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6-9 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello what is region company and I'm sandy beach if you think this is going to be a normal Monday you are wrong I'm telling you not for the media -- Because this is good day we have a new. Media star. Yes I almost never quite -- RW BA BZ TV is at our studio along with his mentor. But Arnold -- up. And they we're gonna talk to both from its region company. Gas VW BBC extended family is here we have the president Phil Arnold hello. Both Indy and your two sons whatever hair I used to have -- -- and that's exactly when I had there guys you have the look forward to it's a disappointment. I want I was -- a KB -- goes assured me in a newspaper that when the when left KB not just yesterday I can't remember now. I have always been frenzy when I was on KB eight. And I was always nice to communal lines as that someday he's been TV station and this could be really helpful to me. Now Jonathan should always here now Tony I want to look at the shall I. Additional three years but just now like ten minutes ago it remind me he looks like Letterman. Do you think -- like you know it's funny Cincinnati because MIT used to having I doubt that's not a I got next month. Ducked nobody buys their -- should've married guy -- that I can have the demo Letterman did very nice. I'd it I think is the glasses and your swim like he has and you're. The host of a new show and I first evolving idea of the show which abuse tonight on WB BC television. It's called bragging rights. A -- I know you've been talking about the scene before you'll on the station and you with John and and you're yours inner circle. So this is going to be a dream come true for you to have a local show produced by her own station. Yeah this is this is a start this is something that. The station is all about and we wanted to be the local station. We are the local station all the other stations are. Our corporately home run and you know everything goes to some corporate headquarters somewhere out in another state. We're local and we wanna make a connection with the people here in Western New York. And making an effort and outreach and and I think. The media has been very friendly to -- including front page of of the the the newspaper and then this one -- parliament. -- -- -- Nice piece yesterday in the Coughlin who organizes his first and thank god Richard just referred to so we've we've we've really appreciative of the embrace that other. News media have given fail and the station and you know our mission. Now he is going to be. But also talked about hosting this new show. And you put the show together manager television station and make a suggestion there is justice and there -- interest -- -- well I think you should have. Option -- dresses now and I mean I think that that would be that you don't let you know the the amazing thing we talked about. Well he already has the globes event now -- and I also read and I'm just giving us some advice now. I also read that in the future you're going to have other media people like Janet neck from kiss our our partners and that's the plan now John here. Save the easy questions and then I mean he's academically challenge and we don't wanna embarrass Jana can answer tough guys that -- this morning. And I'm happy about pop up. Now you you've already I'd take some shows are recorded some shows and they debut tonight at what time 630 tonight. And it's going to be five nights a week every night at 630. My ex wife. Usually Tuesdays after Boeing but that's another story. Now what's the format of the game show is I notice in this article by -- partly says that you took some. Richard Dawson -- Regis fill my notes are begging -- it's a nice combination of successful people. Well I I studied all of them and you know took a little bit from each to try to bring that to the table. In addition to whatever personality I can help Muster up and the the game as you just gas and is pretty basic. Teams are three contested seats and an ex red X team and a polo team. And their goal as as teams is to get points on the board and as they get points on the board. A red necks or below appears on the board but like this that I'm holding an entry was -- yeah. Under the -- that's a paper -- -- this is you're gonna actually -- -- going on forever Phyllis we have a big computer that mark you okay denied I see that you get your act is across up and down or diagonal okay school. If you do that you can and add additional bonus of fifty points so you're playing to answer the trivia question correctly. Get bonus points on the board and then win ultimately the bragging rights to say you wanted to be BBC and other sponsored prize. That's -- snow but the success of something like this requires that you have people that can answer the questions how did you scream them to make sure that -- but instead of their I don't well we -- we just checked to see if they have a pulse and -- -- That was number one and beyond that there wasn't much left. Actually we're we're we're really. We're really lose but probably why we're recording the show but we're really lose. Contestants can come from any place anywhere. And -- you go to our website to be BBC got TV and has a place you can click the bragging rights slovo and you sign that your -- And we had some local real estate agencies they came through general where they weren't lasers -- really -- where you can Wear a blazer area business idea you were were pretty open and I think -- volunteer firefighters -- as good -- that's good I volunteer fire dot -- who is helping us with the show -- -- -- fire company vs south plant our company