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Jun 9, 2014|

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It's time for buffalo means business with a bloody shoot -- on news radio 930 WB he had. The only radio show devoted to local business and the people who make it happen. Brought to you by the Amherst chamber of commerce to health insurance resource for small business and vice dean volatile foreign steel ball -- shedding Buick Cadillac. -- -- -- -- the Steve Bono umbrella handle law office of -- -- rebuild the team that's on your side and New York court. Now your host. Buffalo radio veteran AM local business advocate -- Shula. Hi there and welcome back to buffalo means business my name is buddy shall of this is news radio 930 WP yen where we spotlight local businesses local entrepreneur words. People who are really making it happen here in Western New York we got a great show lined up to date thanks for a listening to his show just hang out in debt and enjoy oh great -- we have. Today here on WP yen. First we are with match might work dot com and the president bill nab. Now you know the interesting thing is the name of the company match might work that term sell your local business you tell -- -- -- -- worked account what do you do welcome to show. -- everybody in -- Certainly a pleasure to be here and thank you for the opportunity to talk about my company we wrestled around for the longest time out. You know quick catchy little name for company are almost different things and found his -- He gave up on them -- let's go with exactly what we do so we are company. Did tries to match the unique skills and talents of job seeker with the wants and needs of hiring companies so we really looked and said there's nothing better than match might work. So -- differ from like anywhere else that you Portland project well we are who we think we have a couple of differences number one we cater to the job seeker. And we also works on directly with the hiring companies we use algorithmic technologies which is just a fancy way for -- somebody tell us what your credentials are. And then we'll find the company and its parent it's looking for somebody like that in. I'll explain to what Andy and the best way to do this type about our process. We are profile driven company. In what I mean man and his. We let a job seeker Guam there NTELOS the most important things I'm regarding them -- industry that there aren't their area of specialty within an industry. What they think their worth as an employee all of those different things and and we allow their job seeker to put their profile in tort system. And and locus and I'm going to more with this but that we allow hiring company to. Kind of take a look at those profiles and see if there's somebody who matches up with what they -- sort of like an Asian. I elected agent for the job seeker going to with the -- the employer we can be so once that profile is uploaded into horses. Now we go back to hiring company and we sent -- okay instead of going with the traditional placement agency or headhunter firm. Why don't you go to this online form and you hiring company tell us exactly what you're looking for so the hiring company says to us while I need sales person. With a minimum of five years' experience who is in changed he can start on July 1. Were willing to pay Iran forty or 45000 dollars a year and we can either negotiate that salary or. We are locked firm and that's the most the most we can pay for this position. So they tell us what they're looking for medicine as they hit submit it goes into our database and -- holes out those matches so it -- -- -- -- That the threat was gonna say I mean how does so you are competing against -- placement agencies we are we compete against the placement agencies we will compete against a career builder monster. Length and beyond. But I guess our secret sauce the thing that we really can't for the nobody else does is our services are 100% confidential. In what ending and -- appeared on Perry now. In your -- you know that you probably dead end job or that you just not satisfied with where you currently are in the workplace. You can put a profile to our site. And rest assured that nobody's gonna find out -- -- looking except for us. So the data and statistics tell us that there's about 8885%. Of the current workforce. Who feel -- -- they want something different but they're scared to death to look right because it found out exactly becomes -- -- you know very awkward situation when your boss -- and says hey has -- resume on monster. Perhaps we should have a talk. So when somebody up close of business profile with us. We remove -- me. The personal contact information phone numbers -- email address is gone. If they feel as though that by putting has experienced that that's going to identify them we tell them to leave them off their profile. And when a company says hate that's the type of person that we want to speak to. We go back to the job seeker and we have to name the company announced I won. We say to the job seeker XYZ widget company would like to -- to speak with you. Are you interested in speaking with them. Now they say to a yes not a problem but they may say to us no I don't -- speak with an irrational maybe that they already worked for an it company. It's happened before so that job seekers is no we don't -- to speak with them at all the