- if they did and I don't know why I didn't do it so what age do you plan to retire and where are you gonna retire. Remember him there was a certain they came out not that long ago few weeks ago. That said they worst place. Retire is New York these worst place to retire. Is New York State because they gouge -- ten ways to Sunday and that's just the way it goes. So are you gonna retire here. It's always a bit a little unsettling. At the people who learn. -- retirement plans here don't spend them here. A lot of people go to other places less taxed the more sun. Relatives that somewhere else a lot of Largo Florida the Carolinas Texas. You hear a lot about people going to California but. Two the other glamorous places and Arizona and whatever so do you plan to retire here. And are you working longer than -- planned. I know when my father retired he had a small pension from the Teamsters he drove over the road for 32 years. But he got bored with the retiring so he drove a school bus part time and the kids love them because my father. Was a very ingratiating guy people walk up to him and talked to him. And he always made them feel welcome totally opposite of me. And people just liked him and the kids. On the bus that he drove for school course it was expert driver. Far better than Oliver via competitive that. But just though a wonderful man and a great driver and the kids love -- and and he earned a few extra dollars and it kept him busy. So I assume that there's a lot of that going on to. So I'd like to hear from you regarding retirement lettuce so let's hear about it Austria and I'm trio wanted on the 6169 to visit -- -- nine there. I keep aren't a lot of that studio which view for Arnold. Owner WB's that he. There were in today talk about the new quiz show starts at 630. But that -- when he was very wrong where to KB and I was a KB as this jockey. And there were a lot of stories that happened that we don't tell on giants of broadcasting and stuff like that -- various reasons. But he told you another story about the critical mistake -- Critics say. That to you on the air and you're arguing commercial yes there was and Fred happened to walk in the rule is walk right hander in the -- my commercial and done he was wearing a special -- in fact he had made it was called a birthday -- it was make it -- newest -- so -- -- and he knew that once I started my commercial I wouldn't be able to just you know. Go into a song. I'd have to do I have to beat -- for home minute there was make it -- It's very hard to concentrate when there's a naked man standing right there and I lost that has gone. I mean imagine now we're doing commercial and Alan Harris walked in and -- First of -- we bring in Hazmat team and sprint and evacuate the building but that's the kind of stuff we used to do. I remember for staying. It was a very funny guy off the air never did much Schumer on the open up that are very funny. And the regular things that you heard are true -- a copy -- fire while you're reading it and stuff like that at all happened I mean we've seen at all. -- you did in the story you told I believe she was an intern. And will lose a large man that that work their home. -- engineering and you told her that. He's gotten so much better. -- Was -- molestation. Charges dropped. Are you out there are -- she was a no she didn't know. And I I I tipped her off that the engineer was superb health. He wasn't I just said that. So she avoided him at all costs and he couldn't figure out -- That in you told me. Financial advisor banker to one of the giants. The best. The McCauley asked for my eyes. John Burns of verified that it was there on that did it -- we thought there. Yes I'm sorry he's passed away and -- I'm in -- and you wonder what the what the -- on that isn't you don't find out two years later. All right here's what the deal is on on retirement. Everybody thinks about it. Some people prepare for it usually not enough and some some people. Have their act together I know that the Remo gem. As a military pension and as a prison guard and he's live he's living large now hi -- on WB yen. And it -- you don't when you retire if you know what you do and you don't need all this morning. I -- the couple arm. Certain way that I can't operate you probably don't want it to me. You don't have to you can say the sort of out of the gonna what they do certain things by. Our new by the product you get. By the court and -- off to your act. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think at three dollars -- -- I can't stop for -- that that don't know who can't afford. Well your what your Smart first of all you putting your time in the military and -- a prison guard both jobs have been very difficult so you are injury charm or did he ever miss some of the work ethic I I don't imagine I'd miss is dealing with prisoners too much -- do you ever -- going to work. You know when I don't -- -- guilt feelings. I do a killer workout and I do were -- and -- it's about 6817. Minutes lark and what I thought I feel like. While I do a lot of hard work today. Now we as a singer running along the water up there aren't and you artists that your your -- you stayed in shape all this time. I I our society and our blog goes. One of my favorite meal -- it to keep this thing in the world you'd think who picked the right to put that poster. He picked it out of its post -- put butter I like crunchy peanut butter sugar free -- in due to -- three of -- -- are good for the day. Two of three and you better be running a whole lot. Work was ordering out order. Oh yeah eating out is not cheap if you got a lot it's gonna cost you some money it's. Yeah but there are coupons and there was special nights where deals are if if you get into that frame of mind you can you can get through life fairly reasonably but. But it's -- requires little homework at some. And it like when I go to at a my father paid -- yet but all I have to do -- try. And I paper Bible Belt remote my -- my father got -- yet -- I'm -- -- I don't want vacations -- -- again