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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Honors For Fallen Service Member - Andrew Meier

Honors For Fallen Service Member - Andrew Meier

Jun 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Later today as part of a procession from the buffalo Niagara airport -- body of sergeant Shane it's Michael. We'll take a final ride through her her own town government -- Michael was killed in a paratrooper exercise at Fort Bragg last week and -- mayor Andrew Myers with us now on the WB -- -- -- Thanks for joining us sir especially at a time like this. -- Tell us a little bit about what's going on today if people want to join the true view where should they be when should they be there. Well the perception will be -- coming into town on main street at approximately 6:30 this evening. I will be proceeding right down main street and -- downtown and then I think the torture. I think -- sort of following. Route 63 all the way through and there are those that -- it's -- they're like. Heard the of the body were arrives in buffalo is that right later this afternoon. But that's my understanding correct and -- Observances -- tomorrow. And Wednesday. What area on Wednesday. But still we're certainly encouraging all local. That come out and that show. The respect. Or sergeant Michael -- at 630. We will what will receive a green tree lined it residents are urged that our site. And life not just the people I imagine you're you're putting up a pretty large flag that you. We sure our party -- and the working. Two -- but a flight across main street and -- and out. BMW. Station at one -- mainstream or lesions statement the other sort out. Only treat your went out for. -- recession circles I. What kind of support have you been hearing about since news of her death. Well everybody here is really restrict entry was the rapidly reaching grant -- -- school knew a lot of people here. I think. Whenever these kind of incidents happen others shock and and this police. And eventually acceptance but it's been very typical community. And I think we're all gonna get through here together. You know the smuggle family how are they doing. My understanding -- -- at a critical time to but I know that they have a strong network sport. And both here and unity and her family and we certainly stand with them tonight and through this week as they grieve their their daughter. And will there be an honor guard escorting her -- the whole way here from -- the her rival buffalo until her final resting spot. That is my understanding and -- -- some additional contingents are coming in here has actually comes into the village that well I will have. Police escort and -- Also are reliant on main street so. All right mayor Myron thanks for joining us this morning. Well that's and I -- mayor Andrew Meyer.

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