conversation and repair confidentiality agreement prevents us from asking why. But if that job seekers says yes I do wanna speak with -- we put into round two people in contact with each other and then -- how's the job market right now. It's tough it's tough but it's definitely an employer's market in employer out there today if they have an opening making it spent to get. 1510050. To 200 applications per job opening depending on the industry -- A lot of businesses who can't find people were -- there's a disconnect their body -- disconnect is he talked to a job seeker -- -- -- nobody's hiring. But then you -- to the companies -- the company says were higher and we just can't find -- well this -- -- -- an office while nobody can find the process behind they don't know how to get in contact with the HR departments a lot of the HR departments are using placement agencies rate and also they've kind of taken out of the mix and they don't know what's really available. So what match -- -- dot com really tries to do is come up with a quick and efficient way to put job seeker. In front of her company confidentially but quickly. Is there cost for the job seeker there is this is a difference we charge a job -- 995 toppled profile from one month. 1995 for three months or 5995. For an entire year. In the reason that we do in employers love this there's a real difference between somebody who's. Maybe considering leaving their current job and somebody whose deadly serious about leaving that job. By charging the job seekers that gives them a little bit of fine -- the process and it says to hire companies listen I'm serious about this he don't have to wonder if if I'm maybe gonna go back to work with -- I need to get out of my current position. And I want to pay a little bit of money. To show the people that night I definitely need to -- -- 59 down three years -- he harmonies subscription I mean it's it's not very much buddy when eating in capital deployment is that the body what do you think about the possibility -- -- -- five dollars and and I tell people all the time create a profile with us click on that little box that says I want a year subscription. But we have another option form where they can click on -- -- only contact me if my minimum salary requirements can be met. Now that's huge because I'll tell somebody to create a business profile this uploaded in tort system and then forget about it. Don't they said don't do anything with it. But -- that the only time in my company's gonna content to you is when there's an employer out there. Who is seriously able to pay what -- he think there were so again who is your major competition right now it's gonna be out because we aren't online environment it's going to be the career builders and the monsters and Indians in the rights of the so management work that item and we're gonna talk about so that's the difference they don't offer. That sure that goes back and forth and that's the ability to -- for -- to -- -- look at hiring company had that our company tell us exactly what it is that they're looking for. Think about monster. Monsters gonna send out and even countenance and updating on citizen and we think here's ten to fifteen potential matches that are going to be good for. The question that you need to ask yourself this how many people across the country are giving that same exact -- We don't do that. We have account executives in addition to the technology to make sure. That we really match up the right candidate to the right position and we to a perfectly every single time. Because the hiring companies tells us exactly what it is that there looking for they thought that for. So we use those compatibility things that you would get from an. And we pull those matches were there. But we don't put those two people in contact with each other until we get the authorization from the jobs he could do that has -- business going rate we launched just on February 3. Brand new but we're doing a lot of advertisement -- with an accountant's. Really really going well of course we do that actually -- -- -- with gigantic Susan rose yeah I was nice not already -- or -- a column Friday morning you said hey bill we're doing a Tuesday segment from 7 o'clock until 8 o'clock in the morning rush hour that day after holiday would you be willing to -- and talk about the jobs forecast what's going on Western New York. So we talked about the medical campus the 500 jobs that there just this morning and Governor Cuomo was in town again talking about -- -- -- -- -- coming -- India and -- -- into the -- care so all these things -- it's it's looking. Better I don't wanna say it's looking good in Western New York. But it's looking better and if we can have a a John force that has a little bit of hope that this area might be better tomorrow than it was yesterday. That's very good thing what do you think about like peace talks have minimum wage increases as a great question I. I'm one of those people that -- -- a minimum wage job that's what it is it's not something that was supposed to be designed for. The rest of your life it's something that gets you from a transition. Maybe recently -- high school graduate college graduate something that -- time into the confinement career that you really really passionate about. A tell people all the time. If it's a question of not working. Or working a minimum wage job or something with