it was tried for my father and my mother. Now when you are a guard in -- nearing retirement age do many guards retire early because it's a difficult job and I assume some getting injured. You're out there are some guys are they do real well -- what's called for top I didn't I never got in because like whoever's gonna collect pageants. But I think the way defer capital of money taken out your Jack. And they -- -- and yet we get are not -- -- -- think it -- like -- it's a dollar for dollar whatever so there are some guys. That would they retire they can have a I don't know hole. Are 350000. Whatever and deferred top that they built up over forty like yours. Well whenever you get a chance to get deferred comp you take it because it's not tax until you get it. And oftentimes. When you get it is when you retired army at a lower rate because you're not making as much money so that's good. And -- and wonder like another wasted money like I like to read so I'd go to with certain book store or are talking about how good are. I get my -- hot -- -- my -- caught me I think that there and I. What the book I -- about what it fit club to be there but the across the couple caught. And it's easy to tell when you're reading your left armor is fully extended. So -- I enjoy heard tyra grant larger endured a baby I'll tell you that thank you. I it was a paratrooper right and a prison guards to cut off. As -- is jobs are those still. Paratrooper every person guard he's fun to sit down at all he's a fun guy and -- when we used to do the battle of the talk show us we see more cannot -- is a good fund got -- -- to -- in and a nice -- -- Our men men imagining a prisoner on top that demos being yeah yikes okay. Their recent survey said New York is the worst state in the nation to retire. And if you think about high cost of retiring and other places like Hawaii and California whatever for us to -- the worst that's quite an achievement on tonight. And also are you working longer than you planned a part time job well you lump. Are -- adding to the family coffers will be back for more on news radio I'm thirty W via. Your hearing the voice of -- WBA and that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 or toll free line -- 1806169236. Retirement retirement retirement that's what -- morning show was talking about and they talked to a lot of financial experts and the financial experts were giving good realistic are good advice but sometimes. Is not quite realistic. -- like expecting people who are just starting their careers to throw a couple of hundred a month into some kind of a plan. Yeah -- -- into it as fabulous and and you -- But how many can -- starting a new a new career. Maybe a new wide maybe -- new kid house of furniture you've got to pay rent or mortgage got to pay something of somewhere. He need a vehicle to get the work you need insurance and your insurance company hired as younger. And there's not a lot of job security except in a few. Isolated incidents instances. So it's not as easy as it sounds but the expression which I always loved is if I had -- I was gonna live this long -- and better care of myself. That's not only physically but financially as well. People are I think that when many financial planners said. In order to retire at the same level of which you're enjoying your life now you must 80%. Of the income yet how has that. I'd give me a gimme a break who has that. Not many if any. Our rights a lot of it was gave up on while I'm -- 80% has never gonna make that so what's the point. You should do which cap and as much as you can. And you should still enjoy your life are there are some people ago be opposite and and a save save save save save every penny and then negated by a bus that's always my expression for leaving the earth in the last. Ends and so you see that around session enjoyed my life right now. And I'm asking if you're if you saved for retirement what -- retired where are you going to retire. If you're planning to retire in New York. It is the worst of the fifty states according to a recent survey to retire when you take all things considered are you working longer than one. Well -- friend Don and Pennsylvania Don you're rug you're happily retired. Yes I am the last five years in the end there's nothing better. -- lucky guy what we were kids together. We never thought he sees every retired five years before may have announced they'll work them like a dog gone so congratulations to the. As part of law wouldn't classify. What you do was working. As -- -- and I'm sure you're enjoying every minute of that dog might use involved with. Hi Al my actually like this like this job and -- so I it's not a dogs work but it's -- it saudis. -- brought there are many people. And there are around forty years old. Can honestly say that in their lifetime. They're going to work at something that. I wanna work -- well you don't -- -- and say that and and many many other people cannot. That's said that's surely even it is hard work and sometimes it's it's a little difficult -- it's something you enjoy and when you enjoy it's a lot better now did you make a lot of plans for retirement and you work for a major company. Yes I think I did when I was like forty years old life I really had nothing towards retirement. And a when they had just advances in knowledge of this thing go to war because retirement is comic com. Before you know we run both the company that I work war had a great. 