there on the air tomorrow night. And we're hoping to get beautiful more contestants like. That's great cops against firemen are usually a good contest through I don't do you have any of those what -- well we'll come back we'll talk more about the short debuts tonight. On WB BZ TV is called bright horizon though we'll see what they have obviously being -- Torre talked about a newsreader at 930 WB -- W really easy tonight. -- the a -- show hosted by John visual called a bragging rights Phil Arnold it's his concept it's his television station basically. It's -- it's very. Locally oriented with your friends and neighbors on -- now the questions John as you know as the moderator -- -- host. A did you make up the questions are did you have a staff I'd do that for. -- producer who is helping us and cried and we came up with questions. That our -- TV focus from our network like I want -- show is currently do what's most popular show. -- Gary -- believing in a -- -- -- -- a lot of good memories OK so from your programming from our programming at hometown questions because of the hometown absolutely and then now we also talked with -- consultant and game show consultant actually care about it -- -- big time -- As impressed as general knowledge questions from them -- well it's going to be like a dry run of the actual shows tonight on television this is -- Tony you're up for this because not only is John going to ask his questions. But old brought a bad -- of prizes and to show you what the budget is on the show they're from burglars. I mean sometimes and Olerud. I am involved so our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can work your way from tender foot eagle whatever organization you're a member on my -- day the voice demand club and feed the Boy Scouts see the boys brigade. I think ha this is tougher I thought they don't even when I go -- -- stuff you're gonna go deep voice gets you are correct Robert talks on INX I got an external large numbers whereas with a sharply. Tony you can now pick another pick a number not number eight okay him every wanna block him okay. Hi this is your question. And maybe Chris can help you with this because he's mr. sporty sports Joseph wrote Joseph Croshere Jo Daly and what other goalie were on the sabres in 1970 roster was -- a Dave Dryden. Beat John Edwards RC shock -- Who knew -- be that you are correct and are correct Tony I'll get -- was -- on -- So far we're at 20/20 oh -- let's take -- -- -- number I give me true. You -- the top true true all right -- this is this notice is your favorite show in the TV series the Mod Squad yes what type of card did -- Cochran drive my love cars I'm trying to think he drove -- in 1951 cross -- -- Being an excellent fit the Mercury -- station wagon. -- CN Nash rambler and I think Doherty. You know we're gonna take a look and you are correct no -- a yeah those questions. Overall -- are you a couple more here don't think the number on the board I can -- it's legal with war -- -- with our world you know that's at the top of this is -- -- you're playing at home. Invasion connect -- -- object -- what was the name of the first commercially successful -- operated by Robert Fulton. Was American act -- the delta queen or see the -- -- August although Tom -- as you little favored to naturally. You can say be the delta queen I would have gone for B -- to see that Claremont -- are not -- -- hates America so what Tony only has twenty points to cities where we -- enterprises we have not yet we're in Iraq -- -- -- more questions -- -- and a bit worse than the all right -- -- to our -- I don't enter our. -- -- Esther tan you're gonna take number -- and he's gonna try to get them honest game ten all right he's gonna try with this question every two -- no it is it's very. The -- we have dance. Ended what war. Eight the napoleonic wars. -- the war of 1812 or receive the Mexican war of independence actually an -- it's on Sheridan there are a lot of gifts. All start again betraying your what that treaty against -- -- what we're again and not only on a war more -- -- -- morally -- -- -- -- Mexican war of independent nobody. You're gonna remain a planet -- you are incorrect. It is being an 1812 I was -- on I didn't remember the name -- I want more and more for Tony let's see if he got it that -- on the on the board -- let's go with something all right you know at seven this -- Tony Caligiuri. Who portrayed -- street on the TV show Perry Mason. Was it any Barbara Hale. And Cindy knows this C. -- -- -- And today we are gonna permanently galvanize your television set that you BBC -- it is a Barbara Hale. Yeah some Tony denied by that program the job it was it was -- -- -- what's the point tolls all the point total ever with twenty points in this round. Sandy beach you have forty. And Tony Caligiuri has twenty start I hated. This is the way it has a lot of reprisal Arnold has surprised by this is this is for the man who has everything. And this is all I hair brush for a bald men are hot -- that looks like a good real little panel to go ahead -- It's -- -- that only you were never going to leave right Tony out. And I know Tony Tony you know you work long hours and sometimes. You know as a lot of stress especially working with sandy and sometimes you're not I have to and that romantic. Mood when you when you go home -- Yeah just to help you out who were were notices this is that Tony -- then delicious onion ring immense. So that your wife I'll have a reason to say not tonight I've had it -- very nice. Well guys are a good luck tonight things thinks they can for that it's hard to find one last thing I know -- I know Tony has young children and it's tough sometimes. Get