it. Get out there you have to create what I call your employment score it's counter credit score you have to shall hiring companies that you will want to get properly. Go to work. And get a work ethic and have that work ethic -- so on minimum wage job. If you start raising prices for these -- wage employees is gonna come a point where companies just aren't -- hire more people because they had to take care of that. Rising minimum wage -- what about the companies and make billions in profit yellow that's a different situation. -- those companies that had to go into billions of dollars and they can afford to hire more people handles an entry level positions over the minimum wage unfortunately we're not there in the Western New York communities much as we'd like to be. As -- five to ten years now we have river -- really taken off -- -- and I've been coming here in -- and the other on big companies. -- have a presence -- unless you might indifference to react and show before yours CNET and a good news for a Western New York it's about time. It is it's and with the buffalo billion that's come into place with those different things that this is without question a great time to be. Seriously considered on an analyst -- -- so have you always been interested to agency in niche in people getting jobs with you mere matter BO has been interested in. That and something else wayward with your background my background and education and former forestry teacher. The case -- when liberals that you and his eyes and teachers to prepare kids for life long employment to be armed and other media productive members of society. On my direct relationship with a company like this is that a lot of hiring. -- for a few very large technology companies and when I've found is that we are spending the majority of our time. Literally scanning through applicants going qualified knock off like -- not qualified. Companies are spending anywhere from sixty to 65% of their time to scanning through those on those applicants -- registry now. I knew there was a better way to do it. So -- started to take a look at these online dating sites the harmonies and matches like we talked about in adult wanna take that technology and put -- into the business world. The more investigated it I was convinced that I was gonna find somebody else that was doing it but you know what buddy nobody. Els once so I keep kept on day again and started to say to some companies. Try doing this trying to make -- confidential tried doing this churning its way. In the company's and I just don't think we're interested so. We -- the mouse trap ourselves. And we look -- obviously going very very well what our employers are looking for in employees right now. There's a couple of different things is school fun out there that says they need highly trained ready to not to work people ready. People that are ready to tackle -- tests its authors of the trains the important thing but you know what that's when -- -- Employers are telling me that what they really need is an employee who was ready to work who knows the ins and outs and showing up on time. About hitting the benchmark -- -- on and on the liberal moguls or baton like you said the Foreman back on an educator. You'd have to have in place or ready to work they can tree. It any time but make sure that candidate has the basic works deals that you need. Make sure that they know how to be good employees that they -- not taken sick days when sick that they know it's like to be professional. The notice like to look at somebody in the united shake their hands and -- and deliver on what they promised on the flip side -- her employees looking for -- stability and unfortunately that's not something it's always available out there and workforce. The days of being able to go to work for companies and retire 25 liters 25 years leaders on. Now used to be did win employees were getting caught early -- off it was just those entry level plays the 25 to 32000 earlier placed. Different today when you think about the number one expense that the company has its personal. So today it's mid management in upper management people that a lot of times are getting cut. So those employees that are out there are sane man Mohammad and take care for competence and his team. A college or even high school. They need something it's going to make them whole again if they gates laid off it's scary time out there public is that there's great opportunities to we have about a minute left that wanted to. To let listeners know how they can learn more about -- worked account and that's where they can -- -- go -- to decide www. management worked icon can give phone numbers and things like that but you know what. As this Miller and layer technology that you don't need everything's on the web page including process. The pricing behind it -- you register your interest to company and how you put that profile -- -- interest job seeker. Can we have a phone number just in case -- -- like the enemy I don't know anything about it the 279. 