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Saving For Retirement - Glenn Wiggle

Jun 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are talking retirement this morning with several financial planners and joining us now on the WB in my -- -- -- with the financial guys LLC morning -- -- great -- thanks for joining us this morning. You know we're talking retirement savings and the fact that that so many Americans there it seems unprepared when it comes to this. Do you find it's a big problem in your office. -- I do to the people that are coming odds are typically try to get prepared so a lot of that is really the art art so. I would say that the votes are coming that are pretty well apparently about a the most. I started at least having a lot of assets are having got a good job of putting money away over the years or -- coming out -- -- -- a final plan other than make a a final push requirements I was at a pretty well. Do you see people. Nonetheless delaying retirement. I didn't see that I think people are very nervous -- retire obviously -- happened and it kind of property yet undue and so. I think people are being a little bit more cautious and they were in the past you know that. The deal number calling it 65 and -- that. That's -- being a little more flexible now until people are looking at that -- or go to our network 67 or 68 or maybe it's -- I'm wouldn't do it so those are more flexibility and people willing to consider. I think additional options at this point. Is there a formula for retirement I mean to do it saved a certain amount. By certain key age. Not -- -- fairly here's what we do basically is is retirement planning can be very complicated -- we try to make it simple. Really it's just. About the wanna wake up Sunday not -- workers don't pay your bills so what we -- people want different or as a lifestyle. But it all your expenses and so now -- your expenses articulate and at their 50000 -- forty by the results. A 3% inflation rate by 65 at that they are required that's gonna double 200. But as an important going to be opposite nobody knew about eighty. It's a lecture number eighty to 80000 dollars have been com. And so on that income figure we can kind of solve the other part of the formula by saying OK maybe gonna have 30000 -- security. That means we got a 50000 dollar gap that we need that though. And at that gap that you're gonna help us all of the lump sum that we need to retire and in this case and -- apple about a million dollars 1001001000002. Would be able to generate the 50000 dollars of stop and thank you retirement and so that nobody got it yet to announce a matter of backing up where are you today. How long you haven't -- hit that target. And what generator returned based on a couple of or less tolerance can you sustain it and you -- you see you. And do those numbers work you know we've a plan that makes adjustments -- money away it may be pushed back that they'd really work -- But that's how you ultimately solve the amount of money that you need and of course again depending on your expense and lifestyle every individual going to be different. What about the very beginning of Nadal the advice that everyone says just do it start as soon as you can. But I imagine people early in their career are also a point where they can't necessarily afford to do that. Yeah I hear that a lot. And other things to worry about I got to buy -- house and stating that. Start at what you have to pay all -- and no matter what it takes that means that you go out assault on what are you what a regular phone Smartphone. And to put an action that people a month into a savings plan that's what you aptitude at that time value of money in the interest. Is huge and that is really your biggest ally I cannot stress that not. You need to start as early as possible really what your first job just get right into a habit of putting away a matter if -- percent. Right and your 4018 if you do that right from the get go when you -- start work. We can give you won't miss it and seek advice and argue it just came -- there are starting. That was terrific they they interviewed I think hundreds of thousands of their participants every year and they found that about a third of their participants retirement plans at this service. Sought out advice by either going on line and getting broad allegation information using a target date on. Using an advisor and -- it on was is that those third of the folks that -- -- -- And it up about a 3.3 2% annual average turnout was higher than the other two thirds that. -- three and a third return every year over 2030 or forty your acting career can make a huge difference. In the bottom yet requires so don't be afraid to go along why don't we review those target date on their guardian that it portfolio until the -- -- And find it advises that it provides advice of that plan to get it back. And that helps you avoid some of those emotional decisions when the market drops like it in 2008. They have some on the kind of being. That help you guide you through that to make rational decisions. Is gonna make you a lot farther than try to do it on your own. Good stuff Glenn thank you for joining us this morning. -- and I thought they let me get appreciate great. -- just as Clinton wiggle with the financial guys LLC.

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