them to all of the personal hygiene break and tough loss for your -- now -- -- nickel that everything's bacon now we have been and as they can. Good -- are so and we did bring -- news too because you really do all the air time. One of our sponsors on bragging -- larger -- -- -- all of my we -- -- -- -- for -- hello -- volunteer made up some pizzas for you guys about five of them spaghetti arm -- -- -- and Q and other restaurants are selling out the window the -- looks -- how great looks -- it almost looks -- looks like a picture of a magazine Greg and these surprises that our contestants can win when you come -- I should I tell you in case you because Tony didn't watch out. Perry Mason -- will tonight at short channel five on Time Warner Cable HD 1230 that's -- -- if you have dish for channel five files five. And on DirecTV were 67 and over the years 67 point. All right so it's somebody you're nervous you know what the show is gonna resign and I I'm very appreciative of Phil about the agency for giving -- this I I was very nervous doing the first few shows and getting more comfortable. And you don't want to have a great respect for anybody who hosts a television game show it is a lot of work but it's giving it Torre come on -- bags for. Are we shot or a member of the giants of broadcasting -- you. And even supposed to have a microphone and he took it and took over the show that's so it is a good idea I think -- refund if you put a big star -- his on his dressing her message. I don't. And some may find of course you've spent a lot of time around cameras and microphones and stuff so yeah having fun it said it says in this article with parliament that this is something you've always wanted to let you know. I gotta tell you that I really appreciated and saying that when I was ten years old until the story I went to the Mike Douglas show with my grandmother -- and she's got -- list you can go in the audience and they always want to shoot the show with Johnny. Who's in the basement of -- every television Philadelphia and I. Saw John miner and that -- I remember that as -- as it was happening right my candidacy and I walked out of there -- I don't know when you had your -- moment in broadcasting for me that was it. I was not much yeah you know younger than -- sons are today and I just knew right then and there that was going to be yet and I've been at child of television council and -- and field. Some great opportunities ahead including this. -- o'clock I don't think urinate with fabulous prizes like this and I think you'll just rocked by the way quickly if somebody wants to get involved as a contestant or our group well how to get all of you go to the website. WB BC dot TV not that company to BD BZ dat. TV OK thanks guys good luck to your pizza start guards on the show -- BZ TV check it out tonight will be back after this. Take WB and wherever you go with the WB an iPhone app powered by the final out left. The best in -- railings index. Ambac would be to governor backs do the -- -- guys are Phil Arnold John visual and that -- show starts third tonight. You wanna catch -- debut embargo Iraq and the prizes story I've got be original hair brush for bald men it's actually just the warden. Looks like a a little spanking boards -- and spank my scalp. And also for your movie. -- onion ring millions. That's very nice if you don't want to close to somebody and of floor for a neck of the bake and floss dental -- good. And we also have. Mr. bacon bacon flavored toothpaste OJ goes yeah are they can bomb bacon flavored lip bomb there. And bacon flavored -- That's great and they left two things floor Tom Farley which I will leave right here of -- listening -- right here in front of the of this grain one is cupcake lip balm okay because Tom is often in a cupcake kinda -- And then -- gum balls. -- I think they spent literally. He's the size -- I mean that they would go that extra mile for us I've regret and things that the shafts one of the sponsors. For sending up all these pizzas and the what I have I'm gonna protect in my life I'm I've locked the door because when we get food we get suddenly a whole bunch of new friends -- as -- as a thank you of Phil and John certainly and little -- I I have to confess. You know when they answer the question about who played Dallas straighten. I know it for a reason. And the reason it's so unusual for us at all. It was a it was BA Barbara -- So for it was Tony's questions why hold up my one finger meaning the first one right and your guess the third what I thought -- trying to -- me up than I -- not going to be -- and I gonna leak any secrets and Murray now is no it was one. Meaning her and hot line on this here's how I know. -- and when I was a little kid they use a sense starlets out on publicity tour is more pictures okay. And at the sex and theater in Pittsburgh Massachusetts which is Tom Osborne and actually. They had 20 authentic Hollywood starlets appearing -- their movie. One was Jeff and now as a woman Jeff -- and the other was Barbara Hale -- Barbara -- was illustrate she was also married have a guy. Whose name I can't think of now but he played wild bill Hancock in the early while bill Hancock series she was married to him looking guy curly haired blonde ish guy. But the issue is -- damaged -- it don't strain that's resign. So it's amazing where where you recall your your questions from I remember her name but I -- know she was in that series count so it's fun to have fun. And that's what it's about and I think they're doing a good job with that TV station making it a community. Asset -- you know we would clean up on the program if we went up against on the shelves out because