8650. -- 2798650. So if you are looking for a job if you're job seeker right now and you -- wanna hook yourself Pope was something. Really really decent something that's thought out something that perhaps will last for you something that you enjoy -- Bill -- here is that got to talk to with match might work. That town and you don't give McCall go to the website again Mets spent worked outcome. And then you can get all the information you need and getting a job and you have at -- And got to say in my last start you probably have great success. But we're doing very very I'm very fortunate and we are still people there something better on their the fund and people are finding themselves through -- in our great. He built -- 2798650. Or match might work dot com Bill Knapp president. A management worked -- com. Thanks for being on the show today but -- -- -- my name is buddy -- this is buffalo means business -- news reunited thirty WP here. You're listening to buffalo means business with a -- -- powered by blue rock energy stuff. 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Dot com alternative -- -- hopeful Saturday July 26 at -- -- featuring live performances -- keeps the L. Bleachers. And big data. Brick and mortar -- -- -- Weapons plus a special DJ set by the Crystal Method tickets are unsealed now starting at just 25 dollars and are available -- -- alternative buffalo dot com alternative buffaloes -- buffalo Saturday July 262. Outside -- there. We're back to buffalo means this this -- buddies Shula on news radio 930 WBA. And the powered by blue rock energy -- thinks which can save -- blue rock energy on FaceBook or go to blue rock energy dot com. Welcome back to buffalo means business -- issue at play here on the only local radio show devoted to local business in Western New York. We appreciate you listening we do it every. Saturday at 6 PM here in news radio 930. WB EN up next year in the hot seat of local business he Scott's bloggers Scott. He is the owner of universal windows direct. You may have heard them on WB yen to around here a lot of times explaining what they do in and -- talking about the services. -- with us welcome mr. Brusca thanks -- -- but you're not nervous -- You know what -- here right now I'm very getting -- tell us a little bit about universal windows first of all let me guess you sell windows. Of course. The name says it off universal windows director of buffalo so what makes your company. Different then throw up a window companies there's a lot of yeah -- a lot of I think there's a lot of diversity in construction companies and windows are most most visible. For a lot of construction companies so there's a lot of people -- -- we can do windows for an. And they don't do them all the time they don't doom every day and empathy into windows so yeah there's a lot of companies that offer -- windows would you say universal windows direct is more Q cater more toward residential homeowners or is -- businesses that you work with a combination of -- -- and Marcel residential. And we do do some commercial. But I senior signs all around camp where we're geared towards the residential side. So what do you like about being a business owner. Well it with universal windows corrects and now we are beyond a -- company it is far and is in the -- market. We are smaller percent of the national company universal windows direct. They -- as a company they are. Approximately thirteen years old. Which is relatively -- his first home from the company but the coast to coast of course we've got the local franchise here in buffalo. As far as being a business owner. -- fun it's exciting that you were -- enhance. -- what are the challenges. Wearing a lot of have to learn a lot of hats and you're out there -- -- any danger production answering the phones paying the bills right. What are the good things. You're doing for yourself. And building something bigger than yourself. You know so I think someone like you would be an inspiration to somebody who wants to be an entrepreneur or. In May be is sinking twice about it you know it's it's people like you who who take a chance you have a partner as well in that dog. And and you you both are great people took a chance and an operation doing very well. I universal interest -- hitting the name out there and and just making a lot of homeowners for a happy. By which you do I knew you had a lot of positive customer reaction. But universal windows direct it as a as a franchise been great to work. So they can make it they make it easy to be any -- and our. But we can also focus. Of course we don't do additions we don't do bathroom remodeling -- we don't build decks that we are not Jack of all trades. Master non. We are window indoor expert without some products that no other companies have access to go and do our national affiliation. And are buying power we are very competitive. And by the way if you would like an estimate for your home. For windows and I'll -- after this long wonder we're gonna talk about that. But I think a lot of people. Are seeing themselves. You know I need to do something before we get into cold weather again which is if you look at its twelve weeks away. Basically six they won 9800. Is a number to reach universal windows direct again 61. 