401K. Apology anyone out there who works in product and industry or who works in place. As. Available for them as of 401K especially with matching. Phones -- the company they've got to take advantage of it because it paid big dividends when you retire. And all you contributions as you make them are taxed very. So it all adds up to something that's very very. Beneficial to you. Now once you actually stop working. We just talked about the money part. About the other part did you miss going to work did you say I feel guilty sitting here in the chair reading the paper I should be out doing something. About five. I mean I looked at it this way. I worked three jobs in order to. I do all this -- and -- stop for many years so I think I. Did enough work in my lifetime for someone else and the other part of it is. I don't know whatever age you can afford do you wanna pay yourself first as far as retirement that something it's a mental discipline thing. But it's extremely important that you carry yourself for hours. Yeah and I also thank it is a reward yourself for a lifetime of work of people after remember that. But because we're in a difficult Financial Times -- the government in taxation and things like that. It's always our mind -- we can't get away from a it's in the paper it's on the talk shows it's on television. And we're kind of bombarded a little while I enjoy enjoy your regular time off gone -- always the stock deal. Same here -- -- don't you guys have a good day and happy retirement Lynda -- -- Thank you thank you very much you know or enjoying chips pizza today I just -- doesn't -- our armpits -- and of the one you had in their unity dole playing obviously yeah the only people getting their I I. You know -- -- have any of the communal repeats but I think I'll take -- all just shows like highly recommend it I get the real deal here this is as pizza pizza. Okay this is good stuff so O will Miller you know let's put it this way if it comes from chefs it has to be can be bad there's no way -- be dead in -- that all Nellie. Work in two to the -- for us personally. Yeah I think he was throwing the -- in the air Yasser Arafat's own -- and we decided cherry wouldn't last night he was working late or incentive if I stay up I'm gonna make this can only. Pizza -- as he posts a picture of an Ayatollah Thomas and I just painted. He says -- have to make an offer you got -- is a great guy and you know also is a guy's father whose father was fabulous. And never had a chance to -- off just a great guy eats it at that tables as a -- then he VO right hand side and always come up to greet you. Great guys there's a reason -- is is there is a successful as it is yet and that's the reason. Are we talking about the retirement. We've got some postings on FaceBook or Chris why don't you would give me doubles please. First -- comes from Louise she says I haven't saved any thing and it started to worry about a 63 years old. Right now our work. And too low paying part time jobs and restaurant going to do because the women of my family tend to live very long lives while you know well before the the finances that the fan there awhile back. People often took jobs just to have the health insurance. Because as a health costs -- X an extraordinary. And they they worked even a job and in particular like. Pay they weren't particularly happy with just to have the life orange and copilot accuracy health insurance. And so now I assume that that's the same with some. And maybe even worse and other please desist from -- she says I am saying Obama -- tax increase as we have to dip into her savings every year or so. I'm not sure when we do or retire if we're going to be able to retire here and it's a shame because this is a beautiful place we can afford it. The guys you can afford it and New York State is a gorgeous state there really is unfortunately at Albany dark cloud shall often. And then the actual living in New York State is not as easy as looking in New York State. But if you get if you can afford to retire here and want to gridlock it's you know it's. When you're planning your retirement you always think of things you'd like to do or things you don't have to do and a lot of people find that once they're retired it's it's it's it's different. So I'd like to hear from view of it was that way you thought. Gee I'd like to be asleep as long as I want to get up when I want and you found out that you -- creature of habit you've been doing something will hold a whole time. Wednesday's. Apart from me as I have no marketable skills none at all exactly. I mean and always looking for an MC and emergency NC or somebody come in to a few jokes but I have figured out. What I can do when one day columns. I want to man an adult hotline because like I could be really good and we'll come back and have ten Tony. Call me on the adult outline and we'll see a -- Lola -- received many good that okay. -- -- Should be fun if Google's way of thinking I might have to do it will be back tomorrow under his right or 930 WB here. Retire are you planning for retirement do you think you have a chance to plan for retirement. Are you saving what age would you like to retire. Where would you like to retire argue -- working longer than your prime media part time job and wanted to -- descent and I think it's interesting a bucket list. Who has a -- want this to market the bucket list. -- you know that a movie made that was trauma. Popular but some people have things in the back of their mind they always wanted to do or gather whatever and it's on their bucket list. Strangely enough I really have a bucket list. The only thing that I would them I did everything I wanna do which is fabulous. Ferrari that's the only thing and that's out of the picture OK but maybe not totally out of I wanna live and I wanted to live on the Ferrari record do that. But beyond that I don't I -- going to be getting one but that's the only things I think -- Amanda began my butt off to sleep and god spent oil output the top down and are you could and could slide in there. You have a bucket. I have things then I would love to do in return in namely in in sports of -- games I would like to see. I would love to go see the Indianapolis 500 about the progress quite a spectacle that was the greatest spectacle in racing and has just pray that how Daytona 500. I would like to don't just once I would -- like to -- Red Sox yankees didn't ever take right -- you know. But it still laugh laugh laugh okay. Where else are Red Sox yankees game at Fenway Fenway itself is worth the trip -- Like to do that there -- so many football army navy football game I would -- to market this is around sports sports and food you wanted to ideas via essentially. Or fox sports. Here on games now Chris Chris is very a big sports guy but especially hockey but do any of those things entered your bucket list. I do like going to other arena as I've done -- for baseball a couple of times. I will probably do something like that -- yeah it's kind of just something. -- you do lend it the time comes up like his -- playing and as we count me four hours ago should I I don't have anything. Just like impressing -- not been pressing and after my wife does all that stuff wants to -- -- these -- -- a story about figure all that nonsense. Well it -- a lot of people do have a bucket list but I think in a lot of us thanks you can knock off the bucket list -- by just you know just a little planning you know the -- yet. Just before he would -- to do those things -- -- -- don't -- to trying to. Yeah you need to time anti -- money probably act now because a lot of things like you mentioned. None of those are super expensive. Budget got to have -- undergo and you have to go where they ER. They won't bring Fenway Park here you're gonna go to -- important and that's the way it is -- go to Boston. Go to Boston where you put -- on the top of the cotton in the humbly I guess. My sister battling a retired but still working seven in ten Americans. Who haven't retired yet find it hard to save for retirement while also paying the bills at their living expenses this is CBS fall. Printed on WBN dot com. Those are it says you know oftentimes. This is so funny. There are things that are just common sense that they put in there about this for a senate this is CBS. Those earning less are having more difficulties and setting money aside. No wa all have know who's back stop the presses. Get the -- alert out on that one. Elementary out again in case you're slow those earning less are having more difficulty setting money that's. Right this dominance that. A more than 80% of people making less than fifty gravity -- it's hard to keep up with the bills and save for retirement. And they say 50% say it's very difficult. There's a segment of the population cannot afford food and rent. And to save for retirement and they rationally choose rent and -- over retirement says Anthony Webb. He's from Boston college's center for research. Development. But the country's troubling shortfall in retirement savings isn't complying to lower income people. More than 60% of those earning between 50000. And a 100000 -- year say it's hard to save for retirement. This was a poll of 1000 adults well I think what happens it is. Your life is like a gyroscope. You usually except of those who get in trouble financially you usually try to live within your means. If you're making 30000. You have a 30000 dollar lifestyle and that's what you try to step in making 52000100. To wonder what every American but you try and stay within that of those guidelines. But you know what I think for those who have worked their way through the different pay scales. Is really not much of a difference as to things that you can enjoy in your life. That you could never enjoyed before are now some things cost a few books OK we'll give you that. But the basic things that you like the basic things that you enjoy in your regular life. You usually do no matter at what -- make it as long as there are reasonable expectations. When I mentioned for our image you know I know it's totally unreasonable. Unless somebody who has a lot of money as love the show over the years and decides sandy should have a for art what effect -- or you can get it now you said you wanted to do what. Call call 100 like I wanna I wanna an adult pop you out like Mike Huckabee go to. Okay you're calling an adult hotline which first dollars and much of a stretch. 30. Okay say you're in your man cave. And your computer discretion you're calling -- -- -- genie like no it's a tough tough tough OK so -- you start talking enemy. LO ago hello hello -- -- -- line -- how much is gonna cost because there's so Tony I can't talk to our viewers. On the other line. Thank I'm a comedic -- hotline I. Yes player Peggy Lee song is that all the -- I feel very much. I can save me a -- hot -- hit -- I don't think that's what to -- I could I just couldn't that make them laugh make them left the economy. So sure that's what they're calling. Me up short. All right we want to know have you been saving for retirement. I know those of you who work who recognize the importance of this. Have probably have been but others beat if you haven't don't feel guilty about it now if you can you should started but. The cost of living is is for him apparently prohibitively expensive. In a lot of areas everything costs more. I mean medical care very expensive food is getting more expensive gasoline expensive travel army wanted to Disney. I mean this but here's what surprises me. People talk about allies you know it can barely make -- from check to -- or whatever and yet when the -- five play Miami there's a gazillion people get on an airplane to fly down there watch the game. Now. You have to have a few extra bucks to do that. There are people who go to concerts that cost a lot of money. And they do it on a regular basis I think that if you really want something bad enough you can usually find a creative way to get the money. But in many cases it's instead of saving for -- media you know something else like your retirement you know there's no free -- You can't spend the money and have the money doesn't work that way so you wanna hear what works for you when did you retire one -- it was it different than you thought. Was a different I'll tell you want them -- and anybody who says. Well when your retire your should keep an actor regiment you know run twelve miles today in -- five -- and now now I'm going to be sitting on my recliner with a Kringle. And and my favorite. John -- album. We -- more it was beach company under is great and I'm thirty. We RW via.

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