to be honest -- we were doing this for entertainment's -- had at we've been focused. And totally hone in week and answer any questions day. And I say. That they publicity I think some of the ones they've already recorded. They got the rob Liederman what is you know it's funny but you think he has any information. The jets there will be on there and Chris Klein and a shy guy Shonn Nicholas Nicholas and Janet. I would ask the tough questions that Jack Nicholas. -- and just you know these guys money. And spent a lot of time at the library you know if you follow -- my drift John's gonna care that you -- yeah do you think he -- even more than Janet yeah -- I want. My money on them out this so it's a lot of fun to be a different media people in and out and I mean look at the that Arnold was on the cover of on the front page of business first now in this article very nice article by -- tournament. On on the quiz shows so that's nice it's nice to see the -- this is promote each other for instead of trying to devour each. That was nice effect that was given of course he'll be my creative mind given Phil ideas. When he was in the studio. -- Greg he's a very creative guy himself. Now I go I -- I go I have some mail delivered to my house but most of my mail is to my post office box okay. For a reason is once and the -- moved back here we didn't have a house and found a scholarship. So we got a post office box in that I like the post office box so much that most of my mail comes up I was boxed. But when I pick up my mail I just take a box and put my briefcase and bring it to work him and -- at home I don't really look at it but for some reason I did today. When I got to work. And here's a postcard with that very happy couple and a new baby. And it says words cannot express the joy that we feel remembering that you shared the beginning of our new life together. Thank you for your very thoughtful gift. And assigned by a man and a woman. Except for the fact I have no idea who these people are I didn't get my gift so I look at the address. It is my post office box. But instead of here it's from forest bill now how. It's got. And and -- box here instead of -- bill I'll never know but there it says are going to bring it back to the post office tomorrow. And tell them that -- you better send this on down the forest bill because that they may return -- to send herb. Did you see over the weekend it was a story about. And this has got to drive a woman crazy in the woman's going crazy guys going crazy to like and are you. They and they are brought to the post office they're very special wedding invitations. And I guess one of via a Paris does collect afraid and they rarely -- Jimmy -- a Roman senator reverend calligraphy. But anyway. They who's really fancy and nice in the world like a 150 of them and their top. Light and they sent him out. A few weeks ago. And nobody has received and nobody. And they don't know where they are and what that problem has now. By the time they -- dig up new ones and get out. That indeed it'll be too late are SP pay. Now can you imagine we have the bride being nervous and jittery usually anyway on a wedding day can you imagine this. I can't in my wildest dream. -- you'd have me you know in panel would be tacky we have to make phone calls you out or are you send them you know any card. Yeah I think it -- any invitation. That. Yeah and they said that the post office doesn't quite really know where they are and I'm thinking they're altogether. Because certainly out of via out of the number that they sent. So -- would have gotten one. One but nobody nobody nobody. So -- good luck I hope a wedding turns out better than the mailing. On the on the invitation. Do you think about how many things go wrong with the way I mean you then you'll understand why. Why couples go crazy how it's like to be Carolina -- and -- walls and I can or pronounce that marriage is a female tennis. Okay she is married to a professional not marriage is engaged to a professional hockey player. They sent out invitations. At about a week or two afterwards he broke up weather and you know why he said I realize once we send out the invitations that this was a serious step. Christie and and hockey player I was a golfer are always -- apple already got your right time big Iran guy yeah I think I Geiger right. And a -- as good a good tennis player she's out war she was number one at one point -- -- so he said once they sent out the invitations. He realized that maybe this isn't the best idea. I have become I'm so couples. -- may be so what happened to the couple around here was was better -- still gonna send out invitations sure. I like to have this happen at your -- town meeting. -- -- -- a woman and Diane barker. Has been banned from the Phoenix Arizona town meetings. By the Maricopa association of governments they said we can't allow this anymore. She does cartwheels. During grief during the events and it's disruptive and a public safety liability now you're thinking while she's gotten she 65. She's sixty -- -- -- IQ oh she 65 and she's doing cartwheels. About that. So I guess we should congratulate -- she's doing cartwheels but you gonna do him some -- all right young leave -- for Tom got my lip -- hear -- set ago. I wanna come back and talk about something year maybe thinking about maybe not. And that is retirement on newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah it is a beach and governor said he beach and -- if you wanna check out the latest Ethel and Lucy pictures by two. Bad angle cats. There are now posted on our -- on our -- FaceBook page so check that out and though also Tony you posted over the weekend that. You not -- and you're -- we allowed to ride on the merry go round out there. Or did they say that adults and while on the horse they won't let me all could beach is where he was yet but nick rolled right guess he didn't have a good time as a prize carousel is. Beautiful. And I mean the type of you know stuff that I would remember when I was excited -- and you know the cars airplanes rocket ship merry go wrong -- -- nine. He loved it and -- old fashioned kind of feeling aiming at a nice parked there. A Mariner's landing one of my favorite restaurants is there we were parked just. Up a little bit in front of it and we stopped by check it out look at the -- -- Emanuel ran a manner of good food and and euthanized on the beach. And particularly in the offseason too because I like to do things in the offseason. Once when I got a Corvette I drove around. Cape Cod in the winter. Which Israel there was some there was recoup all the things are closed like that for some -- going -- offseason. And Oak Beach is nice now it's even undergo in the winter yeah substance cool cars it's all really old Harley-Davidson. And kick start look like it had been from the early fifties and you also posted something about. Nine scoops of ice cream and some kind of deal -- oh what is that call via the silo in Lewiston hands someday I can't remember the nine -- scoops of ice cream and I think he has brownies in it yeah hello crushed Oreo Cookies in if you average corporate structure and Margaret they surveyed in a panel in new detail with with any a shovel. A little shot well. May -- and looks really good. Well. It doesn't have a fancy name -- -- it. You have a name. -- -- -- -- going to do let us know what it is because of that I think nine schools is more than I you know I went down the -- -- and -- Sunday. The Sam six and Sunday OK so if you go there and Europe -- up for nine scoops go for. But doubt in our Randolph for my idea every couple of weeks usually. I'm down to the from the world's best -- the dual -- -- going out there every day I get emails from people wanted to know the name of the restaurant. It's on main street there. Near the expressway. Right near the expressway and the voters fabulous but especially the duke burger that says Christians took the call requesting information on I get the most time and I answered every autumn I I do because that there's such nice people. And yes I do pay for my food I you know that's it's not a logged in except for a good place ago for the world. Okay. When we come back we're going to be talking about something called retirement. It's the whole retirement scenario has changed so much. It used to be and in previous generations where people work for industrial corporations and they worked their four X amount of years. And when they retired they had a pension. And the pension is basically what they lived on I'm not that many people had. Large amounts of money saved on the side. Well of the -- pensions kind of have gone away except for the fact for public employees pure copy your pension -- invention. Teachers' pension but not many others especially in private industry. Getting pensions anymore so it's up the issue to help -- help yourself during the course of your life. Along with maybe social security and whatever you can put together. But I have a feeling that the people who talk. About these things. Have it's been a long time since they started their careers and they forgot what it's like to start the -- And they're very you know their knowledge will be able and then they're saying things that are correct but they have to remember. What the scenarios. Heard somebody this morning on Johnson's -- say. You know what. People wait too long to start. And account for their retirement. Here's a suggestion when you first start working. And any minimizes. 0200. Dollars month. And you'll be surprised how it up well first at all yes that would be a good plan. But -- the person have any idea how many people when they're starting their jobs. When they have student loans maybe they're married they have vote they have ever -- get to work. They're going from paycheck to project cool at the beginning their careers who has 200 dollars a month -- stash away not many did -- No I went and debt so fast you know I didn't either I mean I didn't -- focus on. OK -- it's it's not practical I mean you'd like to do it. And I guess maybe under some extraordinary circumstances you could but I think most people anonymous position that they'd like to go. If they could. But it's it's very very difficult. But the advice was certainly good -- good advice if you can do that that's a more power to you as the bills and compounds emitted piles up. Then when you're ready to retire. -- things are looking better for -- but it's not easy to take that 200 a month when you're just starting your job or your career and second away and this great advice but it's not practical know it really doesn't. So that's a -- that was one thought I had is that. Of these financial people know what they're talking about -- certainly giving good advice and nobody's a saying them but you gotta put yourself in the mind of somebody who's either just out of high school just out of college just out of the service. Wherever and they just starting their careers. And they -- have young families. It's everything's expensive now taxes through the row insurance costs a lot gasoline a lot I mean there's no easy way to do it. Or talk about -- saving for retirement. What major artery chart what your retirement plans are you retire on here or -- All right we'll be back with more beach company and his right thirty we are WB.

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