9800. How did the long winter effect homeowners. Like -- dispatched here people have problem windows they definitely had a chance to see the problems. I think coming back to this fall heading into next wonder. -- we're definitely Tennessee. It an increase in interest so -- hopefully people do things sooner than later what's -- number one reason people call you. I mean is is windows something that people have to be replaced right now. Not I don't think windows there have to replace obviously it's it's the only element of -- home that that you see -- from the inside and outside. So it's it's a status but ultimately it's performance. If people have a cold when there a window after his last winter. It's about comfort. Can it really can really affect prices that much like heating bills and things of that nature very much so I think windows have come further in the last five years in the previous fifty years. So an energy efficient windows Kathleen -- and energy. Let's talk about that a window fifty years ago compared to right now what's the difference what what are improvements have been made in class. While fifty years ago many times it was just a single pane window. If if the word double -- that would just be. Just class with the a small space or bar. A modern -- And of course a lot of people are about Energy Star. And Energy Star window and -- special coatings on the glass that column know we coatings stands for low institute any. And then they also fill fill the air space within our -- and yes. So those two elements the lowly with the who of course -- names as universal windows direct. And the -- also do doors and when we're doing windows a lot of people are looking to a creator update their their doors. And we do signing as well. To the outside of the home so they do they at all at one time does does a homeowner look at something and say boy am I need new windows -- first hole. What are they saving would need to win if so it's out with the glasses broken anymore or anything like that. You know what what keeps them -- call is that the fact that they're sick of high energy bills or something I think that's a big factor and I can throw some your listeners rate now are saying. I know I need windows just a matter of one really when they're gonna Gillick and they would do it beat other than aesthetic reasons they would do it. -- very much. Performance energy savings said. I mean now if they don't have energy efficient windows whether they buying new energy efficient windows or not they're gonna pay for. And their energy bill or otherwise. Why sit him. Ortiz sitting you or. In your commercials on WBN. It's kind of educating that you actually encourage people to get. More than one estimate. Meaning here actually telling people. Go to your competition if harassment but but make sure BC universal windows direct as well. Osce and get thirty -- compare. You know what's going on here. -- the Better Business Bureau recommends getting at least two last two estimates and of course that's just Smart. Windows in Western New York -- range anywhere from 400 dollars a window installed up to thirteen hundred dollars a window installed -- huge lot of differences that'll. Affect that price. We've got the whole range and ultimately it's our job just educate the homeowners and what those options are two windows in buffalo take a bigger beating -- other cities. Not necessarily. A good windows gonna perform better where he needed to perform better and and a Western New York -- And it in different regions of the country have. And different elements how important is a war and T to customers. Well it's very important obviously warranties going to be an indication of the quality of the product that you purchase. Just by the way our products -- a double lifetime warranty which means it's lifetime to the original owner and then it's transferable. If that homeowner sells their house but why wouldn't someone want to take advantage I mean there's nothing how can you lose there and -- -- you know. I mean. You can't -- the audio was an incredible night and he right our phone should be ringing off the hook. Everyone should have. And again windows have come further in the last fighters in the previous fifty were replacing windows -- only ten years old just because they're. There they don't perform or in some cases to falling apart hurry. Again we're here with Scott slacker. Universal windows direct you've heard him here -- WB and if you would like to get a free estimate it's six they won 98619800. And -- can someone get an estimate rather quickly for me if they need windows. Or -- even thinking about it. Many times we -- out the next game take a look at her house that estimates are free. So give us a call -- at 619800. Or they go to our website and requesting and asking do people sometimes want different windows lake -- -- mean it looks like could be very complicated -- the windows I would not a political analyst. Wind except that it. Other than that I would not a replacement would know what goes. Do they often ask you for it -- and maybe we should put a bowl window in her or something a little different you offer those types of windows as does all those products we offer -- the whole range of windows and we can offer suggestions. And windows styles. Of course the homeowners budget well we'll probably carry the day. That we can give them all the different options that are available can you -- really try to work with and people's budgets are very much so and when I talk about the range of window. -- -- we can fit anybody's budget. What is what is. The apprehension sometimes when you come out. Why wouldn't somebody say it. You know hey let's get this done right right now -- what is the upper -- -- as a price. Or is -- just that they maybe can't afford right now. Well I shouldn't be I mean we work with homeowners. Will do to windows at a time. Who will lock people in if they start with us we'll document for two years at current market pricing. Well so -- forever stamps so they can they can do it over time so they can take three years to do the windows if if they can't afford to do -- -- ones there's universal windows trek offer financing. Of course now we get several different findings financing. Plans. Actually can make it easy. As we actually offer 0% interest financing plans others personal costumes. That's perfect and it's an investment for your home to very much. I mean that that has got to -- it immediate year. That could come up if you're selling your house and the inspector says I have been windows and analysts and you got a problem there. In in buying the house. Get this kind of thing done before you gonna sell a house and it I would assume it would add value and homeowner would be able to increase price cracked. Bought a house that means the windows replacements on the market that he can take longer to sell. I don't know that. You're gonna get a direct investment here investment back when you sell your house -- your house is definitely a -- quicker because you have. Replaced the windows -- service all of Western New York. We do we cover all western new York and again -- your -- buffalo means business. Where buffalo company. We're not from Rochester or Syracuse we're not managers met managing a local buffalo office. Words -- the owners and we are local fourteen minutes goes fast doesn't -- that flies advances can you believe it's been fourteen minutes or. And if you wanna get a hold of them you know what say it is well right. Universal windows buffalo dot com universal windows buffalo backhand people conceive selection of what you have on there and they can tickets. -- themselves to the company get a feel for what we doing and and reach out to us again even right now on a weekend. You can call and Daniel always at -- -- cracked. Get an estimate there -- very much. Give us a -- go to the website again you can. Putting your personal information and via website and we get -- actually doing. And make arrangements to get out your house six they won ninety. 800 against six they won 9800. Don't put it off. 4 September. October November to remember what we went through last winter. And you know get these guys you know get it at a price of a market price right now where things aren't going up. Right now which you never know when they can. So while we you've been a great guest on the show was fun learning about the window business. Nobody thinks France and -- scratch like here in universal windows. Direct my name is putting -- you're listening to buffalo means business under Israeli united thirty WB yet. You're listening to buffalo means business with -- -- -- powered by blue rock energy stopped. Think switch in saves with blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com that if there's a business -- would like featured call -- 88430167. 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Welcome back to buffalo means business on but he sure what news radio 930 WB and the purpose of the show is -- spotlight local business owners entrepreneurs. Some companies are big some companies are small some companies are medium that every company has a story. That we like to talk about in our third guest. Is senate come networks incorporated. Now that sounds very very complicated -- come networks incorporated remember that name. Because -- technology industry. And they're just some hard working folks who have a business right here in Western New York. And I'm gonna let them introduce the business a little bit but I will profits that it is about technology right now so if you're thinking. You know why ears and moving computers and security cameras this is where we're going to be talking about. This company is actually a female owned company a woman owned company which is great. Congratulations you've Cheryl thank you Holland if you had the company for since 2008. Since 2000 -- you've been doing it awhile hand what's different now has technology changed changes every -- doesn't. It changes every day -- to keep up planet you have to take classes you have to be. Prepared for what's coming next. I mean do you ever get people calling your company. And again your kind of like the Annan called -- he company for a business for instance who may not be able to afford an IQ department at every -- -- public company. And it's people like you could really help with that correct in his elect around you do get calls from people all the time saying. Public got to get 900 wires I don't know what to do my servers down. I -- you get it it's very common is their account and you can come out and help them right away weekend. Right we also have operation manager Marty. I know it's gonna miss this you know announced ski Mallon askew that's correct -- I did the right here of the operations manager. Force an -- networks incorporated. So in a nutshell what is -- your business does. We do pretty much anything with a wire. This may defect if you go to anything with a wired dot com that will point you toward RO web site. But we do primarily we do a network infrastructure. Which consists Fox Network cabling. Switches routers. Computers. Servers. We also have via cloud based version of that technology is well. We are an electrical contractor. We can do. Pretty much any commercial. And a industrial electrical work you don't focus so much -- residential so once it's more commercial residential. Is primarily a market for. Let's say or back up generators or whole host generators and our security systems. Our rob alarm systems and our camera systems. So tell me about your typical customer who's the person that calls you and by the way -- want to just give us the phone number again. And so people can call if they have any questions or you know comets in the news service what is your phone number. Phone number is 839. 5011. So who was that who is the customer. The customer can be really anyone it could be a residential. Customer for an electrical problem they needed to service. They need security system it could be a commercial customer. And we we typically get a lot of requests. For office smokes. Because we we can do pretty much anything that's required in an office. Like right here I see you have computers you have lawyers you have electric you have -- display screens you have telephone systems. We can provide all that we can repair all that we can move it to another building if you so desire it we have a great helpful severely -- -- what -- -- nineteen -- -- especially 1980 the so -- -- went to. Yeah I mean that so you do tell you do all this stuff. And so you're basically again like we talked about an IT department without having to hire full time ninety department correct we can we can mount we can supply a network engineer on and let's say a part time basis. If you cannot afford your own IT department. We can be the IT department forced many hours as you require it. What is important. About a company like years to other companies what are what are people look for you for a number one's total solution. A lot of people do not like to shop. If if you need to outfit a conference room you'll need to telephone he leader projector you need a yeah a drop down screen you'll need to display. And even the office furniture we partner with local companies and that's the advantage of being located here in Western New York. I enjoyed being a part of the business community because we work closely with other vendors. If you need if you need cubicles for your office we will provide all the wiring and we will partner with one of our local companies here to provide an office furniture. You you said that in a great ways that people don't like fish down. Because between buying in the mouse and the guy HE HR cables or whatever it is for TVs and between all these things that you would walk into. A best buy four and now have a clue what you're doing and then something's gone wrong with something Munich in -- note you know the regular person is a good and all. -- -- You're thinking about what that the then wireless mouse to work or whatever it is. That's that's what you bring to the table that's right you don't have to take it home can't hope that it all works together we will bring you TU and make sure it works before we leave. How can you help make businesses more efficient so so it really is about that -- you're saving businesses time. And you're saving them and allowing our money I would think. Yes we save time and we provide. A good mix of the best technology available. We year we we save you time. By us doing the shopping for you. We have people on staff who are experts in telephone and network -- apology. In cloud services and we bring all those people together for your solution so what is it I mean I know you were you're expanding. Correct -- you're -- at this point because you do have other clients as well like like the ball. Don't you do things and in the world in in the mall we do a lot of retail -- animal from if you take gallery if for instance we've done probably 90%. Of all the electrical work there -- -- -- and half. Our company and I can I can -- -- led to a court feel crazy eight's there's number stores that we did all electric on new new stores that opened. And and again like we set it at the beginning you specialize in and really. Moving offices helping offices maximize. Technology which is out of control right now. Nobody no individual who's not in the technology field. Can understand -- technology because it's different so I think -- do we need someone like your company to help. Take. This task and when we get that request on a fairly regular basis it's. A company moving other upsides and downsizing they need new office space and we'll go win we will do a site assessment. And we will look at the computer infrastructure what's necessary. Four for connectivity we do the wireless assessment Dwyer wrote that he mapping and wireless. We look at the security systems you access control systems you don't -- that the door openers and things like that. And telephone systems and we we make this move for them. Much. Julie Wagner is the business development. Person person account networks incorporated welcomed the -- I -- it right there you're smiley face. How is business going and businesses very very -- booming. Every day and you're just like the epitome of a local business it's ST you have you have an office. But it's not about you know -- hall offices now. This is about being what the customer cracked absolutely when we begin our day and we go -- we we get everything together that we need for the jobs. And take off because we've got and we're not just sit there doing it in our office we have to come to you now. I'm that's just where we keep and you have a lot there's a lot of family here as well which -- you know a lot of family in your company which is -- Yes we yeah. We we enjoy working with the family all bowl at times you'll find us at odds for that. -- over anything would have it's -- -- and had one -- -- experiences. Or at least 34 hours. I could look we're here with that's an account networks incorporated there. You or IT department always on call you don't need to hire an IT department ninety department because you have these folks who are gurus. And technology. Still do it all for yet they will move -- office they'll do it every need to do if you're not moving your office so take your existing office. And and figure out how to make it better for -- how to make it more efficient. That -- your business can run smoother 8395011. Is a phone number to call. If this is anything of interest you. The great people to college and -- 395011. -- about like the worst case scenario would open this up. To everybody the -- he's an area you ever ran into someone called in and what were they thinking about where they hyperventilating. Because of that. I do that I piper finally -- -- -- -- in -- what. I don't know how to fix it -- -- not working I don't know how to fix it but Marty being in the industry 41 years I don't know 43 year already I think it I started to Mike Grier and IT in 1970. And I know I went to work for. Fairly small organization the United States Marine Corps. And they taught me how to work on computers. So I've been doing it ever sets. But as far as worst case scenario it it's the people who call and and my network is down or somebody hit into my network. And it's it's a crisis or -- my telephone system is now working. And we use you know we have idea to our response. On those type calls we have some on site within twelve hours you brought up a good point and that's what that I didn't have a nine notes but security. And the Internet is something everybody's talking about. Should should they be concerned about security on the Internet yes that's that's always been a concern. And a lot of people are even more concerned with the cloud based services. And your data is out there on the Internet somewhere and you have no idea were it is. But there is an advantage to that. If you if you're implementing security. In your home office or your small office. You might spend a couple of hundred dollars on an anti virus program. Whereas a cloud based infrastructure will spend millions of dollars on security. So you do have those economies of scale and we can leverage there to bring you good product that it is secure and reasonably priced. Because that's I mean it's the talk right now security about hackers remember I was over Christmas. Target target target -- yet I mean so our our businesses when the county due to businesses really. I mean I would assume that they really want that to be a priority right yes it is a priority of security but the other priority is educating the customer. Because a lot of people. Who are focused on running your business not focused on learning everything -- to know about computers as they ran a business exactly that's our job. We know what needs to be implemented as far security. It's far his best practices -- computer systems we have a couple minutes left and Dan -- again thank you finish fourteen minutes of query. Any unusual stories you tell me and in a minute. Well -- I'll tell you I had called years ago and the yeah. System administrator called and she said. Jokingly I've got a mouse my computer you need to come fix it. And what was squeaking back in the old days we had just strikes that were as big sparklers. And one of those was making noise so it opened up the computer to get to distract and it was actually most nest in yours well. So she did have a -- That's pretty good -- our rights and -- networks incorporated. Again there a year IT department perfect to go to if you if you just looking for someone for an office move. Or perhaps you know you wanna maximize your current office. Like Marty was saying before conference rooms computer's. Security systems. That was gorloks word they are -- digital this stuff like that anything with a wired dot com ease the address again anything with a wired dot com you can see what they do or you can call them directly at 839. 5011. That's 8395011. -- -- networks incorporated. Right here to Western New York available any time. To help you with technology. And your technology problems Marty -- are being on the show thank you for having us buddy Sheryl thanks for owning the company and being on my show. Thank you -- -- being a woman owned business. And Julie again thank you thank you so much we'll have guys and soon will be back -- next week with another edition of buffalo means business -- is putting Shula. You're listening to news radio 930 WB Ian. You've been listening to buffalo means business -- buddy Shula on news radio 930 WBA and the weekly radio show that spotlights local business and the the people who make it happen and brought to you by the Amherst chamber of commerce. The health insurance resource for small business and vice deep ball go forward and Steve Bono should be Buick Cadillac. -- assure them that this -- follow umbrella. And the law office of Ralph C will rebuild the team that's on your side and -- your court. Tune in every Saturday at 6 PM only. On news radio 930 WB he had.